Rainbow Bridge

#Just this side of Heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine and our friends are warm and comfortable.
All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing: they each miss someone very special, someone who was left behind.
They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; his eager body begins to quiver. Suddenly, he breaks from the group, flying over the green grass, faster and faster. You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into those trusting eyes, so long gone from your life, but never absent from your heart. Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together.


ANNIE - June 2024

We are in total shock a week after we lost Robbie (Westie boy) to cancer Annie our little Westie girl has passed over the Rainbow Bridge.  It was sudden and we are devastated.  Annie developed breathing problems on the Monday afternoon and after several interventions with the vet it was found that there was nothing that could done be and sadly she had to be put to sleep on Wednesday 12th June. Annie was a beautiful little thing with not an aggressive bone in her body. She was completely driven by food and would immediately take notice if treats were available.  Annie was also only 90% with us on this world.  I’m sure she was partly in another dimension somewhere!  Sometimes her mummy would call her from the lounge and she would trot off in the other direction.  Annie wasn’t an overly reactive little dog but she would follow her brother Robbie.  When the door knocker went and Robbie set off barking you would find Annie half a yard behind joining in but with that puzzled look wondering why she was doing it. Her favourite pastime was carrying her mummy’s boots from the boot rack to their rightful place on her bed right beside her.  Annie was the most placid person I’ve ever known and you could do almost anything with her.  She is going to be missed so much. 

ROBBIE - June 2024

Sadly we lost our little boy on 5th June to cancer.  Robbie was 12 years old when he passed and we had 10 wonderful years with him.  Robbie was a 2 year old rescue West Highland Terrier from Many Tears when we collected him from a foster carer in Hertford in 2014.  He was in a terrible state at the time with demodex mange that caused raw sores on his back, feet and elsewhere.  He was a frightened little dog when we collected him and very nervous.  He had an overshot jaw and we think that this was the reason he hadn’t been treated with any care as no good for studding.  Many Tears and the foster carer had done a great job rescuing him.  It took Cheryl (his mummy) a year of weekly chemical baths and visits to our lovely Vet Izzie but finally Robbie no longer had the Demodex and was fit and healthy.  Robbie was described variously as a lovely little boy, feisty little thing and smallest dog but biggest character.  You definitely knew Robbie was around and he could be quite vocal about what he was doing.  Character he was though and he was loved everywhere he went.  Robbie was well known in our local village.  He had loads of doggy friends and had a great time at the local pub where he received numerous treats including Mini Cheddars.  He leaves a massive hole in the lives of his mummy and daddy and Annie his Westie sister. 

WILLOW - May 2024

We are heartbroken to say that our darling Willow left us on the 8th May 2024
She came to live with us on the 23rd August 2013 when she was about 5 years old. She was a very sad ex breeding girl.
We had two other Golden Retrievers, Molly & Daisy who were about the same age & she fitted in perfectly with them. She was a kind, gentle girl & never left my side touching my hand with her nose to let me know she was still there. She greeted us & visitors with a yodel & often threw herself upside down into her bed shouting with excitement. She would collect visitors shoes on arrival & bring them into the lounge before they had even sat down. She would carry any soft toys & blankets to her bed for safe keeping.
We had some lovely walks together every day & visits to the dog beach & a picnic in the summer. She was no trouble. When we lost her sisters in 2020 & 2021 she was sad to be on her own so we adopted Ruby (Carla) from Many Tears then little Rose a 4 month old came to live with us too. Willow loved Rose & they were like mum & daughter washing each others faces & cuddling up together.
We all miss her so much.
Thank you Many Tears & Julie her fosterer for allowing us to give Willow a loving home after her cruel start in life.
Many Thanks
Maria & Steve x

PADDY - July 2024

We were very lucky to get Paddy (MT Paladin) from you (after our girl Westie Penny (she was a stray) was PTS). We’ve had a lovely 12 (and a half) years with Paddy he came with us on all our U.K. holidays (Scotland twice, including going in Loch Ness, Northumbria, Cumbria, Yorkshire, North Wales & Anglesey, Devon, Cornwall and lastly Norfolk) he loved running on a sandy beach (I even won a local pet photography competition with a beach run photo) he was less keen on snow.
He loved walking and exploring with us, but also loved his chair (in the living room) and lying on the garden sofa (he often jumped on it without the cushions, to tell me to get the cushions out, and make in more comfy) Bottom left photo is our half term break down in Lynmouth (an area we visited regularly) the walk to the valley of the rocks being a family favourite. The last photo is from our last holiday in May, to Norfolk, the ‘flat’ terrain definitely helped him enjoy it (along with his ‘pet stroller’ for the longer walks).
Also for the last 5+ years Paddy’s been my ‘litter picking’ buddy as part of ‘Paws on Plastic’ (he’s been one of their poster boys for awhile now). Even when you know they are getting old, and slowing down, it’s still doesn’t prepare you for the final ‘good bye’ (ever) and the hole he has left in our hearts, family and home is way bigger than his physical size. We miss him every day… (mainly being under our feet, admittedly) We hope to share our home again with another ‘rescue’ terrier (type) dog, which I am sure is what Paddy would have wanted (especially as we only got Paddy, as our previous Westie Penny left a similar ‘hole’ in our family when she was PTS)
Thank you Many Tears for trusting us to have Paddy (back in October 2011)
Sandra, Gordon, Sam and Mercury Brown


I adopted Floki from you in 2017 via his foster mum, Lisa, and he had a beautiful although very relaxed life with me.
He was named Destiny whilst he was with you and this feels very fitting because his Destiny and mine was for us to be together until the end.
He fell asleep in my arms last night at Vets Now and although there is a huge hole in my heart, I will always be grateful for the love he gave me and the trust he put in me to be his human mum.
The work that you all do is so amazing.
So thank you to you for putting your trust in me to be his. Attached are photos of him when he was well.
The first one was a photo from when I was adopting him. The last one was a couple of months back, just chilling with his cat brother, Hercules 
Thank you again 

CERYS (Was Biscoff) - MAY 2024

Good morning, sadly our lovely Cerys passed away at home on Sunday evening ???? She had MVD but had been living a very active life with her MT sisters Lucy Bichon and Katie(Katryn), so although it wasn't a surprise it still came as a shock when she went so suddenly. Regards

BENDOG - April 2024

We found Benson on the Many Tears website in May 2011, eleven months old, standing with his paws apart and a nervous expression. We knew he was the one for us. The five of us went to meet him at Fran’s house in Surrey, and brought him home to Jersey. He quickly became our Bendog, and discovered a talent for swimming far out to sea, tempted by flying seagulls. He had so much energy, and when he hared up the beach he seemed to split the air with his speed. We loved him running, and his excited singing on the way to the beach, and his quiet contentment at home. He would lie beside any or all of us, or retreat to one of his many beds, giving a ‘humph’ of happiness as if to say that life was very delightful, and he was totally happy. All the time in the world wasn’t enough, and we are heartbroken to have lost him on April 2nd 2024, at the age of nearly 14. He was the children’s best friend from primary school to their twenties. To all of us he was the best dog in the world. The house is empty without him. Thank you Many Tears and Fran for rescuing him and keeping him safe, and for choosing us to be his family.
Run free forever our beloved Bendog, and chase pink fling, and know that we love you forever Xxxxx

MAX - April 2024

Dear All,
We would like to thank you for all you do. We collected our beautiful Max from one of your adopters Janette in Bolsover back in September 2010. He was 11 months old at the time. He passed away on Friday he was 14 and a half.
He had a very happy life running in the woods nearly every day. He gave us so much love and joy. He really was part of our family. We adored him and would have done anything for him.
Thank you so much for all you do for these wonderful animals. We always recommend our family and friends to you.
Erica David and Cristian Grajner de Sá

ROBBIE - April 2024

We adopted the beautiful English Setter Robbie, aged just 1, from MTAR 8 years ago almost to the day. He became ill late at night on Monday and my husband took him to the vet the following day. He discovered a stomach tumour and Robbie went into surgery in the afternoon. The tumour had metastasised into his liver, kidneys and spleen and, had he been revived, he would have suffered great pain. He was put to sleep and we weren't able to say goodbye to him. It was totally sudden and unexpected - he had still been our Robbie until a few hours before, although he must have been in pain. We are reeling from his loss.
He was only 8 years old, full of vitality, still running round at 60 mph, even in the house! We thought the world of him from day 1. He was clever, funny, loving and such a great character and could always be relied on to open doors for our very elderly Golden Retriever! He learned how to subtly get his own way with us - his eyes melted our hearts. He was devoted to my husband and became his personal stalker but he loved me too although I was second best. He went much too soon but he knew how much we loved him.
Thank you, MTAR and Vicky his foster mum, for the privilege of sharing our lives with Robbie.
Kind regards Shirley Keene


In 2018 we adopted two Yorkshire terriers from MTAR, they were in foster in Penzance and we were asked to take them both as they had bonded in the rescue we collected them on the 14th of April. They were named Jenny and Jessica and they became our loving shadows and companions.
The two girls had such a bond they were never apart and enjoyed lots of walks on the beach and caravan holidays with us. we had them for nearly 6 years but last October 2023, Jessica was diagnosed with lymph node cancer and was given 4 to 6 months to live. She was put on palliative care and remained very perky until earlier this week.
Jenny meantime, had been diagnosed with renal failure in January and it was found to progressing rapidly in the last few weeks.
On Thursday the 4th of April we let them go, as they were devoted to each other we decided they should got together. Our vet made their passing dignified and very calm, our girls went to sleep together. We are grateful to MTAR for rescuing these girls for us, we will miss them
Phil & Jan Hodgkinson

MIZZY - March 2024

On 10th July 2010 we brought home our dearest darling Mizzy (was Mishka) from Claire, her MTAR foster mummy in South Wales. Mizzy was her first foster. Mizzy apparently was afraid of men, but when my husband and I came to meet her, she plopped her little head on his lap and said “I choose you, Daddy”. He remained her favourite snuggle-partner.
We all agreed she was not a pink diamante collar sort of girlie, and more of a Mizzy than a Mishka. We found out recently ‘mysh’ means ‘mouse’ in Russian – uncanny, as one of our [many] nicknames for Mizzy was mouse-face!
We sadly had to say goodbye to her late on 7th March 2024, aged 16, after a very sudden illness and she passed away peacefully at home in my husband and my arms. She gave us 13½ beautiful, incredible, healthy, happy years and saw us through some very tricky times, leaving us only when she knew everyone was in a good, happy place.
She was amazing, and we have never forgotten how her foster mummy Claire allowed us the privilege of being Mizzy’s forever family.
Run free, mouse-face.
Mummy’s first girl and best girl. x

GABBY - February 2024

Gabby (MT Zarah) adopted 4th May 2014
Gabby crossed the rainbow bridge on 15th February 2024 having had the time of her doggy life with Andrew and Helen for almost 10 years. Despite her troubled start in life, she adored everyone she encountered from Jessie her cousin, her doggy day care friends, the hydrotherapists and all her admirers on our walks. Gabby loved apples, ice cream and Tadcu’s treats and was never far from her doggy parents side. Although heartbroken, they are now treasuring all the fantastic funny moments and memories they made together. Forever in our hearts our gorgeous Gabby ????????????

ROSIE - February 2024

Please add Rosie (Rose) to your Rainbow Bridge.
A lovely Border Terrier lady who we rehomed from you in 2018. Sadly she passed away last November. We had 5 or so lovely years with her, think she would have been about 14 when she passed.
Steve Corless

SUZIE - January 2024

Suzie (MT Miff)
Adopted 22/8/2017 crossed over 8/1/24
The sweetest, gentlest little one, who could be so stubborn. Was always fearful of humans but learned to tolerate them. Accepted all the fosters that passed through the house with a calm gentleness. Sadly heart failure took her away to play with with her rock Dell (not MT but a rescue) who left her 3 weeks before.
Run free little one and thank you Kathy Collier for fostering and Many Tears for rescuing her from Ireland

EDIE - November 2023

Edie crossed the rainbow bridge November 2023. She was one of a bonded pair and is sorely missed by Alice and Diane. She was adopted Easter 2015 and was the sweetest, gentlest soul and feisty personality in a fragile body. After years of being kept in a cage at a puppy farm, Edie received all the love and comfort she deserved for the second part of her life in abundance. Love you forever, little Edie.
Thank you, Many Tears <3

LEO - November 2023

We adopted our beloved Brittany Leo (formerly Rio) from you during February 2014, he was aged 5+, we loved him from the first. Leo died on 18 October 2023, aged 15 years. It has been a privilege to have shared his life and our love for him is unending, we miss him every day. The photos show Leo with his friends Harry and Katie, they got on so well.
Thank you, Karen and Bill Brooks.

BOSCO - November 2023

We travelled to Wales from Essex in January 2012 to pick up the amazing Disco Pants Dalmador called Bosco. No spots for this boy, but like a stretch limo he was quite a bit more dog than we were expecting! He very quickly found a place in our hearts and our rather full household of 6. He was our first and quite probably will be our last family dog joining the family when our 4 children were in their teens. He became quite arthritic and couldn't gallop around like he used to, but you could tell he was still a Pup in his head.
He left us to join his friends and family over the Rainbow Bridge on 24/3/23 and we are all rather broken hearted and the house is empty without him.
Manny, Russ, Carre, Ollie, Aimee and Isabelle Miller

PANDORA - October 2023

Pandora (Pander) came to me in October 2010, she was in foster care and had been with MT since June. I kept going back to her photo and knew she was the girl for me. She had been found as a stray and was a frightened and untrusting soul. We soon settled into a steady routine and with the help of a lovely dog auntie nearby she was able to socialise. We travelled the country and walked thousands of miles together and she wanted for nothing, we were just great mates. I would not have coped with lockdown if it hadn’t been for her. The past year she had struggled with arthritis, was very breathless after short walks and then developed an infection. On 21st August I made the heartbreaking decision to send her across the bridge.
I feel her everywhere at home and those memories are strong, it was an honour and a privilege to love this beautiful creature.

TRIGGER - July 2023

In July 2012 I was fortunate to adopt Trigger (then known as Tigger) from Many Tears. He brought us a huge amount of joy, love and fun over the years but sadly today (14th July 2023) his life came to an end. He was living on borrowed time with age related heart and lung problems but seemed to be coping with medication and supplements. Today I took him to the vet for his annual checkup and booster and he suddenly collapsed in the waiting room. On examination and after scanning I was told he had a ticking time bomb in his abdomen....a massive tumour. There wasn't going to be a good outcome from this and I had to make the heartbreaking decision to let him go. I can't believe he was so gravely ill and yet was eating well and wagging his tail right to the end. He will be sorely missed by all who knew him as a gentle loving friend....my two youngest grandchildren have grown up daily with him....sat on his back and played with him with never a growl or a snap or anything when they've been a little too boisterous.
Rest in Peace darling Trigger and thank you to Many Tears for allowing me to adopt such a sweet and gentle boy.

BEATRICE - July 2023

Our beautiful Bea, Bea came home to us on November 2014 at approx 2 years old. She was a huge mad fluff ball . She loved us and our little Pom Wilbur who passed over the bridge in May this year . She was sad without him and at 10 to 11 years old and after many happy years and cuddles she followed him just two days ago. We love you Bea our bestest girl, thank you to Many Tears for allowing us to be your family. You were our Bernard and we were your pack.
We miss you hugely but we know you had the best ten years with us.
Goodbye beautiful.

HENRY - June 2023

Our beloved Henry, formerly known as Dylan, left us on 30 June 2023. Henry's journey began with a dreadful start in life as a stud dog in a puppy farm, leaving him damaged and nervous especially of men. However, he emerged from those dark days as the most gorgeous and loving boy who touched the hearts of everyone he met.
Henry's story with us began on 8 August 2018 when we were incredibly fortunate to adopt him from Many Tears. From the moment he entered our lives, he brought immeasurable joy and happiness. Despite the challenges he faced early on, Henry's resilient spirit shone through, and he transformed into a wonderful companion. In next to no time, he settled in and he started playing as if he was a puppy, making up for lost time. He liked to make sure everyone was aware of dinner time, a prod from his nose, of increasing force, would remind you if he thought you were running late!
Tragically, in April, at only 7 years Henry was diagnosed with Lymphoma, a battle he fought with immense bravery. On 30 June 2023, we had to say goodbye, our hearts breaking as we made the difficult decision to let him go. Though his time with us was far too short, the impact he made on our lives will last forever.
Three years ago, after the loss of our Cavalier, George, we welcomed Pipin, a Romanian mix breed from REAN, into our home. Henry and Pipin forged a beautiful bond and shared countless moments of joy and playfulness together. Henry's playful spirit was truly brought to life in the great outdoors, where he found solace and happiness after his tumultuous start in life. In his final moments, surrounded by the familiar sights and sounds of the garden he loved, we sat together on the bench, cuddling Henry as we bid him farewell. Now, he rests peacefully beside George and Charlie, another cherished Cavalier who has crossed the rainbow bridge. Alongside him lie his toy squirrel and some treats, symbols of his insatiable appetite and his playful encounters with squirrels in the garden.
Although we mourn the loss of Henry, we find solace in knowing that he is now running free, reunited with his mentor and companion, George in a place where pain and suffering have no hold, where only joy and love prevail.
Henry, you brought immense joy and love into our lives during the five precious years we shared. Your memory will forever live on in our hearts, and the impact you made on our lives will never be forgotten. Thank you for blessing us with your unwavering love and devotion.
Rest peacefully, dear Henry, knowing that you were deeply loved and cherished.
Forever in our hearts.
Best wishes, Jeanette

FERN - July 2023

Gorgeous gorgeous Fern, taken far too soon. Fern was by far the cheekiest beagle in the world. She knew exactly what she wanted and she knew exactly how to get it! She had a distinct "I'm hungry" howl and an even more distinct "I need a wee awoooo!" howl! She made me smile every day. She knew so many tricks and was a little show girl when doing them. She would slip out of her kennel and get SO grumpy if she had to go back in and not get a walk from her successful escape! It breaks my heart that dogs like Fern are easily forgotten because they never had their own humans or home. But Fern, I'll never forget you, you had a really special place in my heart, and I'll think of you every day at dinner time.
Sleep well, beautiful beagle girl x

SHILOH - June 2023

Where do I start with my darling Shiloh, she was a darling girl who was so easy to look after in kennels and even easier when she finally came home with me. This poor girls life came to an end too soon but she had a special place in a lot of the staffs hearts and especially mine. Even though this baby never got the home she deserved I know she knew what love was by the kindness and love given to her by the staff at the centre. I’m forever grateful that I was able to make her last week a special one filled with love, comfort, peace and mostly importantly a home and family she can call her own. She will always have a special place in my heart and I'll never forget her cheeky little tongue that used to poke out. I love you forever and always Shiloh xxx
Shiloh has been an absolute pleasure to look after for her entire time here at the centre, and I'm so glad she had her final week in a home with one of the staff and a pack of fellow boxers. Kennel life isn't sparkly, but it's definitely a step up from Shiloh's previous life. She definitely knew how much all of us staff loved her, she had us all wrapped around her paw. She is not in pain anymore and I'm just glad she had the months of love that we gave her, a little bit of home life, and that she got to fall asleep peacefully surrounded by people that loved her.
Sleep well, angel girl

NELLIE - May 2023

From the day I saw your picture, you melted my heart. That first day we met on the 27/09/2014, you where the dog for me. I would like to say I rescued you, but In truth you rescued me. From the deaths of my parent's to my relationship break up, you where there for me your soft fur catching my tears. You loved your food and our long walks, our holidays to Norfolk. You loved your fur brothers and sisters and they loved you. On the 30/05/2023 my heart broke I know your now out of pain and how brave you where through your illness. Run free my beautiful girl and until we meet at the rainbow bridge, I will miss and think of you all the time. Sleep tight my little Nellie.
27th September 2014 to 30th May 2023
Thank you to the many tears family for the work you do and for allowing me to have adopted my little angel.
Paul Shiels

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