Hi everyone, I’m Abbey.
I am a huge animal lover, with a passion for bringing the love of horses and dogs into people’s lives. I am a qualified Equine Assisted Coach, Personal Wellbeing Coach, and Canine Trainer, and in addition, have various qualifications in Stable Management and Equitation from the Association of British Riding Schools and the British Horse Society.

I started riding horses when I was 5 years old and have ridden and worked with a range of horses, but have a particular love for youngsters, green horses, and “problem” horses. As I began to learn about how horses learn, think and feel, I wanted to move away from the traditional way of working with horses and find methods that met my values and philosophies. I use scientific research on equine welfare to underpin my methods and am always open to apply new philosophies and ways of doing things to my work with the primary goal to keep the horses as happy as possible.

I have worked with people of all ages and from all different backgrounds. My work involves helping people to deepen their awareness of themselves and the world around them through the power of the horse. Horses communicate primarily through subtle non-verbal communication, and so are able to pick up on a lot of information on our emotional state from our body language. This allows the horse to act as a mirror, showing us exactly what we need in the moment – and it’s why so many people claim that their horse knows how they’re feeling! My goals for this work are to bring the tremendous healing power of the horse to people in need, and to bring my knowledge and philosophies to people who are looking for a new way of working with horses.


Hi Everyone
I'm Sylvia the owner of Many Tears
Into The Light is a horse project I wanted to create to help everyone understand and get the same pleasure I do from working with horses. It's not just about the horses it's about people and how we think and how we feel.

My first pony was a wonderful little Shetland who I loved dearly. I had her at a time of great sadness in my life and she brought me through the most terrible time when I was very lonely and my family were grieving. At that time I was a little wayward and my pony and I roamed the streets of Bromley - she literally came everywhere with me. At that time I just thought me and my pony were friends and I took comfort in her and later on, it was the same with the many other horses that I bonded heavily with.

Then one day I met a great big grey horse who knew so much more than I did about myself. I spent a lot of time and desperate hours with him whilst trying not to emotionally break whilst building Many Tears and gradually started to learn about myself through the eyes of my big horse. It sounds ridiculous but if you come to our courses you'll understand what we're talking about. It’s something more than can be explained, you have to experience it. It's not some wishy-washy weird thing that only certain people can get, everyone can feel it you just have to know how to.

By helping you understand I am hoping that you will be able to help others understand and the world will become a better place. Every single person who feels better after this course will pass it on to somebody else, so I'm offering the courses free of charge and hoping that if you can afford it you'll make a donation so that we can keep the courses running. By doing this it means if you want to come but you can't afford to do this you won't feel embarrassed, you'll still come and get what you can out of it.

So our equine pages will introduce you to those who will be running the courses as well as the horses, ponies and donkeys who will partake in them. It's a strange world we live in but by them helping you and you helping them I just want to help you see Into The Light.


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