Happy Endings - April 2018


Negrita has now been with us for 2 weeks, she's settled in beautifully and is much adored. We are all enjoying long walks with her in the local countryside and children are delighted to roll out of bed early to walk with her before school. She has settled into her new routine as if she has always been part of our family, she has a lovely nature, so friendly with children and other dogs.

She's very athletic (she loves chasing squeaky toys and wild animals if given half a chance) she's an incredible jumper so we're looking into agility training with her.
She's already got the hang of house training and she'll lie in her bed in the kitchen whilst we eat- which we couldn't have imagined when she arrived 2 weeks ago, as she leapt around at the sight of food or drinks!

My hubby and I had a West Highland Terrier from a puppy for 13 years and then he died - I was devastated and knew after a few months I had to get another one, as our house seemed so empty - so we went and got our Rex ( from a breeder) but it wasn’t the same - he wasn’t as affectionate as our previous one plus in the meantime I joined a few doggy websites and started to learn about how dogs are kept for breeding and some of the conditions they had lived in ( I’ll be honest I’d never even thought about it before) It was clear that Rex needed a doggy pal and I knew from then on we would only ever rescue again - that’s when a friend told me of Many Tears and I looked into it and went on the website where I couldn’t believe how many dogs there were with their sad eyes - the minute I saw Abi ( MT Abigail) I loved her - that’s how we became a two dog family - we picked up Abi a short time after applying - and we are now a year down the line - it’s been hard at times and upsetting to see her so frightened of so many things but people being her main fear ( which isn’t surprising) but we’ve taken it slow - booking secure fields, not rushing her with anything - and gradually she has improved - and her confidence has grown - she loves her toys - our Rex adores her and so do we - we call her Miss Fluffy Ears and we are so so happy that she is here with us and we now can’t imagine life with out her - thank you Many Tears for completing our family


Dear Many Tears
Just thought I would update you on Diamond - who I have now called Sam. He has settled in and has the run of the houses and gardens but I have not let him free up the field yet.
He has got a lot more relaxed in the car when I take him out for a walk - for the first 2 weeks he was shaking like a leaf in the crate - but now he has realised he comes home each time all is well.
Although we have had a few ups and downs between my bitch Frisbee and Sam while they have been getting used to each other, they are also having lovely games where Sam gives Frisbee kissy nibbles on her checks - she thinks this is rather alright!
I hope you like the photos
Best wishes to you all
Sian Davies


We adopted Molly (Mammy) in June 2013 and Grace (Gloria) in September2017. Molly fitted in to our lives like she'd always lived with us. Grace took a little longer because she was scared of everything and still is worried about somethings but she's made marvellous progress and we love them both dearly so if anyone is thinking of adopting then I'd say go for it you won't be disappointed


Thank you Many Tears for allowing us to adopt Amber was Amble two years ago today.
She is an absolute delight and has made our house complete again. We had lost our last little pooch 3 years before and when Amber came home we realised what the house had been missing.
The first picture is the day we brought her home, the she paid a visit to the groomer a couple of days later, and the third picture is her getting used to home comforts!
Three months later we adopted little Ruby and they are just delightful.
Thank you again for all work you do in giving these little furbabies the chance of a happy life.

TED (Was Ralph)

We collected Ted from his foster mum Steph in January. From Day One he was a confident lad and settled in to his new home very readily and made friends with our other dog, Swift, the Gordon setter. He can walk for Britain and he is definitely a large dog in a little body! He has brought fun back into our lives after the loss of our English Setter who was a very poorly boy throughout his life.
Ted did have to have 8 teeth extracted when we first got him as they were hanging out of his little gums but this has not affected his healthy appetite! We have had dogs for 40 years but have never had a small one...Ted proves just what we have been missing!
Next month he is joining us on holiday in Anglesey...can't wait to see him hit those beaches!!
Thanks MTR for our little boy Ted!


Hi everyone . These are a couple of pictures of our amazing girl Jas (formerly Nora) . We have had Jas for 7 months now and what a special dog she is becoming. I can't pretend it has all been plain sailing we have had some challenging issues, but are working our way through them and have overcome many of them. Her favourite pastime is chasing a ball in the park, Fly ball here we come!!! She is a year old now so can start slowly jogging with her dad (who is a marathon runner) First dog to run the London, who knows.
Thank you so much Many Tears for all your selfless work without which our lovely girl wouldn't have stood a chance. Also a big thank you to all the foster carers, especially Lisa from Northampton. Jas thanks you as well.

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