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Pawrus with Bonio’s rising (21 April – 21 May)

If you are a dog born under the sign of Pawrus, be under no illusion that YOU own your human, not the other way around! You can be told (or even asked nicely!) to do things....... repeatedly, but hey......if you’re not in the mood to do it, your human can go jump! Recall? Nope, too busy sniffing in the bushes, thank you!

But while you will always want things done YOUR way, a human who is owned by a Pawrus dog will never, ever find a more loyal friend.

Pawreans are renowned for loving the finer things in life, they are a real pleasure seeker – soft, fluffy beds, being serenaded to sleep by their human whilst being gently tickled and fed the tastiest of morsels! Bonio is their ruling planet........all of these indulgences can result in a dog born under the sign of Pawrus having a constant battle with “love handles” and a revolving membership in “Weight Wuffers”!

A Pawrean pooch is definitely not for the feint hearted – they will drive you crazy with their independent, dogged (!) ways whilst subtly wrapping you firmly around their adorable fluffy paws but......once they love you, their heart is yours.........forever.

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