Rainbow Bridge

#Just this side of Heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine and our friends are warm and comfortable.
All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing: they each miss someone very special, someone who was left behind.
They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; his eager body begins to quiver. Suddenly, he breaks from the group, flying over the green grass, faster and faster. You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into those trusting eyes, so long gone from your life, but never absent from your heart. Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together.


PANDORA - October 2023

Pandora (Pander) came to me in October 2010, she was in foster care and had been with MT since June. I kept going back to her photo and knew she was the girl for me. She had been found as a stray and was a frightened and untrusting soul. We soon settled into a steady routine and with the help of a lovely dog auntie nearby she was able to socialise. We travelled the country and walked thousands of miles together and she wanted for nothing, we were just great mates. I would not have coped with lockdown if it hadn’t been for her. The past year she had struggled with arthritis, was very breathless after short walks and then developed an infection. On 21st August I made the heartbreaking decision to send her across the bridge.
I feel her everywhere at home and those memories are strong, it was an honour and a privilege to love this beautiful creature.

TRIGGER - July 2023

In July 2012 I was fortunate to adopt Trigger (then known as Tigger) from Many Tears. He brought us a huge amount of joy, love and fun over the years but sadly today (14th July 2023) his life came to an end. He was living on borrowed time with age related heart and lung problems but seemed to be coping with medication and supplements. Today I took him to the vet for his annual checkup and booster and he suddenly collapsed in the waiting room. On examination and after scanning I was told he had a ticking time bomb in his abdomen....a massive tumour. There wasn't going to be a good outcome from this and I had to make the heartbreaking decision to let him go. I can't believe he was so gravely ill and yet was eating well and wagging his tail right to the end. He will be sorely missed by all who knew him as a gentle loving friend....my two youngest grandchildren have grown up daily with him....sat on his back and played with him with never a growl or a snap or anything when they've been a little too boisterous.
Rest in Peace darling Trigger and thank you to Many Tears for allowing me to adopt such a sweet and gentle boy.

BEATRICE - July 2023

Our beautiful Bea, Bea came home to us on November 2014 at approx 2 years old. She was a huge mad fluff ball . She loved us and our little Pom Wilbur who passed over the bridge in May this year . She was sad without him and at 10 to 11 years old and after many happy years and cuddles she followed him just two days ago. We love you Bea our bestest girl, thank you to Many Tears for allowing us to be your family. You were our Bernard and we were your pack.
We miss you hugely but we know you had the best ten years with us.
Goodbye beautiful.

HENRY - June 2023

Our beloved Henry, formerly known as Dylan, left us on 30 June 2023. Henry's journey began with a dreadful start in life as a stud dog in a puppy farm, leaving him damaged and nervous especially of men. However, he emerged from those dark days as the most gorgeous and loving boy who touched the hearts of everyone he met.
Henry's story with us began on 8 August 2018 when we were incredibly fortunate to adopt him from Many Tears. From the moment he entered our lives, he brought immeasurable joy and happiness. Despite the challenges he faced early on, Henry's resilient spirit shone through, and he transformed into a wonderful companion. In next to no time, he settled in and he started playing as if he was a puppy, making up for lost time. He liked to make sure everyone was aware of dinner time, a prod from his nose, of increasing force, would remind you if he thought you were running late!
Tragically, in April, at only 7 years Henry was diagnosed with Lymphoma, a battle he fought with immense bravery. On 30 June 2023, we had to say goodbye, our hearts breaking as we made the difficult decision to let him go. Though his time with us was far too short, the impact he made on our lives will last forever.
Three years ago, after the loss of our Cavalier, George, we welcomed Pipin, a Romanian mix breed from REAN, into our home. Henry and Pipin forged a beautiful bond and shared countless moments of joy and playfulness together. Henry's playful spirit was truly brought to life in the great outdoors, where he found solace and happiness after his tumultuous start in life. In his final moments, surrounded by the familiar sights and sounds of the garden he loved, we sat together on the bench, cuddling Henry as we bid him farewell. Now, he rests peacefully beside George and Charlie, another cherished Cavalier who has crossed the rainbow bridge. Alongside him lie his toy squirrel and some treats, symbols of his insatiable appetite and his playful encounters with squirrels in the garden.
Although we mourn the loss of Henry, we find solace in knowing that he is now running free, reunited with his mentor and companion, George in a place where pain and suffering have no hold, where only joy and love prevail.
Henry, you brought immense joy and love into our lives during the five precious years we shared. Your memory will forever live on in our hearts, and the impact you made on our lives will never be forgotten. Thank you for blessing us with your unwavering love and devotion.
Rest peacefully, dear Henry, knowing that you were deeply loved and cherished.
Forever in our hearts.
Best wishes, Jeanette

FERN - July 2023

Gorgeous gorgeous Fern, taken far too soon. Fern was by far the cheekiest beagle in the world. She knew exactly what she wanted and she knew exactly how to get it! She had a distinct "I'm hungry" howl and an even more distinct "I need a wee awoooo!" howl! She made me smile every day. She knew so many tricks and was a little show girl when doing them. She would slip out of her kennel and get SO grumpy if she had to go back in and not get a walk from her successful escape! It breaks my heart that dogs like Fern are easily forgotten because they never had their own humans or home. But Fern, I'll never forget you, you had a really special place in my heart, and I'll think of you every day at dinner time.
Sleep well, beautiful beagle girl x

SHILOH - June 2023

Where do I start with my darling Shiloh, she was a darling girl who was so easy to look after in kennels and even easier when she finally came home with me. This poor girls life came to an end too soon but she had a special place in a lot of the staffs hearts and especially mine. Even though this baby never got the home she deserved I know she knew what love was by the kindness and love given to her by the staff at the centre. I’m forever grateful that I was able to make her last week a special one filled with love, comfort, peace and mostly importantly a home and family she can call her own. She will always have a special place in my heart and I'll never forget her cheeky little tongue that used to poke out. I love you forever and always Shiloh xxx
Shiloh has been an absolute pleasure to look after for her entire time here at the centre, and I'm so glad she had her final week in a home with one of the staff and a pack of fellow boxers. Kennel life isn't sparkly, but it's definitely a step up from Shiloh's previous life. She definitely knew how much all of us staff loved her, she had us all wrapped around her paw. She is not in pain anymore and I'm just glad she had the months of love that we gave her, a little bit of home life, and that she got to fall asleep peacefully surrounded by people that loved her.
Sleep well, angel girl

NELLIE - May 2023

From the day I saw your picture, you melted my heart. That first day we met on the 27/09/2014, you where the dog for me. I would like to say I rescued you, but In truth you rescued me. From the deaths of my parent's to my relationship break up, you where there for me your soft fur catching my tears. You loved your food and our long walks, our holidays to Norfolk. You loved your fur brothers and sisters and they loved you. On the 30/05/2023 my heart broke I know your now out of pain and how brave you where through your illness. Run free my beautiful girl and until we meet at the rainbow bridge, I will miss and think of you all the time. Sleep tight my little Nellie.
27th September 2014 to 30th May 2023
Thank you to the many tears family for the work you do and for allowing me to have adopted my little angel.
Paul Shiels

Leo - February 2023

Hi Sylvia and the Many Tears team It’s with great sadness that I send you this email and the attached photos. We adopted a beautiful tri-colour cavalier named Leo from you as a companion for our other cavalier, a Blenheim named Smudge. We lost them both within 4 months of each other, Smudge in November and Leo in February just gone, we miss them so much.
Leo was such a sprightly little boy in spite of his many health issues, such a joy and blessing to own. We would like to express our deep gratitude for allowing us to adopt him from you and also mention Carol and Tash who fostered him before we collected him in February 2013. Tash had done a brilliant job with Leo, he had brilliant recall and was such an obedient boy. Loved his toys to the point of guarding them. Big thank you to Carol andTash .
All the best to Many Tears.
Linda and Paul Hill

LULU - March 2023

Dearest Lulu (MT:Whistle) came into our lives on the 6th November 2016. She had been bred from in a puppy farm in horrible circumstances. Despite being scared and in reduced health, she was a tiny dog with a massive personality and love to share.
Lulu enjoyed her doggy 'sisters' Poppy and Phoebe, often snuggling up with Phoebe to sleep. She loved her food, especially treats and doggy ice cream, barking non stop until her bowl was in front of her. We called her 'Licky lips Lulu' as she had a habit of kicking her lips in excited anticipation of a food treat.
She had many holidays in our caravan, where we made the happiest of memories. Lulu was a gorgeous little girl who brought so much love and joy into our lives, making us laugh every single day. She left us on the 17th March 2023. We can hardly bear it without her and so many little quirky things she did.
Run free darling girl, we love you so very much.
Mummy, Daddy, Poppy and Phoebe.

CAPTAIN - March 2023

Captain (MT Cap) joined our family in Oct 2011 as a skinny pup and decided he was home from the off. We discovered he was hard of hearing but with help and superb training support you would barely have known. He was our large, goof ball, sofa surfer. Don’t be put off by deafness or size they bring a few challenges but the rewards far out weigh them. Sadly, after over 11 years, he made the journey over the Rainbow Bridge to join his friends where we know he will run free. There is a a big hole in the house and our hearts

PIP PENNELL - March 2023

Pip Pennell (2010-2023) was adopted from Many Tears as a lanky, leggy, and underweight almost one year old in April 2011. She quickly became our much-loved family pet here in Cornwall for the rest of her life, where she loved chasing ‘squizzles’ in Tehidy Woods and bounding along our local beaches.
Her best doggy friend was Samiad, along with her human brothers Jago and Lowen.
She was a beautiful, loving, silly, sweet girl who we miss very, very much.
The Pennell Family


PHILBY - March 2023

We had had a perfectly normal day, lovely morning walk on the Plain, meal at mid-day, everyone cleaned their bowls thoroughly, shorter walk in the wood in afternoon, Philby her usual maddening self, the three of us having to sit and wait in the car for about 10 minutes for her to finish all her sniffing and be ready to get back in.
All was well, we settled down for the evening with fire on in office, everyone seemed relaxed, then I noticed that Philby appeared uncomfortable, she was sitting in the middle of the room, normally she took any excuse to lie down, her breathing seemed a bit laboured. I took her outside assumed her discomfort was some sort of gastric disorder and her tummy was painful. I took her out a second time an hour or so later.
I came down early in the morning to find her sprawled on the hall floor, dead, the most dreadful shock, there had been not the slightest sign, before this episode, of anything being wrong. I feel terrible that I was not wih her when she was so desperately ill. She was the sweetest, kindest dog, every time I looked at her she would smile and wag her tail, life-affirming does not begin to describe her. She created a perfect, calm and peaceful atmosphere here for the other, rather more troubled, two, I think her past as a breeding bitch meant she was endlessly patient and benign and serene, she took everything in her stride (though she was a frightened little soul when she first arrived, Cecil’s beautiful nature was instrumental in converting her to her beatific state). She will be very hard to replace.

FLOSSY - January 2023

We said goodbye to Flossy (MTAR Karrie - Tri colour Cavvie in the photo) after 6 happy years with us.
She came extremely shut down from a puppy farm and she never really overcame her fears, especially female visitors with dark hair wearing a hat! 
She enjoyed her life though, what with her nice food, comfy beds and doggie friends. She loved the beach but had sufferred with a severe heart condition for the past 3 years which put pay to long walks but she was still quite happy staying in the caravan or not walking too far on the beach.
She was never a cuddly or loving girl and I dread to think what the first part of her life was like but, thanks to MTAR she was rescued and we gave her the best life we could. RIP Flossy.

ROSIE - January 2023

I have some very sad news to deliver, at 22.00 last night Rosie passed over Rainbow Bridge. We adopted Rosie from you on 2nd December 2012 a few days after she had part of her face removed due to a tumour. She enjoyed over 10 years of happiness she hadn't known before and was a very loved member of our family, my very special girl. She was in her 16th year but old age caught up with her and she deteriorated very quickly, yesterday and we had to make the decision to not let her suffer. As I write this message I have tears streaming down my face, she has been a dream dog and I'll miss her so much. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to give her a great life and for us to share so many great moments together.
John Kennedy

GINNY - October 2021

Dear Sylvia and team.
We were so blessed to have Ginny (June on your records), our loving collie lady from you in December 2013 when she was 5.
She had come across from Ireland, was a super happy pocch, and never gave us a moment’s trouble. It was her smiley face on your website that was her constant expression all the lovely years she was with us. Sadly, she had to be put to sleep October 2021, as an earlier cancer, thought to have been cleared, got to the brain and we had to make a sudden decision to let her go, she was just short of 13 years old. This pic was when she was well, in 2020.
I am late putting her onto your site, as only now am I able to consider taking on another of your dogs, and have been looking at your site and found the Rainbow Bridge feature. I shall always be so grateful you saved Ginny so that she could add so much to our lives. In lockdown she kept me sane! 
Hope to be in touch very soon
With love and thanks
Liz and family 

LULU - December 2022

Dear Sylvia & the wonderful team at Many Tears,
Lulu Hayes - Lumin
Adopted : 22/02/14
I wanted to write to let you know our precious little Many Tears Sheltie is no longer with us. We lost her on 11th November after 8 wonderful years. 
Lulu (full title LuluFox) became our pride and joy on 22/02/14.  We decided to give her a birthday of 14th February (that was the day we made the decision to adopt her).
We arrived at Many Tears along with our older Sheltie, Rosie, who also is sadly no longer with us. 
Lulu was introduced to us and our hearts just melted. She was so frightened and fragile. Her eyes were on stalks, she was clearly alarmed at strangers holding her. We were then asked to go into a secure area so the two girls could get acquainted. We knew without doubt that we wanted her. After all the formalities were dealt with, we were on our way home with our precious little one.
From the day we brought Lulu home she was a pure delight.  Toilet training happened so quickly and she revelled in having a big sister to show her how to enjoy going out for walks.
When we felt confident enough to let Lulu off the lead in a nearby field, she ran circles around her older sister. We roared laughing, it was pure joy to see her embrace her new found freedom and confidence. Such a beautiful sight. I am so thankful I filmed this event.
I have attached some photos (including the one which appeared on your site) so you can see how Lulu transformed into the beautiful, gentle girl that she was.  Her tail would wag so much as soon as you looked at her. She attracted attention wherever she went. 
I felt compelled to write to ‘thank you’ from the bottom of our hearts for allowing this little girl into our lives.
We adopted a very timid, sad girl and to see her become an assertive & confident beauty has been pure joy. 
Lulu has left a huge imprint on our hearts
One day we will hopefully adopt again from Many Tears. All these precious dogs need a loving home and in time, you will see them blossom. 
Sending love 
Helen (& Bryan Hayes)

BAILEY - June 2022

It is with a broken heart that I have to say that our beautiful boy Bailey passed over the rainbow bridge on the 23rd June this year. He was just a couple of months short of his 10th birthday. We are absolutely devastated. He brought us so much joy and so many laughs. He was a real character with so much sense of humour. He was full of happiness and life until the day he passed which was very suddenly. He collapsed one day after being asleep. We rushed him to the vets where initially they could find nothing wrong but after a subsequent scan they discovered a huge tumour in his heart cavity. We had to say goodbye to him there and then. We are full of gratitude to Many Tears for the great joy that he brought into our life. He was the best decision we ever made and there is now a huge golden shaped hole in our lives. In tribute to him I have had my very first tattoo at the age of nearly 60. Rest in peace Bailey Bob.

SAM - October 20022

We lost my handsome boy at Christmas after 12 years filled with walks, company and love. He was brought over from Limerick at about 2, gentle but excitable, loving everyone, soo strong pulling from his shoulders but with no muscle in his hindquarters.
Quick to learn  with his own quirks, he seemed too much to handle but help from a local obedience judge in clicker training and kind methods turned him round. Too hyper for classes, we did our own thing and looking back I can’t remember the transition from chasing everything and going deaf to walking peacefully through sheep off lead. His recall was always a bit hit and miss!!
Loved him so much, thanks so much to Many Tears for giving him a chance snd me the pleasure of being his chum.

MIKA - September 2022

Mika (Bob) 2008-2022
We adopted Mika formerly Shabba from you in August 2008 . Mika affectionately known as Bob (no idea why ?!) was around 2 months old and as we were already Husky owners we were allowed to adopt her from you . Mika had 12 years with our other husky Henry until we sadly lost him in 2020 Mika then had the next 2 years as the only dog in the house which she loved ! Mika was a very feisty character and never got out of her guarding of food , treats , toys and peoples feet and anything else , she loved eating tissues that she found and for most of her life she was still stealing socks ( her foster mum I think her name was Caroline warned us about this when she was with her !) . Mika had a very happy 14 years with us , she was the best dog and my youngest daughters best friend , we couldn’t have asked for better . Mika celebrated her 14th Birthday earlier this year but she had arthritis and had slowed down a lot but still enjoyed life and going for short , sniffing wanders instead of long walks and being in the garden and spoilt with lots of treats right until the end . It was very appropriate that Mika passed on the same day as the Queen , she was our Queen .
Run free Bob , go and find Henry and Millie , we will never forget you , until we meet again xxx??

COOKIE - May 2022

Cookie came in to Many Tears with an incurable health condition.  Unfortunately she became in too much pain for her to bare and so we had to make the heartbreaking decision to let her fall asleep peacefully. She is free of pain now and although she never had the chance to experience home life, she was loved beyond measure by all of us staff at Many Tears.
She was this bumbling beacon of light and love, despite it all. She gave the best cuddles, she loved to play with her beagle kennel friends and although kennel life was all she got to experience, I hope she knew how much she was adored by us lucky ones who got to care for her.
Cookie will live on forever in our hearts. I'm sure she's on rainbow Bridge playing with all of the wonderful pups that are up there too.
Love you sweet lady ?

SWIFT - May 2022

Hello, I wanted to get in touch to let you know that our beautiful girl, Swift has just died.

Swift came to us from Many Years 10 years ago and has been a joyous, determined, totally loving and wonderful part of our family. We can not believe she’s not here with us still. For 9 of her years with us, Swift had the most brilliant active life. She spent most of her days swimming, walking, and running around Port Meadow or further afield. Her other great hobby was fishing enormous rocks out of the bottom of the river and proudly carrying them home to join an ever growing pile by our front door. She had a nose for the wild and wonderful spirit of adventure, but also a heart full of love for her humans that just about kept her wandering soul in check.

Then last February, aged 12, Swift suddenly lost the use of her legs due to a spinal tumour. Although, the first neurologist who examined her suggested that we put Swift down, it quickly became evident to us that Swift was in no mood to give in. For a month, we ran around with her on a harness as she gave us a thorough bicep and cardio work out, chasing squirrels through the local woods. Then her first set of wheels came and soon she was trundling around old her old walks and becoming something of a local celebrity and inspiration for her sheer bloody minded determination to just get on with things.

At the start of this year, Swift slowed down a bit, but - now on her second set of wheels after waring the first out - still enjoyed a trundle around the neighbourhood. Almost right up to the end, she could still charge out into the garden on a harness to bark at cats and squirrels - life never lost its excitement for her. Wonderfully, once paralysed, Swift developed an entirely new set of movements to communicate all the feelings that she used to express with her head down wiggles and thumping tail. She was an extraordinary communicator and basically ruled the roost with her show stopping ways. Mainly though, she gave extraordinary amounts of love to us all. When you were getting stressed, Swift was always there to remind you of what really mattered in life: getting out and sucking the fun out of every second and loving each other.

After a final couple of days of more severe illness, Swift died peacefully. She’d been so brave and resilient and determined. She was an incredible girl, the very best and we can’t thank you enough for helping her to find us. Rest in peace glorious Swift. Wherever you are I hope there are squirrels & geese to bark at, flood meadows and woodlands to run through, rivers to fish rocks from, and rubs to demand at the end of the day. And one day, in some alternative place, we’ll be running with you on some other Port Meadow again. You were undoubtedly our spirit animal, Swifty - the queen of dogs, the very best!
Katie Baxendale

HONEY - April 2022

We weren’t going to get another dog after our previous MT rescue Missy died.
But somehow I couldn’t stop looking at the Many Tears site. After about six months of not really looking, I spotted Honey, whose ears flared out at an angle, which made her look as though she was about to take off. I was smitten. We are still grateful to Cheryl who kindly waited until I had recovered from flu for us to come and collect her. Honey was indeed a Honey by name and a Honey by nature. I never remember her growling once during the seven years that we had her and was always just as sweet as her name. It is a year to the date that we had to have her put to sleep because her heart couldn’t cope anymore and I still miss her every day.
Thank you Many Tears for letting us adopt Honeybun as we came to call her.
Loretta and Martin

TAZOO - January 2022

After a brief battle with lymphoma, it broke our hearts to have to say goodbye to Tazoo in January, 2022, age 15 years.
We’d met Tazoo at a foster home in Oxford, and fell for his lopsided smile from the moment we first saw him. Tazoo was 5 years old, when he first came into our lives and we shared ten amazing years with him. We miss him every day and feel blessed that he shared his heart and his love with us.
Sue and Nick

ROWAN - February 2022

February 2009 - 14 February 2022
My darling Rowan RIP

My dog Dylan died in 2009 age 17; he had been a rescue dog of considerable character and loved by all who met him.
We never thought we would come to terms with him going over the Rainbow Bridge.
We looked at Many Tears and I saw Paisley - an abandoned puppy with his siblings and young Mum, just 5 weeks old.
We quickly took him into our home and our hearts, renaming him Rowan. He loved the socialisation process, was quick to train (a Collie X trait I think) and grew into the most wonderful, loving and loyal dog.
He battled bumps over the last couple of years and after a wonderful New Year holiday on the beach he started to slow down considerably. We found a large lump under a front leg which led to a limp.
Over the last two weeks we fought to ensure he was pain free and comfortable - last weekend we had two more bittersweet fun filled days with him.
He followed Dylan over the Rainbow Bridge on Valentines Day.
The house is so empty yet he is still everywhere - I am so grateful for his life
He was the most wonderful of dogs and loved us deeply - he was such an outstanding friend, companion, squirrel and cat chaser, swimmer, runner - he filled his space every day, and then slept happily.

KIM - January 2022

We first met Kim (nee "Trim” ) on a visit to MTR to find a replacement for our Springer Spaniel back in April 2016.  She was slumped against the fence at the side of her run with a flowerpot on her head looking as miserable as it's possible for a dog to look and we just fell for her. A week later we went again to collect her and she looked a little different. She had been spayed, completely shaved from behind her front legs to the tip of her tail to help control her awful skin condition due to infestations of lice etc. She had also had 9 of her small front teeth removed because they were rotten. This gave rise to one of her adorable landmark looks. An inch of protruding tongue whenever she relaxed.  4 months of constant TLC later and we had a different dog.  The red coat to protect her from the sun was slowly replaced with  beautiful white fur and she rediscovered the joy of living.  She only had to be on a lead near roads etc as she quickly learnt to run back to us for a cuddle upon hearing our finger whistles.  She never learnt to play with objects but she loved running and many were the times when she chased our friends Whippet and Lurcher around the local country park and she always won in the end because, although she didn’t quite have the speed she had the stamina. She simply adored people, especially children and she made  many friends.  She never ate treats, she always buried them and on one occasion, upon winning first prize at a local fun dog show for the most beautiful eyes, she was given a bone and promptly dug a hole in the middle of the arena and buried it and then walked off to great applause. When the boot of the car was opened she jumped in and waited for the next adventure be it the mountains of Snowdonia, the Jurassic coastline or the Cornish beaches or just the country park. She gave us nearly 6 years of pure joy and hopefully we did the same for her.
After Christmas her health suddenly deteriorated and a scan showed a large tumour on her liver and the decision was made there and then.
She now resides in our garden under a clump of snowdrops.
To all at MTR a very big thank you for letting us have her in our life.
RIP our dear Kim.   You have left a lot of big holes in many many peoples hearts.
Roger and Sue.

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