Happy Endings - November 2023


Hi all at Many Tears
We picked up a gorgeous cocker spaniel from you on Sunday called Laa-Laa, who we have renamed Pepper, and thought you’d like a little update on how she is doing. Pepper is amazing, she has settled in with us really well so far. She gets on great with our other three dogs, is sleeping solidly at night in her cosy bed and has been playing with toys and chewing bones. On Wednesday I took her for her first walk, just a short one around where we live. She did brilliantly, even though there are lots of new sights and sounds for her to get used to. She loves having a run and a sniff in our garden too, and it’s a joy to see her having fun.
Yesterday she had a thorough check over with our vet, and they confirmed the presence of cataracts in both her eyes. They are referring her to an Ophthalmologist for us, so we can find out if she will be a candidate for surgery to remove the cataracts and give her her sight back, which we desperately want to do for her. This morning she had zoomies with one of our other dogs called Willow, and they were playing together and having so much fun - she actually barked for the first time since we have had her! She will be having her first groom in the next few days, with one of our friends who will be very gentle with her.
Every day feels a bit emotional for my husband and I, as we see Pepper relax even more and gain confidence in her new home. She is such a lovely dog, we feel so blessed to have found her and are over the moon that she is now part of our family.
I’ve included some photos below of Pepper with our other dogs; Pepper on her first walk with us; and fast asleep having cuddles.
Thank you for all you do, she is our first rescue dog from Many Tears but I hope she won’t be our last!


Tizzy has been with us a year yesterday, she has settled in really well and gets on well with our other little dog Honey. She loves her walks and gets so excited when the lead comes out and crawls across the room on her stomach, she likes to be in charge of the lead and takes Honey for walk round the garden. Her tail wags constantly and she follows me everywhere, she is a gentle sweet little girl and we are lucky to have her. Many thanks and keep up the good work.
Linda and Terry Harper


Katie (was Katryn) joins Lucy and Cerys (was Biscoff) definitely part of the gang after 3 weeks.


We rescued Nellie back in September and she has her forever home with her step brother and step sister. She has settled in very well and is a joy to have and see her develop with Henry her step brother. She loves to play with him and she follows him everywhere. She is very nosey and loves people. She has been to the beach and still not sure about going to deep into the water however she likes the local stream near where we live, we are very glad we have her and she brings so much joy to us. We have rescued other dogs in the past and they all have their own unique characteristics. Lee and Tracey


Hello to everyone at Many Tears
We wanted to give you an update on Otto (previously Isaac). Otto now has been with us for just over 2 months, and what a wonderful time this has been. We lost our beloved Hector (also an ex-Many Tears dog) in April at the fantastic age of 18. His loss hit us so badly that it took us a few months before we felt ready to have another dog, while at the same time recognising that our other dog Buster really missed his brother and needed a canine companion. So on a very rainy Saturday at the end of August, we made our way to Many Tears, with an open mind as to who would be our new family member, the main consideration being that Buster would get on well with his new sister or brother.
Otto (or Isaac as was then his name) was in an isolation section, having been neutered the previous day, so we only noticed him by chance. But as soon as we saw him, we knew he was 'the one' for us, and we reserved him there and then, following which, we brought him home 2 days later, fitting in a successful meeting with Buster in between.
Having been informed that Otto had never previously lived in a house, we were prepared for - and expecting a possibly lengthy period of adjustment - but we've been amazed at how quickly he adjusted in every single way (getting used to us, housetraining, travelling in the car, walking with a harness; sleeping at night, and so on). He really is the most fabulous little man and, although small in size, he has a BIG personality. Put very simply, he has brought so much light, fun, laughter, happiness and love into our home. He has settled so well that it feels like he has always been her and, importantly, Buster clearly loves his new little brother and Otto simply adores Buster.
I've attached some photos of Otto, along with his big brother, and the one of Otto on his own shows him looking very smart and grown up just after his first haircut, which he had just before his 2nd birthday in October.
Thank you so much Many Tears for the wonderful work that you do, and for making our family complete once again.
With best wishes Otto and family


It has been 2 years since we adopted Polly (MA Fall) and over 4 years since we adopted Basil, (MA Yellow). They are both wonderful dogs and great fun to be with. This year we moved to Dorset, near the sea and with a lovely large garden and they are having a wonderful time. Many thanks to Many Tears and to the foster carer Kim who have always been so helpful. Patsy

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