Happy Endings - April 2023


We adopted Margot (previously known as Edith) from many tears on Easter Sunday. Margot was very scared and shy of her surroundings when we collected her. Nearly a month on, Margot is enjoying life with her big brother, she loves going on walks, treats and snuggling up in her bed. Margot is so loving and has really come out of her shell since having her. We can’t wait to give Margot a life full of love and happiness, thankyou to all at many tears.


Just a quick update to say how well Teddy is doing. Although he hasn’t got all his toes it doesn’t seem to make any difference to his life. He’s such a lovely boy, confident and friendly with everyone including our cat. Living his best life and is our world.


We’ve now had Morris (was Peyton) a year and he’s gone from being a scared shutdown pup to a happy, thriving and affectionate springer! He’s now whistle trained, good off lead and has loved pet gun dog training - although coming back from chasing a squirrel still a work in progress! While he still has his fears he’s really grown and is a much loved addition to our family, which I hope you can see from the photos. Thank you for letting us have this lovely boy! Best wishes The Jeynes family


Bella (was Gabby) joined our family on May 8th 2022. When we first got her, she didn’t trust humans initially, she couldn’t walk on a lead and was not potty trained. She was shy and timid and very quiet. Over the first couple of months she found her voice and her playful side- she plays like a puppy. She now can’t get enough cuddles, loves playing with her sisters and loves to walk. Our sweet Bella has made our lives so much better and now we can’t imagine life without her. Thank you many tears for bringing her in our lives
Jasmine Hopcutt


Oscar is such a loving, happy, crazy, energetic (mischievous) dog, I could go on forever...... Life without him would be unimaginable.


We adopted Winnie (Nifty) from you guys on the 5th February 2023. When seeing her for the first time, she was absolutely petrified of us, she didn’t know our intentions, and that was clear from her behaviour. She lay very low to the ground, to act invisible, she would cower and flinch when approached. But the one thing she was okay with, was our other dog Kobe. She attached herself to him immediately, wherever he went, she went. She found confidence, and became a lot more comfortable in our house through him. She has learnt how to play with toys, she goes up to the toy basket and chooses which toy she wants to play with. She LOVES the sea, any kind of water and she is in it, her golden retriever side definitely coming out. Despite the sad way she entered the world, she is the most loving, affectionate girl and wants nothing more than to be stroked and loved. Adopting her has changed our lives for the better. Seeing her so happy every single day, makes rescuing worth it. Rachel and Morgan xxx


l can't believe it's been 1 year in my new home and what a fantastic home and mother l have got. l go for lovely walks and meet my pals, a few of them are from you too. l sleep on the bed with my mam and eat lots of good food and play with lots of toys!! l didn't know what toys were before my mam showed me how to play with them. What a great life l have now, my mam and l love each other so much. We have rescued 4 dogs from you 2 labs - Holly and jess, Bella - king charles and now Lucy.
Keep up the great work, Thank you Helen.


We lost our beautiful girl Coco after a very short but devastating illness cancer took our baby girl and broke our hearts into millions of pieces, every day was a struggle without her. Then we saw Izzy (was Glo) on Many Tears foster site on Facebook, there was an instant light being switched on cannot explain it but something told us we just had to apply for this little girl. And a week later Izzy was in our home with her new brofurs exploring her new surroundings. She is confident, funny, loving and most of all she is happy and content. She zooms around the garden with Dave our cockapoo, she is helping to heal our broken hearts. Still wary of new people but time will soon sort that out. Lots of adventures ahead for this beautiful little girl including a trip to Scotland in May! I hope she soon forgets her bad start in life and realises not all humans are bad. We love her. Thank you.
Carol, Bec, and her new fur brothers Dave and Harry not forgetting Freddie the African Grey Parrot who she is very amused at when he talks.


Dear Many Tears
We adopted Pansy 5 weeks ago now and she has settled in so well to her new home. We think she must have lived in a house at some point as she doesn't seem to mind noises in the house and is house trained which is brilliant. She has been enjoying lots of walks in the woods and the beach and lots of cuddles especially on the sofa. She is such a sweet dog we love her very much and are so pleased we were able to adopted her.
Thank you!
Elizabeth Marshall


Thank you so much for the work you did to allow Charlotte to have a happy life. We have named her Lucy and I have enclosed a couple of pictures of her and our other dog Wookee, they are inseparable. She allows my husband and myself to stroke her and takes treats from our hands. She goes for walks in the park and on the beach But always on the harness. We have had her for 20 days and love her so much.
Thank you all and especially Jacqui her foster carer for all the help she gave us.
Forever grateful
Pat, Len, Wookee and Lucy.

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