Happy Endings - May 2022


We were lucky enough to be able to adopt our dear little Lily over 2 years ago now. We collected her from her wonderful foster carer Debbie and drove her home with our other 2 MT Cavaliers (Bella (was Ballet Shoes) and Tilly) to her new home with us in Norfolk.
Lily came to us extremely nervous of almost everything except Bella and Tilly and would have been lost without them. We gave her space and time to come out of her shell and she slowly started to blossom. Initially she was scared to come near us unless we were sitting down and then she would sit near us on the sofa and accept a gentle fuss but from a distance.
Lily was very scared to be anywhere near us if we were standing or walking around. She was scared to get up off the sofa or chair unless she thought we were asleep. She was even too scared to get up to have a drink or to accept treats. She would only eat if in a room on her own. She would wait until night time to drink or when she thought we were asleep. She was also very scared to go in the garden or to walk anywhere around the house. For a few days we had to carry her upstairs to bed and into the garden. A dog walk was out of the question as she was so nervous to be near us when standing or walking.
After a few days she was brave enough to walk out to the garden and around the house but always needed to keep a distance from us and would become frantic if she met one of us walking from room to room so we would have to freeze and allow her to calm herself.
After about a week or so she got up off the sofa one evening to have a drink and then jumped back up and sat right next to me waiting for a fuss, she then put her paw on my lap to get close. What joy! I was so honoured and so happy that she was starting to trust me.
From then on she became more and more cuddly and now she is the most affectionate dog we have ever had (and we’ve had dogs all our lives). She wants to be near us all the time and as soon as you sit down she’s there cuddled up so close and is so content. It took over a year before she trusted us enough to come for a walk but now she is sooo excited to come out. She ‘sings’ with happiness and excitement whilst out on a walk and will run very happily off the lead sniffing around and following our other dogs. She comes back the instant you call her and has a cuddle and then runs around again.
She also loves being in the garden and is a ‘super sniffer’ and seems to get so much pleasure from this simple pursuit!
Lily was the most shut down and untrusting of all our MT dogs and took a long time to become her true self but the reward and happiness she has brought us is immense. I doubt she will ever trust new humans but apart from that she is so happy and content. She loves treats, food in general, walks, beaches, cuddly toys, cuddles (LOTS of cuddles), gardens, other doggies, us and our visiting parents and life in general really.
We love her completely and are so glad we were given this opportunity by all you wonderful people at Many Tears
Kevin and Karen


Update from 'was Rosa' briefly Rosie now Daisy as mummy couldn't make her mind up. Thought a 2 week update after picking little girl up was in order.
Daisy moo is a sweet, very timid, getting more confident each day little girl. As an ex breeder we knew it was best to expect the worst and see what happens. Our resident dog was a must 'trust me when I say Many Tears know what they are doing''. There is no way she would have coped without following, watching our resident dog show her the ropes.
So from day one no mess in the house. She is very quiet no barking but I suppose she has never been allowed too. Walks still very timid. Likes other doggies but not too big and not too many all at once. Traffic and people all new to her but all people we meet are kind and understanding and just say hello and pat gently and step away.
Hardest bits : not being able to kiss and cuddle yet as this will take time. She does however lean into my knee on walks when she needs reassurance and because she is blind in one eye even more so. Obsessed with the car and trips out and the stairs. Hilarious! She has the run of the house and garden and she paces ensuring it is all still there. Bit of digging in garden but that is all she does. Next update in 3 months!!
Thank you many tears again for everything you do. X
Helen, Paul, Seren, Daisy and Kara over the Rainbow Bridge x x x x x

Good Morning Many Tears
I thought you might like to know about our rescue schnauzer we obtained from you last 3rd November 2021. We immediately renamed her Misty as we have a dog called Monty and the names were very similar. When we got her, her eyes were souless and we dreaded to think what sort of life she had had. She seemed not to know what grass was when we put her out onto our back lawn initially, and when we took her to the beach she refused to move because it was so alien to her. Moreover, as you described in your lisitng, she was very nervous.
The good news is that Misty is an absolute delight and a real character. She follows me around when I am in my office, or shower, or bedroom, is a real pleasure to walk both on and off the leash (she initially did not know what to do). She is responsive to commands and absolutely adores the beach. She delights our friends and together with Monty, she is more than happy to be looked after by friends if we are absent For instance, we recently spent 5 days on a trip abroad, and she and Monty stayed with a neighbour. She was no problem, settled in well and our neighbour was more than content to look after her and Monty anytime.
She and Monty (he still just tolerates her but wont let other dogs bother her) enjoy 3 good walks a day totalling around 5 miles and has made her niche in our home her own.
Thank you so much for letting us have her, We have recommended you to our friends should they wish to do so. I have attached a photo of her after her recent visit to the groomer.
Siincerely Adrian Traylor


A little note to say thanks to Many Tears Rescue and Julie Lewis foster-parent for our two MT rescues.
Dexter, a Labrador who came to us (via Julie) at 7 months in 2009 is nearly 13 and shared his big birthday with our daughter. Dexter is now an older, very, very sensible dog of the park where we walk but most of our dog friends remember him as a bouncy boy who cleared 6ft walls and gates etc and other dog walkers with ease! He is very loved.
Recently joined by Marsha, now Sandie-Moo a scrummy ex-breeding Labradoodle lady who has blossomed every day since we’ve had her. From a scared little girl who hated walks, outside, rain she now bounces round our park taking treats from lots of owners. She learnt her basic commands in hours and enjoys copying Dexter. We’ve recently started dog training classes with her too.
Thanks to everyone involved at Many Tears.
Adopt don’t shop every time x


Dear Many Tears
I made the long 5 hour trip from Cambridgeshire to Many Tears 2 weeks ago today on the 6th May to meet this beautiful girl, with my other 5 dogs. All went well so she came home with me. She was so good in the car not a sound from her. She has been a super star, settled in very well with my other dogs, 2 are also from MT who she loves and sleeps with them. She was house trained after 2 days, she still needs more practice on the lead though. She started barking on day 3 so I think she must feel comfortable being here. She is on 3 meals a day as she is quite thin at the moment. I feel so lucky to have been able to adopt her and thank Many Tears for letting me do so. All these dogs deserve to have a wonderful home after what they have been through, I wish more people would adopt rather than buy puppies. Here are some pictures of her. Thank you for letting me adopt her she will be very much loved, spoilt and have everything she could wish for.
Best Wishes Penny Coral


Hello all at MT
I hope you are all keeping well and not too busy atm! I am sorry for time lapse since last update, but us girls and Henry have been busy having a great time over the local Nature Reserve now that Tara and Cara’s recall is a lot better and they can have fun running around with all the other dogs, rabbits and anything else that moves and looks fun to play with!!
They are very much the celebrities over there as everyone who meets them love them because of their lovely friendly nature and they are constantly being taken as puppies because they can run like greyhound’s and give the many younger dogs a run for their money! Ha ha!
It’s sooo rewarding to see them so relaxed now and having the time of their lives! It’s been hard work with the lead training, but I can now enjoy the local lead walks and being able to pass people with dogs without holding on to a tree or lamppost! Lol! They really are a pleasure to take out now! I think it’s all about regular routine and going on the same routes each time, but their main walk over the Nature Reserve is their favourite place and always has been with my previous OES.
Cara, is the more confident one and still gives everyone her paw at the first meeting. Whereas Tara is still very timid and spook’s at the least little sudden, or unusual noise. I’m so pleased that they were kept together as they are very close and Tara needs Cara for confidence.
Little Hen is fine and has lost a little bit of weight he had put on and can now run much faster and play with the many smaller dogs over there.
I hope you are all keeping well and maybe have received some enquiries from people I have met and told about you all in case they had wanted another companion for their dogs?
We’ll must close now and send love and licks from the gang!
Take care all, love and best wishes from Janet, Henry, Tara and Cara.


This is Daisy, I adopted her 6 months ago, she is gorgeous. She was so nervous when she arrived, but my other 4 dogs and 6 cats just welcomed her with open paws. In the beginning she would mess herself when you got near her or wanted to dry her paws, now she’s first one in the queue to get her paws wiped. She has come on so well, she walks in the woods or the park with no lead, has a brilliant recall, loves her pamper time at the groomers as long as she goes with one of her sisters by another mother, her favourite is Abi. Love her to death, thank you many tears for allowing us to adopt her. Adopt don’t shop.
Marilyn Ricketts xxx


This month will be Skye's 4th Gotcha, so we thought it was time we wrote her happy ending story. We adopted Skye in May 2018. We were looking for company for our collie Jasper and saw Skye on the Many Tears Facebook page and went to meet her with Jasper.
Skye was a very nervous and extremely flighty girl. It has taken a very long time, with lots of love and patience. Skye is now a very happy dog. She had so many fears to overcome and has done amazingly well. Skye has the cheekiest personality and we love her to bits.
We have been fostering for Many Tears for the last 2 years and Skye is now a resident dog. Skye is an amazing role model for our foster babies. They tend to look to Skye for help and reassurance. We promised a staff member that Skye would have a forever home with us and that we would not give up. I can safely say that we kept that promise.
Kay and Steve Lumber


Dear Many Tears,
My name is Magi (I was Blackie). I would like to thank you for finding my forever home in May 2021. Although I am extremely happy and settled, I remain a little nervous of strangers, however, slowly but surely, I am becoming more confident. I love all the affection from my adoptive parents. I enjoy relaxing on the sofa watching TV in the evenings, chilling in my calming bed during the days, being outside in the secure garden when the sun shines and bonding through regular grooming.
I have been quick to learn different games to keep my brain active. I am particularly good at completing a handmade agility course made up of 8 sections. Also, I am a member of the Ramblers and their long country walks on Sundays are good but equally, during weekdays, I enjoy my twice daily walks around the local area.
Hope the photos show how fortunate I feel.
All the best MTR and keep up your excellent work.
Love Magi x


Back history.
Known as Smiley a Pomeranian, she came from Ireland then to Many Tears.
I adopted her on the fist of May.
My story,
My little girl came to live with me on the 1st of May.
I named her Hatty May.
She was mine instantly and we are inseparable. Yesturday she walked on the lead, she looked so proud and happy.
Today Hatty May went to work with me in our home office, she sat in her bed happy and contented.
Hatty May is more than a dog she is my best friend. I love her with all my heart. Hatty loves to sleep next to me, she also loves watching me cook dinner while I listen to Jazz.
Tomorrow Miss Hattys and I are taking a bike ride to the county side and Friday she is going to the country pub.
She is everything I dreamed of and more. I will wash all her bad memories away with kisses and love.


Just over 2 years ago I drove from Lancashire to the Many Tears Centre with my 2 Cavaliers, Milly and Tiff (MT Tiffany) to meet the gorgeous Max, a large very handsome Cavalier. We met and he seemed to like the girls so home he came.
The last 2 years have been wonderful. It was a difficult start for Max, he was so shy and scared but slowly he has come out of his shell, Milly and Tiff have helped him along the way, he is devoted to them.
Tiff has been with us for 9 years so she will be almost 11 years old still looking like a puppy, she is just a delight, what a wonderful girl. Funny, active and the best sister to Milly and Max.
We go on holiday to the North East every year and they all love the beaches. I will never forget Max's reaction when he first saw the beach and the see, it made me tearful, a very special moment.
Thank you Many Tears. Tiff and Max are amazing dogs, they have overcome so much and now live their best lives alongside Milly.
Helen Rolley

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