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This is Mia. She was born deaf 7 years ago and was sold with a chip that identifies her as an American Bulldog. She is a gentle and kind dog whose owner lost her home and we took her on. Mia has gone through multiple surgeries for mammary tumours and she was lucky enough to go to a foster home.

Our government deems her to be a dangerous dog because of her height and the shape of head they say she is an XL bully. To save her life she had to be adopted and her fosterer agreed to do this and of course we will sponsor her and cover insurance, registration and vets bills forever. Although Mia is the kindest and most gentle girl she now has to wear a muzzle in public too.

My questions to all of you reading this are:

  1. So far I have not met one vet who agrees with this law. So as they are governed by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons should the RCVS not listen to their people and represent the vets and tell their vets it’s against their ethics to put healthy dogs to sleep so all vets can literally refuse to do this?
  2. If the Government chooses to make rash decisions and show their ignorance, should we all just be like sheep and blindly obey. Or should we get rid of that Government? Remember they also make decisions about your health and your children’s future as well as your money and beloved dogs too.
  3. If you have not thought out of the box and done something like write a letter, do a post on social media or talked to your MP about this - why not? Right now, it’s a ban for so called XL bullies but when the human offenders can’t have those they will simply choose another breed!
  4. Laws whether passed or not can be changed with votes (like Brexit was). Come on let’s not allow the Government to act without thinking. Lives will be lost people made homeless (as councils now won’t allow so called XL bullies in their houses) and will it stop attacks? No - it’s been proven by other countries that is not the way to tackle the problem.

My last thought. If we are going to judge a book by its cover so to speak, we surely should judge the government in the same light!!!!
If you love dogs please think and act. It’s never too late.

Sylvia Van Atta
Many Tears Animal Rescue


If driving tests and licences hadn’t been invented, and high power cars were killing driver, would the government ban those cars or start to teach people to drive. So why oh why are all xl bullies to pay for man’s irresponsibility, and instead why is man not being trained and licensed to have a dog as his friend companion and world Please send this to your MP there is still time to fight for what’s right Remember with knowledge brings responsibility!!!!!

19-07-23 HECTOR'S BLOG

My name is Hector. I am the longest canine inmate of Many Tears Rescue. I have been given a free reign to run a blog. I see and hear a lot of what’s going on and the powers to be seem to think I can inform all of you on some of the things that go on. However I feel that is about time I had an online dating agency, and if all you good people knew about me, just maybe someone would like me to move in with them. I am very good looking, athletic, kind, busy and playful. I like to eat in and out, watch tv and snuggle. I used to be manipulative but having served time and gone to therapy I now sort of understand what’s really expected of me.
I have managed to train a good few humans to feed me for simple tricks by pretending I don’t know what they want till they spend hours pumping treats into me. I have learned to communicate with humans. I have learned how to fool humans with a confused rejected expression. I can turn a blind eye when humans are unable to grasp what's expected of them and boy am I cute! So if you're ready for a life changing roommate here I am! Just fill in an application form and we could arrange to meet!!!! Go on I will make you happy! A long as you're smart and love walkies!


Today we had yet more sad and very scared new arrivals. These dogs are Bernese crosses and all are terrified of human contact at the moment but in time and with love and patience they will come right. They will be going on the website once they have been given time to settle in a bit and we hope they will all find wonderful homes with adopters who understand their needs.


I was asked what happened to Midnight, an extremely scared girl we rescued a few years ago who I adopted myself. Well though not normal she loves life and me!!!


Sometimes when I am working I get very easily distracted...




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