Quarrel is a Spanish Mustang Cross. He's had a difficult life before coming to Many Tears
and is easily spooked but he loves attention and is now the cuddliest of all our horses.

Quarrel was rescued from Spain. He was seen tied on a verge starving. He belonged to a family and the father used to ride Quarrel to fairs and pubs and performed small tricks like rearing and the Spanish walk which is a trained movement by horses. However, when the father left the family he also left Quarrel and although he was given water there was little food as they could not afford to feed him

An English family became aware of him and asked Sylvia to help. Sylvia asked Bill to finance Quarrel being transported, but this led to a heated exchange between them with Bill pointing out that Sylvia could not rescue every horse she saw! So Sylvia contacted a horse transport company and told them her problem and Quarrel's sad story and they said they agreed to pick him up as long as she could meet them on their route back in the UK to transport him to Many Tears. By the time Quarrel got home Sylvia decided that his name would be Quarrel as a reminder to her of Bill's sensible words. (She is reminded every day… but never follows the sound advice, she says she just can’t!).

Quarrel arrived as a stallion, he was very fearful, and this presented with him either doing Spanish walk steps to try to please us or running to the back of his stable and shaking. Even after all these years he cannot bear anyone to climb a gate and be above him. It's very sad to see as this horse now loves attention. He has been ridden, in the past but spooks so easily and only enjoys it if he has another horse for company.

Nowadays Quarrel spends time being loved groomed and grazing with the herd. He still remembers the days of starvation as when it's feed time, if another horse comes near he will swing his hind quarters to threaten a kick to them. However, with people he is a kind gentle boy, who just needs a good uncomplicated life with his herd around him and humans who love and respect him to care for him.

Quarrel has a wish list!!
Pony nuts, Biotin as he has bad hooves and gut balancer as he is prone to having colic. He loves all sorts of horse licks and gets through a lot of hay in the winter. We paint his hooves with hoof oil and in the summer, he loves to have LOTS of fly repellent as suffers badly from sweet itch. Quarrel wears cob sized fly masks in the summer which heloses or tears them a lot so your sponsorship will help us buy these!

You can sponsor Quarrel for £6.00 a month and will receive a photograph of him and 3 updates a year in April, August and December


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