Happy Endings - April 2024


Just an update for you in regard to Nellie(formerly Thiad) who we got from you last August. You will see she is doing really well. She is so much fun and is a joy to have, with a lovable character and everyone she meets comment on how well she looks especially after the groomers. She sits and keeps watch with her playmate Henry and they play so well together. She has been on holiday with us but still not too sure of getting into the water with Henry, she will dip her feet but that's about it for now We are so pleased she has her forever home


We were very fortunate that Quin chose to come and live with us back in March 2011. He came home on my birthday, and I thought he was the same age as my daughter (5) which would make him 18 this year!
Ray and Sandra, in Gloucestershire, had been his foster carers and assessed him with my 3 children before he came home. It was a long drive back to Southport, stopping every 20mins or so - I remember it well. We have had 13 wonderful years so far, and although he’s slowed down, he is still my shadow, loves nothing more than cuddling up for a snooze (deep sleeps now) and despite the dementia still knows breakfast and tea time to the minute!
He loves going out (in his chariot or being carried) but with my son will walk and skip!!! Cheeky monkey.
Thank you so much for trusting us with Quin. He is so loyal and has been my co-parent for 12year; supporting me through ups and downs of teens!!!
With best wishes Beverley and Quin (And the 3 teen / adult children now!)
Here is his first week and now photos - still a beautiful and full of charm!


We adopted Reggie in February, he is an absolute legend and he’s settled in fabulous… such a beautiful dog!


I wanted to share a couple of pictures of my wonderful MT "Rescues"!!
Still going strong and still enjoying begging for food (as the pictures show!)
Alice the chocolate cocker spaniel adopted May '15 now 16 years old!
Suzie the Jack Russell X adopted Dec. '14 now 15 years old!
Trixie the Springer Spaniel adopted Oct.'22 now 9 years old!
Lulu the Jack Russell adopted March 2022 now 8 years old!
Thank you Many Tears for the many years of joy I have had from my little pack and may there be many more years to come!!!


Wendy (now Ava) who was adopted at the end of January 2024. A young Golden Retriever, about 16 months old who was very underweight. A very nervous girl who was scared of nearly everything, especially doors, gates and vehicles. Our 4 year Goldy, Luna has been a fantastic role model and has shown Ava the way forward. She's very friendly to everyone, clean around the house and is full of energy and bounds around. Now 9 weeks on she has really settled in and shows improvements every day. A very sweet and loving pup who has become a integral part of our family and is dearly loved.

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