Happy Endings - November 2018


Hi Many tears, i thought I'd send an update on little Rickie. When she arrived in September of 2017 she was terrified of all things, she would cower in fear when anyone approached her, especially men. She would bolt and hide behind the sofa when my step father entered the room. She'd never been hand fed before and was even scared of this! She knew nothing of being loved and living in a home, She has been left with some more long term fears such as reflections and seeing people through windows. She also has nightmares to which she will be screaming in her sleep. However she wakes up to lots of cuddles in a nice warm and cosy human bed next to her mummy, she realises that she is safe and snuggles back up next to us and falls to sleep.

She will let my step father pick her up, cuddle her and she even plays with him now. She is the most funny, beautiful and kind little dog, even with all her fears she's never shown any aggression towards other humans or dogs. She has brought so much happiness, love and fun into our lives and we could not possibly adore her more. Thank you so much for helping us find and bring home our perfect little girl, she will be loved infinitely.
India, Jo and Nick.


This is a little update on Olive (was Poppy)

Well.. What can I say about Olive. After losing my special little dog Leyna in January I was broken and felt so empty. After visiting many tears in March a saw Olive in the kennel and Instantly knew she would be coming home with me, I filled in the application form while in the car on my way home from the centre. She has given me so much joy, She is one of the the most amazing dogs I have ever met. After losing my precious Leyna I never thought I would find a dog to fill her shoes, But olive has done that. she has filled a hole in my heart and brought so much happiness to the family.
She loves coming to help us look after our horses and run around our acres behind the house, She's also figured out how fun balls are! She follows me around like a shadow and never leaves my side.
Thank you many tears for helping me find my soul mate and my best friend. My life is so improved with this little angel.


We adopted Pumpkin on 23rd October 2018 and collected her from her foster mum Fran. I have kept in touch with Fran and she said that I should email and update you. I would like to thank Many Tears for rescuing her, she is such a sweet little soul and definitely a mummy’s girl.
it shows that everything happens for a reason. We originally applied to adopt Hench, however we had a holiday booked and it was agreed that it would not be the right time. MT were great and said if we wanted to adopt when we got back we could email save filling out the form from scratch. We had been looking to adopt for some time and I would like to praise the staff at MT. It must be a difficult job however correspondence and enquiries have always been dealt with promptly. Some rescues didn’t even acknowledge our applications.
Unfortunately I became ill and we had to cancel our holiday to Spain. My husband, daughter and I were all very disappointed however the same day I saw a post that Fran had put on Facebook about Pumpkin and we fell in love. We applied to adopt her the following day.
She is still nervous and scared of a lot of things however she comes to me for reassurance and walks beautifully on a lead. We had cracked house training however the fireworks were very traumatic for her and we have taken a little step back. She has been with us 3 weeks and we can’t imagine our life without her. We have already been on a short break in Malvern to a doggy friendly hotel and her behaviour was exemplary.
We have enrolled her at doggy daycare as she becomes anxious when I am out of the house even when my husband and daughter are at home. She gets on well with all of the dogs and I’m told Pumpkin is the first dog to go there to be socialised with people. The day care is fantastic, they are assessors for the animals in hospitals scheme and are very well regarded. It’s like having another child. I put as much research into where would be best for Pumpkin as I did nursery and school for my daughter :-). Thank you again for everything that MT do.
Kind regards
Theresa Lim-McCulloch


It's been 2 years since we drove down to pick up little Decon, now Kara (front in all 3 photos) from Maria, her foster carer in Southampton. From day one she has been a fun loving bundle of energy and has developed into a confident, happy, mischievous little girl. She gets on brilliantly with her adoptive older sister Elita and together they have been nicknamed 'The White Devils'. Since then we have moved home and she now lives in Nantgaredig, Carmarthenshire, just a couple of miles from Many Tears HQ where she loves to play chase with her sister, go for walks and run free on the local beach. She recently went back to pay a visit on the Open Day where she completed the obstacle course in a creditable 9 seconds, although she did cheat by running under the hurdles.
Thank You for all the good work Many Tears. We have enjoyed fun and laughter with Kara and can't imagine being without her.
Rosemary Morris and Neale Marsh


I'm sure most wait more than a day to e mail you but I think there were a few concerned people at Many Tears yesterday leaving Poppy (she wascalled Prudence) go, as she was so nervous and has an infection
She didn't stop shaking for the first few hours but after a night on the couch with my wife we awoke to find a happy and "very" energetic girl.
Wil our 2 year old springer loves her. Thank you all for your efforts yesterday and lets hope the antibiotics do the trick.

Best wishes,
Paul, Sharon and boys.


Two very special girls came into our lives on 15th September 2018, they are amazing, so loving, devoted to eachother and have settle into our family beyond belief, we are so proud, and can't thank Many Tears enough!


I first adopted an ex breeding girl from MTR in October 2015. I called her Charlie (Valerie), she took to me from the first moment we arrived home and when I went to bed and lay reading she snuggled her chin into my neck. Unfortunately she died six months later despite all efforts to save her and I thought my heart would break. My other Cav Chiko missed her desperately too so when Anne-Louise contacted me and asked if I would take another it didn't take me long to decide.
Poppy is so different from Charlie. Her experiences have affected her much more deeply and although she is comfortable with me and accepts being stroked by others if she is approached slowly and on her terms. I've had her for two and a half years now. When she came she was filthy and smelled awful after having to lay in her own excrement. She had had some teeth taken out but lost fourteen more when I took her to the vet as the pain was stopping her eating, she was terribly thin, her tummy and teats were dragging on the floor, she had untreated dry eye and she cowered from me. I'm so glad I took her. Chiko senses when she is stressed and goes to her and kisses her.
She sleeps on my bed with me and Chiko, she follows me everywhere and I can't shut a door for example when I go into the bathroom as she cries and scratches at the door and I don't want her upset. I have added some pictures of her now. She's even got used to being groomed!! To anyone thinking of adopting one of these dogs I would say it's not easy and not for the faint hearted. You have to have endless patience and understanding but it is so rewarding and you will be giving some quality of life to a dog who has never known love.


My name is Tom Potter and my family decided to adopt a second dog a couple of months ago. We heard about Many Tears at a groomers and knew we had to check it out. After some thought and unsuccessful local applications, we decided to head to the rescue centre in Wales. We brought our dog for a meet and greet and within 10 minutes of our tour we fell in love with the most beautiful little girl, our Bichon Reeba, sat in her little red knitted jumper, and knew she would fit right in to our lives.
A successul meet and greet saw the two dogs getting along wonderfully so we had to adopt her. Our beautiful girl settled in instantly and was sleeping on my bed under my arm from the first night. She's become my best friend, and always greets me with a big cuddle.
Our other bichon cross comes in and snuggles up next to her too. Our family just wants to say a massive thank you to Many Tears for bringing a new family member into our lives, we love her to pieces.

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