Happy Endings - April 2022

Tess here,
Just checking in to say thank you for finding me a home in May 2020.
I'm keeping the neighbours in order telling them off when they disturb my naptime on the lawn.
Having a little well earned rest here after a busy morning.
Keep up the good work for doggies like me please.
Love and licks from Tess


Hi Sylvia and MT Team,
I just wanted to send you an update on Sue and let you know that she has settled extremely well into our home and pack and seems to really love it here. She has chosen my son as her main person and they adore each other, she chose to sleep in his room on the bed so she gets some quiet one to one time - but is happy to cuddle with all of us, she loves all the other dogs and cant seem to decide who to play with first most mornings.
She is an absolute joy to have around and a huge character, you cant be miserable when she is around as she just exudes joy and is always so pleased to see you, wagging her entire body if anyone enters the room - we love her so much and cant thank you enough for trusting us with her. Everything I felt I saw in the photos of her in Iraq with War Paws was right, I just knew she was for us, so I’m so thankful you could could see it too.
Many, many thanks.


We want to say thank you to Many Tears for allowing Melon now Hettie into our home. Hettie came home to Cornwall from Wales and the first thing she did was jump on the sofa for a snuggle! She is very bouncy and energetic and absolutely loves her walks on the beach, runs in the fields and meeting other dogs! She also loves the sunshine! Hettie is such a beautiful soul, she is super affectionate her favourite thing is cuddles and spending time with Hugo. We couldn’t have a better pair of dogs! Thank you so much Many Tears for allowing us to give Hettie the life she deserves, we are forever grateful!
Ellen Budge


Please find attached some pictures of our darling little Lulu who we adopted from Many Tears just over two weeks ago and can I say - what a cheeky, affectionate, mischievous and confident little girl she has turned out to be!!!
She is into absolutely everything and she so enjoys life!
My husband and myself don't know how we managed without her!
It's as if she's been here with us forever!! We love her to bits and thank you all at MT for letting us have her!!
Hilary and Mike


Hi all,
Just wanted to thank all there at Many Tears for the amazing work you do and give you an update on Pixie who we adopted just over 3 weeks ago. It's still early days, we were prepared for a rocky settling in time as she had never lived in a home before, but she has totally amazed us with her laid back, loving temperament and well mannered ways. We have re-named her Dolly and are totally in love with her.
Our dog Dexter was a bit woofy with her at the shelter but they are firm friends now and we have had no problems, they love snuggling up together, and swapping beds. House training is going really well, and apart from the odd wee, I think she's got it already!
She also is much better at walking on the lead than Dexter. We have started recall training, which is tricky but only because she hardly leaves our side! She's a total comfort monkey and can hardly believe she is allowed on the sofa and still thinks any scrap of cardboard or material she finds on the floor is her bed. She really is an absolute sweetheart and we adore her. Thanks guys, she is awesome!
The Nash Family


Hi Everyone at MTAR, it’s 8 years ago today since we picked up this lovely (camera shy) girl from you x so today's her 'birthday'!! ...still the happiest dog in the town and still going out gardening every day x !!


I adopted Mabel (was Ruth) on New Years Eve. She has come a long way but still is very shy of humans, although she will now sit next to me on the sofa and let me stroke her ears and chest. Mabel loves her walks but more than anything she loves my other rescue dog Ollie. We spend most days walking on the beach or woods, where she will happily chase Ollie, following his every footstep! I have every hope that she will be sitting on my lap in the next few months!!


I adopted Buffy exactly one week ago. She fitted in so well with Piper(MTR) and Frodo (MTR Camba), both residents 4Paws accepting Buffy and treating her with respect and kindness.
Already Buffy’s character is coming out, she sleeps with Piper and Frodo in the XXL new dog bed in my bedroom, twice during the night she sneaked quietly onto my bed and snuggled closely against me, and spent the night there. Poor girl just wanted security and I was delighted she chose to seek it from me. Her tail wags frequently and already her coat is feeling softer and beginning to shine.
What a beautiful, gentle and kind little girl she is. Frodo loves her and welcomed her to his Harem. It was raining this morning when I let the ‘gang’ out for toilet before breakfast, Buffy was loathe to leave the house…who could blame her in the rain…but eventually did join us.
She is a slow eater so I separate her from Frodo and Piper, who finish their food and would then steal hers, and she lets them. So as I want her to put on weight it is best to feed them separately.
Yesterday I had a meeting, usually I would crate Piper and Frodo but was concerned that with the three there might have been a problem, so let them have the run of the house. The welcome I received from all three was overwhelming what a welcome home and no accidents or damage.
I am so lucky to have three very very special ex breeding dogs, who will know nothing but love, comfort, good food and being spoilt


Hi Many Tears
We adopted Malakai in July last year. He has been such a star and fitted in with our two other rescue Westies.
We’ve loved having him and teaching him new skills and that it’s ok to play and bark. He loves talking to me in the morning when I come downstairs he’s my (new) little shadow.
He’s is so much happier than the sad little boy we brought home. He loves his walks and meeting other dogs. He also loves destroying all the toys we buy and if I’m honest we’ve have to put anything chewable out of his reach but wouldn’t change him for the world.
Mali is on the right with his dads arm around him.
All best and many thanks
Jo and Ian
Hamish, Bea Bea and Mali

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