By Donation: Our Forgotten Souls

We've got some very special dogs we want you to meet.

These are our dogs who have been waiting patiently for their forever homes for way too long.
These dogs may not have the perfect backgrounds or the most straightforward stories.
Some have experienced tough times, others are just a little older and wiser, some have ongoing medical conditions and some are just overlooked for no reason!
But they are all full of love and potential and have hearts of gold!
In the hope of finding these special dogs forever homes they are all by donation.

If you would like to support our forgotten souls while they are waiting for their homes you can do this via the link below.

Fame is a really special boy
He takes time to believe in you but once he does he is all yours. He is smart, athletic and a quick learner. He can be a bit over exuberant and hates confrontation. If you exercise him well, teach him and be his mentor and buddy he’s the boy for you. He’s been in kennels too long.m and is truly ready for that perfect forever home to love him.
Hector is our longest staying inmate at Many Tears Rescue. He has had lots of training here and we really understand each other. He will be a lovely and amazing dog for a very smart active person. He is just the
most engaging chap.
Thora is a precious girl who is absolutely gorgeous. She is super playful and affectionate once she trusts you. She can be fearful of strangers but once she loves you she loves you forever!
Donnie is an older gentleman who is inquisitive and likes to be a part of the goings on at home, although thrives in a quieter home where he is able to relax and settle down. He adores his food. Donnie can happily be an only dog where he can have someone around most of the
day. Donnie has been through
a lot of change and needs to be
a cherished member of the
family where he can enjoy his
retirement happily.
Poor Bella has seen our vets
and had a mammary lump removed and sent off for testing which has returned stating the lump was cancerous. This may have already spread and so her future is uncertain and she needs a very special home. Bella is a beautiful girl who has settled well into her foster home. Whatever the future holds for Bella, she is determined to make the most of life and become someone’s very precious companion
Chive would like an adult only home as the only dog, with a good supply of tennis balls please!! She loves exploring the field - she has a few moments of fun bouncing around and then she’s content lying down next to you taking everything in. Chive just loves being around people.
Paris has come from a multidog dog home due to her owner's ill health. She has the sweetest personality but she is feeling very shy and unsure at the moment. She likes to hide away in her little snuggle sack and watch the world go by instead of coming forwards for a fuss.
Celery is a gorgeous older lady who has come to us to find her forever home. She loves people and her tail doesn't stop wagging when you go into her kennel. Celery already knows how to walk on a lead and really enjoys her walks and absolutely loves to sniff everything as she goes along. Celery would prefer to be the only dog in her new home
Alfie is an older and very handsome boy who to us from a breeder. Although he has never lived in a home, Alfie has been well looked after and is very scared and overwhelmed to find himself in new surroundings.
He needs an adult only calm
and gentle home to adopt him
as soon as possible. Little Alfie has no teeth so will need a soft food diet. He gets on well with other dogs.
Poor Finkle has had a very hard life is in need of a very special home who can show him about living in a home full of love for
the first time. Finkle is sadly blind and will need a home with at
least one other dog to be his friend and guide.
Max has seen very little of the world despite his age so he will need a kind confident resident dog to help him settle into his new life and provide lots of comfort when he is experiencing something new to him. Max will need understanding adopters who can help him learn all about living in a home.
Dottie is such a happy, loving, sweet girl who has come to us from a home through no fault of her own. She walks well on a lead and loves going on little adventures. She can happily live with dog savy children who are respectful of her age and needs. She's a truly special girl waiting for you to adopt her.


They are harder to home, but definitely not harder to love!
Beagles are such a wonderful breed and in the right home they will really thrive
and will bring so much joy and laughter into your life!

We find that ex-breeding Beagles are generally much happier with other dogs around to
be their friends and help them to settle in, so most of these dogs will need another
kind and confident resident dog in their new home.

All of our Beagles are available by donation

Noon is a typical beagle in the best possible way. If there's a box or open cupboard - her heads
in it and her nose is beagling away! Anywhere she wants to walk she will lead the way! Noon is inquisitive, curious, fun, playful and stubborn! She is the perfect girl for any beagle loving home.
Wish is full of energy and so will be looking for an active home!
He is quite confident around his kennel friends but is much more shy when on his own.
Shelock is a boisterous Beagle who just loves to play with the other dogs in his foster home.
He is house trained, loves his food and loves going for walkies!
He will be looking for an experienced home with adopters who have plenty of time love
and patience.
Pork Belly is the most wonderful girl! She is a happy girl who enoys a fuss and wags her tail like there's no tomorrow!
Daydream will initially run away from you but once she gets to know you she is happy to be handled and is a very sweet girl. She will be looking for a calm
and quiet home.
Filly is a very gentle girl who will come up to you and give gentle kisses and has the loveliest nature. Filly already walks on a lead.
Dove is a shy girl who is quite nervous at the moment and will need lots of love and TLC. Despite this she is easy to
handle and is a very sweet girl.
Kathy is a darling beagle who is tries so hard to come a say
hello to us and does start to approach but just can't come the whole way.
Kathy is super gentle and kind.
Kiss is a sweet beagle who can walk on a lead and will very
much benefit from some gentle walks as she is a little overweight at the moment. Kiss has a lovely nature and will approach you for a fuss.
Butterbean is quite a scared and worried boy who will need a home full of love and understanding to help him become the dog he always should have been.
Buttercup is a darling very sweet natured girl who is a little shy at the moment, she comes up to us in kennels with a waggy tail but then will run away when we go to handle her.
Butterfly is a beautiful beagle, she is overwhelmed to find herself here. She is easy to handle which is true testimony to her kind nature as this girl is so scared and doesnt know us yet.
Butterscotch is a scared girl
who is trying very hard to be brave and wants to come and
say hi but is just not confident enough. In a calm and patience home she will settle and
her happy beagle side will start
to flourish.
Joffy is a stunning young boy
who is very shy at the moment and will back away when we approach him. Once in arms though he is calm and easy to handle. In a kind and loving home he will soon become a happy beagle boy!
Jumble is a handsome young beagle who is very shy at the moment and will back away when we attempt to pick him up but he will take a treat very gently from our hands. Jumble will need at least one kind resident dog in his new home
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