Happy Endings - February 2020


Hi, I had to write and share with you how amazing Florence is.
From the timid little girl I picked up from MT just over 5 weeks ago, she has blossomed into the most amazing little dog. Her eyes that were lifeless, now sparkle, and her funny little tail that was firmly tucked between her back legs now never stops wagging.
I was worried about adopting straight from the rescue but she was definitely in the bracket of ‘scared but not terrified’, and her kennel daddy and little friend Tadpole had obviously done a great job giving her those first steps of trust. My dog Chloe was never going to be the cuddly sort of role model, but she’s super calm and Florence soon picked up on that. On day 2, the lure of a comfy bed and Florence’s natural inquisitive nature soon drew her from the open crate in the kitchen into the lounge where Chloe and I were watching TV, and since then she’s never looked back.
From the start she’s LOVED her walks. She trots along at the front and only if heavy traffic comes along does she hesitate at all. I think it was only about 3 weeks before she was off lead where it was safe and recall was easy as she likes to know where her family are! Chloe is almost 13 so two walks a day are a bit much for her in this weather - so late afternoon walk is just Florence and I. We’ve been doing that since about week two and there’s no hesitation in going out without her big sister.
Initially she slept downstairs with Chloe and although daytime toilet training was a breeze, the nights were a bit different. But again now they are both upstairs (Florence has her own bed at the foot of mine) we’ve had no accidents as she comes and stands on her back paws and taps you if she wants to go out. She then does it again when she thinks it’s time for you to get up, or at least let her join everyone on the bed!
I don’t think she can believe her luck that she’s getting two tasty meals a day and a few treats too! She’s been left with Chloe for up to 2 and a half hours and they are perfectly happy - although I’ve learned not to leave anything of value within her reach as she’s chewed one set of glasses and countless coasters to date - to be fair it’s normally when I’m in the house. She’s definitely having her ‘puppyhood’.
And finally this weekend she went for her first sleepover, with the lovely Jess that did my home check. Florence loved being with her MT girls and other dogs and was as good as gold. She had such a great time I was worried she wouldn’t want to come home, but she was super excited when I brought her home, so I think I can safely say she’s settled and happy. I’ve attached a couple of photos so you can see how well she looks.
THANK YOU Many Tears for letting me adopt such a little angel! You do the most amazing work. Please let her kennel daddy know she is very happy and thank him for the kindness he showed her in those very early days. Very best wishes, Lynn, Florence and Chloe x


On the 12th of Oct 2019 we adopted Cookie, still called Cookie, from Many Tears. Unbelievably, she had been with you for over 4mths, and was pretty scared and nervous of people. Fast forward another 4mths and she is a different dog, absolutely wonderful - I still can’t believe that no one wanted her for so long.
Even as we travelled home she was so scared she was very sick in the travel crate, so most of the long journey she spent snuggled on my lap. I slept downstairs with her, and my other dog Louis, for 3 nights, to see how she was going to be with housetraining, but to my surprise (and relief!) she was housetrained, save for a few little mishaps here and there. I kept her on a long training lead for around 2.5mths, finally letting her off around Xmas time - her recall is fantastic, and she runs with her new brother Louis, following him around and always checking that I am still there. She is quite mischievous sometimes, stealing food if she can, but I have got wise to that. When she arrived she was happy to sit next to me on the sofa, but any sudden movement would make her jump up and run out of the room, now she loves to snuggle up next to you. In the beginning getting a lead or harness on her was always a long job, gradually that has become much easier, unlike brushing her, which always takes a bit of persuasion. All in all the change has been remarkable, she is a beautiful, happy girl who just loves her life.


Poppy got used to walking on a lead very quick using lots of treats. Within a week she was house trained she used to follow her new brother and sister out into the garden with more treats this is a picture of poppy the day she came to live with us.
Poppy loves going away in our caravan in her first year she has been to Tredegar house. National caravan rally at Ragley hall Warwickshire. Blenheim palace BBC tv country file show . Trout beck head in the Lake District a cross to County Durham Finishing up in Brighton for Christmas and new year she has spent 4 months away running along lakes and hills home to relaxing now getting ready for next trip This is her brother breezer and sister Bella.


Hi all at Many Tears.

I wanted to send you a little update.
I have had my beautiful little man 'patch' for approx 3.5 years now.
We have recently started sniffer dog training and he absolutely loves it. Mainly because he searches for bits of liver, dog heaven. He wags his tail the whole class session and cheats by watching where the scents are left!
He had a brother that was all black, I hope he did ok in his new home too.
Attached a couple of pics, typical patch after a morning scamp in the woods.
Just wanted you all to know that your hard work helping people find the right dogs worked just brilliantly for me and Patchy,, thank you x

Kind regards

Cara Faulkner


Dear Many Tears Rescue

Formerly known as puppy New now called Calli she is doing really well.
We are so happy with her and will give her a very happy life here in Dunsfold.
Please show Jane who fostered her how well she is doing and say thank you.
She also has the biggest bed in the world!


Hi Caroline, Penny and all.

Just to let you know that Ruby is doing well - especially 'eating'!! - and her muscles are building up. She is on a voyage of discovery - very inquisitive, but running away from a bumble bee and also a tree leafthat happened to fly in her direction.
Our garden is beginning to be
explored and stairs presented an 'unknown' which she has now mastered.
We have established a routine - feeding is immediately followed by 'going out for a pee etc.' She is sussing out the neighbourhood during our walks and is getting used to being stroked by strangers. Clearly she is a very intelligent dog and, given time, we hope that her nervousness will abate. She is very affectionate towards my wife but I remain the horrible man who extracts her from a nice warm armchair (see pics
attached) and insists on taking her for a walk.

Watching the TV weather map, your location appears to have escaped from
flooding and I hope you all are coping with what seems to be incessant
rain across the country.

Best regards

Andrew Mills


After being taken in by Many Tears with a severe neck injury, I am settled in with mom and dad and my little friend Mitzi. I love toys, going for a walk,and especially treats, photographs are on holiday in the caravan, and running round the garden. Thank you Many Tears.

Please can I share this picture with you all!
Vale who is now Milli has been with me 12 days and she is coming on amazing. We are completely in love with her and she seems to be a happy little girl. I am so grateful to you for giving me the chance to give Milli the loving caring home she deserves!
This is a picture of her jumping up and snuggling in for a cwtch with us
Many Thanks
Kelly Hopkins


Hi just a quick update to say it’s three years this month since Libby arrived with us. She is a wonderfully cheeky happy little girl, who loves her big brother Jin very much .shes playful and very vocal especially at meal times. Good luck and lots of love for 2020.
Jin and Libby xx


We adopted Angel in December 2019. She is now called Betty and a very much loved member of our family. She is still a little nervous and looks to Boris for reassurance but she has come out of her shell and is showing her cheeky side. Here she is with Boris, and having a rest at the cafe by the canal. It's so nice to see her enjoying her walks and exploring the world.
Kind regards, Caroline


Barney (MT Bruno) has found his forever home on the 18th January. Back then he was nervous and unsure and in just 4 weeks he has become a confident,very cheeky boy who loves nothing more than snuggling up on the sofa. A very quiet,nervous boy who has rapidly come out of his shell and is living a happy life (even running away with my shoes).
Thank you Many Tears for bringing him into our lives and hearts,it's so lovely to see him more confident with each passing day.

Just a quick email to let you know that Sonny has settled very well. We renamed him Bertie. He is a very happy, active little fellow. He adores my other dog, Lily, and they play all day. When the weather is good, they tear around the garden with wild abandon. If the weather isn’t good, they do the same in the house. He has a very good appetite. His teeth were covered with tartar when we collected him. They are now sparkly clean. Our vet couldn’t believe the improvement and asked us how we got them so clean. He loves his chew toys and I don’t suppose he was given chew toys in the kennels in Ireland. He and Lily are very good about sharing toys. Bertie needs to be fed separately as he is very greedy and I suspect he had to compete for food at some time in the past. Despite being greedy, we initially struggled to get him to put on weight. We discovered by trying different foods that he does very well on grain free food. He has put on 2kg and we have adjusted his feeding, so he doesn’t become overweight.
He is a very loving and affectionate little chap and likes lots of cuddles. It took us quite a while before he would take a treat from our hands. He is very happy most of the time, but absolutely hates to feel trapped or cornered and worries about going through doorways. He will run to his crate if he feels frightened. This is happening less often, but I cannot bear to think what had happened to him in the past to make him so frightened. He is very friendly towards visitors and towards their dogs when they bring them over.
We are waiting until the weather improves to get him lead trained, as the lead also seems to terrify him. Luckily, we have a large garden and he and Lily both love running around out there and exploring. When Spring arrives, we will make a concerted effort to encourage him to walk on a lead as he has a lot of energy and the additional exercise will do him good. Here is a photo of Bertie and Lily on the sofa. Before we brought Bertie home, I felt Lily was feeling lonely. They are so very well matched. Lily is a lot happier. We feel very lucky to have such a precious, special little fellow in our lives.
Many thanks
Sue Jennings


Hi there
We adopted Tiff now Missy almost a year and a half ago - believe it was October 2018 and we just wanted to thank you for rescuing her from Ireland. Our whole family fell in love with her instantly and she loves home life and especially her chihuahua mix brothers Stan and Paco. We are so happy to have her in our lives :) Here are some pictures attached.
Laura and Sue


Hi, just to let you know we re-homed Very in December from Rachel who was The Fosterer he is now called Hugo. He has settled in really well with our Mollie the shih tzu they are really good pals. He was very nervous when we had him but He is slowly comming on a treat. He really is a lovely little dog.


Bounce has been with his family since 1st January 2020 and he has come so far so quickly. Quite shy to begin with, he would just freeze on the spot if approached or handled and he had never walked on a lead or lived in a house before. Bounce was experiencing many things we take for granted for the first time, thankfully he figured out doors and glass after only a few times of walking in to them!! Also developed a liking to checking himself out in the mirror! With a lot of patience and attention Bounce has really come out of his shell and his cheeky personality is coming through. He absolutely loves cwtches with all members of the family and has even learned how to beg for extra tickles (not sure how as our existing dog doesn't even do this!!!!). He now walks very well on the lead and is learning very quickly about recall, enjoys off lead walks at the local beach and country park. He has even scaled Pen Y Fan! Still working on house training but making improvements every day. We find it difficult to remember the time before Bounce as it feels he's always been part of the family.


Hi all, Just wanted to let you know that Bonnie (Pritti to you all) is doing well! We love her so much and she makes us smile every day. She is still a challenge with some dogs and she still likes to roam free, but as time is getting on, all is improving!
Thank you to all of you,
Eleanor, Mike and Bonnie
Wooof Xx


Panda came into our lives in March 2018, he had undergone an operation for Stenotic Nares to help his breathing, he was 11 weeks old. We fell in love with Panda from the moment we saw him, he brings us so much joy and love. This wonderful little boy has come on leaps and bounds and has become a confident and happy dog who enjoys cuddles,walks,and playing with Maggie and his doggie friends. Thank you to Many Tears for bringing us together.


Good morning

I just thought you might like to know that we have had "Elf" for just over a year now and she has made a remarkable transition into our home and with the help and guidance from our other West Highland Terrier Pandy in showing her the ropes. Elf is very content, well behaved and a lovely addition to our family.
I attached a few photos from when we first acquired Elf, her early days ranging up to the present with a few photos taken a couple of days ago. She is sitting on my lap watching me type this message to you.

Thank you so much again
With kindest regards,


Wally had a good journey back with us. He had a nice walk before tea. He’s enjoyed playing with his ball and chewing his toys. He was so chilled whilst we watched a little tv and fell fast asleep. He’s cried a little as we’ve gone to bed, but has gone quiet again. What a beautiful boy!! Thank you so much xx


I thought I would send you an update on little Belle (or Jackie as she was known at MT). She has settled in fantastically since being adopted back in November 2019. She gets on very well with her big brother Frankie who was also adopted from Many Tears back in 2012, and they enjoy going for walkies together and running about and searching the undergrowth like all JRT's do. We have come away to Devon this week for a short break and to introduce Belle to staying in our campervan. So far we have been enjoying the beautiful scenery and rooting about in a log pile!


Yesterday we took Minx home, she is doing extremely well and is starting already to bond with our Springer Coedy, so beautiful to watch.


Just to say another thank you to MT for rescuing Sherlock AKA Lockie from the pound in 2011. He is an older boy now and doing really well. He enjoys his agility and obedience classes and competitions and is very good with his young brother Robbie a rescue border collie from north Wales. He can still be frightened of people he doesn’t know but is much more confident than before.
Love from Jill and Lockie xxx

Archie was Arkwright

Hello me and my husband previously adopted Arkwright (now Archie) and thought that we would update you on him. He has settled in really well and is enjoying life at his new home and is everybody’s favourite!

Poppy was Happy

We collected Poppy on the 4th of January and collected a quite shy but happy girl but very nervous of most things. A month on and my how things can quickly change, Poppy and our resident dog Cassie spend most of the day playing “bitey face” in the garden or pulling toys apart between them in the house. For a dog who had never really been walked, oh my goodness does she enjoy them now!!! She has settled in really well and enjoys belly rubs whenever they are on offer. She is a really lovely dog and we are so happy to offer her a forever home. Thank you MT.

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