Tucson is a handsome Cob who loves hacking but is not so keen on sharing his food!

Tucson was used as a racing trotting pony by travellers, who raced him round a corner too fast which caused him to fall over. The races had caused a lot of problems with the locals and the called the authorities who came and told Tucson owner if he didn't move him immediately they would arrange for him to be taken away.

Luckily for Tucson one of Many Tears fosterers witnessed what was happening and called Sylvia who liaised with the owner and went and picked Tucson up and brought him to the safety of Many Tears.

It took about 2 years for Tucson to even want to be stroked, he wasn't horrible he just didn't want to be touched as he was not used to it. It's taken him a few more years to become the happy pony he is today who now loves his mane to be plaited. Tucson is prone to feather mites and has a lovely friend called Abigail who comes an helps up look after him by combing out his feathers to help relieve the itching.

Tucson has to maintain a careful diet as he easily puts on weight and is constantly on a weight watchers plan!

You can help Tuscon by sponsoring him. Top of his wish list would be carrots but he also needs regular health checks, his hooves are trimmed every 6 weeks and and the dentist comes regularly to do his teeth.

You can sponsor Tucson for £6.00 a month and will receive a photograph of him and 3 updates a year in April, August and Decemberx

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