Happy Endings - November 2021


Dear Sylvia and team
Last Monday we were very lucky to adopt Isla (Olivia) into our family.
As a week has gone by we thought we would share some photos and video of how she has settled into our home.
Our resident dog Cerys (adopted from you in March 2020) has welcomed Isla and now shares a crate with her at night. Isla is starting to be interested in playing with Cerys and is helping herself to the toys in the box. Cerys shares well.
Her appetite is good and her coat is growing back nicely.
We were so sorry to hear of the devastation that storm Arwen brought and if we lived closer we could have helped with the clear up. It was lovely to see the video showing the progress today. Our thoughts are with you.
We feel privileged to have had the opportunity to adopt two dogs from you.
Here are the photos and video, we are happy for you to put updates on the website.
With best wishes
Jude and Steve


Immediately we saw Fall on the website we knew she was the right dog for us. We missed our beautiful collie Peggy so much we had to have another beautiful girl. After all grief is love with nowhere to go. She is such a loving girl with all those wonderful collie characteristics, lively and playful and into everything! She has settled in remarkably quickly and has learned to live in a home as if that is where she had always been.
Poor Basil (formerly Yellow) was a little overwhelmed at first but now they happily play together and he lets her know when she goes too far. And the name Polly? So many people suggested Sibyll because Basil is named after Basil Fawlty but we couldn’t live with that! So she is named after the maid. We are looking forward to lots of fun times with her.
Thank you Many Tears,
Patsy and Rob Jacobs


We have had Bodhi (MT Broccoli) for just over 2 weeks now. He has been absolutely perfect! He is a huge goofball and makes us laugh all day. He loves to cuddle up to me and loves sleeping on his back with his tongue out. He does well with his toilet training and loves his kitten siblings, he had his first puppy class last week and he did amazing! He made friends right away and was super confident, i honestly can't imagine life without him now. Thankyou!


We adopted Cassie from you last December and she has certainly become part of our family. She was an ex breeding Westie and has progressed so well. She gets on well with our Scottie and all other dogs, plus she even loves the rescue cat we got recently. I wish more people would adopt these ex breeding dogs, they have such lovely natures and it’s not their fault they have a rough start in life. Originally a nervous and anxious dog, it’s been so rewarding to see her playful, cheeky side come out. Cassie is our 2nd rescue Westie and we can’t thank you enough for letting us have her.


Hi Many Tears this is an update about Ally (now Penny) who we collected from you in February in a very sad state. Thank you for all your hard work in taking these poor dogs in.We got Penny home and absolutely everything was terrifying for her. She was like a bird and kept running into the patio doors as she had obviously never been anywhere with glass before which was very distressing for all of us.
Our other schnauzer Baz has been very kind and gentle with her. She has learnt so much from him already including mastering the stairs, jumping onto a stool to get onto the sofa etc etc. We have given her all the space and patients she has needed to settle in.
We carried her out with us on walks for the first couple of months and eventually we managed to get her to walk on a lead. She has come on leaps and bounds and now happily walks loosely on an extended lead going up to other people and their dogs. As soon as the alarm goes off in the morning we get jumped all over. She's so excited she's like a puppy chewing our hands, licking our faces and often nipping parts that shouldn't be nipped as we try to get out of bed.
She is such a pleasure we have a long way to go but Penny is amazing in how she has progressed and managed to overcome her fears.
Thank you for allowing us the privilege of having her as a member of our family. We look forward to many happy years together.
Thank you all for all your hard work and kindness.
Hilary Cargill


Dear Many Tears Team,
I just thought I'd send you an update on Itsy and Spider who we adopted from you at the end of August this year. Since adopting them we've renamed them Sophie and Sasha. Both girls have settled in really well. They love their walks and walk nicely on the lead. Sophie is good off-lead ... Sasha can be but easily gets distracted, she's got so much energy it's lovely to see her run.
They have brought us so much pleasure since we've had them , they really are two very loving girls and a joy to have around.
Thank you so much for letting us adopt them.


Thankyou for letting me adopt Ellie, she and Betty who l adopted from you 18 months ago are firm friends supporting one another, snuggling up together at night and bossing me around.
When Ellie came to us she had no hair on her back very saggy tummy skin and nipples virtually touching the ground.
Well look at her now! What a difference 5 months can make.
Thanks for you all and to Margaret her foster mum.


Here we are, a year on from picking up our little rescue from your centre. Meeka is now Darcy and we feel she has been with us for much longer. Our other dog, Honey gets on so well with Darcy and the sight of them playing together is delightful. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to look after a loving, caring and entertaining dog. A current picture is attached of two very contented dogs.
Jim and Gwyn McLaren


Hi, Daisy is doing great, she's had her first check up with the vet and the vet is coming out on Monday to vaccinate her and worm her.
When she gets bored out in the field she comes up to the kitchen to let us know.
She has worked out her snacks are kept in the fridge and nudges the fridge with her nose when she wants some! We have bought her a ball and also a treat ball to play with.
She is more than comfortable trying to become a house goat
She is an absolute treasure


Hello Many Tears
Alice-Ava here (was Alba). Just letting you know how I am since my adoption 3 months ago. It’s been an exciting 3 months in my new life.
I’ve learned to walk on the lead and I no longer live in a crate. I have my sister Rosie, a Bichon, who has welcomed me home after letting me know she’s the boss.
I have been on a few holidays and seen the woods and the beach. I steal things and run off with them and I think my mum likes it as she laughs lots.
I get nervous with new people, especially men but I love my dad very much and follow him everywhere. I still have a few accidents but I’m trying my best.
I love my new life - Thank you for rescuing me. I’m truly living my best life as you can see by my pictures.


Good afternoon,
I am happy to send you these three photographs of our lovely Bess, formerly known as Vera, who is now a healthy and happy dog, making the most of each and every day alongside her companion, Blue. I have also attached the one that you took when we adopted her in March.
Bess is a loyal and faithful dog who loves a walk and a play. She is obedient too and never strays too far from our side, even when she has the opportunity to.
Many thanks for giving us the opportunity to be her forever home,
Geoff and Joanne


Can't believe it is a year since we collected "Jamie" from you. He has settled into our home really well. He is outgoing and loves to meet other dogs (whatever their size) out on our twice-daily walks. He is very vocal when he wants to play and absolutely loves his toys. He has decided his favourites are two squeaky elephants (which he can track down even if we hide them away).
He is very good at having ointment in his eyes - the treats that follow probably help! He really gelled quickly with his house 'brother' "Freddie" (adopted from Many Tears in 2014 when he was known as Emmett). They have a strong bond and love cuddling up on the sofa together.
Many thanks for trusting us with Jamie after your tremendous work bringing him back from the brink. He is the picture of health and happiness now! I have attached some pics that are typical of him (and Freddie).
The Todd family from Dorset


Hi Lando is the new name we gave to Jumbo, he has settled in really well, he loves Carlos our older Ruby Cavalier and is starting to trust us, especially me as I prepare his food.
I have attached a few pictures of him which were taken in his first week with us, I will send more as he develops.
Thank you so much for matching him to us, we love him so much he is a pleasure to have around, he is still terrified of the outside except for the patio where he runs round with his tail wagging because he feels safe. We have not started to lead train him yet will give him more time to settle in, maybe just let him have the harness on for an hour or two some days.
Kind Regards

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