Happy Endings - April 2019


Hello, I thought I would let you know how I'm doing in my new home. Well, the answer is - really well! I was rehomed at the end of January 2019 and was very frightened and scared then. I nearly missed seeing my new owners when they came to Many Tears as I was too nervous to greet them. In my kennel there were some Bichon Frises and they all leapt out of bed to see who was standing looking at them, but I could only manage a quick peep from the back of my run. I hadn't got the courage to go any further and when Geri picked me up, I shook all over. She told my new owners that I was 'shut down' and she wasn't sure what had happened to me.
Later in the day my people came back and with Joyce's help found me sitting in in the sand school, feeling very sad. One of them picked me up and cuddled me, but I couldn't look at them. A few days later the same people came back to collect me and took me to the West Wales coast where they lived. I didn't know where I was going and was sick in the car and trembling.
The good news is that I'm a 'different dog' now, whatever that means. That's what I keep being told! I'm still a pint sized Labrador though, with very short legs. My owners think my dad was a dachshund but I don't know who he was. My tail wags a lot and I love bouncing about and playing with all my toys. My new best friend is a Norfolk terrier who I live with and she's a very friendly kind dog and has shown me what to do, like going to the toilet outside, walking on a lead and coming when I am called. She even let's me sleep in her bed sometimes, although I have a comfy bed all of my own.
I love going for walks! My favourite thing (apart from food!) is running on the beach, but walking in woods comes a close second. I even like travelling in the car now and have just come back from staying in a cottage in Lincolnshire, which was good fun.
A big thank you to everyone at Many Tears for taking care of me and helping me find a new beginning. I am a very happy, contented dog now and I can trust people once more. My owners say it's been very rewarding having me and want to add their thanks too, with special thanks to Gerri, Joyce and Gill the homechecker.
Best wishes to you all, Luna heart


We adopted Lottie on the 3rd March this year. What a perfect match she has turned out to be. She has fit in so well with us and our sprocker Tally.

She is still relaxing into home life but is doing amazingly well for just 8 weeks along.
Very glad many tears advised having a crate in the car as she darts out the boot so fast, it would be impossible to keep her safe without it.
She loves her walks but equally her cuddles and has been on her first caravan holiday, which she loved.
Every morning we wake to find a collection of toys and clothing on our landing which she takes to bed every night. (I think, she thinks it's her puppies, as that's all she's known)
She's an absolute delight and we can't thank Many Tears enough for letting these dogs have their chance to be loved and enjoy life after being used for breeding. Lottie makes me smile every day. ??

FYNN (MT Pride) and CALI (MT Bliss)

After a trip to Many Tears Animal Rescue in September 2017 to meet the dogs and narrow down our lists of potential new babies for our family we fell in love with every dog there. Cuddles were had, tears were shed, and we returned home with lists doubled in length.

We finally decided on a little black puppy who we met on our visit. He had come over from Ireland as an unsold puppy from a breeder with his two siblings. He was fortunate enough to be fostered by a family not too far from us and after meeting him again we bought him home in the October. It took us a while to decide on a name for him but we finally came up with Fynn.

Since he became part of our family he has certainly tested us, from chasing the cats, whining all the way through puppy training because the other people weren’t saying hello to him, doing his own thing and running off all round the field when taking him to agility (which he is actually great at… but only when he wants to be), and chasing reflections during the summer to name but a few. HOWEVER, we would not change him at all as he is such a cheeky little chap who gives us loads of love and laughter. He is such a joy, always so happy and playful and he even talks to you when you’ve been out especially if you don’t greet him quickly enough.

After a few months we thought it was the right time to get another rescue dog and we saw a beautiful young female who was rescued from a horrible past in Romania which had left her very hand shy and nervous of people. Luckily for us an amazing fosterer offered to foster her so we could take Fynn to meet her without him having the long journey to Wales. Despite Cali being terrified of us to begin with she started to play with the resident dog then Fynn joined in and she seemed to realise we weren’t so scary after all. The visit was a success so Cali then joined our family. They get on so well and are just perfect together – they seem to complement each other and Fynn has certainly helped Cali to gain her trust in humans.

When we first bought Cali home she would run away if you got too close, wouldn’t like anyone walking behind her at all and would run away if you tried to put her lead and harness on. It took a long time, and she is by no means 100% and she may never be, but she is so much better now. She gets excited to see us in the mornings, loves going out for walks, enjoys playing with toys which she now gets out of the toy box herself, has the wiggliest bum and waggy little stump of a tail when she has a fuss made of her, which she now loves. It took 11 months before she would sit on command but wow she does it so well now and looks so proud of herself. She can still be nervous of people and some dogs coming up to her but now has the confidence when out on walks to go up to calm dogs and new people, as long as they don’t try to touch her, and has been getting much braver with taking treats from other local dog owners.

It has been a long road of patience, love and kindness but well worth every moment. Cali is very inquisitive these days and she is getting many compliments from other walkers on how much she has improved and how well behaved she is, in fact she is better behaved than Fynn.

Fynn and Cali are like an old married couple, I don’t think we could’ve found a more compatible pair. From our long country walks, trips out in the snow and recently their first trip to the beach they are brilliant, easy to walk and trot along side by side.

They always say how lucky the dogs are, to see where they’ve come from, but really, we are the lucky ones.

If anyone is considering rehoming a rescue dog please don’t hesitate as it is the most rewarding thing you will ever do.

THANK YOU so much to Sylvia, Bill and all the staff, volunteers and fosterers at Many Tears. Keep up the good work.

Oh and they even have their own Instagram too: @fynnian_cali_
Beverley, Bliss and Bryonie Winder

As promised here is an update for Carla.
She has settled in well, not too keen on walks, more an amble.
She has a wonderful gentle nature and is always wanting to please . She is quite a good guard dog as well.
Loves a good roll on the lawn. Food is her main object, old habits die hard?
Best wishes to all
Ros Hanscombe.


We adopted Butterfly, a 6 month old cross of unknown breeding, in July last year, and renamed her Lyla.

Lyla was very shy and nervous when she first came to live with us. When we first came to see her she had arrived only a few days before from Portugal. She has always been very friendly and has a lovely nature.
Lyla has been attending dog training classes in Carmarthen with Amy Millward Dog Training. She loves her classes, it has helped her gain confidence and given her the opportunity to socialise with other dogs. She has completed her good citizen puppy award and is working towards her Bronze.
Amy also organises puppy play dates, which Lyla loves. She gets to run around and play in a safe environment with her puppy friends.
Lyla has attended a couple of local shows and won a few rosettes, mostly for looking pretty.
Lyla has enjoyed lots of winter beach walks and is very well behaved at local cafes and pubs, where she calmly lays under the table waiting to see if a treat will come her way.
We have 2 holiday cottages attached to our house in Carmarthen, where we welcome our guests to bring their dogs with them. Each cottage has it's own separate garden. Sometimes Lyla gets to say hello to some of our doggie guests, which she absolutely loves.
Liz and Mark Whitlock and Lyla


Hello, I thought I would update you on our darling Betty, (Yorkie) was MT Twisty. We adopted her in April 2018, to be a Sister for our Hannah, was MT Hanna, adopted in May 2014, and Minnie, was MT Olive, (adopted August 2014).
She was a sorry little scrap, painfully thin, no fur on her ears, tail or back, what fur there was, was thin and dry like straw. But, in no time at all, she had fitted in and she and her Sisters became a tight group. At the beginning she clung to them for comfort, which they both found strange, but only for a few days, and they quickly got used to her laying along them.
Her fur grew, so did her personality. She is a darling, and a little beauty, we adore her. She's a very happy little girl, and We are loving having a Yorkie ! Thank you Many tears !
Pat and Chris Shawyer. Leigh on sea, Essex. First pic on left was the day we adopted her, and on the right, as she is now.


This is Callie who was originally called 'California' and was adopted from MT in February 2018. She has just turned 3 and is loving life. She is the most loving and beautiful natured little girl. She was very underweight, had a sore tummy and was also nervous of some men. She had a difficult time prior to MT and this shows up occasionally with her reactions. She is doing so very well and is now the correct weight. She loves toys (especially her 'Hippo') and has learnt how to be a dog and to play and have fun! She has also learnt the famous 'woo-wooing' (from our other dog) that Cockers do! She absolutely craves love, attention and most of all - a tummy rub! Wherever she goes, everyone loves her. Such a beautiful and loving girl - thank you MT for rescuing her and letting us adopt her.

The White family.

Betty was adopted November last year and has adapted very quickly to home life as her personality has blossomed. From day one she attached herself to my heel and has done so ever since although she will now wander further afield on our daily walks. She is 99% house trained, just the rare accident, and being an intelligent young lady, eager to please and a true comedian she is a joy to have around.
Jackie Atherden

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