Happy Endings - November 2022

Just to say again, we cannot say enough about the work you are doing, we now have adopted another Pom - Nelly (was Noun) collected last week, fitting in we with our other many tears Poms (Noomi - was Delsha now with us for 3 years, and Ciara - was Jade with us for 2 years)
Little Nelly is finding her new life fun, and although half the size of the others looks like she will be challenging for top dog in the next few months and years!!
The foster carer was very thorough, helpful and pleasant about the adoption process, so another good experience, let's hope more people help by taking these rescues, but to bear in mind it can take months and years to truly settle them in, our Noomi after 3 years only now let's us kiss her on the nose, patience is important, do not adopt if you are thinking you are getting a cheap dog -your patience will be rewarded ten fold if you show love and patience! (Enclosed photo -Nelly is the small one on the left)


We were so lucky to re-home Cupcake, now Ivy, in September this year. She had been brought into the centre as an unsold terrier cross puppy with her sister, Coffee cake. It was hard to understand how such a beautiful puppy had come to need rehoming. Ivy settled in as soon as we got her home and although she is a little timid in new situations, she has brought us so much joy. She shows off with daily zoomies in the garden and around the house and loves exploring the woods and fields off her lead most days! She passed her puppy training course with flying colours and is keen to learn new tricks, especially where food is involved. We all love Ivy to bits and it's like she's been with us forever! Thank you Many Tears for all you did for Ivy and for choosing us to be her new family. We love her very much. Wendy and family.


Meg came into our lives in September 2022 – and what a joy she has been! She settled in to our home as though she had always been there, bringing such a calm and chilled out approach to life that even my slightly hyper 10 year old sprocker (Dottie) has visibly calmed and our 14 year old Westie Daisy has found a new lease of life with this interesting new addition to the pack.
Dottie taught Meg about house training, showed her what fun lakes, rivers and the sea can be, and how to retrieve balls. Meg, trotting up confidently to say hello to every dog we meet on our walks, taught Dottie not to be afraid of any of them. Having been attacked in the past, Dottie had always been wary of some. Everyone loves Meg and she takes all attention and fuss in her stride. It has been an absolute joy to watch her enjoy all the experiences her new life has to offer and we feel blessed to have found her. Thank you so much Many Tears!


Hi all Wanted to give you an update. We were lucky enough to adopt Hippo (now Elsa) at the end of April this year. Although extremely timid at first, she has come on in leaps and bounds. Her confidence is growing every day, and there’s nothing she won’t give a try.
Loved her visit to the seaside in the summer and exploring the woods and the fields with her new brother Dexter the retriever. She’s very good at bringing him back when he goes too far in front!
She has such a sweet and loving nature, following us about everywhere, and loves to cuddle on the sofa in the evening and playfight with Dexter, who she is now inseparable from.
Thank you so much, we love her to bits.
Linda and Martin x


Here's an update of Gwens progress, from day one. She has been very lively and quite a challenge! She has made herself at home and enjoys lots of cuddles. At first Gwen didn't feel confident going outside reacting to almost every sound and sight now after 7 weeks she loves her walks and is confident enough to go exploring in our local wood off her lead. Gwen still has problems with separation, which we are working on and her lead work is not great but its getting there. From when we first brought her home she has improved no end but there is still plenty of ongoing work!

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