Happy Endings - February 2018


Hi all at many tears
Just wanted to let you know how well Rosemary has settled in , and to thank you for all you have done for Rosemary .
Jane who fostered Rosemary has been great and has always been at the end of the phone if i need any advice , and Jayne the local homechecker has even popped over to visit Rosemary when we brought her home.
Rosemary has settled in brilliantly , she is going to dog training weekly and working towards her bronze Kennel Club KCGCDS , and we have joined the local Basset Hound owners club and attend their monthly walks.
Rosemary is fantastic with other dogs and Dixie ( was Seb adopted Feb 2010 ) is very pleased she has arrived , they sleep curled up together and patrol the garden as a team , Rosemary has even gone to doggy day care with Dixie .
Best Wishes
Andrea and Martin


Hi this is ORLANDO 88 adopted in September 2017, just wanted to say look at me now!!
I am now called CALDEY after the island near by to Tenby. I have days out with new grandchildren, days out to the sea-side and have great times in “spud wood” every day and who says the sun don’t shine!!! I now weigh a healthy 16kg and have learned how to share and play.


Hi everyone at many tears, I thought you would like to know its Libby (MT Liberty) 1st gotcha day on 25th Feb. We adopted Libby as a friend for Jin, it was the best thing we have done. They are so happy together. Libby has come on leaps and bounds since we first adopted her, she loves people, she is still a little wary of men, but that is improving every day. She loves her walks , and loves food, she runs around the kitchen barking with excitement when it's meal time. Libby is also a real cuddle monster. They both sleep on our bed at night very content. We couldn't imagine life without them both, they are such a joy, we're all off to Devon in a couple of months as they both love the beach. Keep up the wonderful work you do . Kim and Andrew. Big kisses from Jin and Libby


Our little dog from you Shey is a beagle she is so loving, and likes nothing better than to sit on my lap , or anyone that visits lap . She loves to race round the garden , and sleeps on a sofa in my bedroom at night . Thankyou Many Tears


Hi Many Tears,

Looking on your website and reading the "Happy Ending" stories for many of your adopted dogs, I thought maybe you would like hear what happened to your pup, Yogi Bear.
We calculated that by the time he came to live with us at the age of the 12 weeks he had already had 5 different homes, ours in Dorset being the 6th ! They must all have been good (thank you!) as he presented himself from the very start as relaxed, happy, and (as your website accurately described him) a "cuddle monster". It took him no time at all to settle in with us. With unknown parentage we are watching his development with interest. So far we think the Dachshund genes are winning! His little legs are short and his feet big and hairy (hence the name change to Bilbo, the Hobbit). His coat remains silky soft with a promise of a longer one to come. He has such a winning and loving personality. We are all thrilled with him. We will be attending The DogsTrust puppy classes together shortly where I am sure he will help me perform well. He is already great on and off lead.
A big thank you to all your staff at Many Tears, and all those who have been involved directly with Yogi (Bilbo) for helping to give this little man a happy life after such an uncertain start. We fully intend to carry on the good work!!
Lynne x

Holly (MT GOSH) arrived as a pretty but frightened little dog. You can see the fear and apprehension in her MT photo. She arrived here to find three sisters in the house. Amber, a three legged Papillon, Pixie, a Papillon with a bald body and lots of health issues and Tess a Mini Schnauzer with severe arthritis. Tess was to be Holly’s barometer of life. Constant little glances to see what Tess did and she stuck to her like glue. The humans in the meantime were quite boring. Making tea as normal and getting on with life as though not much had changed. I’d love to tell you all the great things we’ve done to help Holly but in reality it’s just been living a balanced happy life and letting her join in as she chooses. This is important I think as potential adopters can be reassured that you need no super powers, just stability. I wish I’d realised that sooner. Holly’s after picture is taken after six weeks here and the relaxation in her eyes shines. She is becoming confident, happy to have fun and is very much a part of the family pack. She has gone from being carried round town to walking confidently and she has her favourite tea shop with a window to the floor. I was stopped yesterday by someone I didn’t recognise asking how Holly is getting on so she is becoming known around town. Holly has years ahead so I may provide an update again but the difference in six weeks is huge and I wanted to share that. If I had known I could make that much difference I’d have done this sooner.
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