Happy Endings - February 2019


Hi, we picked Purdy up on the 30th January and brought her home to Bolton. Since she has been with us she has fit in so well, she has gone from being quite shy and wary to the friendliest dog ever! Her personality has developed so much these last few weeks and she is now a confident, happy, extremely loved member of our family.
Thank you Many Tears Rescue for helping us find the perfect dog.


We just wanted to say thanks for helping us find Sushi (was When/Ruby)! She is the happiest little pug and is now loving life with our other dog, Neve, and cat, Kiwi. Her poor eyesight or tricky knee hasn’t stopped her exploring, she’s a strong (/stubborn) pup and she loves meeting new people, almost as much as she loves dentastix.

Understandably she gets a lot of attention when we’re out, no one can resist her charm. Her grey beard has even had a few compliments. She does keep a close eye on Neve, following her on walks and cosying up to her in the evenings. Neve’s even taught Sushi how to play with toys and Sushi’s taught Neve how to stay calm on car journeys.
Sushi met Martin Clunes last year at his festival and although she didn’t win ‘prettiest bitch’ (she should have!) he did say she was cute.. that’s winning enough by us so we bought her a dog-friendly donut. She did get a ‘special’ rosette at The National Animal Welfare Trust dog show that she has proudly above her bed. She’s also been to a few pubs, learnt how to crab, run on the beach, attended ‘pugoween’ (and played party games) and been in our campervan (but not on any adventures in it yet).
She is amazing, especially given everything she’s been through. We also want to thank Brenda, Sushi’s fosterer, for giving her such a lovely home and for helping everything run so smoothly when we picked her up!
Leanne Crease


Dear MT
We adopted Effie in June 2018 and she has progressed in leaps and bounds. She is the funniest little girl ever. She and I have a really special connection and she always wants to keep me in her sights. This week she gave her dad some of her much longed for love. She still has many anxieties, especially in the house or outside with metallic gates, ladders etc but she walks to heal, (mostly), is exceptional off lead and she makes us laugh so much.
She loves other dogs and is still learning to actually play though she approaches all with a happy tail, she's a little unsure of what play is. She gets along with Toby (11) and despite a few wee arguments, (not all her fault) she still looks to him for guidance reassurance.
We absolutely love her and everyone who's met her and seen her progress is absolutely amazed at her. She's wonderful and I thank God for her and for you and that you do so much for these tragic animals.
Love from Heather, Tony, Toby & Effie (named after my Greek Mum in law & my daughter's middle name)

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