Arden Grange Sponsors Many Tears

On 1st November 2022 Many Tears entered into a partnership with Arden Grange, a leading manufacturer of high-quality dog food. As part of this partnership, Arden Grange will be providing food for dogs in the kennels at the rescue and in their foster homes across the UK, as well as sponsoring adoption goodie bags for every dog that finds their forever home.

"We are thrilled to have Arden Grange as a sponsor for our organization," said Sylvia, CEO "Their commitment to providing high-quality dog food is unparalleled, and we are grateful for their support in helping us provide for the dogs in our care."

As part of their sponsorship, Arden Grange will be providing a 2kg bag of dog food, an exclusive discount for their website and other goodies for every dog that is adopted from Many Tears Animal Rescue. These are designed to make the transition to their new home as easy and comfortable as possible.

"We are delighted to be sponsored by Arden Grange. Many of our dogs dont have the best start in life and may never have had good nutrition before. To be able to feed them such good quality food and help them to continue this familiar food when going to their new families makes a huge difference to the dog's health and happiness. We know that adopting a dog can be a big decision, and we want to do everything we can to support both the dogs and their new families," said Jenna our Admin Manager. "We are so grateful to Arden Grange for their support with our dogs and making these adoption bags possible."

Many Tears is committed to providing the best possible care for animals in need. With the support of Arden Grange, we will now be able to continue providing high-quality food and supplies for the dogs in their care.

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