Molly is our American Spotted Saddle Horse. She’s a very special girl who’s had a particularly hard start in life but is now thriving and enjoys meeting all the visitors and volunteers that come to the rescue. Molly loves nothing more than having her hair braided, getting plenty of cuddles and grazing on the grass. This lovely girl is one of the sweetest horses you could ever have the pleasure of meeting.

Molly came all the way from North Carolina and spent part of her life living at a horse breeding farm in the worst conditions you could imagine. When Sylvia found her she was starving and such a state that her bones jutted out from her back, her tail was in one complete matt, and her body was so weak that she couldn’t even hold her head up high. She was so close to death that Sylvia knew that she had to quickly do something about it and with the help of her husband Bill, they paid to take Molly back to their own home.

It wasn’t long before Molly began to flourish into the most perfect horse and Sylvia and Bill were confident that it was a good time to let her find another home so that they could move back to the UK and open Many Tears. They found her the perfect home but only let her go with the proviso that if they could not keep her, they would be told.

After a year Sylvia had a call saying that Molly needed a new home because of a marriage break up and Sylvia and Bill decided the only way to be sure she’d be safe for the rest of her life was to fly her back to the UK. So Molly travelled all the way here to start her new, albeit colder, life. Not long after arriving in the UK she developed laminitis, and this was so severe her pedal bone rotated. The vets thought maybe she would been to be put to sleep, but the farrier disagreed and trimmed her feet in a way that has saved her. Molly now has X-rays every 6 months of her front hooves just so the farrier can determine how he trims her feet. This is all very expensive but life saving.

Since then, Molly has developed cushings disease, something that requires a lot of medical attention, but her treatment is manageable and she continues to thrive. She’s an older girl but doesn’t act like it. In fact, it’s like she’s reliving the younger years that she missed. She is sweet, gentle and the has the kindest soul ever, and we all believe that it is because she knows that she is in a place that she is safe, free, and loved.

These days Molly gets to meet all the lovely volunteers of all different ages who give her more love than she could have ever thought she could have. She is now living her life to the fullest we couldn’t be happier. Every day she gets her hair plaited in different styles, and grazes on the land with her other equine friends. She gets to eat as much hay as she could possibly want, and with everyone that comes to visit her, there’s never a time where she could get lonely. No matter what illnesses she has overcome, or is currently experiencing, she has never let it change her, and everyone who meets her falls in love with this princess.

Molly is hoping that you can sponsor her!
Because of her regular vet bills, she is quite the expensive girl to care for, and we would love for you to help us to ensure that her quality of life can continue. A sponsorship would also help us ensure that Molly continues to have some of the finer things in life, like treats and to help cover the costs involved in keeping this girl healthy.

You can sponsor Molly for £6.00 a month
and will receive a photo of her and 3 updates a year in April, August and December

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