Happy Endings - February 2024


I would like to give some updates about Yancy. We adopted him on 28th January and his new name is Bailey, he is really friendly with dogs but little shy with people. He didn't let us too close on the first week but Loki, our 2.5 years old Golden Retriever helps him to be more confident and brave, they love playing with each other. After 4 weeks I could say, Bailey has changed a lot, he is amazing and funny, the puppy training is going very well, he is smart and curious. Thank you Many Tears for helping us find Bailey. Kind regards, Anita


1 year ago today we came to Many Tears and took Marley (formerly Taylor) back to his new home. He’s settled in well and loves his best buddy Hunter, who has shown him how to trust and enjoy his life as part of the family. We don’t know his actual Birthday, so adoption day has become his Birthday. Very happy boy today, enjoying some new toys and a birthday cake! Thank you to all at many tears, Marley is a lovely addition to the family.
Thanks again Claire, Steve, Ben, Ella, Hunter and Marley

Now such a happy dog, she is gaining confidence every day, from being so frightened and insecure, to the curious, funny, show-off she is today! Patience pays off, and of course her late buddy, Barney, who taught her so much before he crossed the Rainbow Bridge at Christmas.
Hattie is now housetrained, “owns” the garden, snuggles up for “ Ski Sunday”, sleeps next to me blissfully, has overcome her fear of the Vet and Groomer wonderfully.
She’s a darling and everyone loves her!
Thank You, MTAR!


I adopted Ruby (mt Lena) from you via Billie Smith in Essex last July. Ruby is doing wonderfully and has settled so well with her older sister Saffy. She loves her walks, food, sleep and holidays away in our motorhome. I have made a box of spare goodies the fur babies want to donate to their fellow buddies you look after.
Lots of love n thanks,
Vanessa Wood


We collected our little Daisy on Easter Sunday almost 2 years ago to join our family and are so happy that Many Tears enabled us to find her. She was a quite nervy as she was only 11 months old and already an ex breeding dog! Luckily Many Tears rescued her early on in her life and we have had the immense pleasure of her company ever since.
We had recently lost one of our Cavaliers, Tilly, who was a MT dog and wanted to provide a home and love for another. We still had 2 MT Cavaliers, Bella (was Ballet Shoes) and Lily (was Fiona) who thought her a bit odd at first as she was quite lively, in Cavalier terms but after a day or two they welcomed her and very soon Lily and Daisy became the best of friends and are still inseparable.
We realised quite early on that she was deaf and so taught her to understand sign language which worked very well with the others picking it up too. She loves to run around the garden and into our meadow, loves food, walks and treats but especially loves cuddles and gets all in abundance. She is such a happy and contented little dog.
Thank you Many Tears for helping us to find each other, you do an amazing job and we are so grateful to you.
Kind regards,
Karen and Kevin

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