Trustees Announcement

On behalf of Many Tears Animal Rescue, Board of Trustees

This announcement is a break from the usual protocol, where MT do not engage in social media debates or arguments. Our choice has always been to ignore ill- informed rumours or false accusations, made by groups or individuals with their own agenda, and simply get on with rescuing and rehoming the animals that need us. However, in this instance recent events have meant that the trustees of Many Tears Animal Rescue (MTAR) feel the need to make a public response. We particularly want to reassure our adopters and supporters, who may be concerned by what has been circulated.

False, and at times deeply malicious comments, regarding the work and practices of MTAR and the integrity of individuals associated with Many Tears, have been spread on social media. Although social media can be a great asset and helps us find wonderful homes for many of our dogs, it also empowers those wishing to spread misinformation. As is common with social media, people all too readily believe what they read, and this information is then repeated and viewed unchecked on multiple platforms, and therefore assumed to be true. No evidence has ever been supplied for these accusations because the accusations are simply untrue.

Many of the posts are on private social media groups, where access is refused to those who challenge the narrative being presented, including Many Tears supporters or representatives. Some of the current untruths being circulated were already addressed on our FAQs page. However, in view of recent events, we have now expanded this page, with additional explanations. To understand more about the true work and practices of MTAR, please follow this link to the FAQs HERE.

We would say to the individual(s) at the centre of the current social media campaign, that there are not just potential reputational and financial costs to MTAR in what is being spread, but real human cost to those you have directly targeted with some incredibly malicious statements. We would ask all involved to consider this when you write your posts and see no consequence to your actions. Much of what is written comes from those who do not work in rescue and therefore have extremely limited knowledge of the complexities and challenges that goes in to running a large rescue like Many Tears.

We at Many Tears have nothing to hide. The rescue is open to visitors seven days a week, and the offer of visiting the rescue is open to anyone with an interest in finding out about our work. Come and spend some time at Many Tears, view the facilities, meet and talk with the staff, and most importantly volunteer with the dogs. This is the only true way to really understand the workings and ethos of MTAR. Sylvia and Bill have created an incredible rescue, of which we are immensely proud. For nearly 20 years they have worked tirelessly to give a chance to thousands of dogs who would otherwise have had a bleak future, and they have strived to ensure the continued future of Many Tears. There will always be differences in rescue practices and opinions but ultimately, we all want the same thing and that is loving, forever homes for any animals that come into our care.

Many Tears Animal Rescue board of trustees.

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