Welcome to Many Tears Equestrian Centre. Here we are passionate about
bringing horses to those in need. We have nine horses and two donkeys in our
herd of rescue equines, all of whom have their own unique story and experiences.

Spending time with the horses brings the opportunity to learn about yourself
– horses communicate non-verbally and are very sensitive to subtle body language,
meaning they pick up on our emotions which manifest in our body language.
This is why so many people say that horses know how you are feeling; they do!
And we want to share the amazing power of horses with as many people as we can reach.

So, if you can’t afford the price of the sessions, don’t worry!
Email us at and we can chat about some options for you.

Home-Ed Pony Club
For ages 7-13

Offering home educated kids an education in horses.

In our Thursday morning pony club, we offer a space for home-educated kids to come
and spend time with our lovely rescue horses and learn about all aspects of horses and
their care. We provide a hands-on approach to learning, including lots of activities and
games to practice new skills. Horses are amazing teachers and can offer your child
the opportunity to learn not just about horses but also transferrable life skills.
We strive to create a relaxed and low pressure environment for your child to be curious
and explore the amazing world of horses.

What might be covered in the sessions:

  • Caring for horses
  • Handling and leading
  • Behaviour and welfare
  • Equine theory – such as breeds, colours or points of the horse

Please note that there will be no riding offered in these sessions.

ThursSeptember 21st and 28th
October - 5th, 12th, 19th and26th
(2 hours)
Kids Club for ages 6-11£3.00 per session.
Sessions are booked

We ask for a nominal donation to attend our classes here at Many Tears which helps us to pay
for the staffing of the classes and any donations we receive after this will go towards the daily
costs of keeping the horses and ponies here at the rescue.

We do understand that times are tough and finances can be very tight and where this is the case
we would not wish to exclude any child or adult from attending a course due to lack of money.
If you agree with this ethos then you could consider supporting us by gifting a course for an adult or
young person that would struggle to attend without some financial help.
To do this, please click

Whilst we wont be able to share any personal information of course, we would assure you
that your kind gift would be very gratefully received by a person who could benefit hugely
from joining an Into The Light class at Many Tears
If you feel you would like to attend a class or arrange one for your child, but would struggle financially to join one please email Alex at and we can see if there is a
Gifted Place for you

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