Happy Endings - November 2020


We collected Symphony was Larch in July 2019. She was a very frightened girl with very little hair on her back due to overbreeding. She loves her walks but is still timid if someone outside approaches her. She loves her brothers and sisters and has developed some cheeky tricks if you are eating fruit that she loves. Her hair has grown and she is beautiful now. We are very happy that she came to live with us.


Hi there,
I wanted to share with you Tillys (MT Molly) happy ending.
We rescued Tilly last June (2019) and can honestly say, we couldnt imagine life without her. Everyone who meets her immediately falls in love with her - even if they arent a dog lover!
She has us all wrapped around her little paw and definitley rules the farmyard! She brings joy to us and it feels as if shes been part of the family forever. She went on her first beach holiday and September and I can confirm that she had an absolute blast!
She has the kindest little heart, and is so loveable, although she has such a cheeky temperament and personality! She never fails to make us laugh. She has such a calm nature and loves all of our other animals, inclyding guinea pigs, cat, chickens and ducks.
Thank you Many Tears for giving us the opportunity to rescue Tilly, she truly is the most amazing puppy.
From Elliott and Jenny x


To everyone at Many Tears,
We rescued Flo from you in August. She is a Romanian orphan. We want to thank you all who took part in her rescue and care in Romania and in Wales. We have had her for 4 months now and she has settled in so well. She is the most loving gentle girl. We can’t imagine life without her. We have changed her name and she is now Ellie. She is admired by everyone she meets. She lives with our 2 cats who are in charge but very gentle with her. We hope one day to be able to give another Romanian orphan a loving home so Ellie could have a sister. Thank you all for letting us rescue a life that you took such great care in rescuing.
Wendy xx


We had always talked of adopting a second rescue dog and preferably wanted another Sprollie, so when we saw the photo and description of Kiva on your website last year our interest was piqued. We contacted Many Tears in November but due to circumstances could not re-home Kiva then, but we couldnt get her out of our heads and followed her progress and eventually bit the bullet and adopted her in January.
When we arrived to collect her, we found that she was much smaller than the photos indicated and was told she was not a Sprollie but a Collie and not an ex-breeder but a failed sheepdog from N Ireland. Not that it mattered as we fell for her but the same couldnt be said for our 10 year old Sprollie "Danny". He completely ignored her and remains indifferent towards her to this day.
She was very timid and quiet as a mouse all the way home to Devon in the crate in the back of the car. It was obvious once we arrived home that she had never been inside a house before as she was scared stiff and it took some coaxing to lure her out of the rain, to come inside.
The first couple of months were a bit of a rollercoaster, spending ages toilet training her by taking her in the back garden at all hours day and night and mostly in the pouring rain. Danny had previously slept in his bed in our bedroom but we had to move him into the kitchen with Kiva as we could not trust her to sleep in our bedroom at night until she was toilet trained. Initially she bolted every time we passed her and was a terrified little dog who had that "rabbit caught in the headlights" look. She ate like a wolf and suffered with a upset stomach as we gradually changed her food from raw meat to dry kibble, but the vet advised that it was best that she was on the same food as Danny and after some "ups and downs" she took to it perfectly.
She had never seen toys and didnt know how to play with them and being on a lead was alien to her. However, time is a wonderful healer and she has changed so much over the ten months we have had her. After several months of thinking she was fully toilet trained we still had one or two unfortunate accidents inside but now that is a thing of the past. She sleeps in her bed alongside Danny in our bedroom and we are woken every morning by the two of them but mainly Kiva jumping on our bed.
After her unhappy start to her life, I think she is now going through her puppyhood. She loves playing with all of Danny's toys and taking every single one off him as she always wants what he has and he is so good he just lets her take them. Once she has all the toys in her bed, she will play with one and makes funny little noises as if she is play fighting with herself (never heard a dog do this before!). She does the same with tennis balls and will run back and forth in the garden playing for ages on her own.
Danny takes little interest in her and was initially jealous as she took some of our attention away from him but he has never growled at her and is extremely patient. She in return hero worships and bullies him in equal measures but is lost without him and is like a changed dog retreating to her bed if he is nowhere to be seen. The vet said she is a collie cross probably with some type of hound either whippet or greyhound. After wanting another Sprollie, we are glad that she is not and has her own character. She is very loving, always willing to cuddle into you on the sofa and lay on top of you in bed. She is a mischievous scoundrel who loves to steal items and eat them, to date a doughnut, a small candle, bits of plants, clogs, a doormat, towels and her favourite is socks. Her highlight of the day are her two meals (breakfast and dinner) when she gets very excited and spins around and stamps her front feet.
Kiva is not the dog we expected but has turned out to be a wonderful little character and we wouldnt change her for the world.
Best wishes to you all and carry on with your amazing and vital work.
Lisa and Alan


We have had Belle now for 8 weeks and she has fitted in brilliantly with resident bleheims Charlie and Max. She was quite shy when she arrived and apparently wasn't keen on men. However she has really come out of her shell and loves my partner especially when he gives her fresh chicken.
She loves being cuddled and will stick her nose under your hand if you dare to stop stroking her. She loves her walks and has made lots of doggy friends and enjoys being fussed by the men in the park especially if they have treats. We absolutely love Belle to bits and she is a wonderful addition to our family.
Finally a big huge thank you to Many Tears for allowing us to adopt her and to fosterers Billy and Tanya for bringing her to us and for the support that you gave us following her adoption.
Irene, Keith, Charlie and Max


Hi, it’s two months today since we adopted Abby, now called Sasha, who you had rescued from Romania.
When we picked her up she was skin and bone, she had fleas, and was being treated for worms. Her gentle character shone through but she was so hungry she was eating spiders, worms, anything she could find. She was really restless in the evenings, we wondered if she wanted to make sure she was somewhere safe before she could settle down. It’s good to see this has improved hugely as she has settled in.
Unfortunately she didn’t get on with the food that she’d been on at Many Tears, and it actually took 4 weeks to settle her tummy back down on rice and fish. This held her house training back a bit, but we knew it wasn’t her fault.
Walking on the lead only took a week or so, she’s a dream to walk now and is great at recall so we can let her off the lead on the beach and in the woods. She’s a really fast pup who loves to explore and bound around- a joy to see.
She has become firm friends with our resident cockapoo, and they love going for walks together, sharing a bed, and checking out every new scent together.
Everyone comments on how pretty she is. Her markings are perfectly symmetrical, and she’s beautifully soft to touch.
We love her to bits and can’t wait to see her thrive surrounded by love. I can’t bear to think of what she escaped from in the first few months of her life, but she’ll be given the best life possible here with us. Thanks MTAR

Hello Many Tears,
We have been fortunate enough to adopt these two beauties from you and so we thought we would give you an update on how they are.
The baby at the top is Berbil (MT Bailee), who we adopted approx. 18 months ago when she was 8 weeks old, her Mum was Bianca who was rescued whilst pregnant, she had Bailee, Bobble and Brogan, we collected Bailee from a foster carer and she has been the best thing that has ever happened to us.
Her days are spent enjoying beach walks, walks in the park, the odd treat ????, and cuddled at every opportunity.
More recently, we adopted Womble (MT Sarah), who is at the bottom of the photo, we collected her from the centre approx. 5 weeks ago; She is 4 years old and had been used for breeding and therefore had issues that Berbil didn't. She now walks on the lead perfectly, she is 99% potty trained, and she knows what toys are and how to play with them. We were fortunate that right from day one these two sisters have got on extremely well and our resident dog (Berbil) is happy to have canine company.
Womble now has the life that she deserves, she is living the dream, she wants for nothing. She is inseperable from her Dad (Paul) and follows him wherever he goes, and he loves it.
We will be moving next year to a property with land to set up an animal sanctuary to rescue as many innocent souls currently on death row (fields, factories) as we can.
Nothing in the world is truer than the love of a Dog, they would give their lives for us, and we would do the same for them. Adopt from Many Tears and you will know the meaning of true love.
Thank You Many Tears from Paul, Lorne, Berbil and Womble, you have created bonds that can never be broken.

Hi Mummy and Daddy adopted me in 2016 when I was living with my foster mum Auntie Julie in Malvern. I'm 7 now and enjoying life in my quiet little way. I love going to Hunstanton, Yorkshire and Somerset as well as seeing my human Grandma, sisters and niece. I've even got a baby great niece She's 6 months and I'm very gentle and loving with her.
Last November we adopted Tammy, a little black kitten who's Mummy had been killed on the road when she was 3 weeks old. I helped bring her up and we adore each other.
Thank you Many Tears and Auntie Julie lots of love Gabby xxxxx


My name is Jasmine and I had a tricky life before I was rescued by Many Tears. When I was rescued I was covered in cuts and scabs and my fur was all discoloured and my tail had no fur on it. It made me very scared of people, but my foster carer was so kind to me and I was adopted in April.
Now I live with my mummy and daddy and my new sister Honey, as well as a strange thing called a cat who is my friend and comes out for walks with me. I sleep on the sofa a lot and cuddle up with my mum and I eat lots of yummy treats and have a lot of love all the time because I am a little princess. Plus I have lots of fur on my tail now.
Thank you Many Tears.


This is Luna (formerly know as Jain) we have had her for 9 weeks now and she is doing amazingly well. We adopted her with a poorly hind leg but now the muscle has built and she is walking and running with no sign of discomfort whatsoever. She settled straight into home life and is full of energy and excitement. Everyone that sees her on our walks has to smooth her and says how beautiful of a dog she is. She is an incredibly quick learner and is now toilet trained. She has even learnt to sit on command and also to give paw. She is a cuddly dog and loves nothing more than snuggling up with us in bed at night. She has just recently turned 8 months old and had doubled in size since we’ve had her.
Ribert Crickmay


We adopted Siouxette (pronounced like Suzette), or Siouxie, as we call her most of the time after our elderly (almost 15yo) dog passed away in February. We know she can never be replaced, but we felt a huge, sausage-sized hole in our family. So, we began the search for a new fur baby. It was difficult and mostly very disappointing.
Then, a friend suggested Many Tears Rescue so my hubby started looking. He stopped looking when he reached her photo and saw her eyes and messaged me the link for her and I also fell into those eyes. It was love at first sight. I read and reread the description. She sounded perfect! I completed the lengthy adoption form I crossed all the things and prayed we'd get picked.
The next day, we got the call! YAY! We were chosen! So they booked us for a "virtual" home check. Yulia rang on WhatsApp and I "showed her around" our home, the garden, the place where our 2 resident dogs slept and where "Deena" would sleep, told her about our routine and how we deal with the dogs we already had in our family. Well, fast forward a few days and we drove to Wales from Folkestone to the Meet and Greet with our 2 other hounds.
We arrived, met Deena and some of the rescue staff, signed papers and made a donation, and brought her home with us. The day was awful! But we've decided that rain "christens" our new babies. It was bucketing down 4 years ago when we adopted Ollie and drove in the "driving rain" as we traveled to and from Essex to collect him. How appropriate that it was the same when we brought home our newest little girl.
Siouxie has settled in SO WELL! She is SO BRIGHT and clever, and learns everything so quickly. We were told she wasn't house trained. We have had NO problem in this area. She was very skittish and hesitant about us to start with, but has come on leaps and bounds. She even will come forward and stick her head under our hands to get extra strokes when she wants them. She's learning to eat veg for snacks, as this is what we give our dogs between meals, so they don't put on unwanted extra weight. She didn't know what to do with green beans to start with, but she did WANT them because she saw how eager the other 2 were to have some. So funny!
She follows the other 2 dogs everywhere they go, and they all get along so great! She and Ollie are buddies and like to chase each other around the garden. Cookie is turning 12yo in 2 weeks, so slowing down a little. She mostly just watches. Siouxie races up and down the stairs like a gazelle. She goes straight into her "house" at night when we tell her it's bedtime. She has slept ALL night without complaint since the first night.
Until today, she had not barked once since we got her. However, that changed today when she saw our builder neighbour across the alleyway and barked at him to protect "her" garden. She feels at home. We are so pleased!! While she's a little larger than our other 2, she's not overly large, and she is slotting into our family so extremely well!
She is SO Bright! We do have a pet flap but have been keeping the back door open mostly, so she could come-and-go freely. Well, this morning I unlocked it but didn't open it and when the other 2 went out, I poked her head through the flap. She got the idea and leapt through. Then when they came back in, she waited outside of the flap until I lifted it for her to come through. Later I heard the flap go multiple times. I k new it was her, because the other 2 were at the front window telling off someone who dared to walk past our house. So, she's cracked it!! She seems just SO pleased with herself, and I can see in her attitude a new-found confidence in knowing she can go in and out as she pleases.
We still have a ways to go, as she can still be shy about new items in the house, but she's already a different dog to when she arrived. We cannot say enough THANK YOUS to let you all know how happy she has made us, and how thrilled we are to have her!! We love her to bits!!
THANK YOU ALL EVER SO MUCH for helping us to complete our family!!
Much Love, J'net, Bazz, Cookie, Ollie, and Siouxette Stapleton

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