Happy Endings - April 2020

We brought Pippin home to live with us on the 1st November 2017 when she was two.

You advertised her as Brienne.
As you can see by the attached clip, she is very happy living with us and she is a real start attraction with our grandchildren. We all love her.

Best regards
Don and Liz Turner

Our lovely M.T. Girl Pippy, came into our lives 10/03/19. Terrified, biting, running, hiding from our touch! So skinny and thin wiry fur. 12 months on, beautiful, healthy, happy, trusting little girl who loves cuddles and running in the fields and beach. Difficult times?? Oh yes, very hard times! Worth it? The rewards are immense! Still skitty moments, still has issues, but we would do it all over again.
Thank you Many Tears for rescuing this little girl so we could find her.

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