Happy Endings - April 2021


We adopted Floss (now Peggy). At first she was so excited and into everything - it was sensory overload! Over the last 4 weeks she had really started to enjoy being part of the family and loves her cuddles and walks with her new Greyhound sister Wren. She particularly enjoys going to the doggie play paddock for lots of off lead adventures. We love her very much! Many thanks for allowing her to adopt us. Catherine


Hi It’s our pleasure to report that Betsy is doing amazing. She arrived home with us 7 weeks ago today and settled right in. It was as if she knew that she was safe and here to stay.
Our other dogs have shown her the ropes and she is a happy and well adjusted pup with such a zest for life! She’s such a character and we love her to bits!
Her training is coming on well, she is a very fast learner.
Thanks to Many Tears and the wonderful people who rescue these poor dogs in Romania. Thank you for choosing us to give her the life she so deserves.
The Moran family


Thank you so much for allowing Lolly to live with us in Shrewsbury.
Lolly is settling in extremely well. A very relaxed, happy girl. Lolly enjoyed her first walk sniffing new scents. Passing other dogs and people.
Lolly is the most beautiful dog and is enriching our lives and hers
Thank you.
Lolly’s new home and her journey to it. Much happier.


Hi all at Many Tears.
Wanted to say thank you to everyone but especially Sharon for our amazing Betsy (MT Biscuit).
Here’s a very beige Betsy on day 3, with new big sister Martha. She had finally entered the lounge after almost continuously standing in the doorway barking and growling at the tv (on or off).
Six months later. Martha had a bad dream and Betsy went to comfort her. Until we saw this photo we had no idea that Betsy’s tail was so big! We’d never seen it straightened out before.
This is the “I want a tummy tickle” pose. She does this frequently.
All those lost years in the confines of a breeders is heartbreaking to think of. But she’s been making up for lost time from the first day with us. She lights up our lives.
Thanks again.


Hello. We have had Teagan for just over 12 months and what a great year it has been. Far from a regular year, due to COVID-19 but we have managed a couple of holidays and lots of family building times.
Teagan is an ex breeder with no home experience. However, within a couple of weeks, she was clean in the house. She was bonding with her brothers and starting to trust her hoomans.
She has developed a particularly strong bond with Nigel, my husband, but is gaining confidence in me every day. She is far more relaxed around the home and takes great pleasure in checking out ”her throne” ie our bed.
We still have a long way to go. In the right circumstances, ie where she can access the car directly, she enjoys free running with her brothers. She will then get straight in to the car when asked.
Thank you Many Tears for rescuing Teagan (and all the other dogs you rescue) and for giving us the opportunity to become her forever family and her forever home
Kind regards Pip and Nigel Ostell
Dylan(MT Nobby), Charlie, Teagan, Kai, Sarah, Cilla, Suzie and Lizzie

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