Happy Endings - February 2023


Hello we just wanted to say a massive thank you for letting Ray be part of our lives, Dotty is so happy she has a best friend to play with they are honestly so lovely together! Ray now comes on adventures with us everywhere, we even go running with friends and their dogs! A mini canicross going on once-twice a week... Dotty and Ray love it! Ray has also become so good at recall when were at the local race course he's coming off the long lead and when were in the field he loves running free with his buddy Dotty! Ray has also grown confidence with Joe which took a bit of time but its lovely to see how they have bonded and enjoy snuggles on the sofa!
Thanks Many Tears for completing our family with Ray
Laura M


We adopted Kami in December after having met her at her foster placement and her getting along so well with our 6 month old puppy. We completely fell in love with her and we were delighted that she joined us on Devon’s snowiest weekend of the year. Two months on and she has put on weight as she was quite emaciated and is looking beautiful. She gets on so well with her new little brother and has the most wonderful temperament. Kami loves a run in the park but much prefers the beach. She’s quite partial to a woodland walk too. She’s learning to play with the help of Sunny and is quite happy to chase around after him when he’s chasing a ball. Definitely the best decision we made to adopt this beauty. The whole family feels so lucky to have her.
Graham K


Just a quick update of Gwens progress, she has gained a lot more confidence and seems to have settled into her new home, there are still many challenges to over come but she has become a much loved member of the family. Here are a few pictures of Gwen, the one with her new best friend. Gwen is the one in the pink harness. She has put on quite a bit of weight from 9kg to 14.5kg her ideal weight being about 20kg and has gained a lot more muscle she is becoming a very handsome/pretty dog.


Hi All
Really happy to be able to give you an update on how Tink (was Kind) is getting on in her new home. Tink is a happy go lucky little lady who loves everyone she meets and has already brought so much joy to our lives. We collected her on Christmas Eve, by the time she had assisted me to open her presents from Santa Paws Christmas morning, she was already finding her confidence.
She has done amazing with her house training and there has been very few accidents this last month. Lead training is going really well and now she has had all her injections she is loving life to the fullest. She has already been to the beach with her brother hotshot. They bonded quickly and are now besties. Tink was so well behaved she actually enjoyed time off her lead on the beach and even ventured into the sea!
We are so grateful for being given the chance to offer her a loving home and feel like she has always been with us. We are going hiking at the weekend and look forward to Tink earning some medals for conquering the mountains alongside hotshot. Wising you all well and will send you some more photos soon.
Best wishes, Rachel, Iain and Abigail.


Hi Many Tears!
We wanted to say a massive thank you for your all your help throughout our adoption process but most of all for choosing us to be Emma’s (now Holly) new parents!
She has settled in amazingly between our other cavalier and our two cats and seeks love and fuss from everyone she passes. She is often on her back on the sofa, legs in the air snoring! She is so clever and is very easy to train. We simply cannot imagine our home without her now.
I’ve attached a couple pictures, one of Holly taking a break in a field after playing fetch and one with our Cavalier Willow and my mum and dads cavalier Bonnie.
I hope we get to see Holly and her new family posted on your site soon.
Thank you Kate and Harry

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