By Donation: Our Forgotten Souls

We've got some very special dogs we want you to meet.

These are our dogs who have been waiting patiently for their forever homes for way too long.
These dogs may not have the perfect backgrounds or the most straightforward stories.
Some have experienced tough times, others are just a little older and wiser, some have ongoing medical conditions and some are just overlooked for no reason!
But they are all full of love and potential and have hearts of gold!
In the hope of finding these special dogs forever homes they are all by donation.

If you would like to support our forgotten souls while they are waiting for their homes you can do this via the link below.

Lang is a gorgeous senior boy who is very loving. He adores people and cuddles but isn't kennelled with other dogs and would be best suited as an only dog as he has been one for his entire life. Lang needs to lose weight so is on a controlled diet.
Hector is our longest staying inmate at Many Tears Rescue. He has had lots of training here and we really understand each other. He will be a lovely and amazing dog for a very smart active person. He is just the
most engaging chap.
Thora is a precious girl who is absolutely gorgeous. She is super playful and affectionate once she trusts you. She can be fearful of strangers but once she loves you she loves you forever!
Finn is obedient, loyal and super caring. He absolutely loves a
fuss and is a smart boy who
knows several commands. He is sensitive about his feet being touched and needs an adult only and cat free home as he has a strong prey drive.
Hannah has come to us from
a breeder and her cheeky and
fun personality is now starting to shine through. She loves
playing with rubber toys in the kennel and with her kennel mum in the yard. In the right home
she will flourish.
Rosemary is looking for a very specific home as she can be mistrustful of strangers. Once she gets to know you, she will give you her whole heart and become your best ever friend.


Senior dogs are often overlooked, but they have so much love left to give
and adopting an older dog can be such a rewarding experience.
If you are looking for a laid back dog who likes a slower pace of life then please
take a look at our special seniors and you might just find your new best friend!

All of our dogs over 9 years old are available by donation.

Missy is an absolute angel who is adored by everyone here. She will be looking for a consistent, calm and chilled home environment - one where her owner will absolutely dote on her, and where she can lounge around at home all day long, spend her final years on the sofa, and be someone’s absolute number one girl.
Gertrude is a darling little girl who has come to us from a breeder to find her forever home. She has never lived in a home before and so will need another kind dog to be her friend. She is currently on eye drops for dry eye.
Lang is a gorgeous senior boy who is very loving. He adores people and cuddles but isn't kennelled with other dogs and would be best suited as an only dog as he has been one for his entire life. Lang needs to lose weight so is on a controlled diet.
Teddy is the most handsome boy who originally came to us from a breeder last year. He was adopted and found a wonderful home but sadly his owner became too unwell to care for him and so he has come back to us. He really loves people and wants to be their special companion. He would like to be an only dog.
Jack is a sweet and gentle boy who loves to lay on your lap for a fuss and a cuddle, if theres no humans to give him a snuggle, he will cuddle with his kennel friends. He has limited vision but copes very well with this. He would like another kind dog in his new home.
Moose is the most cuddly and friendly girl ever, she loves a fuss and she is so gentle. She can be a bit of a push over so she will need a home with a kind and friendly resident dog but in the right circumstances she could be homed as an only dog. She loves to go for walks and is still very active!
William is the sweetest boy who has come from a home with Woody and they would really like to be homed together. William was diagnosed with cancer and was given six months to live aroud 4 years ago but this strong little fellow has defied the odds and still likes to live his life to the full. We are told that he is good with dogs, kids and cats and we think he is such a little superstar, who can resist his little face?!
Woody has come to us from a home with William and would really like to be homed with him. He has a touch of hayfever and has allergies to pollen and grass. He takes a steroid tablet for this daily to help him and this is a medicine that is generally very reasonably priced. He has some age related lumps that our vet will take a look at. We are told that Woody is great with dogs, fine with cats and is happy around children. This boy loves a cuddle and can already walk on a lead and loves to explore the world.
Gemma is a very sweet girl who was adopted but has been returned due to sad circumstances that are no fault of her own. She could be homed with her friend Daisy but if not homed with her she would need another kind dog in her new home. Gemma loves her walks and trots along by your side. She says hello to other dogs politely while out and sleeps soundly through the night in the kitchen in her foster home.
Max is a true heartbreaker - it's so sad to see such a wonderfully happy old boy with little to no vision in kennels. Despite this Max loves a fuss and lots of cuddles. He already walks on a lead and enjoys to go investigate smells with the company of another dog to help guide him. Max will need a home with a kind resident dog that is happy to share their home and help guide Max into his new life.
Bean has very limited vision but is doing so well in her foster home. She is a total sweetheart who gives the most lovely cuddles. She is a very happy girl who so deserves to find a home of her very own. She loves treats and will wag her tail when they're offered to her! She would like another kind dog in her new home to be her friend.
Davy is the sweetest little boy with so much character, who loves to approach us to scoop him up for cuddles! He loves his blankets and will pull one out to the front of the kennels so that he can sit and admire the world go by and once he’s ready for bed he will happily take it back. He would like another kind dog in his home.
Wish has come to us from a breeder to find her forever home. She is a sweet but worried girl who will need TLC and another kind resident dog to be her friend and help her to settle in to her new life.
Wicker is a very worried girl but is starting to grow in confidence in her foster home. She will now accept a gentle fuss but is still a little worried and unsure of this. She loves to go on walks and really comes alive during a walk. She will need a calm and quiet home with adopters who have experience of scared ex-breeding dogs and will need at least one other dog in her home to be her friend.
Pelli originally came to us from a breeder and was adopted, unfortunately due to no fault of her own her adopter was no longer able to look after her. She is a gentle girl who is a little unsure at times, but is adapting well to her new surroundings. She is clean in the house, sleeps soundly next to the bed and loves her walks - she may be an older lady but she's no couch potato. She has dry eye and is also prone to lip fold dermatitis.


They are harder to home, but definitely not harder to love!
Beagles are such a wonderful breed and in the right home they will really thrive
and will bring so much joy and laughter into your life!

We find that ex-breeding Beagles are generally much happier with other dogs around to
be their friends and help them to settle in, so most of these dogs will need another
kind and confident resident dog in their new home.

All of our Beagles are available by donation.

Fortune walks on the lead brilliantly and loves his time in the yard in the fresh air. He does try to keep his kennel nice and clean but he might need some reminding when back in a home. If you are looking for an older Beagle who's chilled then Fortune is definitely your man. Please give this handsome boy the chance to finally find his forever home and loving new family.
Gracie is wary of new people and new surroundings, but it doesn’t take her too long to come around. She takes to young women a lot quicker, and she does have trust issues with men. When she knows you and she’s comfortable with you, she is a complete and utter cuddle monster who just wants to be on your lap having fusses, but that trust does need to be earned with her.
Sherlock adores people and needs an adult only home with
a playful resident dog. He loves to play with the other dogs in his foster home, is house trained, loves his food and loves going
for walks!
He will be looking for an experienced home with adopters who have plenty of time love
and patience.
Butterscotch is starting to enjoy sniffy walks and travels well in the car. She loves food and takes treats which helps with her training. She's starting to play with toys and she's easy to handle and comes back to us when called. Her favourite pastime is playing with her beagle friends in foster with her. This lovely girl deserves a home of her own with another dog.
Orbit is a sweet and very special girl who has come to us from a breeder and has a real sadness in her eyes. Orbit cowers when approached but if you go slowly and take your time she is easy to handle and with love, time and patience she will come round.
Nasta is a sweet, shy girl who is feeling worried at the moment. She doesn't approach us when we say hello but she will allow us to approach her and pick her up. Once on our knee she begins to settle and will relax into a gentle fuss. Nasta is reliant on other dogs and will need a kind resident dog in her new home.
Polly is a beautiful and gentle girl who has come from a breeder. She is timid but very curious and is happy to accept a gentle fuss.
Loki is a very handsome boy who has come to us from a breeder. He is initially quite worried but does settle in your arms.
Orange is a delightful girl who has a very sweet nature and the most beautiful eyes. She will slowly come up to you for a fuss and is trying her best to be confident.

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