Friends of MTAR

Friends of Many Tears was set up by by Glenda Fry one of our supporters. It has since been run by two other supporters (Julie and Adrienne and then Julie on her own) with great success. When Julie left, Many Tears took the running of the Friends inhouse to be run by the rescue.

So the Friends of Many Tears is still very much alive and to make it easier for Friends, Fosters and Supporters to interact, we expanded what was our fosterer's forum so that Friends of Many Tears as well as all other supporters and any followers of the rescue can join. This has proved to be very popular with all members and has made it easier for everyone to support the rescue and chat in one place and enabled Many Tears to continue to go from strength to strength.

On the forum there is general chat about both dogs at the rescue or in foster homes, fund raising events including our street collections and games members can play, auctions as well as anything members want to discuss. It's both a fun and serious way to get involved and we hope anyone who joins will enjoy being a member.

If you would like to join we do ask on this forum that your user name is entered as your own name - MADE UP BY YOUR FIRST AND SURNAME (e.g. joebloggs) and there is an explanation of why we do this once your are approved on the forum.


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