Happy Endings - November 2019


5 years on... still a huge furry nutter who never really overcame her fear of other dogs but certainly now adores all people and craves affection. She’s not for the faint hearted but we love her dearly xx


Hi there,
We adopted Nala (the cockerpoo) in Sept 2019 and thought it would be nice to give an update as to how she's doing. She has since been renamed Molly.
At first, Molly was very timid and scared of everything but she's come out of her shell so much over the past few weeks and is really starting to show her cheeky personality. She LOVES food as well as her big brother George (previously Cheeky, from MTAR) and they play all day long. She's very sweet natured and will happily cuddle into your side in the evenings... she definitely needs indestructible toys as anything is an opportunity to chew!!
She enjoys going for long walks and is beautiful on a lead, house training is almost 100% clean. She's thoroughly enjoying her new life with a sofa to her name and cheesy treats on demand and we are glad to be able to give her a new home.
Christine and Ron


Hello Sylvia
It's been some time since I wrote to you with an update on Ebony and Rosie. Ebony has been with us now for around four and a half years and Rosie for almost three. The two of them are virtually inseparable and Charlie, our Cavalier, loves and tolerates them both but they're too boisterous for his liking,
Ebony, with Rosie's help, has become a very lovely dog. When Ebony first arrived she had a bad habit of destroying dog beds (several of her own or Charlie's, it didn't matter which). Since Rosie came to us, not a single dog bed has been touched.
I mentioned to you last time that Ebony has a wonderful life running in the countryside for miles every day come rain or shine. She just loves to run. Every evening the three dogs join us in the lounge where Rosie and Ebony have their play fights. After that, as we're reclining in our armchairs, Ebony will pester us incessantly for fuss. If I stand up, however, she will invariably retreat. I guess there is something deeply hidden in her psyche which, seemingly, cannot be erased. She'll never be quite as 'normal' as the other two, I'm afraid, but it really doesn't matter. I should add that Gill doesn't have quite the same problem. (Ebony is a closer to her whilst Rosie, for some reason, is closer to me).
I've attached a couple of photographs which support much of what I've conveyed.
Kindest regards
Burt (and Gill) Flannery


Would just like to update you with how Given ( now Abi) is doing. We have had her since February and she is getting on fantastic with her two canine brothers and her feline brother. We have had no issues at all . It’s as if she has always been here. She has such a cheeky little personality and loves nothing more than a tummy rub.
We recently entered her in to an online dog show and she came 1st in cutest girl and won Best in Show overall. We are so proud of her.
Karen Baker


Thought I’d share with you a few photos of Vincent whom we adopted in May this year. He’s so happy and an absolute dreamboat of a dog. He fitted in with us as a family straight away, is wonderful with my other two dogs and to also anyone he meets. Everyone loves him. He’s still obsessed with his toys, dives into any bit of water he sees, he gives us oodles of joy!!
Thank you for trusting us to adopt him, we humans and Vincent are eternally grateful.xxx
Kind regards
Madeleine Pugh


We collected Kiwi from her foster home, in Stratford on Avon, in March this year. She was a scared 4 month old puppy from Romania, however she quickly formed a bond with our other dog Poppy, a miniature wirehaired dachshund, and soon settled in to our home. Kiwi is 1 year old this month, she is the most gorgeous girl. She is very loving and really enjoys cuddles on the sofa but is also totally crazy at times!! We wouldn't have her any other way. She has amazed us with how she has adapted to being a family pet and it has been lovely for Poppy to have a sister. We feel very lucky to have found Kiwi ♥?.
Thank you to everyone at Many Tears for all the work that you do.
Kind regards
Clare Barnes


Just wanted to say a huge thanks to Silvia and the staff and volunteers at Many Tears for all the good work that you do, All those lives you save and all those families that you make complete.

Min has been here a year now, I’m not good with words so I hope this video shows you how much we love her and how happy she is. Thank you so much for choosing us to share her life she really is a special girl.
Grab a coffee and enjoy xxxxx
Helen Veal


Just to inform you that China now Archie who we arranged to collect from the centre and then of course Heidi who we had not planned on adoption until we saw her looking out her cage at the Many Tears centre with her head to one side due to the birth defect. We both fell in love with her at once and thankfully staff informed us she was available. Once the paperwork signed she was coming home with us as well!
Both dogs have settled into their new home very well and have fitted in with our other two boys. Both dogs are very affectionate and loves cuddles but still a little nervous. They love playing with toys and both eating well and mix well with our two other dogs. Archie’s swelling went down very fast so we were able to remove his cone so he is a much happier boy now as he is able to eat and drink and not bumping into things without the cone getting in the way. Heidi goes mad in the garden and enticing the others to play - a right little madam and loves sleeping on Bertie’s back who was Flute from Many Tears in July. It’s So cute to see.
Heidi’s neck issue has not hindered at all. We are training them both to go out through the door flaps and have started to lead walk them over the fields. Archie is happy to walk but Heidi will take a little longer but we have patience and time. Both of them were happy to be bathed just sat in the tub without any stress.
Keep up the good work the at Team of Many Tears.
Alvan and Alison


We adopted Daisy as a sister for our Golden Retrevier that we had previously adopted, Summer, and we couldn't have asked for a more perfect match! Summer now has more fun and variety in her day thanks to Daisy, who seems like a totally different dog now. Summer's been an amazing big sister, showing Daisy how to live in a house as well as how to roll in the muddiest puddles on the park. With Summer's help, Daisy has gone from being shut down and scared of everybody to happily plonking herself down on anybody for a fuss. Her confidence has grown no-end, and 2 holidays and several belly rubs later, we can't imagine our lives without her.
Thank you! Sam Peters


here is Bailey our handsome boy it was exactly 1 year ago we came to Many Tears and adopted him. He was very frightened of everything having been a stud dog for 4 years, we read and applied all the excellent advice Many Tears provided showing him lots of love and patience and it wasn't long before he came out of his shell, walked on a lead and now as you can see enjoys fun walks with little Breeze our other rescue dog - they just love each other. Thank you all at Many Tears for our beautiful boy.
Debbie and Des Walker


Hello, my name is Vala and in late August 2019 I found my forever home. I now have 2 brothers, Emo my oldest brother is 12 and Finn is 8 like me. Finn loves tennis balls and guess what, I do too! I have settled into my new life really well and I love going to the park and meeting other local dogs. This week I am on holiday in Pembrokeshire and quite enjoying the beach. We are with Mo and Finn’s bestest friends Cassie and Lanson and guess what, they have a new sister called Millie (was Judy) who came from Many Tears too!!!!! I’ve only been with my new family for 2 months but I totally love them and they love me xx

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