How many hours a day do you allow a dog to be left?

Many of our dogs are traumatised, insecure and sometimes they have also been physically abused. They often need a lot of time spent on them so generally they are not suitable to be left for long periods of time.

We believe our ex-breeding or very scared dogs need someone around for most of the day. These dogs normally need to learn about house training and lead walking etc. They need to get used to home life and living with people so they really benefit from not being left for long periods of time.

Puppies also need people around so if you want to adopt a puppy and  work please consider taking time off to settle the puppy in and gradually build  up to the time it will left. 

For confident adult dogs (not ex-breeding dogs) we  will consider them going to homes where they are left for longer periods providing there are sensible arrangements in place.   This only applies to adult dogs living with other dogs and not for puppies or only dogs.

We judge each application on it merits and do try and be flexible so if you are interested in adopting a dog please complete an application form and we will be happy to discuss any questions you may have.

Do you home dogs to families with young children?

Yes we do allow dogs to be adopted to homes with children of all ages as long as the dog is suitable for that environment. However due to the fact that many of our ex-breeding dogs are extremely scared we will not rehome an ex-breeding dog where children are under 5 except in exceptional circumstances. We will discuss your circumstances and try to determine if the dog you're interested in will be suitable for your home/family/lifestyle/other pets.

Do you home to older people?

Yes we do but we do ask you to consider the age of the dog you are applying for. As a rule of thumb we ask that if you are 75 or older you look at dogs who are at least 6 years old but it does depend on the breed of dog and its life expectancy. However, we do take into account if you have back up should anything happen in the future.

Why do you insist ex breeding dogs go to homes with other dogs?

Many Tears nearly always home ex-breeding dogs where there is already at least one other resident dog living in the house because these dogs have usually only ever known the company of other dogs. There is a wide misconception that these dogs will be grateful to people for taking them into their homes whereas the reality is they are actually very frightened and have no idea how to behave.

They have never lived in a house before and are only used to canine company and get their confidence and learn faster with another dog to copy from. This also helps with house training and learning how to walk on a lead.

If the ex-breeding dog you are interested in can be an only dog it will say so in its write up.  This means they are already fairly well-adjusted but their new owner(s) must  understand work and commitment will be needed to help these dogs adapt to their new lives.  These dogs can take time to settle as they have never been on their own. So, for example, to adopt an ex-breeder and expect to go to bed and leave it downstairs to sleep on its own could be very stressful as it’s highly likely this would be the first time in its life that there has not been another heartbeat in the room - it’s likely to cry/howl.  As an only dog house training and lead walking may take longer to learn but if you have the time, patience and commitment the rewards are tenfold.

We have a pond. Will you allow us to adopt and dog/puppy?

Yes providing your pond is either a safe depth for the dog/puppy you are applying for or has a secure covering, we are happy to let you adopt.

Why do you insist on spaying/neutering puppies

Many Tears Animal Rescue passionately believes in neutering animals for both medical and ethical reasons.  We strongly recommend that small dogs are neutered by the age of 8 months and large breeds by the age of 12-18 months.

All puppies from MTAR are adopted on the basis that their adopter has signed a declaration agreemen agreeing to spay/neuter a puppy.     


Significant benefits to spaying female dogs, especially before their first or second season

  • Removes the risk of an unwanted pregnancy
  • Spayed dogs have significantly lower mammary cancer rates.
  • Eliminates the risk of a potentially life-threatening infection called pyometra
  • Removes the risk of uterine cancers
  • Remove the risk of a phantom pregnancy

Significant benefits to neutering male dogs

  • Castrated male dogs are significantly less likely to suffer from testicular or prostate cancer and other prostate diseases.
  • Reduces the desire to roam
  • Reduces undesirable hormone-related behaviours such as inappropriate mounting and marking

How long does the process of adopting a dog from MTAR take?

Adopting a dog from MTAR is a quick but thorough process. Once you have applied for a dog we try to get back to you as soon as possible but depending on the number of dogs we have in and the number of applications this can sometimes be a few days.

If your dog is at the centre once the staff have spoken to you and agreed everything is OK the dog will be reserved and you will be home checked within a couple of days. If your dog is in foster the fosterer will speak to you before the dog can be reserved for you and then a home check is arranged.

Once the home vet is done and providing you pass you will be expected to collect your dog within three days. If you are successful with your application, once the dog is reserved for you the next steps happen very quickly and  can be a fast as a couple of days to up to a week. It rarely takes longer although there are always exceptions to the rules.

Why so many rules and questions?

We are often asked why ask so many qestions and have certain rules.  We hope the article below written by Penny Eims  may help you to understand.


I need to rehome my dog - What do I need to do?

If you need to rehome your dog you need to call the rescue rather than email as we would need to discuss the dog with you.  It can be difficult to get through as the lines are in constant use but if you continuously redial you will get connection.  Please call us on 01269 843084.

I've seen a dog I would like to adopt what do I need to do?

If you see a dog you are interested in adopting the first thing you must do is complete an application form.  You will find this at the bottom of the dog's page on the website.  All applications are replied to so please check your emails and junk emails as sometimes they go in there. 

Please provide a landline number if possible as we try to avoid calling mobiles due to the cost.

Applications are dealt with on a first come first served basis so it's vital you do this rather than email us about yourself and your situation as this can all go on the adoption form and you could miss out in the dog while sending an emai,

Do you ever rehome dogs as only dogs?

Yes we do although this does not normally apply to our ex-breeding dogs.  However, there are some ex-breeder who we will consider homing as only dog and we also take dogs from pounds and homes which very often are happy to be only dogs.  If you go to the Dogs Looking for Homes page on the website and looking in the search box you will see a box you can tick to say Only Dog.  If you scroll down you will see all the dogs who do not need another dog in the home.

I've Seen A Dog At Many Tears Is It Still Available?

If you have seen a dog you are interested in you need to go to the Dogs Looking for Homes page on the website.  Here you will be able to search for the dog you are interested in either by its name, breed, age, gender etc.  If the dog comes up then it means we are still taking applications and it has not yet been reserved for a home.  However, there may be an application in for it and as these are dealt with on a "first come first served" basis it's important you complete the form as soon as possible.

If you receive an email saying there is an application ahead of yours keep watching the dog on the website.  If it becomes reserved it will disappear from the Dogs Looking for Homes page but sometimes an application fails after the dog is reserved so it's worth checking the website over the next week or so to see if the dog reappears.  If it does you can call us on 01269 843084 or email us at info@manytearsrescue and ask for your application to be reinstated.

Do you keep a waiting list of people wanting certain breeds of dogs?

Unforutnately we don't have the enough staff to facilitate a waiting list.  If there is a particular breed you are interested in adopting the easiest way in to see if there are any in is to go to our Dogs Looking for Homes page and search for the breed from there.  Dogs come in on a daily basis so it's worth check every day.


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