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We have over 60 kennels at Many Tears and a simple and easy way to help us is to sponsor one of them. For as little as £1 a day you can sponsor a kennel in memory of a loved one, or perhaps to celebrate a birthday or anniversary. Whatever the reason we would love you to sponsor a kennel and help our dogs s who are waiting for their forever homes to find them.
Sponsorship can be done in multiples of a week up to a whole year! Sponsors names will appear on the website for the duration of their sponsorship. If you would like to sponsor a kennel please select the number of weeks you want to sponsor, click the Pay Now button and select the time period you wish to sponsor. Once you have done this please email support@manytearsrescue.org with the kennel number you would like to sponsor, togethere with your message (max 60 characters).

Time Period

Sponsored till 9/05/24
by Jan McDonald
In memory of
Harry the Yorkie xx
Sponsored til 03/08/24
by Vivien and Sash who run the
Sales for Many Tears Rescue
auction page

Sponsored til 01/03/24
Thanks Many Tears for all you
do for the dogs.
Love AnnMarie and David Connolly, MT Gosh, MT Easy,
MT Basco and Tess.

Sponsored til 06/10/24
For Nan, Grandad, Lynne and
fur angels Fonz and Tam
Love Angus

Sponsored til 15/05/24
In loving memory of Ken and Isabel. Forever in our hearts xx

Sponsored til 20/08/24
to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. Love to you all
Sue and Brian Dawes xx


Sponsored til 16/02/25
In remembrance of our beloved dogs Fred, Millie and Basil

Sponsored til 05/10/24
In memory of my dear terrier, Bubbles who was found as a
pup in Galway in 2008 and came to Many Tears in June 2012. Such a happy, pretty, loving girl whose tail never stopped wagging and was never without a ball on our walks.
Shine bright, my little star. X

Sponsored til 25/06/24
For Beautiful BUNTY.
You were so very special.
Run free XX

Sponsored til 05/10/24
In memory of my special terrier, Mungo, my very first foster pup back in Jan 2012. I was so blessed to have adopted such a smart, loyal and amazing boy, very much loved and missed. You will always have a special place in my heart. X

Sponsored til 30/07/24
Sponsored by Colette, Tracie and Natalie in memory of their parents, Bev and Val Newman

Sponsored til 30/02/24
Amber, Coco, Daisy, Belle
and Brandy hope you find your forever loving home soon
Diane McBride

Sponsored til 03/07/24
In Memory of
Roger Vardy-Smith
who loved his rescue girls
Emily & Poppet
Sponsored til 07/05/24
In memory of our beautiful Weimaraner Loui who passed
on 24 Feb 2023
Kerry Wilson
Sponsored til 01/09/24
In loving memory of all our dearly
loved family pets who forever live on in our hearts. Many thanks to MT for all the amazing work you do and for our beautiful Sushi, Poppy and
Mya (MT Myfanwy)
June, Paul and Katrina xxx

Sponsored til 11/04/24
In memory of our beautiful MT Katy (Kettle)
Jayne and Tony Rockett
Sponsored til 10/03/24
Seasons greetings and a huge thank you for all you do to give these dogs a better life. Keep up the good work and give them an extra cuddle Christmas day and
a treat.
Sponsored til 01/03/25
by Vivien and Sash who run the
Sales for Many Tears Rescue
auction page

Sponsored til 19/12/24
By Filey Beach Westie Walkers
in Memory of all the pups and people who we have lost
this year xx
Sponsored til 29/04/24
To remember our beautiful Luna. Thanks to Many Tears, we were able to show her what love really was.
The Henleys xx
Sponsored til 07/02/25
In memory of our
beloved George.
Adopted March 2013,
went to The Rainbow Bridge February 2022
loved forever.

Sponsored til 15/07/24
In loving memory of past fur babies, we love and miss you all.
Sue and Brian Dawes x

Sponsored til 01/03/24
In Memory of Bob Veck
With love, June and Rhys at Treetops
Sponsored til 13/07/24
In Memory of Charlie
my best friend.
Love Jeff and Ronnie
(his best dog friend)

Sponsored til 06/04/23
with funds raised by Liz Middleton at the Drone to Home Show and in memory of Brook who came from kennel 20 in 2013 and died 16/06/23

Sponsored til 03/08/24
In memory of Audrey the chihuahua, who left us too soon. Though tiny in form, her spirit and impact was mighty. Audrey's legacy is one of love, fierceness, kindness, and playfulness, and her memory will forever be cherished.

Sponsored til 06/04/24
In memory of my two beloved Westies Scampi and Chips.
Will never forget you my little soldiers, may you always walk in sunshine. I was so blessed to have you.

Sponsored til 28/03/24
By Jean Rhodes, remembering our many fosterers

Sponsored til 22/07/24
With love Brodie and Popsie
(MT Lily) in memory of our Old Man Wallace. Westies xx

Sponsored til 07/03/24
In loving memory of beloved
Paul, Rufus, Jasper and Oscar and thanks for darling
Anya (MT Tudor) and darling Katya (MT Thannet)
Sponsored til 28/01/25
In Loving Memory of Betty Boop

Sponsored til 11/03/24
by Christine Edwards
in loving memory of lovely
Uncle Joe Xxx

Sponsored til 19/03/24
In memory of our wonderful
mini dachshund William
Sally, Nick and Jessica xxx

Sponsored til 07/03/24
Kindly and lovingly donated
from our Christmas card
money appeal.
Love from the Scarborough Hospital Pharmacy Department xx

Sponsored til 19/03/24
by Minnie and Muffin

Sponsored til 31/01/25
From Buffy and Angel XX

Sponsored til 07/04/24
With love from Winston, Neeve, Isla and Brodie the Westies xxx

Sponsored til 22/03/24
Sponsored by BusyBrides Wedding Planners.
With love.
Sian xx

Sponsored til 23/03/24
Wishing you all loving homes
and happiness soon.
Love Shirland,
Beau and Thatcher
Sponsored til 21/05/24
In memory of Penny, Lucy and Sadie, all beautiful rescues and still missed.

Sponsored til 06/03/24
by Ann Cousins


Sponsored til 17/12/24
In memory of Jasper, Amber and Mollie.
Thank you for bringing Charlie and Coco into our lives.
From: 'The Jones" family in Bromley

Sponsored til 05/02/25
In memory of our 2 westies. Martha (known as Mazda at MT) a gentle westie, much loved and gone far too soon. Rosie who had a long full life but still missed daily. Julie and Robert x

Sponsored till 24/12/24
by the
Sales for Many Tears Rescue
auction page
Sponsored til 16/12/24
We miss you so much
Sept 23 xxx

Sponsored til 19/12/24
From Funds raised by Everypawdy at Filey Beach Westie Walkers xx

Sponsored till 24/12/24
by Many Tears Supporters
and Fundraising Group

Sponsored til 07/02/25
In loving memory of Dudley.
Much loved.
Ann, Stephen, Reggie & Cooper
Sponsored til 13/07/24
Thank you for bringing Bella into my life and introducing me to the world of being a doggy foster mum.
Frankie x
Sponsored til 24/03/24
A birthday gift,
for our friend Nic
Sponsored til 22/03/24
In loving memory of Betti the lil Jackie.
Beky and Olly x
Sponsored 22/10/24
Our 4 extra special failed foster girls, Heidi, Jessie, Little Lucy and Skye. Thank you MT for letting us adopt these beautiful girls.
Sponsored 22/10/24
Our two lovely MT girls, who we lost both on the same day during lockdown. Willow was our first little girl that we adopted in 2014, and Daisy was out first failed foster, in 2017. Both mischevious and funny. Love and miss them so much.
Sponsored til 09/05/24
Thank you for all the hard
work you do.
Lulu and Lola (MT) xx

Sponsored til 13/04/24
Thank you for all the
hard work you do
Mary and Neil
Sponsored til 25/03/24
Hope all the other dogs find a forever loving home
Love Freya (MT Bethan)
and big brother Harvey
Sponsored til 19/12/24
From Funds raised by Everypawdy at Filey Beach Westie Walkers xx
Sponsored til 19/12/24
From Funds raised by Everypawdy at Filey Beach Westie Walkers xx


Sponsored til 19/12/24
From Funds raised by Everypawdy at Filey Beach Westie Walkers xx
AVAILABLESponsored til 10/06/24
by Teddy and Toby Lloyd now both living their best lives.
Merry Christmas To Everyone
At Many Tears xxx
Sponsored til 20/03/24
To all the beagle mummy's
Love from team weagle xx
Sponsored til 13/12/24
Many thanks to MT for all that they do to save so many dogs
Pat Newman xx
Sponsored til 03/12/24
From C.M.D.K and FRIENDS
Sponsored til 28/12/24
Thank you for everything you do
With love
Alison and Eddie Palmer
Sponsored til 16/03/24
From Susie Murray
Adoptive mum of
MT girlies Chloe, Flossie,
Willow, Poppy and Ellie
Sponsored til 19/03/24
Sponsored with funds raised by Liz Middleton at Drone to Home show and Gedling Gala

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