Rainbow Bridge

#Just this side of Heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine and our friends are warm and comfortable.
All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing: they each miss someone very special, someone who was left behind.
They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; his eager body begins to quiver. Suddenly, he breaks from the group, flying over the green grass, faster and faster. You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into those trusting eyes, so long gone from your life, but never absent from your heart. Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together.


KIM - January 2022

We first met Kim (nee "Trim” ) on a visit to MTR to find a replacement for our Springer Spaniel back in April 2016.  She was slumped against the fence at the side of her run with a flowerpot on her head looking as miserable as it's possible for a dog to look and we just fell for her. A week later we went again to collect her and she looked a little different. She had been spayed, completely shaved from behind her front legs to the tip of her tail to help control her awful skin condition due to infestations of lice etc. She had also had 9 of her small front teeth removed because they were rotten. This gave rise to one of her adorable landmark looks. An inch of protruding tongue whenever she relaxed.  4 months of constant TLC later and we had a different dog.  The red coat to protect her from the sun was slowly replaced with  beautiful white fur and she rediscovered the joy of living.  She only had to be on a lead near roads etc as she quickly learnt to run back to us for a cuddle upon hearing our finger whistles.  She never learnt to play with objects but she loved running and many were the times when she chased our friends Whippet and Lurcher around the local country park and she always won in the end because, although she didn’t quite have the speed she had the stamina. She simply adored people, especially children and she made  many friends.  She never ate treats, she always buried them and on one occasion, upon winning first prize at a local fun dog show for the most beautiful eyes, she was given a bone and promptly dug a hole in the middle of the arena and buried it and then walked off to great applause. When the boot of the car was opened she jumped in and waited for the next adventure be it the mountains of Snowdonia, the Jurassic coastline or the Cornish beaches or just the country park. She gave us nearly 6 years of pure joy and hopefully we did the same for her.
After Christmas her health suddenly deteriorated and a scan showed a large tumour on her liver and the decision was made there and then.
She now resides in our garden under a clump of snowdrops.
To all at MTR a very big thank you for letting us have her in our life.
RIP our dear Kim.   You have left a lot of big holes in many many peoples hearts.
Roger and Sue.

FLORA - December 2021

Dear Sylvia
Beautiful Flora cavalier, aged 12, went over the bridge on the 12th December. Flora was adopted from MTAR 8 years ago. We had such happy times together. I'm heartbroken to lose her.
I want to thank you and your team for saving this little ex breeder, and all who have come after her, and for trusting me with this precious soul.
I've added a few photos of her life here.

STORM - November 2021

The post I never wanted to write:

We had to say goodbye to Storm on 1st November. He was being treated for a chest infection but he deteriorated, he had a chest X-ray which showed a problem with his lungs, he was struggling to breathe and we had to let him go. We are absolutely devastated and heart broken.
There is so much I could say about him, he loved people and especially the grandchildren, he thought everyone visiting had come to see him (they usually had), he loved swimming, Flyball and agility, but also loved sitting by a lake while Keith fished, having cuddles, squeaky toys and sleeping!
He had 3 canine friends in his life, our previous dogs Max and Josie, and little Tink, all now reunited.
Hopefully we gave him the best life. There is so much more but he was just “Our Storm” our once in a lifetime dog, our world, we loved him to the moon and back, always will, we will love and miss you always,
RIP our beautiful boy, run free with Max, Josie and Tink , we are broken. A friend said “Grief is the price we pay for Love” so true xxx
We would like to thank Many Tears Animal Rescue for letting us adopt him at 16 weeks old, we lost him aged 13 years
Nicky O’Dell

BREE - October 2021

Hi all
I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know very sadly that we lost our much loved Bree yesterday to cancer. She was so brave that we didn’t even know it was there until a week ago. She was the funniest, goofiest, softest, cuddliest, best example of a chocolate lab that I have ever known and we will miss her forever but I wanted to thank you for finding her for us and giving us the chance to give her her best life. She enjoyed paddles in the sea, rolls in the sand and grass, sunbathing on the front step with her best buddy Coco and most of all tummy tickles from whoever would take her up on her offer which was generally everyone! Bree you’ve left a big Labrador shaped space in our hearts.
Thank you again Many Tears
The Stewart Family xx

BASIL - October 2021

It is with heavy heart that My lovely Basil has just passed away after a long battle with pancreatic cancer - he was so brave right until the end which was sudden. Am lost without him - he gave us his all, having arrived traumatised, scared, spending several weeks retreating under a chest of drawers, when ready to trust me and from then on it was nothing but love he gave in return plus a lot of entertainment and adventures.
He joins Sybil who passed away last December, also from MT, having endured a heart murmur which finally took it’s toll, the penance for being forced to have so many litters ...she is equally missed....but they are together again.
Thank you Many Tears, firstly for rescuing them, and then letting them Into my life.

APRIL - August 2021

Hello All at MT,
I needed to inform you all that the apple of my eye, my little darling April, our miniature schnauzer, sadly passed-on yesterday afternoon (Friday 27th August). April, who was partially sighted, was around 6 years old when we received her from you and grew to the age of about 14. She was admitted to the vet yesterday but whilst there suffered a cardiac arrest and died later that afternoon. As an ex-breeding rescue, she was deeply nervious of people but did eventually (with plently of work) gained confidence and accepted us as her family. She loved 'her' holidays in the Cairngorms of Scotland and playing in the woods and lochs with her 'brother' Edwin. I am absolutely broken at this moment, she really was at the "top of the tree" and has left a huge void in our lives. She taught us so much about humility, joy, friendship, love, forgivness and above all else - trust. I thank you all for the wonderful work you all do - I mean this with every nerve and sinew of my being, without YOU, April would have never known us and what "normal" means - bless you all and may God in his wisdom one day unite us both once again! Simply heartbroken.
If you are able to publish this on the "Rainbow Bridge" tab of your website it would mean a whole lot to us all.
With love, sincere thanks and gratitude to each and every one of you!

ROSIE - July 2021

Back in Sept 2013 we adopted a Shih Tzu briefly named Shimmer from Many Tears at the age of 7. She was a very nervous dog with a few issues to boot. We collected her from one of your adopters in Bristol named Julie. She was instantly renamed Rosie by my wife.
It took her a while to settle and also a good while before she would walk on a lead but after dealing with these issues she settled in with our other dogs being the bossy girl that she always was right up till the end.
We can only hope that we gave her 8 years of unconditioned love, care and attention because she certainly repaid it with her love for us. But it was in the past fortnight that her heart murmur worsened as did her general health and today we had to let her go where she will be pain free. She was defiantly a character in her right and will be sorely missed.
Sleep tight Rosie and sweet dreams
Love from mum, dad, Henry, Dora and Billy they will miss you as much as us. RIP
Nick and Sharon Boosey

ROSE - August 2021

It is with great sadness that I have to let you know that Rose (was Elenore M/T) sadly passed away Monday. After fostering a few dog's from M/T Rose came into our life, within one hour we were in love with her. So we adopted this scared frightened nervous little dog. She soon warmed to us, and lost her fear of us humans. She has since welcomed so many foster dogs and took them under her wing, giving them confidence and showing them how things should be done. She could be bossy at times but always kind.
Rose will be forever missed and always in our hearts.

HARRY - July 2021

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I share with you all that at 5pm Harry crossed over the rainbow bridge and gained his angel wings. He would have been met by Josh, Lucy and Adam. He was a Many Tears rescue and we had him for 5 1/2 wonderful years. We were with him and he had treats and lots of cuddles. Heartbroken, he will always be in my heart with my others and he has taken a piece of me with him. Run free Harry .
Harry was a beautiful soul. He was head shy when we got him and turned into the most cuddly of bears with bi chops that Ioves a cuddle and kisses all over his head. Amazing what TLC can achieve.
He was the most amazing buddy and he will be so missed. Wish we could have the time again. He was very special.
Thank you Many Tears and Sylvia for rescuing him and thank you to his foster mum Jo who we kept in touch with all the way. We are very grateful to have had him in our lives as part of our family.
Thank you
Melanie, Dave and Chris

OAK - July 2021

Good morning
It is with much sadness that i am writing to you, poor Oakie left for the rainbow bridge on Saturday. After becoming lame on his front leg which, when x-rayed was found to be a tumor on the end of his shoulder and had also spread to his chest.
My partner and I adopted Oakie after I had a stroke so he very much rescued me from a dark period of my life and opened both our hearts.
He really was the best little man, my partner Tina said he was my spirit animal, because i was a grumpy stubborn cheeky monkey too. But given the right conditions a gentle sole really.
After we smothered him with love and affection for two and a half years he really began to be the best version of himself. He got excited when his hooman friends came to visit, loved snuggling between us and giving his belly up for rubs when we all sat down together. He was my little Boo, my best friend, my toast buddie, my countryside rambler pal. He leaves a huge hole in our family and we still can't believe he's gone. Now I can't see what I'm writing.
We really really are so thankful for the time we did have with Oakie Bear, even if it was a short 36 months or so. We knew how happy he was, just look at that face
Many thanks
Steve & Tina

MADDY - June 2021

My lovely little poppet Maddy was put to sleep on Sunday having developed epilepsy from a brain tumour. We have been lucky enough to have her for 6 years, she came from a breeder and changed from a frightened, shy girl to the ruler of the house who shone with personality. Maddy travelled Europe with us and took it all in her stride.
I will miss her more than words can say but value every minute we had with her.

CODY - June 2021

It is with great sadness that we write to let you know that we said goodbye to our beautiful lurcher Cody, adoptive name Sooner, on the 19th May.
We adopted Cody in November 2009 from Many Tears with the help of our friend and long time supporter Loraine Isherwood.
After a short battle with an aggressive cancer we had to make that most difficult decision to let him go peacefully.
Cody had the most amazing life with us, he was a gentle devoted loyal and loving boy who just loved to run and chase anything he could!
We are heartbroken and miss him so very much but he is still here with us in spirit

BESSIE - June 2021

Yesterday we said goodnight to Bessie, big sister to Pippa, Lucy-Lou (mt Olive), Rosie and Dexter. This grand old lady was almost 14 and was suffering from mouth cancer. To take the decision to let her go is one of the hardest things imaginable, but, we had to do what we thought was best for her.
She spent her last day in her favourite parks (as always barking at the seagulls), having cuddles in the summer house, dining on steak and when her time came she was sleeping peacefully on the settee at home.
Goodnight sweet baby, run free, you are forever young
08/07/2007 to 08/06/2021

DEVO was MAPLE- MAY 2021

I am writing to let you know that my beautiful doggy “Devo” (formerly “Maple”) was put to sleep on May 5th 2021 after giving me nearly 15 years of the best love and companionship I could’ve wished for. She lived a very happy life and gave us so much happiness in return and she was the best dog/friend I have ever had.
I picked her up from Many Tears in the summer of 2006 after coming to see another dog, but once she looked up at me, she melted my heart, and I knew that she had chosen me. She came to live with me in Bradford, then in 2007 we moved to Hebden Bridge to live on my narrowboat, then later into a lovely house surrounded by beautiful countryside, which she loved to explore.
We shared many adventures together including travelling all over the UK from the Outer Hebrides to Cornwall and everywhere in between and my camper van became her 2nd home wherever we went. Devo made friends wherever we went, walking up Snowden, campsites, the beach, Neolithic sites, the pub, or just exploring parks and going to the shops.
She has helped in my recording studio too! making lots of new friends and sometimes contributing with a ‘bark’, a ‘growl’, or a ‘howl’! She regularly recorded with my students too at the College where I work to create sound FX, and her famous “Wolf Howl” has been downloaded nearly 4000 times worldwide! Devo loved to play and absolutely loved fetching balls, ropes, frisbee’s, elastic hair bands (Ping-Pong)…anything. But her favourite was to burst balloons! so every birthday (made up) she had lots of balloons that she would chase around the room and burst as a special treat! She even loved fireworks! And her “extreme sport” was to sit under dart boards willing people to start playing!!...this had to be carefully monitored of course and as soon as it was apparent a game might start; she was swiftly taken away for her safety.
Devo was a real character and total sweetheart and she lived life to the full. She could also be naughty and could also cause havoc as she was a very determined girl. She beat cancer but in later life suffered with arthritis and vestibular disease which were both controlled with medication.
In 2019 we noticed she occasionally started to go to the hinge side of the door, which we found out was a sign of dementia. This progressively got worse and despite trying to control it with medication, in the end after a very rapid decline we were forced to make the hardest decision.
Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that because of your hard work, love and commitment to helping animals in need, Devo was given the chance to improve our lives immeasurably and we had the privilege of giving her the best life that we could.
We loved Devo very, very much and we know that she loved us. We miss her immensely and the void in our life right now is unbearable. We will be revisiting some of her favourite places this year to scatter her ashes and we will always have some amazing and beautiful memories to cherish for the rest of our lives. “
Devo Devildog Slobberdobberdabitch” 2004? - 5/5/21
Thank you.

MAGGIE - April 2021

Maggie formerly Millicent, thank you for being my friend and team mate whilst I built a life. This will forever be your place as much as mine and nothing will ever be the same. We have loved each other and you came so, so far. My little lassie xxxx

AMBER - February 2021

Just to let you know that Amber (was Poppy) Passed over the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. She had kidney failure but had a really good life with us we adopted her from you In March 2013 and she was already 4yrs old She will be greatly missed.
Love you Amber xx
Pauline & Tony Barnes

ESTHER MCFAE - January 2021

I collected Esther from your premises on 24 Jan 2015, little knowing that she would be my saviour as my husband suddenly died 3 months later. She was the light in my darkness we sold up and moved to a lovely place in Ferring West Sussex where she enjoyed her walks to sea and ball time unfortunately she had growth on her liver that was causing excessive water to build up and could not be saved. During Covid times it’s hard to say goodbye but a wonderful company called Vets to Home came and put her to sleep and out of her pain. She has been the most wonderful dog and I know Silvia works hard with her original owners to save them. Just wanted to thank you for allowing her to share my new life with new man who has become her soul mate too.
Regards Katrina Musgrove

BANDIT - January 2021

Hello, I just wanted to get in touch with you about a Dog called Bandit (MT Wallis), that we adopted from MT Rescue.
He sadly passed away on Wednesday, after being with us for 15 years.
We rescued him back in 2006 as a companion for our other dog Shadow. They became instant best friend's. They were inseparable!
He adored her and would spend hours cwtched up with her, grooming her, and generally following her around. They became like an old married couple! Then we had an addition to the family with our son being born on 2008. Bandit loved him unconditionally, and would sneak into his rocker to sleep when we weren't looking!
Bandit, Shadow and our son grew up together, and learned from each other.
Bandit was a joy to us, and we are so grateful we had the opportunity to adopt him.
He had a wicked personality, and loved to escape from our garden; even after we installed 6ft fencing! We have so many wonderful memories and our hearts have been filled with love from our time spent together.
Thank you MT for all the work you do, and for helping us extend our family and make wonderful everlasting memories.
Sleep well our dear Bandit xxx

MILLIE - November 2020

It is with great sadness we are writing to say our beautiful, loveable laidback westie Millie ( MT Delilah ) crossed over Rainbow bridge on the 16th November 2020, Millie had inoperable cancer, we are grateful for the four wonderful years we had with her, it ended all to soon.
Our hearts are broken but will remember the love she gave us forever.
Regards Julie & Alan Towler

ALFIE - December 2020

Hi I am sadly writing to tell you, that today we lost our beautiful little boy Alfie (MT Duce). Alfie was rescued from a hoarder in Wales in the group, if I remember correctly, known as the "96". The day we met him he was one very scared little boy, who knew nothing of love, cuddles, kindness or getting proper food. It took us a month to get him to come out from behind the settee.
It was like Groundhog day, trying to temp him out, by the evening he'd take a few steps, but then the next morning you had to start all over again. Eventually, he learned to trust us as turned into the cuddliest, most loving bundle of fun you could wish for. He still looked amazed at meal times and always checked "is this really for me", but once you gave him a little squidge and popped him in front of his bowl he tucked in happily.
He loved the beach and the woods and then when we collected our 2nd MT rescue Jac, they became the best of friends. Over the past few years we have noticed Doggy Dementia setting in, and then just after lockdown he started to have gastrointestinal problems. Our vets were amazing with him and he picked up, and with the arrival of a kitten in the family, he found the puppy in himself again and they spent ages chasing round the house, before he curled up and slept soundly in his bed.
Sadly over the last couple of days, the deterioration in his Dementia was rapid and we knew it was time to say our goodbyes and let him run free over the bridge. Thank you Many Tears for letting us take care of 'ikkle Alf. He was an absolute joy and we will all miss home more than words can say.

CARIAD - December 2020

Cariad came to us soon after our move to Wales in 2008, she was so quiet and shut down in kennels, but she came out of her kennel to my Husband Allan so this was the sign she was for us.
Cariad joined our other rescue Curley, she followed in his footsteps the whole time until he passed away, she then became the big Sister to be followed by MT Sierra now Seren.
Through her life she was always quiet but always there behind us in front of us and beside us. She loved to lay next to me when in my sewing room, I am pretty sure my sewing will not be as good without her devotion next to me.
In her early years she could out pace Curley but always let him get the ball, she was that sort of dog. She loved a fuss but only on her terms when she had enough she would move on, not a cuddly dog but a real companion to my Husband myself and her dog housemates.
Many Tears gave us a wonderful dog, friend and companion. She will be missed and never forgotten.

DORA - December 2020

I lost my darling Dora (formally Pleasure) on 28th November to an inoperable tumour. I was so lucky to have adopted her from a lovely MTAR fosterer in November 2011, as a 3yr old ex-breeding Lhasa. She was a very scared little girl, but with the help of the two older, calm dogs whom she adored, gradually came out of her shell.
We had nine wonderful years together, travelling in the UK and Europe, with over 22,000 miles by car, motorhome, train, tram and ferry. She was a model dog, very rarely putting a foot wrong (but her nickname in Greece was Dora the Explorer!).
She never really trusted anyone but myself and the friend that I live with, having the usual standoffish attitude with strangers. She was such a happy girl otherwise, adored her walks with her canine friends, and her squeaky ball, and for such a small dog has left a huge hole in our hearts. I shall always miss her.

MILO - December 2020

Its with great sadness I write to tell you we lost Milo, our chocolate labrador last week. He had just turned 14.Sadly his hip dysplasia led to arthritis and just before his 14th birthday his back legs just gave up.
This picture of him was from 3 weeks ago. We adopted Milo from you in November 2008. He was nearly 2 and had been with you a few months. I m not quite sure why he was given up by his first family.
He arrived as an unhappy chap, ( I think he didn't do well in kennels) and if I'm honest he was quite a challenge in the early days but I knew rescue dogs need time. He joined our calm golden retriever Willow ( who sadly now also departed) and we built the best family. We had great adventures over the last 12 years, travelling across the UK and especially Scotland on amazing holidays and walks. He even came to work with me. Milo was at the core of my family for 12 years and was truly loved and cherished. He lived his best life and he was a great dog. We will miss him every day.

HOLLY BANKS - November 2020

Our beautiful ex-breeder Holly went over Rainbow Bridge on 15th November. We rescued her almost 6 years ago, and she became a treasured member of our family of dogs. She was partially sighted, but you wouldn't know it and ran around collecting socks, slippers and other unmentionables right to the end. We are so happy that she made it to 14, despite 8 years producing puppies! We will always miss her. There is a Holly shaped hole in our lives. She was, as all cockers are, a little treasure who gave so much love and enjoyed her life. Her sister Rosie(adopted from you in 2009), her brothers Sammy and Rory, look for her every day. Heartbroken, but glad she got to 14 and didn't suffer at the end. Thank you to her foster Mum Diana and Many Tears for allowing us the privilage of loving her.
Heather and Nigel Banks, Rosie, Sammy and roryxxx

BERTIE - October 2020

In memory of dear Bertie.
The happiest, friendliest, loveliest little Westie.
Lost far too soon.
Be good, my little man.
Mike Batchelor

MINNIE - October 2020

I got Minnie (MT Juniper) from you in May 2010, I was told she was four and a half. This little darling has never put a foot wrong, a rather scruffy little scrap of a thing, not long having had puppies, Chloe and Rosie and I fell in love with her immediately and we brought her home to Cornwall. She has been the little sweetheart who was just always there with the wagging tail and the loveliest most gentle nature, she was an absolute joy to own, my darling just got old and on October 9th I had to say goodbye. Playing again with Chloe I hope. Here she is just a month ago (in the middle) along with Dollie and new girl Bonny stealing tomatoes off the plants . Once again my grateful thanks to you all at Many Tears.
Maureen Walker

RUBY - October 2020

Hello everyone at Many Tears Just wanted to let you know that yesterday we made the difficult decision to have Ruby, our chocolate labrador pts. We got her from you about 13 years ago and she was approx 3 years old then... (as an ex breeder she'd already had 2-3litters). She gave our family the best most amazing love, and company for our other rescue dog willow (who was pts last year age 17) Thank you for everything you do. We have a huge hole in our life and will be looking out for 1,or 2 dogs from you in the near future.
Thanks again Jayne

HARRY - October 2020

Hello Many Tears Team,
I wanted to let you know our beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Harry died on 1 October 2020, aged 11 years 4 months. A Hepatic Lymphoma was diagnosed just 5 weeks before his death.
Harry was formerly known as ‘Kent’, we adopted him from you via your wonderful foster carer – Diana Nicholls on 28 November 2010.
I have attached a couple of photos of Harry (one is with our other 2 dogs), he was a gentle loving little boy and it was a privilege to have shared his life.
Warm wishes,
Karen and Bill Brooks.

BARNEY - August 2020

Dear Many Tears
With a very heartbroken and heavy heart we have to give you the very sad news that our wonderful Barney (Rubble) left us to cross the Rainbow Bridge on Monday 10th August 20. ( Age Approximately 13 years)
We picked up Barney from a lovely foster mum Nicole just over 10 years ago. (June 2010)
Barney has been the most wonderful dog, and everyone we met just loved him and called him a lovely big soft Teddy Bear, which he was.
He was just amazing with our other Many Tears dogs, (Lucie sadly crossed the Rainbow Bridge far too early July 17) Cherry (was Bakewell) & Bertie (was Venner) showing them the way in the home, garden and when we went out walking every day. He was always there to comfort them when they were uncertain with life, always letting them snuggle up, showing them that everything would be OK. It is so sad to see both Cherry & Bertie looking for him and the sadness in their eyes when they realise he is no longer by their side.
We certainly could not have wished for a better boy, always well-mannered and certainly knew who to flutter his extremely long eye lashes at for a tasty treat, which no one could resist giving him.
He has not been too well for the past 6 months, we know he had a bit of Arthritis, but this did not stop him until the last couple of months to come out for his walks, bless him he just went out for a short walk.
But he became quite unwell and the last couple of months was starting to lose weight and fall down, really not interested in treats, food or his walks. We had him at the vets, really knowing what the answer would be.
But we bought him home, and made him comfortable, we kept him going for another month but over a weekend he just deteriorate rapidly, not eating, but just been sick. Having trouble standing, his legs giving way. Really un-interested in anything. On his final day he found it so hard to lift his head up to even to say Hello, so we felt that we had to do the kindest thing for Barney, and help him to Cross the Rainbow Bridge.
As it was a lovely evening the vet said we could all go to their own private garden and we could all lay on the grass together, even the vet, laying with us, and let him go without any stress, to go and join our beloved Lucie.
We would like to thank you all at Many Tears for letting us adopt Barney, he was the most wonderful dog.
He gave us many years of love and trust, we miss him so much and our hearts are broken.
RIP Barney, you will always be our Teddy Boy. Run free over the Rainbow Bridge.
Love and miss you every day.
Best wishes
Margaret & Andy (Nesbitt)

BONNIE - August 2020

Dear Sylvia nd Many Tears Team,
I am writing with some very sad news about Bonnie, our gorgeous Bernese Mountain Dog who we adopted from you in March. Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to her last week. We're completely heartbroken because she was such a wonderful and kind dog, and was such a light in our lives.
As you know, she was really ill just after she first came with a gastric bleed and assoicated anemia. She really had rallied from that, gained weight and was able to tolerate more walks. Her eyes, as I think we mentioned, remained the only really difficult thing to treat. Also, we spotted two lumps, one on her tummy and one on her ear. These were tested and diagnosed as mast cell tumours and the vet advised us to get them removed so we arranged surgery. That should have taken place last week.
She then become suddenly very ill, was vomiting and could not eat and very unhappy with gums that suddenly turned orange. So we got her admitted asap and put on a drip and had blood work done and a scan. All her results and bilirubin were off the scale.the scan sadly revealed that she had a tumour had blocked her bile duct. She was fading fast. The vet gave us the option of open exploratory surgery to see if any of it could be resected but felt her condition overall was likely to be much wider, possible malignant histiocytois which the breeed are disposed too. It fitted with the other things she had going on. Apparently these include ocular problems and anaemia.
The lumps are on the inside an the outside. Given how ill she was after the last surgery and how ill she had become, we decided the right thing to do was to say goodbye to Bonnie. There was too much risk she would die on the table and we didn't want to distress her anymore. We just wanted to let you know as you took such good care of her.
We just feel it is so sad for Bonnie above all as she really began to blossom and was so brave by trusting us. She was really part of our animal family and we wanted her to have her best longest life with us She deserved that so much after all of her suffering. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but we thought it was right to let you know.
We are in contact with the lovely other people who adopted your other Berner that came in with her and they are very sad too. We had been planning to meet for a walk one day. Once we feel stronger again we would really like to take on another rescue from Many Tears. In fact, we wouldn't have any dog other than a rescue. She was a complete privilege to have in our lives albeit for too, too short a time. She did way more for us, in the joy she gave, than we ever did for her. One of the loveliest things was seeing all her old dead coat come out fully over time. What a lovely black set of curls she had. Garnered her the nickname "Flo-oof".
Best wishes
Mum and Dad x

LOTTIE - July 2020

I am broken hearted to tell you that my darling little Lottie passed away on the 23 July.
I had her for 8 years after picking her up from the kennels to foster. We fell in love with her and here she stayed. She was such a friendly, loving little thing and will be sorely missed.
She was originally Diddle at MTAR.
Fly over the bridge my darling we will never forget you.
Thank you Many Tears for letting us adopt her.
Your mummy, daddy, and doggie sisters Annie, Belle and Cassie xxxxx

PEGGY - July 2020

Dear Many Tears
We adopted Peggy from you (via Christina, foster carer in Dunstable) four years ago.
She proved to be the sweetest and gentlest of dogs, the best Wire Haired Fox Terrier we have ever had (nine in all, mostly all rescues).
Sadly, we lost her to liver cancer a couple of weeks ago and we, and our other two dogs, Ruby - Staffie (11) and Lily - Chihuahua (3) - both rescued girls, are bereft.
We are attaching a photo of Peggy - first from your original listing and, later, on her own and with her other doggie friends.
We are without a WFT for the first time in over 45 years and are hopeful that another Peggy might need a good home soon.
Best Wishes and thanks for all that you do (two neighbours in our road have recently adopted dogs from you).
Geoff and Jan

DAISY - June 20


Daisy 5th Nov 2017 - 1st June 2020
Our Beautiful, kind, gentle, caring, attention loving, super girl has gone to find her forever home in Heaven.
We first spotted you on a shared webpage through Facebook the weekend of 15th July 2017.
You had such a happy smiling face that we fell in love with you immediately. Your name with MT was Quixote – the amount of lovely comments made about you were wonderful, you could have had your very own fan page. You were in foster near Reading but due to Foster carers going to Scotland, you went to DBarc then back down the M4 to MT before being given to Jane to continue fostering until health issues were investigated.
Through all this time we waited, thinking the worst had happened then out of the blue we had a call from Jane saying Daisy was now ready to come home. Back up the M4 you went, picked up by Vicky a foster Mummy from Midhurst, where we then went to meet you for the first time.
Sonny our boy came too, on first meeting you weren’t sure, you went for him. Not surprising really as you’d been collected from Jane that morning around 8am and here we were 2pm. You must of wondered what on earth was going on. Once we had you and Sonny out walking everything was calm, you walked brilliantly on the lead, you and he sniffed around as we walked for about 20 mins. Paperwork was completed back with Vicky  and we drove you home to your new forever home with us on 5th November 2017.
You settled in brilliantly after only a few small incidents and the usual toilet training issues but that was always to be expected, as with any new fur baby. You were put on raw food very shortly after due to your allergies, you would always smile and dance when your food bowl came out. You found your voice not long after settling in.
Your back legs and back end were weak, your spine was very bony (from being a breeding bitch), you had a lump on your rib, possibility of deafness (which was only temporary, caused by masses of wax in both your ears). You were such a beautiful little girl.
A couple of weeks later you had your first hair cut with our doggie salon, she too fell in love with you immediately. You had that effect on everyone you met.
You never needed a trailing lead as you were so obedient but on occasion you would wander over to mainly families also out walking and would, if we hadn’t kept an eye on you, carried on walking with them.
You loved life, You now had one older brother Sonny and two younger sisters, Titchy and Bonnie, your own little pack. You all got on brilliantly, sharing and swopping beds, You and Sonny were like husband and wife with two naughty children. You would put them in their place at times but life was good. You would all head off on long walks with Daddy up on the South Downs, into the country or down by the sea. You had a family holiday trip to North Norfolk where we stayed by the sea and visited family friends, along with their two doggies.
We had noticed you were breathing quite heavily and were coughing more, so we booked an appointment with our vet. On examination they recommended they do a chest and lung x-ray, you were booked in for 30 Nov 2018. You were diagnosed with Westie Lung (WLD otherwise known as idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, the prognosis was not good. Our hearts were already breaking, why should you have to go through this when you had been through so much in your life already! Life is cruel.
We researched and found a very useful site westielungdisease.co.uk where several owners had recommended Enzyme treatment, it would not cure but could delay the inevitable. The vet gave us steroids, which we gave you ½ tablet every 3 days plus half an Enzyme tablet daily. This seemed to work really well as a combination, you would occasionally cough more but otherwise things seemed to settle down again.
Your Annual booster came and went, all fine at check up then after Christmas your breathing became noticeably more laboured. We took you back to the vet for x-rays, this time they told us your heart was slightly enlarged, Ruth spoke to a cardiologist who suggested they put you on Viagra!!!! We continued to monitor you closely, there seemed to be no side affects. You were never really one for toys although you did start to show some interest about a month before you left us. You much preferred sitting or laying on Daddy’s lap or watching from the settee. You loved the flat fluffy bed in the day but would usually sleep on our bed with at least one of the others at night time. In fact you moved onto my space along with the other three fur babies so I moved into the spare room. There was no way I was going to move you doggies, you, more than the others deserved all the home comforts darling and you got them.
Then came Covid 19 and lockdown. We were all happily plodding along with life, just you four fur babies and us three humans out in the garden on Monday morning when suddenly and without warning you started to collapse, Cam noticed you first and ran to you at the back door, your back legs started to give way. Cam lifted you up as you collapsed fully, went limp and passed away in your human brothers arms.
We are still totally heartbroken, As I write this I am balling my eyes out. You were such a very special little girl who we hoped we could give years of love, fuss and attention too. You were our Daisy Mae, Flopsy Daisy (you would just fling yourself down on the ground sideways), Maisy Dae, Oops a Daisy, chinless wonder, we had so many names for you yet you’d always come running.
I believe you have been back to visit us, we’ve each seen you at various of your special places. Now Darling it is your time to run free with all our other beautiful westies who have passed before you. Sleep tight Baby girl,
Mummy, Daddy, Ala and Cam will love you forever and never forget you sweetheart, such a gentle soul.
Kind Regards Catherine & Christopher Olive & family

JONNIE - June 20

 Sadly my Uncle Terry had to have him PTS today due to a cancerous tumour obstructing his stomach. Jonnie had an amazing life with my Uncle - 2 old men together. We think Jonnie was 16 and my Uncle is now 86. Jonnie was with one of your fosterers in Calne when we collected him and was my Uncles constant companion. He’ll be sorely missed. This photo was taken 2 weeks ago.

SASHA - June 2020

Hello, This is Sasha, when I was honoured to become her new mummy in Feb 2016 Many Tears had named her Itika.
Sasha had been a ex-breeding bitch, she was frightened and withdrawn. I was shocked to find she was even frightened of grass, running from it as if it was hot coals. I spent many hours sitting on the floor at a distance, rolling treats to Sasha and talking softly to her to help her get used to me. Sasha carried soft toys around in her mouth and made beds for them. Thankfully I had another dog but as he didn't seem as interested in befriending Sasha as I'd hoped I eventually got another dog, a puppy, Sasha mothered her and as the puppy grew and became bigger than Sasha they became best friends. As the puppy learnt, Sasha learnt.
There were many times that Sasha had me in tears, tears of joy the first time she did a play bow, the first time she rolled on grass, the first time I let her off lead knowing she would come back and when only 6 months ago for the first time she jumped up at me. Tears of sadness that her back cracked everytime she straightened it, when she gazed at me with eyes as wide as saucers in fear of a new situation, when all her teeth were removed as they were so rotten, when i was told her heart murmur was grade 5, and when I was told that the years of poor diet had taken its toll on her insides.
Sasha has left a hole in our hearts, we loved her dearly, she had generously let us love her and learnt to trust us. Now we hope she is at Rainbow Bridge chasing pigeons to her hearts delight.
Till we meet again darling Sasha xxxx


In 2009 I had my very first male dog from Many Tears.. He was a Greyish coloured Llasho Apso who had barely seen the light of day. He always had very weak leg muscles due to being shut in a cage for many years.. When I rescued him from Many Tears I was so happy to help give a poor dog a home with my little Shi Tzu whom I'd got from Birmingham Dogs Home..I named him Clyde and he was such a gentle loving dog,Bless him!
The first time that we walked him through the front door I gave him lots of love and noticed that he would put his lip up on one side with excitement, we called it his Elvis Lip. I've never known a dog to wipe his feet before coming in either.. He would always give his very a white on the pavement before jumping in through the back door...
There were also times that he would get one of his front pawss and tap it on the doorstep in time to country music that I was playing. Clyde was always by side and fell into place in a loving, gentle, friendly home just brilliantly which is what any poor dog or animal deserves!
I hadn't had him long when he fell very ill in Feb 2009 and within 2 days he'd passed away very unpleasantly due to renal failure. It absolutely broke me. I felt like I couldn't carry on life without him..I'd taken him the vets a few times over the months as I was concerned with how his stomach was hard and swelling but they did no tests and kept telling me that he was ok....I beat myself up about this as I wish I'd demanded they do some tests etc, but I'm not a vet so I wasn't to know. I just couldn't get over losing him especially as when we took him the emergency vets on the night before she said she thought that it was a really bad gut infection and he died in a cage without me.. Again, the vets should have phoned me and said that he isn't going to pull through as he deserved to pass away peacefully and not in the horrid conditions that he did.
My little girl Bonnie was also missing Clyde as much as myself she didn't eat drink or go for a walk.. She seemed to be giving up on life without him.. That's when I made another trip to Many Tears and got another male dog who was called 'Talk Talk' but I changed his name to Gizmo..I felt the name suited him well as I can remember the exact words on their website to describe him and they were :(He things he's the bees knees' )
He gave Bonnie a real big loving sloppy kiss up her face when we stepped in his kennel to meet him..They got on well even though little Bonnie was completely blind. My beautiful little Girl Bonnie was out to sleep in 2012 as she'd got Dimentia and breathing problems.
I lost my Darling Faithful little Gizmo just 2 weeks ago on the 8th June. I had to make the dreadful decision to put him out of his suffering.. He'd got a lot of arthritis and his lungs were now struggling to take breaths in..It broke my heart but knew deep down it was time to let him go to Doggie Heaven to rest in peace with my Darlings Bonnie and Clyde. He'd had a happy and fulfiling 11 years with us.
No matter where I went, just like my other dogs, he was always there by my side. He was a cheeky little character always going up to the Cupboard and drawers where the dog treats were kept.. He's stand there for a couple of hours at time groaning for more! During our walks he would ..... as I say put his brakes on and not budge until I would say 'C'mon then' and we'd go in whichever direction he wanted to go.. When he was young he'd go in the bathroom and pinch my sponge pulling it apart into bits... It was all good fun for him! He loved playing in the snow...Every day I wish I'd still got them all.. I have some of their fur in a locket around my neck which makes me feel close to them.
There's not a day goes by where I don't mention any of my dogs names that have passed onto Doggie Heaven but I'm a kind of person that puts my dogs first, that's what I live for.... God Bless, Bonnie,Clyde & Gizmo my precious little dogs. Xxx

WILMA - May 2020

On Wednesday 13th May 2020 our beautiful Wilma who we cherished to the moon and back passed over the rainbow bridge. Our world fell apart on the 29th November 2019 when a tumour was found in Wilma’s mouth, we were referred to a wonderful hospital where a CT Scan devastatingly diagnosed the tumour terminal, our most wonderful oncologist suggested the best treatment for Wilma (this was the most important thing for us as Wilma was so precious and so scared of the Vets) was Metronomic Chemotherapy (a tablet which we could give ourselves in the comfort of her safe little home ) our little princess enjoyed extra chicken skin (with her medication hidden safely inside) for many months she adored being spoilt rotten where life was all about our precious little lady , nice walks, endless soft blankets , chicken skin and her all time favourite steak dinner , then unfortunately the tumour took its toll over our darling little Wilma, she stopped eating and her poor little body could no longer fight and we had to sadly say goodbye , never before have I experience pain like it and miss her every single minute of the day ,we had 8 wonderful years with Wilma and we have endless memories , we thank Many Tears from the bottom of our hearts for choosing us as her family and for allowing us to give Wilma endless love kisses and cuddles . We miss you darling so very very much but will be together again one day I promise , love Mummy, Daddy, Stitch , Francesca, Christian , Sam , Dan , Darcy , Casper , Clara, Cecil, Nanny , Grandad , Grandma Betty and Grandpa Colin xxxxx

HOWDY - May 2020

Howdy passed away on 19th May 2020 during his surgery for Brachycephalic Airway Obstruction Syndrome (BAOS)  I’m absolutely devastated and heartbroken Vet said that Howdy’s heart has stopped beating just after he finished the surgery in the recovery time. They tried to save him ... but couldn’t bring him back.  He was age approx 8 years old and had no heart murmurs. Howdy I love you so much my boy. It’s extremely hard to deal with this loss. We had him for 10 months only but everyday was filled with love and happiness. From very scared, shy boy, Howdy grown into a happy lad. He encouraged me to start fostering other dogs and help them. He loved a company of foster friends. Very special place in my heart, RIP HOWDY [*] run free over the rainbow bridge.  We miss you. Mum Justyna, Karolina and your furry friends: Toffee, Mika and Inka.
Thank you Many Tears for letting us to have Howdy in our lives

CHLOE - MAY 2020

I got Chloe from you on 20th May 2009 she was thought to be two and a half, but who knows. This beautiful girl has been a joy to own, my cuddle bear. She loved to lie usually on top of Minnie and Dolly my other two MT Bichons when she fancied a sleep, they didn’t mind, they all loved each other, never a cross word.
My heart is broken today but the memories I have from the last eleven years will never be forgotten. She made such a difference to my life.
Thank you my darling Chloe, I will miss you so much, this picture was taken just two weeks ago. 
Thank you Many tears.
  Maureen Walker

TROY - March 2020

Sadly on the 28th March we said goodbye to our beloved German Shepherd / Lurcher Troy. We re-homed him as a puppy from Many Tears in 2008, and he gave us absolute joy. He was a character and such a beautiful dog. An incredibly strong boy right till the end. So here’s a message to him....
Troy, sleep well boy but not for too long! Because when you wake we’ll live our time with you again. Forever more we’ll cherish the joy you brought to us. You’ll always be in our hearts and your memory will live on. Troygy we love you boy. xxxx

MOLLY - April 2020

Today our beautiful, kind, happy, loving beagle crossed the rainbow bridge.
Four weeks ago I noticed she was thin, vets did tests, nothing really showed up. She had taken a gradual turn for the worse, with the last four days breathing being an issue.
She slipped away on the grass outside the vets with us there.
Our beautiful girl run pain free now darling. Our hearts are broken you didn't even have three years out of breeding, but what you had you loved and were so grateful for.
We love you, mummy, daddy, daniel and lily xxxx

BUGSY - March 2020

We lost our adorable Bugsy (was Bergamot when he was with you), last month, to an aggressive cancer. He was around 13 years old, and we had him for 9 years. He had been one of your very nervous dogs rescued from death row in the pound in Ireland, and became a wonderful family pet, who came everywhere with us. Please tell his fosterer, Trish in Godalming, how much pleasure he brought us and all our family. We miss him dreadfully and will be scanning the MT web pages for a dog to fill the large gap he has left in our lives. Best wishes, and well done for all that you do for dogs.
Linda and Chris Morgan.

SASKIA - March 2020

You described Saskia as big and bouncy, my goodness how right that was!!!! She was so enthusiastic about everything. We Foster children, Saskia helped care for every single child, one called her Nanna as she jumped on his bed and take away his duvet if he wouldn't get up. Saskia was so kind to the babies, she would try to take their coats off and nudge them in the bouncy chair to keep them rocking. Saskia sat and watched the babies as they slept, if their blanket fell off she pulled it back on, she was amazing. We loved her so much and so did her adoring public - oh yes she knew how pretty she was!!! When we collected money for Many Tears outside shops such as Tesco in Bradley Stoke she had groupies that would come to see her. She was a dog that looked into your soul and made you feel loved. People bought her treats of dog chocolates and bones that she would take, sniff and discard - that was embarrassing!.... But that meant more for the dogs back at Many Tears so that was OK!! We never knew her birthday so we think she was about 15, she had been frail for a while before she died of GDV - a condition that tried to take three times before but she managed to recover each time. Her last day was in Devon, which is where her ashes are buried - in Fairy Cove her favourite place. Saskia thank you for the love you gave us, you were a very special girl xxxx
Thank you
Louise Jackson

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