Happy Endings - May 2023


Hello everyone Just wanted to give you a pupdate on how Pitza was getting on (it’s only been a week and 5 days!) She has learnt so much already this week .Toilet training … we only had one toilet accident in the house and fingers crossed this continues. She is such a lovely young lady, already so attached to her older brother Micky as she cries every time he goes out without her. She's been out a few times and slowly slowly she's getting used to her harness. She is a real foodie. We love her and we're giving her the best life she can have as she does for us as well already. She was a very worried girl when we brought her home. However, we have been able to offer her lots of time, patient and love, and the help of our confident resident Micky she's been settling wonderful in her new house. Thank you to everyone at MTAR for everything you do for all these animals in your care and for letting us adopt Pitza x
Catalin, Diana and Micky xx


I would just like to share an update on Rachael, Basset Hound whom we adopted from Many Tears Rescue in August 2022. Rachael really is turning into the beautiful Basset hound that we knew she could be. After having a difficult life as a breeding bitch it was clear to see when we adopted her that she had many many issues to overcome but with our love, kindness and understanding I knew she could do it. She really has made great progress and will continue to do so with our help and guidance.
Already having a basset, Florence, has been the best medicine for Rachael who absolutely loves her. She is developing into a happy contented Hound, who when we first saw her I thought I would never see. She enjoys going out walking, which we do a lot, loves being in the garden, sleeping on the bed etc, all the things that a dog should be able to do yet she had never experienced before.
She still has many issues to overcome and they are work in progress but she really is a different dog and we love her with our whole hearts.
Thank you Many Tears for allowing us to rescue her.


Hello, My partner and I adopted ‘Daphne’ (Dachshund cross Spaniel) from you in earlier this year in January so I thought I would send a brief update. She was a very worried girl when we brought her home. However, we have been able to offer her lots of time, patient and love, and the help of our confident resident Dachshund. Fast forward until now and she has really come out of her shell. We have been blessed with a very waggy, affectionate member of the family. So Thank you! Rescuing a dog, and giving them a life they deserve, has proved to be a very rewarding experience.
Thanks again for the work you do to give dogs like Daphne a second chance.


Hi, I just wanted to let you know how Frankie is getting on (Francis as he was when we adopted him). We came down to MT in January to adopt him and he was a small framed tiny dog weighing in at 3.8kg. In the 5 months of him being in our lives he has now reached a healthy 10kg and has grown double in size. We absolutely love him and am giving him the best life he can have as he does for us as well. I hope the few pictures show how well he is doing and what we think is a successful adoption.


Just a little update on Biscuit who we adopted from you in December 2022. When she first arrived home and as an ex breeding dog, you could see that she was sad and tired, she rarely moved from her bed and was cautious of many people. Fast forward a few months and a lot of love later, she has grown into the most lovely and caring little character and her tail is always wagging! She now knows how to walk on a lead and enjoys going for countryside walks in our home of Shropshire with her resident little brother, Ralph!
We couldn’t imagine life without her.
Thank you for all of the work you do.
Thank you! Sophie and Ben


Hi from us all! But a big woof and thank you from Barney! He has only been with us a couple of days but it feels like he has always been here, his confidence has grown, he runs around wagging his tail constantly, he has had no accidents in the house and copies his new sister Lottie. He has his favourite spot on the sofa and loves to cuddle into his humans, he is a lovely affectionate boy. He has been on a couple of walks and walked lovely and confidently on his harness and lead. He really is a truly beautiful soul and we are grateful to be able to give him the life he deserves. Thank you for rescuing him and all of the other animals that you work so hard for!


Hi everyone at MTAR
Just wanted to give you a pupdate on how Hattie was getting on ( it’s only been a week!!!!!)
Hattie has learnt so much already this week Toilet training … we haven’t had any toilet accidents in the house at all fingers crossed this continues
Hattie’s has learnt to sit and wait for her dinner / before going out the door etc
She definitely has a cheeky side to her .. she loves to steal shoes and chew them !!!! She also likes to counter surf too just to check that everything is as it should be on the kitchen counter !!! She now has some long lasting chews( buffalo tendons and coffee wood ) which she loves and will do a little happy dance when she gets one . She loves to sit right next to you on the sofa always part of her touching you and always snoring.
She has learnt to walk on a harness already and we have been out walking with her and Olive ( to show her how it’s done properly ) she has been doing fantastically well and she has now graduated to a long line .. she is a typical spaniel .. nose to the ground and off she goes….we are also practicing our recall when on the longline and she is picking it up really quickly ( with the help of some tasty treats !!)
As with new situations and general household appliances Hattie is taking it in her stride … if she is unsure of something or some noises she will go to her safe place and she will watch and assess before she comes out again .
Although it’s only been a week Hattie has already made herself part of our family , found herself a spot on the sofa and in our hearts .
Thank you to everyone at MTAR for everything you do for all these animals in your care and for letting us adopt Hattie x
Kath, Sue, Abbie and Olive


Hi all, just to update you on how Taggle is settling in - and living up to his name, which stuck, be it now spelt to more accurately reflect his rag-taggle-ness! He came home with us on 25th November 2022, being around 6months old and one of an unsold litter from Northern Ireland, and we've had our hands full ever since! He was fascinated by the TV on the first day, and remains a fan of Poyntless, in particular for some reason. Despite over 11years' difference in age, our lovely Stumpy boy has been very patient, playing with him, keeping him company, and getting him toilet-trained within a couple of weeks. Taggle didn't even know how to walk on a lead to start with, instead doing a sort of Superman impression leaping forwards in his harness. He can still sometimes be anxious and put the brakes on if he's out with us on his own; but when accompanied on a walk with his older brother Stumpy, he is super-happy and confident. He even managed a ParkRun with me whilst on his first doggy-holiday down in Worthing with us last week, which is real progress. There's definitely some "hound" in this retriever, as his legs have grown enormously, and he continues to get taller by the day! He loves other dogs, but sometimes needs persuading about people, though the Labrador stomach usually wins-out so long as they have a treat! He needs a lot of exercise to wear those long legs out, and the brain too, and his Zoomies are a joy to watch (though you do need to get out of the way)! He's making good progress at dog training, but you have to watch out when you ask for a paw, as being an inco-ordinated puppy with long legs and big feet, it makes for more of a heavyweight boxer's left-hook than a cute paw-shake! Thank you to everyone at Many Tears; I was particularly impressed by the detailed dog assessments and careful owner matching you do for each of them, especially given the huge numbers you are dealing with. I live too far away to help you directly, but will be raising some money for MTAR when I do the Great Birmingham Run next weekend.
Elly (vet and practice owner) and Jerome


Hi, It's a year since we adopted Eddie, the older Beagle cross from Ireland. From day one he just fitted straight in and we love him very much. He has such a lovely, calm, almost zen like demeanour, though that doesn't stop him getting excited following the sniffs on his walks, and eagerly awaiting his meals, tail wagging. He gets on well with our other two dogs and thinks he is Top Dog, though Lola the Lurcher might have a different opinion!
Fortunately, they agree to differ! I will attach a couple of photos, one in a pond on a walk and the other at the beach.
Thank you for letting us have him.
Cathy and John, Eddie, Lola and Stanley

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