Happy Endings - November 2017



Just coming up to a year since we welcomed little Aurora into our home and three years since BB Bichon joined us. ‘Rora settled in like a dream and it seems as if she’s always been with us. She’s all terrier, with a mischievous streak, (no toy, cushion or blanket is safe!) but so sweet with it and loves her cuddles.
Highlights this year have been the visit in May from Sylvia and Kate (plus 6 doggy guests!) in their way through town on the MTAR sponsored walk and a trip to the seaside when we were up visiting our son in Norfolk. After several lonely months after the death of our dear old Bailey BFDB, BB was so happy to have another companion and they get on together beautifully. We couldn’t have made a better choice. Thank you, Many Tears!
Jane and Martin


Hi we rescued Paris a few months ago and she is now called Millie. She was a very shy and timid springer spaniel when we met her. I just wanted to update you on her progress. She is now acting like a dog should be, she is loving her daily walks, she especially likes the beach lol - she's not fussed on balls but loves sticks!! She has completed our family, we are so lucky to have found Millie. Here are a few pics of her now. PS her fur has grown back now as she is no longer stressed .


Hi Many Tears this is our gorgeous westie Elly who we addoped in March from Diane we drove to Stockport to get her. She had settled in so well. She has been on 2 holidays so far this year and got 3 in the pipe line for next year. We are looking forward to our first Christmas with Elly.
Thank you for saving her and caring for her
Kerry xx

Just a quick update on Rosie who we adopted in June 2014 from foster carers in Dunstable. She has come on leaps and bounds. She is such a character and has certainly found her voice. She is first for food and is often found lying in front of the fridge! When we are at the table eating, her head is generally firmly ensconced between someone's legs, looking up, just in case something is dropped! she eats the guinea-pigs vegetables and various plantlife when on our walks. Funniest thing is when I say walkies, she runs to her bed and lies on her side and lifts up a leg so I can put her harness on. If there is a route she doesn't fancy that day, we are not going that way and when she has had enough Rosie makes for home.

Her favourite thing is poo rolling!!! She takes great delight in covering her neck in eau de poo then runs around with a big smile on her face... In fact it's the only time she runs, she has a fast trot, but a run is kept for best.
She now enjoys a snuggle on the sofa and wakes me up too early by licking a hand or leg that's dangling out of bed. But she doesn't bark until I put a foot on the floor, then it's chaos. She bombs downstairs with her sisters and doesn't stop barking until her food is in front of her. She certainly is food orientated. She is much loved and is the best thing to happen to our family. She has made her way firmly into our hearts.
Stevie Morden
We picked up Willow (originally Sara) in October 2016 from Abigail, a wonderful foster carer in Kent. We just wanted to let you know how she's doing one year on- overall, fantastically well! She's a happy, playful Westie, very well behaved but still quite ditsy, and has a one-track mind when it comes to squirrels! The first few months were a steep learning curve for all of us, and at some points we definitely felt like we'd bitten off more than we could chew. However, patience and perseverance have paid off and from about month 5 things started to fall into place and Willow became a lot less needy and got the hang of toilet training. She is so affectionate and loves being carried around and cuddled. She and our original Westie, Snowy, are now good friends and enjoy making a loud ruckus in the garden together several times a day. It is so fulfilling to give a dog like Willow her life back after being a prisoner for six years, we just want to encourage anyone going through the difficult initial adoption period that it does get better and is so worth it.
Warm regards
Emily Rouse Jones

Dear All
Just though I would let you know how Peanut (formerly Kay) is settling in her new home.
When she first arrived she would not leave her bed and cowered when we tried to stroke her, however after a few days she became much braver and started to venture out and about.
Now six weeks later she has certainly found her paws! She loves to run around the garden at lighting speed and has realised how much she loves to cuddle. She is a very welcome addition to our family and very much loved.
Kind regards
Di Butterworth
Hello Many Tears
I just wanted to drop you a line as it's been 6 months today since we adopted Izzy
As you know, Sophie and Ian took wonderful care of her when she was first brought to Many Tears, while carrying her last three pups. I believe they named her Isabella, which is a lovely name, so we kept it - partially. She was so much like a little bear, that IzzyBear just fitted her and her new life. She was 5.4kg, terrified, itchy, a bit smelly and leaving a brown patch wherever she slept. Sophie tried everything to get the weight back on her but her pups used it all up. We were told she was a lovely mum, and these traits remain strong in her. To this day she takes small furry toys under the dining table - woe betide anyone who tries to take them away. We've made a gentle game of this, she barks furiously but then drops the toy right at your feet so you start the game again by pretending to try to get them off her. When she's about to be fed, she leaps onto the sofa and does a happy little dance - it looks like she's playing drums with her front paws.
She has gained weight beautifully and built up some muscle in her legs- it's a joy to watch her bound around the park. If she could speak, she'd shout 'Yippeee!'
Today she came to agility class with me and my other Schnauzer Coco. She copes well, and although she's not ready to jump anything, she has worked out that sitting gets a reward of a tiny piece of baked liver. She is very very clever.
She had a small tumour removed from her ear a few months ago, she was brilliantly brave at the Vets, where the nurses knew her history and carried her about all the time during recovery just to soothe her.
I'm still tackling her itchy skin; she has regular baths in oatmeal water (porridge oats in the leg of a pair of tights, hung under a running tap) and I wash her in Oilatum daily shampoo for eczema which helps enormously.
She's had two trips to the groomers. It will probably be a long while before we can trim her head properly. Whatever happened in her previous life has left her with great fears relating to having anything done to her head and neck,so we are slowly, ever so slowly indeed, desensitising her to human touch on the head and neck. We go at her pace at all times. Initially I could not even iron in front of her as the sight of the cord made her freeze and then bolt.It was heartbreaking.
She is becoming more confident with strangers in the park; initially she was extremely scared, her bark was terrifying though! Now she's approaching people, quite happily most of the time. I've just chatted to people as much as I can and kept Coco close by so she can see good human and dog interaction. We give her lots of time to stand back and assess the situation before she approaches any group - it's her choice to say hello or give anyone a wide berth.
When we first took her outside, she was simply overwhelmed, but slowly in the last six months she's realised that the park is a great adventure !
I took her to an enclosed tennis court daily for a fortnight on a long line to teach her recall, which she picked up very very quickly. It's almost perfect - but she has now discovered squirrels. Nothing is more attractive than a squirrel so, you know, you pick your battles! Watching her prey drive emerge is a joy.
We love that she is part of our little gang. We will continue to do whatever we can to make sure she has the best life possible. She is an utter joy, so gentle and brave. And today, for the first time, I came home from a short trip to the shops and she wagged her tail at the sight of me. I am completely honoured!
Kind regards
Zoe, Scott
IzzyBear and Coco Keegan


Hi everyone
Here is Daisy with her adopted brother Beau both adoptions from your fabulous centre, she has been with us a week tomorrow, and is a joy, she has such a lovely nature and has settled in really well, our gorgeous boy who we adopted in February this year has fallen in love with her, we are looking forward to them growing up together, Daisy is currently 15 weeks and Beau is 11 months, both playful and mischievous and loved by all who meet them. Thank you for letting her into our lives, I have attached a couple of pictures of her first day in her new home. Best wishes Marian and Paul


Please see recent pictures of our lovely Boyce (MT Fozzy Bear). He has grown into such a gentle, loving boy. He spends a lot of time with this big newfie sister Cassie, they are always lying within a few inches of each other when relaxing. He likes to play ball with his collie x brother Trigger, but is never quick enough and if he is, hasn’t quite got to grips with dropping it :).
If you remember he had quite bad rickets: we got him x-rayed at 1 year as recommended, he still has a limp, unfortunately this turned out to be severe elbow dysplasia, but its only on one leg and he manages really well at the moment. This was devastating news for us initially because we know he will eventually get arthritis and pain in the opposite leg at some point, but as for now, he is happy and playful and we limit excessive expertise for him.
He loves a brush (which is good because he needs a weekly groom with his thick coat!) and at night he wedges himself between me and Charlie on the sofa to get the most possible fuss until he gets too hot. I really can’t emphasise enough what a lovely boy he is!

kind regards
Tina Evans


Hi everyone,
I thought that it was about time I let you know how Fudge is getting on with us up here in the North East. She is an absolute joy to have around and so funny!!! Now that she has been with us for a while her character is starting to show through. She's such a joy to take for a walk; so happy and as you can see from the pictures, she is very nosey investigating every bush just in case there is someone to play with in there. She embraces every area of her new life, grandchildren, freedom to come in and out of the house as she wants, regular walks in the countryside and a big comfy bed to stretch out and sleep in as well as scrumptious treats. The garden is her territory and woe betide any of the local wildlife should they dare to visit!!
The funniest thing is that she loves to watch wildlife programmes on the TV - watching avidly as the animals pass across the screen then searches the house to find where they have gone to when they disappear. And she's very pushy when it comes to getting cuddles - in fact she is on the sofa next to me right now and keeps trying to push her head into the keyboard to get my attention! A visit to the pub on Sundays for lunch is often the treat of the week because she gets such a lot of fuss and she's so very well behaved.
This girl has brought so much joy to our lives - we are so lucky to have her so thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
We send our very best wishes to all of you.
Clive and Noreen O'Leary and Fudge xx

I would just like to give you another update on Hollie, it must be over a year since I last sent you an email letting you know of her progress. We are now 1 year and 8 months into having had this special little dog in our lives and some of the steps she has made are amazing. Her recall when off the lead puts most dogs to shame, she sits on command and will just sit patiently if we go out for a pub lunch and are sitting in the pub garden, so many people have commented on how well behaved she is and can't believe it when we tell them she's a rescue dog and tell them of her terrible past.
We now run a franchise called "Animals at Home " we board dogs in our home and offer pet related services, this has really helped with Hollies progress as she is mixing and interacting with different dogs on a daily basis and is learning from their behaviour and is becoming a lot more confident in and out of the house as a result. One of her favourite places is the beach, she loves getting her paws wet but isn't quite brave enough to go in for a swim! Keep up the good work!


Ruby arrived home with us on Thursday, she was very scarred and nervous and backed away at every opportunity. Since arrival only 4 days ago she is settling nicely although still nervous she now will let you stroke her and on occasions will play with toys . She will take treats from our hands and is now asking to go out into our enclosed rear yard and better still asking to come back In. Some of the above is due to her new sister (our other Scottie) Ginny. Ruby is starting to learn from Ginny about trust and more importantly to them treats. I will keep you posted as Ruby progresses and gets used to her new slaves, Sarah and I.
Kind Regards Paul


We first had Blue (previously Igloo) in May 2017, our first dog since moving into our own home. We fell in love with him instantly, it took a while to build his confidence with my partner but now he loves a lazy afternoon on the sofa with us both! Six weeks later we could see there was still one Pomski left on many tears website and couldn't resist to get a friend for Blue to play with. We made inquires and two days later we brought her home. Bambi (previously Kadja) is still very timid but has settled into the family! It is lovely to see them both play together and the funny little characters they both are! They have so much energy when out on walks in the park but are also happy to chill with us in the evening time! They have made great friends with other family dogs and it has been so lovely to watch them settle into a loving home! We really are lucky to have them! Love hearing all the other happy ending for these dogs! Thanks Brooke and Ben

Hi All,
Thought we would give you a quick update on Poppy’s progress - was Proof, who we welcomed in to our family on July 30th.
From the timid little girl, afraid of her own shadow, we now have a boisterous happy girl who lives her sister and family dearly.
She is still very nervous around strangers and new places, but is coming on leaps and bounds! Which is very appropriate as that is what she loves to do when we take her over to the fields for walkies.
Thanks ever so much for all the hard work you guys have done and continue to do for lovely puppies and doggies like our Poppy

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