Sylvia writes a diary entry when there is something important she wants to share. This is where you will find news about the rescue and what's going one as well as the place Sylvia puts her thoughts, haoppy stories and sometimes sad ones









This week we were very lucky to have Dr Scott the vet spend a few days with us at the rescue centre!


In this video Sydney takes us around the rescue to meet some of our wonderful volunteers and gives us an insight into the kind of tasks you may be doing if you volunteer at Many Tears!

We also had a visit from Wales Online, who came to meet our lovely Beagles - so watch out for an article on them soon!

If you're interested in volunteering at Many Tears please email with the date/s you are available with how many people would be volunteering and the ages of anyone under 18. We do recieve quite a high volume of emails so please be patient as we work through responding to them all, thank you.

Thanks for watching!


Sylvia's grandaughter Sydney is at the rescue visiting over Summer and has started recording her daily diary again! We can't wait to see what she gets up to!

In this video, Sydney shows us what's new around the rescue, takes us to see Edith the pony and also introduces us to some very special litters of puppies.

The Golden Retriever puppies are now on the website for adoption and you can find them and their application forms on the Dogs Looking for Homes page. If you can no longer see them on the website then this will mean they have been reserved for homes.

Our other puppies will not be ready for adoption until they are 8 weeks old. We will update about their progress in the coming weeks, but please don't contact the rescue about them. Thank you!

We hope you've enjoyed Sydney's first vlog of the Summer. Thanks for watching!

27-04-22 MR & MRS AUSTIN & ANNIE

Thank you so much to Mr & Mrs Austin and Annie Austin who have very kindly sent us a package of pretend Wisteria which we have used to decorate the reception area of the rescue to make it more bright and cheerful looking! We are so very grateful for your kindness and generosity.
We are absolutely thrilled with how this looks and have added some more to our Amazon Wishlist if anyone else would like to send some to decorate the rescue!

27-04-22 DAISIE-MAY

As you can see Daisie-May is really happy.  She is very missed at Many Tears but we couldn't be more happy to see her enjoying her new life.


Shelley is one of Many Tears staff members and she is doing a Hadrian‘s Wall charity walk for us. She is currently on her way to the start line to start their walk (86.8 miles) charity walk tomorrow . If you could sponsor her and Eva (pug) that would be so kind and really appreciated.
Day by day miles
Day 1 - 15.4 miles
Day 2- 15.8 miles
Day 3 - 12.7 miles
Day 4 - 14.5 miles
Day 5 -13.3 miles
Day 6 - 15.1 miles

Total miles = 86.8 miles



Sadly he isn't getting on very well at the moment and still seems to be in a lot of pain.
The vet is coming out again to visit him and we are doing everything we possibly can to help him to get better.
Thank you so much to everyone who has continued to ask about him and who have sent prayers and positive thoughts his way, please keep him in your thoughts.


Please watch our video to hear about how we at Many Tears have donated one of our animal transportation vans to War Paws, a great charity which really gets in to areas that are affected by war and gives practical aid to the animals in great need. We hope that our van will help them to save the lives of many more animals and we wish them every success and our support from here in the UK. 

05-04-2022 UPDATE ON RENO


For those of you who remember Daisy-Mae the goat, we received these pictures from her adoption who has now got her a couple of friends.  Daisy-Mae did not fully appreciate this at first and it's a slow process but she's warming to them.... very slowly!!!


This lovely little dog was hand raised at Many Tears as a puppy by Leah. He was called Fat Boy here and went on to find the most wonderful home. His little owner won her class at Crufts Best Junior Handler. We are so pleased for them - congratulations!

18-02-22 A Statement from Sylvia

There seems to be a lot of mean, jealous people out there. I don’t want to answer each person so one statement for all is best, so here we are:

After negative words being written on social media about the Labs we took into our care, we received speculation of thousands of pounds being made in profit and so many other mean comments which are hurtful and untrue.
I just want to say that WE pick up ALL dogs we go to collect and this takes time, commitment and expense. All different kinds of dogs, all with different needs.
This week alone, we have had dogs needing liver shunt investigations, heart operations with specialist cardiology vets, acruciate operation, a slipping patella repair operation and a dog with hydrocephalus. All of these on top of many other surgeries, our routine neuters, hernia repairs, treating infections and dogs with sore ears or bad teeth is very costly. We have three vans on the road, 50 staff to pay, electricity, skips to empty, medical supplies, specialist bills and vets wages.
If you think this rescue makes money and that our aim is to make profits then you have never visited the rescue or understood us. As this rescue is open daily to visitors and volunteers, I would strongly recommend you do this before bad mouthing an amazing rescue with amazing staff.
Together we could save them all, but ignorance and unkindness will only hinder this.


My heart and thoughts are with this beautiful boy who is not doing well.
The vets are saying by tomorrow I may need to make a decision.
However, tomorrow is not here yet so now I will just pray for him.


Kent is a very handsome 7 month old Labrador puppy who arrived with us just over a week ago. He was a happy and bouncy boy, full of mischief and cheeky Labrador fun!
..but then our happy little boy suddenly became very poorly. He is currently at a specialist vets who are desperately trying to save his life. He is receiving round the clock care at an estimated cost of £500 per night before treatment cost.
We are praying for a miracle to save his life and with your help we will do everything we can to make this miracle happen. Please donate if you can to give Kent the chance of the wonderful life he was so close to having. Any donation no matter how small, we and Kent would be so grateful for. Thank you
We would like to say a big thank you to Eva and all at Davies Veterinary Specialists who are trying so very hard to save Kent and who are looking after him as if he was their own.


This statement is for the believers in Many Tears and the non believers….

I founded Many Tears because of my love of dogs and animals. The more I learnt about dogs the more I wanted to help them and with this knowledge brought responsibility.

To me it does not matter where a dog comes from, abroad or here, if it needs help I will try to do so wherever I can. I do this to help each individual dog.

I took on my job with every ounce of my strength, but I'm wise enough to understand that to do the job I am doing properly, I must focus on the dogs in my charge. Other people work on changing laws or perhaps just sit on computers criticising others but that’s not my job. I do not have the time to do anything more than saving dogs' lives, the ones that need me now, and treating all as being special, not just a commodity.

The cost of saving lives is huge both in monetary terms and in energy, mind and soul but there is a God who watches over our rescue and he gives us all strength.  I sometimes get accused of being a helper of puppy farmers and breeders but I know I am a helper of the dogs I love.

Many Tears is a rescue like no other… people can come and look around, see how we work and what we do and then judge for themselves. Some people's preference is to speculate, accuse and make trouble. They are unkind without looking and without knowing, whereas others, who truly care and because of their love of dogs, meet us and decide to help us. Some adopt our dogs and then accuse us of being puppy farmer helpers….. however those are the uneducated.

We are a rescue home for dogs not a sanctuary. Those who adopt from us are people who believe in our work and want us to continue with it; otherwise they would clearly be hypocrites as they would be helping us to continue by adopting from us. The aim is to find all our charges wonderful new homes who will understand them and help them, love them and enjoy them, whether they are ex-racing dogs, ex-hunting dogs, ex-breeding dogs or ex-street dogs or others not included in these groups.

We employ AMAZING staff and enrol AMAZING volunteers and I and all who love Many Tears go to bed with a clear conscience that each and every day we all have done everything we possibly could to make the next day a better day for every dog we can.

Without a demand dogs would not be bred.
Without rescuers dogs lives would not be saved
Without knowledge there is no responsibility!!!!


Merry Christmas from all of the staff and dogs at Many Tears!
Today we are launching our Festive Friday Fundraiser in the hope that our supporters may like to give a little Christmas gift to Many Tears.
Thank you to everyone who has supported us during 2021 and we hope you all have a lovely Christmas and that 2022 is a happy and healthy one for us all.


We are so greatful to Coastal Roofing LTD who came yesterday to repair the roof that was damaged during the storm. It is only through all of your continued support that we have been able to make this happen and we are so thankful for the team at Coastal Roofing LTD who have been so kind and worked really hard. Thank you everyone!


The weather has died down and now it's very peaceful at the rescue once again. The roof of the barn and classroom has temporarily been fixed, but this will need to be completely ripped off at the end of the week and started from scratch again.
We are still devatasted at the loss of Florence the puppy, but Libby the mum and her remaining puppies are doing well and are all warm, cosy and settled again.
The response has been absolutely amazing with everyone rallying together to help however they can and the local community has really been wonderful too.
Sylvia would like to thank everyone so much for all that they have done and for the staggering amount of donations raised. This will enable us to help so many more dogs as well as faciliate the repairs and fix other areas of the rescue too. Thank you!


Storm Arwen hit the rescue causing catastrophic damage. Buildings are destroyed and we are devastated that one puppy has died. The new classroom we have spent so long creating is in pieces with debris flying dangerously in the winds. We have suffered major structural damage and loss of life so we are absolutely devastated. Please, please help us fundraise to help with repairs. If you could donate the cost of a cake and coffee then we would be so grateful.
If you are a builder and you can come to the rescue to help us fix the buildings and
rooves, please emial us at



Sylvia would like to give you all a glance inside our memorial garden. A garden to sit and remember happy days and those special ones you have loved and lost.
In the garden we have our very special tree of remembrance where anyone who has lost a dog can hang an engraved leaf in their memory.
If you'd like to find out more information about purchasing an engraved leaf in memory of one of your dogs, please visit here. The cost of each leaf is £10.00 and this will remain on the tree indefinitely.


If you are able to help us by volunteering over during the month of December (especially over the Christmas period) and are looking for places to stay the following may be of help…

The Travelodge at Cross Hands is fairly close to us and has a Starbucks and other stores within walking distance where you can buy provisions.

There are Airbnbs in Cross Hands and Dog Friendly Cottages has some cottages that are not too far away if you fancy a working holiday (although you cannot bring your dogs to the rescue).

If you are a Caravan and Motorhome Club Member Dyllgoed Isaf, Maesybont Church Road, Gorslas, Cross Hands, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, SA14 7NL is about a 3 minute drive away.

Please check with Sylvia at and let her know which days you are able to come before you book!
Thank You


Many Tears Rescue saves over 3000 lives a year from both the UK and overseas.  To us a dogs life is worth saving no matter where they come from but there are ALWAYS more waiting for our help. Our staff and volunteers work tirelessly 7 days a week, doing their best, alway pushing themselves harder to help our animals. The Rescue is so expensive to keep going, the vet bills are vast, the staff and daily running costs constantly worry us. We fundraise, we plead for help and somehow we keep going, with both our bodies and bank account running on empty. But still more dogs need help. So again we are asking for more help... if you support the work Many Tears do please watch the whole video and if you would like to help us save these souls donate.



We have recieved the following update and photos of Daisy Mae in her new home and are thrilled to hear how well she has settled in.
"Hi, Daisy is doing great, she's had her first check up with the vet and the vet is coming out on Monday to vaccinate her and worm her.
When she gets bored out in the field she comes up to the kitchen to let us know.
She has worked out her snacks are kept in the fridge and nudges the fridge with her nose when she wants some! We have bought her a ball and also a treat ball to play with.
She is more than comfortable trying to become a house goat
She is an absolute treasure"


Today our beautiful Daisie Mae went to her new home. It was very hard for me to let her go but it was the right thing.


The link below can be used for people to answer a LONG questionnaire if they want to support pups coming to rescue from overseas before they are 6 months old as well as dogs with cropped ears tails ect. It gives you the opportunity to say that responsible rescues should be exempt from these rules. It takes about half and hour to complete but is worth the effort as millions of young dogs will die otherwise.  
Defra is making it's final decisions to change the law to ban pups under the age of six months to travel to the UK. The current minimum age is 4months and we believe that Defra should make special allowances for registered animal rescue charities to be allowed to continue to save these dogs from the age of 4months rather than leave them to suffer for another two months before we can help them. Leaving all puppies for six months is a welfare issue and we believe strongly that dogs will suffer and lose their lives as a direct result of this new legislation. Please complete the questionnaire and ask that registered animal rescue charities are exempt from this rule. Thank you.

02-10-21 UPDATE - ** TIME IS RUNNING OUT  **
THE most important 10 mins you will spend supporting overseas rescue dogs this year and it will cost you nothing: PLEASE stand up and be counted before it's too late

Devastating new legislation is proposed for the end of this year which will BAN all puppies under 6 months of age from entering the UK – whether they are being puppy-smuggled for vast profits or our own beloved rescued dogs bound for UK rescues reaching out to help them: there is NO DISTINCTION. Unless we ALL have our say and DEMAND an exemption for pups bound for reputable UK rescues, this WILL become law. And then it will be too late – too late for protests, begging and crying – we MUST ACT NOW.

If you're in any doubt at all that this will ONLY effect pups, the overcrowding that will be the consequence of these proposals will lead to the death of untold thousands of dogs of ALL AGES.

Please fill in the government’s consultation form at the link at the bottom. BE WARNED: it is designed to put you off with its length but it is really very simple: EXEMPT ALL PUPPIES BOUND FOR REPUTABLE UK RESCUES. That’s IT! If you want to be as brief as 2 minutes, you can simply write that for every answer. If you want to make some detailed points, some suggestions are below. There are TWO key questions which will determine the fate of many many thousands of dogs. Whatever you do, brief or extended: PLEASE HAVE YOUR SAY before it’s too late.


  1. FIND THE TWO KEY QUESTIONS: 7 & 10 (you have to submit an answer for every question but for the others you can simply click agree or disagree, it is 7 & 10 that require us to DEMAND EXEMPTION FOR RESCUE DOGS BOUND FOR UK RESCUES: 
  2. Pages 1-6 are a mass of bumpf setting out the govn’t proposals, the key points of this are: 
    To change the minimum age of importing puppies into the UK from the current 15 weeks to 6 months
    To ban the import of all dogs who have had their tails docked and/or their ears cropped
  3. Questions and answers: (key point to remember: rescued dogs are COMMERCIAL dogs):  

PAGE 7.  Key questions:
Question 7. To what extent do you agree or disagree that the government should increase the minimum age that dogs can be moved into Great Britain under the commercial rules from 15 weeks to 6 months? 

Points to include in your answer:  

  • The unintended consequence of increasing the min age of puppies to 6 months will be a welfare disaster overseas as already full overseas rescues will not be able to accommodate more puppies in desperate need of rescue. Many thousands will die as a result. 
  • Another unintended consequence is the much greater difficulty in socialising older puppies who have missed out on early socialisation in shelters, through abandonment, neglect, lack of a mother, lack of shelter resources etc. This will place a huge burden on already stretched UK rescues.  
  • Most important point: EXEMPT puppies bound for reputable UK rescues. This will avoid the welfare disaster overseas and allow UK rescues to adequately socialise younger puppies for successful rehoming.


10. To what extent do you agree or disagree that the government should introduce a ban on the commercial movements of dogs with non-exempted mutilations into Great Britain? 

Points to include in your answer:  

  • Docking and cropping has often happened to rescued dogs as a form of punishment or torture by sadistic individuals. Docked and cropped dogs bound for reputable UK rescue organisations should be exempt from the ban rather than additionally punished by denying them the opportunity of a home in the UK. 

If you do nothing else, please please fill in this form and find those two questions to make the case for exempting rescue dogs bound for UK rescues. All our 5 minutes could save untold thousands of lives. DEADLINE: 16th OCTOBER: do it NOW!!! 


28-09-2021 CARNATION

It is with immense sadness that when Carnation went to the specialist yesterday to see what could be done, they found her problems were worse that first thought and that she would never be able to live a happy and pain free life.
On their advice the very difficult decision was made that Carnation would not be brought round from the anaesthetic and to let her travel to Rainbow Bridge in the kindest way possible.  As a non kill rescue this decision is not one taken lightly and has caused deep sadness to all those who loved her.
Thank you so much to everyone who have donated towards the Special Seven who are now the Special Six.  Any money contributed toward their care will be used to help them and if we received more than is needed it will be used to help another dog in need.  Without  your help Carnation would not have been able to see the specialist, which has still cost the rescue money but we are just extremeley sad for Carnation there was not a happier ending.


Two weeks ago Sylvia put out an emergency plea for volunteers. We were completely overwhelmed by the response. Everyone was so kind, the rescue centre was bustling with volunteers, all of whom really wanted to get stuck in and help the dogs as much as they could.
This week Sylvia has been to Ireland and collected another 56 dogs who will be arriving at the rescue later today along with another 25 dogs due to arrive imminently too. Once again our kennels are full to bursting and we are drowning. If anyone would like to volunteer a day with us again, we would be so grateful for your help.
All of these dogs will need to be booked in, bathed, kennels cleaned, have their photos taken and their personalities assesed to find them the correct homes. They will need lots of socialisation in the ways of cuddles, learning to walk on leads and meeting new people too.
Our phone lines are still ringing off the hook - so if you are able to come and volunteer please just turn up at the rescue at 9am any day this week or weekend. At the moment we are only looking for volunteers over 18 years old.
We are based at Many Tears Animal Rescue, Cwmlogin House, Cefneithin, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, SA14 7HB. Thank you!




Although we can't help the dogs in Karbul this is Sue who we are going to save in honour of all those who have been left behind.


Please watch Syds final video diary as today she has returned home to England to get ready to return to school.
She’s had a lovely time at Many Tears and we think tonight will feel very quiet without her skipping around, singing to the dogs and chattering with the staff. She has worked so hard with the animals and is proof that there is hope for the next generation to keep Many Tears passionately rescuing animals for years to come.
Syds smile and enthusiasm is infectious and we hope you have enjoyed her diaries as much as we have enjoyed making them. If you want to make a difference please take her advice and consider making a donation to help us continue.
We will let Sydney know how much she manages to help raise to help the rescue she loves so much continue.
Huge thanks to Syds, her mum Leah and of course to Sylvia for making all this possible.

29-08-21 FOSTER RUN

Today we waved goodbye to some of our wonderful dogs who were leaving on the foster run, ready to start the next chapter of their journey in their fosters homes. Thank you so much to everyone who offered to take a foster dog this week. Thanks to you, these dogs will be warm and cosy inside a home tonight and will start to learn all about home life, which is vital in helping them move on to their next step.. a forever home! We really appreciate all of your help and what you do for the dogs. Thank you!

28-08-21 SYDNEY'S DIARY - DAY 16

Yesterday Sydney showed us lots of puppies who have recently arrived at the rescue. Today she introduces us to some of our newest adult dogs. At the moment we have Beagles, Bichons, Old English Sheepdogs and everything in between!

Most of these dogs aren't on the website yet, so please bare with us over the coming days as they are assessed and then added to the website for adoption.

Please do not contact us about any of the dogs in the video as we cannot deal with any applications until they are on the website. If you are interested in adopting any of the dogs in the video please keep an eye on the dogs looking for homes page over the next few days.

Thank you! :)

27-08-21 SYDNEY'S DIARY - DAY 15

This week we have had a huge number of new arrivals at the rescue. In this video Syndey introduces us to some of them!

Most of these dogs aren't on the website yet, so please bare with us over the coming days as they are assessed and then added to the website for adoption.

Please do not contact us about any of the dogs in the video as we cannot deal with any applications until they are on the website. If you are interested in adopting any of the dogs in the video please keep an eye on the dogs looking for homes page over the next few days.

Thank you! :)


Daisy would like to say thank you to the volunteers but she is really not happy with how they hang the towels on her fence!


We have had a huge number of dogs arrive with us today. They all need to be bathed, have their kennels cleaned, have their pictures taken and have their personalities assessed to find them the best homes. Plus they will need lots of socialisation in the ways of cuddles and meeting new people.
If you can come and help us tomorrow or any day this week/weekend and are prepared to really get stuck in and work hard, we would be so appreciative.
Our phone lines are ringing off the hook - so if you are able to come and help please either email Sylvia at or turn up at the rescue at 9am tomorrow morning. At the moment we are only looking for volunteers over 18 years old.
We are also looking for people who are able to become Emergency Fosterers who would be able to foster a dog or puppy for us. You can apply to foster HERE or email Sylvia directly if you can take a foster dog this week as an Emergency Fosterer -
We really appreciate all of your help and support. Thank you.

24-08-21 SYDNEY'S DIARY - DAY 14

While Sylvia is away collecting dogs, Sydney spent some time with her friends, baking dog biscuits, playing in the park and taking a trip to the beach!

22-08-21 SYDNEY'S DIARY - DAY 13

Yesterday Sydney's cousins came to join her for the day and she introduces us all to a litter of Frenchie cross Chihuahua puppies called Mango, Pineapple, Banana and Strawberry. They are all looking for homes and are available to adopt on the website now.

She also shows us a quick glimpse of some of our newest arrivals - some beautiful cocker spaniels who will be on the website soon.

Then we say hello to Daisy Mae the goat again before saying goodnight!

Thanks for watching!

21-08-21 SYDNEY'S DIARY - DAY 12

Today started off very rainy in Wales, so it was a morning filled with paperwork for Sydney!

Afterwards, the sun came out again and Sydney waved goodbye to Leah, the mum of the Westie puppies from a few videos ago, who was lucky enough to be adopted today.

Then she took us to visit Daisy Mae our resident goat, who has been very very naughty.. don't tell Frankie our kennel manager!

At the end of the video, we hear a few words from Sylvia too. Sometimes life at the rescue can be very hard, with lots of worries and not enough hours in the day to get everything done and today was one of those days.

As always we would like to thank you all so much for watching and for your continued support. Without your support we would not be able to save as many dogs as we do.

20-08-21 SYDNEY'S DIARY - DAY 11

Today we welcomed some puppies who were rescued from awful conditions in Romania.

Before leaving Romania they have full health checks, vaccinations and a canine brucellosis test too. Then once they arrive with us, our vet will give them another health check which Sydney was busy helping with!

After Sydney helped out in the vets she takes us around the rescue to meet all of the new arrivals! Aren't they lovely? They are all available for adoption on the website now.

Sydney also updates us with how Glory and her seven puppies are doing too!

19-08-21 SYDNEY'S DIARY - DAY 10

Today Sydney helped out in our grooming room and gave some of our new arrivals Spice, Willow and Winifred some much needed, gentle baths. Now they are all squeaky clean and feel nice and comfortable.

Sydney was also on hand to help as we welcomed the pitter patter of tiny little paws. Please don't contact us about these tiny little puppies though, as we cannot reserve them until they are on our website and old enough to be rehomed in 8 weeks time.

Sydney was lucky enough to recieve some gifts from some very kind supporters and would like to say a big thank you to them. She would also like to thank everyone who donated some bottles of Ignatia (or as Sydney likes to call them - potions!) to us, which our vet reccomend a few videos ago. Thank you so much for your support!

18-08-21 SYDNEY'S DIARY - DAY 9

Today Sydney introduces us to some more of the dogs who are waiting to find their forever homes and she also takes us on a tour of a few kennels!

17-08-21 SYDNEY'S DIARY - DAY 8

Just a quick update today as Sydney has been a very busy bee helping Sylvia with all of the paperwork!

Check back tomorrow for when Sydney will take us around the kennels and introduce us to some more of our wonderful rescue dogs who are waiting patiently for their forever homes.

16-08-21 SYDNEY'S DIARY - DAY 7

In this video, Sydney gets taught to groom some of Sylvia's dogs and does an incredible job at it!

Then she is hard at work helping to fill out the paperwork ready for our next arrival of dogs!

Thanks for watching!

15-08-21 SYDNEY'S DIARY - DAY 6

In this video, Syndey shows us the dogs who are on the foster van, ready to start their next chapter in one of our amazing foster homes before they move to their forever homes.


14-08-21 SYDNEY'S DIARY - DAY 5 PART 2

We just couldn't wait until tomorrow to share the next installment of Sydney's Diary!

Sydney is so excited to introduce you to two very special dogs Flo and Bliss who are here waiting patiently to find their forever homes. Aren't they lovely? Sydney tells us all about what kind of homes they are looking for and then shows us how much they love to play too!

14-08-21 SYDNEY'S DIARY - DAY 5

Today Sydney introduces us to Edith, one of Many Tears resident Shetland Ponies and shows us her taking her for a drive on the cart.

Check back tomorrow to see Sydney introduce us to some more of our dogs who are looking for forever homes.

13-08-21 SYDNEY'S DIARY - DAY 4

Today Sydney introduces us to two very special dogs who arrived at Many Tears with their puppies. They have been wonderful mums to their puppies but now they are all ready to find their forever homes. Sydney also explains what kind of homes the puppies will be looking for.

If you would like to apply for any of these dogs you will need to submit an application form on their profiles. We know that these lovely mums and pups will be incredibly popular so please do bear with us and please include as much information on your application form, include working rotas, landlords permission where necessary and plenty of information so we can process your applications as efficiently and swiftly as we can.

The dogs featured in this video are.. Lisa (Cocker Spaniel mum), Leah (Westie mum) and the Westie puppies Lush, Lizzie, Loxley and Linton.

Thank you for all of your support! Please check back tomorrow to see what Sydney gets up to next!

11-08-21 SYDNEY'S DIARY - DAY 3

Today Sydney introduced us to a Beagle called Rich and a Westie called Jess who has a very sad story. Jess is still recieving treatment with us at the moment so isn't available for adoption yet.

Sydney also introduced us to one of our wonderful vets, Jane and got to ask her some really interesting questions about homeopathy. Jane told Sydney all about a homeopathic remedy called Ignatia, which she highly reccomends for some of our sad and stressed dogs. We have added this to our Amazon Wishlist and would be so grateful if anyone would like to send us some to try.

At the end of the video we met Maddie and Flo and their kennel friend who has now been adopted.

Thank you for all of your support! Please check back tomorrow to see what Sydney gets up to next!

10-08-21 SYDNEY'S DIARY - DAY 2

Today Sydney was hard at work at our vet clinic, she introduced us to some lovely Collies, Clansy the Newfoundland and showed us how she helps in the vets.
Well done Sydney! Keep an eye out for her next video tomorrow, thanks for watching!

09-08-21 SYDNEY'S DIARY - DAY 1

Sydney is Sylvia's granddaughter and has come to stay with her at Many Tears for a couple of weeks during the Summer holidays.  She is showing you around the kennels today but please do not contact us about the very young puppies who have arrived here with their mums or Surprise but keep an eye on the website where they will appear when they are ready for adopiton.  The older pups who are not yet reserved are all on the website.


There is a new law about to be discussed regarding changing the age a puppy can be brought in from overseas.  Currently this is 16 weeks but they are looking to change the law to be 6 months. We believe that rescues who bring puppies to Great Britain to find their wonderful forever home should be exempt from this rule as is will have a huge impact on the puppies waiting to come and it's highly likely many will lose their lives if this law is passed.  If you feel like we do PLEASE copy and paste the letter below and either email it to or post asap.

Ministerial Contact Unit
Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Seacole Building
2 Marsham Street

Dear Mr Fareeha Abid
I am writing to you in regard to the Consultation on proposed restrictions to the Commercial and Non-commercial (including rescue dogs) movement of pets into Great Britain. I understand the introduction of a new Bill regarding this is shortly to be considered by Parliament with view of its consideration by Parliament to introduce a new Bill.

Whilst I’m very pleased that the Government is addressing Animal Welfare and the need for changes in the Laws, there is one factor which concerns me about the new Bill which is proposed and this is the ruling that puppies from abroad must be 6 months of age to be eligible for import into Britain and ask you to seriously consider making an exemption to this rule for Dog Rescues/Dog Rescue Charities which will enable them to continue to take in puppies from abroad at 16 weeks as they are presently legally allowed to do.

It appears that rescue puppies who are legally imported fall under the umbrella of ‘all puppies from abroad’; which includes puppies legally imported for financial profit and puppies illegally (smuggled) for financial gain but I believe these are two very separate groups. The first being dog rescues/charities and the second being those who import dogs for profit. These two groups should be considered separately.

  1. Rescue Dogs
    A dog rescue that imports puppies legally from abroad does this compassionately, purely for the love of dogs and the whole process is not-for-profit and the welfare of the puppies is paramount. They follow the three Rs - Rescue, Rehabilitate and Rehome puppies/dogs into loving forever homes throughout Great Britain. They work endlessly to save lives; turn sad and scared little dogs into happy healthy ones and find each lost soul its happy endings.
  2. Importing Dogs for Profit
    These are people who import puppies legally from abroad or smuggle them in to sell for profit. In these cases the welfare of puppies is variable and very often the welfare of the puppies is poor, they suffer in transit and some perish.

It is my belief that rescuing puppies from abroad at 16 weeks makes it an easier transition for the puppy from rescue into a forever home. The younger they are adopted the better as the change is so not overwhelming for them and they don't become institutionalised in kennels. A puppy is much easier to socialise at 16 weeks and is less likely to have developed behavioural issues.

It’s truly heartbreaking to know that many puppies and adult dogs will lose their lives with the proposed changes in the Law regarding the changing the age a dog can travel to a UK rescue to 6 months instead of 16 weeks, which is currently the legal minimum age. Those extra two months means that rescues abroad will run out of space and puppies (and adult dogs) will be turned away from the Rescues and will inevitably die.

Many rescues in Great Britain are efficiently rescuing puppies who are legally imported at 16 weeks of age. All Government and overseas legislation is adhered to and all these puppies have appropriate health checks; vaccinations and documentation. Great Britain has the ability to save the lives of puppies aged 4-6 months; puppies who could be rehomed safely and happily into loving homes throughout the country and as we claim to be a dog-loving nation, I sincerely hope the Government will take into consideration all of the above.

Yours faithfully


Tucson is a super 13 hands stocky cob
He loves to hack out with other horses he knows and can carry a light small adult with ease
However Tucson’s forte is he is wonderful to drive
Once away from home he happily goes miles with a cart full of happy kids or a learner driver, passing tractors etc
He will need a home with someone who wants to drive (he is shod) and has their own land and stables and another horse or two
He lives in at night out in the day
The stables need to be at the prospective adopters home as this is a pony who would be stolen if some horrid person could
He takes a lot of grooming as he has a mane over three foot long
He also has done a little course of show jumps
However he hates working like a riding school pony and gets bored and naps then
He took a long time to settle in here partially because was a stallion, but now is one of the herd.
We will all cry to say goodbye but he is wasted here
He is young and has many many years ahead
Only apply if you tick all the boxes
Please email if you would like to apply


Today was a happy day at Many Tears as one of our longest stayers, Coll, was adopted after being with us for a year and a half! We are all so pleased for him but were very tearful to say goodbye as he has been a very big part of our lives. He is off to start his new life on the Isle of White and we all hope he has the most wonderful life!


We have lots of Cocker Spaniels at the rescue at the moment and I think they all seem to be having a great time here while they wait for their forever homes!


I have not written for so long. Of course that is not my fault. The smorgasbord grew all around and now my day is so busy stuffing my face and when I come in I am so knackers from keeping the place tidy (you know the sort of stuff mowing, pruning) yes folks it seems it’s all up to me!
Then incredibly when I awake bleary eyed to tackle yet another day landscaping, I get laughed at simply because I slipped with the eye shadow (see picture).
On top of that Sylvia says no more Pringles as she says I am fat!!!  Perhaps she should look on the mirror before making a sweeping statements that denies me the one reason to get up every morning (my Pringles!).
The rescues busy. The horses have had a tough time one, even having a really nasty operation that's left Sylvia in tears . Actually Many TeRz. She’s not had one day off for months now and won’t as so worried for the magnificent horse she loves so much. She has plans too - of course shared with me but I am sworn to secrecy!
Every day Sylvia is trying to think of new ways to help the dogs and the rescue. The staff really help her but it’s me Daisy Mae the Great that inspires her the most!
Time to sleep now... lawn mowing and pruning tomorrow.   It’s a tough demanding existence


For those of you who remember Midnight when she first arrived at Many Tears.. here is living proof that extreme rescue dogs can live very happy lives. Just look at Midnight playing happily!


This week, we welcomed a large number of dogs into the rescue. Their chance at a happily ever after starts now, but sadly they don't realise this yet and are crying out for those friends they have left behind. Although this is very sad and it breaks our hearts to hear them cry.. these are the lucky ones. Now, their new lives can begin.
They will visit our on-site vet where they will be health checked, vaccinated and wormed. Any medical issues will be treated and they will be spayed/neutered before being made available for adoption and finding their forever homes.
Your donations will help us to continue to go back and to save those that have been left behind. Together, we can save them all. Thank you for your continued support, it means so much to us and to the dogs in our care.



A heartfelt plea from Sylvia.... Please read it all!!!!

The pups of ROMANIA and elsewhere abroad  are nearly out of time and ALL are doomed to die.The Government in the UK will sit and vote on a new law to stop pups from other countries coming in the country before they are 6 months old.  This they say is to stop rabies coming in and to stop the trade of puppies being brought in from overseas

They say the only way to prove the pups age is their teeth and at 6 months they will have adult teeth. This is not true as some breeds take longer to get their adult teeth for example shih tzus and small cross breeds.

It’s said passports for the dogs are sometimes done by corrupt vets!

The implication of this is enormous.

  1. the pups need to get over here for rescue as young as legally possible, which is 16 weeks. The rescues in Romania will simply run out of space.
  2. At 16 weeks puppies are much more easier socialise and we can turn their sad lives  around. At 6 months puppies are are not desirable on the whole by the general public and are much harder to socailise which results in more lives being lost.
  3. I believe the dogs Trust and Battersea were consulted. I believe neither of these rescues take in dogs from Romania. I believe they should have talked to me.  The lives that will be lost are making me sick with pain.

TODAY please write to your MP and Boris Johnston. There will not be enough dogs for everyone if this bill goes through.  The person pushing the bill through says everyone will have to wait and book their pups for months or years ahead with good breeders!!!   An exemption to receive the pups at 16 weeks for good rescues needs to be put in place.

I'm begging you to PLEASE look at the bigger picture and act now!!!! We are the voice of the voiceless.  The government sit next week and it's VERY important we get this message across.


and your local PM - if you don't know who they are you can find them here


Sometimes miracles do happen and Letti is one of them.
Letti was mauled by another dog and it was touch and go if she would survive.
Here at Many Tears we have our own Vet team who neuter the dogs, perform health checks and treat many other ailments for the dogs here.
The day Letti was attacked our team sprang into action and worked round the clock to save her. Having a great vet team is vital to our work here but the cost of medicines, treatments and the day to day running of the vet surgery and the rescue are vast .. but without it little Letti wouldn't have made it.
If you can spare a donation towards Letti's treatment and for us to continue to save lives please click the following button.
Thank you so much for your support.



It’s been a while I know…. BUT I have been super busy organizing, rushing here and there, of course jumping the fences and going places I was not invited, but how can I organize unless I have free range? I have not managed the vegetable patch yet, but I am working on it.

Sylvia and Bill are working on some grand waterfall in the remembrance garden, it's taking ages, but it's supposed to be a place (once finished) for those to quietly sit and remember their special friends. They are asking for plants and dwarf trees especially weeping ones to be donated, and also heavy weight wind chimes to remember those no longer with us who crossed the rainbow bridge. The funds won’t allow buying things, so the only way it will ever get done is if people have spare plants etc. They are fencing this off so it is Daisy proof!!!! I ask you….WHY? but they say never the less no poisoness plants like rhododendrons please, just incase!!!!
I have not been allowed much sleep, as for over two weeks Sylvia’s been going out all night every two hours as she had a very sad dog fighting for her life in the surgery… but the other day the little dog got a blood transfusion and big “ Hank the Tank" got a certificate for selflessly giving his blood to save a life.

Sylvia and Bill have hired some new folk to try to get the place running more smoothly and help the VERY troubled dogs. A new group sent dogs and they were NOT what was said. Sylvia’s spent hours worrying and even crying about these unhomeable dogs. The senders suggest they go back to Romania, Sylvia and the staff cannot bare to let them down. Sylvia is very disillusioned with everything now and needs a spirit boost, so I am sharing a few pringles now and then, if I can bare to. She and I have a special bond, I don’t headbutt her and she scratches and treats me, PERFECT I think.
The weather was amazing last week, Riviera stuff, but now back to welsh weather, doggies wet.. staff wet.. me wet…. Shame.
Sylvia’s got some big plans, she’s praying will pull off but it may be months before she knows.
So that’s my news, keep safe and well and HAPPY!


I have been lucky enough to be given a pitch at the South of England Showground by the Agility Club. This large dog show starts on July 23rd 2021 and runs for a number of days.
I will go on July 22nd and set up the gazebos and stalls.
We will open on the 23rd and we run a tombola ,coat stall, bed stall treats and all sorts of other good quality things for sale.
This is a huge commitment and takes a lot of man power...However it also raises very good funds for the rescue which we need I am looking for dedicated people to volunteer help at the Showground, RH17 6TL either to set up on the Thur 22nd or take the tents down on the Sunday lunch time, or to run stalls.
Please only volunteer if you can be sure to help as this is all pretty arranged and organised.
However if you can definitely help please email Sylvia at
We have not been able to run a stall for well over a year.
So please help, we really need all the support we can get
Sylvia x

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