Happy Endings - February 2022


The day Enola walked through our door a month ago she knew she was home. She jumped of the sofa and claimed a space as her favourite spot. To begin with she was shy of her harness and lead as didn't know what on earth they were. Within a few walks she quickly realised what a joy being outside was and now gets herself to the door tail wagging whilst we all get shoes on to go. Recall training went like a dream and she responds excellently. She has learnt what running is and does so like a cross between bambi and a frog, its a joy to watch! She loves running through the forestry and the local fields taking all the new smells. She has had her first adventure to the beach and I swear her eyes grew twice the size as did her heart as she ran like a free soul across the sand. She is absolutely amazing with my children and is proof that there are dogs that can be rehomed with children. She and our other dog Sherlock just adore each other which shows in the photos I've sent in. Where we go the dogs go and she is going to have a fun filled, jam packed love filled life with us. We are all off on holiday in a few months and we know she is just going to love it going to all the different beaches. Thank you to everyone who works so hard to provide these dogs with the absolute best care, you are all amazing.
Love from the Bowser-Clarke's , Sherlock and Enola xx


Just giving an update on Thistle the Norwegian Elkhound we adopted in October 2021, and a few photos, she was a bit over weight when we picked her up and very unsure of other dogs and people, with a lot of training, time, patience she is the most wonderful, loyal loving dog and has developed a great character. Thistle was very unsure of other dogs and a bit protective when we first got her but now she has lots of walks and meets her friends every day for a nice big walk. And loves cuddles on the settee in the evening.
Thank you


It was 3 years ago today that we collected a terrified Beagle from Many Tears.
She joined our other 2 Beagles who accepted her immediately.
For months she was afraid of everything but she has gradually improved although she still hates any noises (except the biscuit tin or her lead)
Sadly in September 2020 we lost our oldest Beagle Bella after a short illness just before her 11th birthday.
It was a traumatic time but Breeze has appreciated Bliss's company even more. They are inseparable.
Bliss loves her walks and is a friendly and sociable girl now.
Amazingly, after all this time, she has started to show a mischievous side and sometimes runs into the lounge and throws the sofa cushions into the air or chews a slipper. It is a joy to see.
In these uncertain times we haven't returned to our usual three Beagles but hopefully one day ???
Mary and Martin


Hi everyone
A year ago today we made a 4 hour trip to MT to meet Waiver, now Polly, taking our resident MT Westie Sally with us. We will never forget our first glimpse of Polly. She was in a pen with 3 other little dogs waiting to be collected. We saw a sad little whiteish face silently peering out from the back while the other 3 dogs were jumping up and barking excitedly. She was completely shut down. Luckily she immediately bonded with her Dad. Wouldn't let him out of her sight for a couple of months. She didn't know what a doggie treat or biscuit was. So so sad. After the first couple of nights she has been completely clean in the house. No accidents. Our neighbour spotted her in the garden and said 'oh you've got a brown one this time!' Soon got rid of the brown. She not bothered by noises. Still doesn't know how to play. Lead training was very slow. Just wouldn't walk at all until I got the cheese out. Even then we walk a few paces and stop. More cheese then on a bit farther. But now her daily walks are the highlight of her day. She walks beautifully. Gets so excited but just doesn't like other dogs and stops in her tracks and freezes if she sees one coming. She is so quiet, only the occasional bark. takes no notice of doorbell ringing and takes no notice of visitors unless they go to her. Loves her bed, would share her food, waits her turn, always at the back. So good to handle apart from claw cutting!!! Still freezes when picked up and never gone on her back for a tummy tickle but likes a lap to sit on.
Polly is our third MT Westie but we have had 7 through the years - but none like Polly. We know she came from Ireland but wish we knew more. She seems such a loner as if she has always been on her own with no human or doggie contact. She was apparently 4 years old but I sometimes think 4 going on 14! We've had one big leap this week. She did the stairs on her own for the first time. So scared of them. She likes to take herself off down the garden and sits in the sunshine on her own taking everything in. She often has a blank look in her eyes. She gets so excited when we come in from shopping so we do hope we are making her happy. We love her to bits. Thank you for letting her come to live with us. Kind regards to you all and keep up the wonderful work you do. Dawn and Ray Gulliver and Sally.


We never thought we could love another dog as much as we did our Shaun.
Then, this boy came into our lives.
He is the sweetest boy who came into the house and did zoomies for a full 5 minutes!
He has made our house a home again, I thank you Sylvia for giving us that second look, the garden is secure, the squirrels and cats send him into a frenzy and he is literally attached to my husband most of the time!
Thank you


We traveled from the north of England to Wales to adopt a little one eyed dog called Sami in January. She has settled into our home with our other dog Millie and we can’t thank you enough. Within a couple of days she had settled in and is loving her new home. Everyone who meets her loves her as she is so friendly and just wants cuddles. Both dogs adore each other and Dolly as she is called now bring so much joy to the house
We had no issues with training and socialising her only walking on a lead is the last step. We are taking this step slowly as Dolly doesn’t like the cold weather she prefers to snuggle up inside. Dolly brings us such pleasure especially as she now knows how to play with toys and is a pleasure to watch her learn and grow. She has her dad wrapped around her little paws and loves her treats.
Thankyou for all the great work you do. We tell everyone about Dolly’s start in life and sing your praises
Neil and Sarah Wright


Collected Gypsy from Manytears on January 28th. Joyce gave us a really helpful handover will lots of useful info.
She is settling in so well and has the most adorable nature with people and children. Loves being out and about though and we have booked training for her but already she has responded to us with the basics.
We couldn’t be more delighted and love her to bits.
Dave and Heidi


Dear all at Many Tears,
This is just an update on our beautiful girl Elsi, who joined our family nearly two years ago. She is such a joy to have around and makes us smile every day with her playful antics and tricks, she is so clever. We never would have believed that the little frightened, abused, nervous, ex-breeding bundle of fur that you saved would blossom into the most confident, loving, funny, gentle, gorgeous baby that she has become. Last year she snapped her cruciate ligament and had a big operation to replace her knee (she suffers from luxating patellas) so we bought a buggy so she didn’t miss out on ‘walks’ with her big brother Gel. She has now made a full recovery. Elsi loves going on holiday in our caravan and meetings up with new doggy friends, and all being well, we will be going to Spain in September for a few months, so plenty of new adventures to come.
Thank you so much for letting us adopt Elsi and for saving her in the first place.
Nesta and Gwynfor Williams


It is coming up to a year since we were lucky enough to adopt Watson. He straight away got on with Barnaby our schoodle and the more prickly Bramble, a jackapoo, she still puts him in his place.
Watson has settled in so well, especially after just getting him, Barnaby was very poorly and had to have a major operation. We do look back and wonder how we copped, but we are so glad we did. Having a very poorly boy and a new 5 month puppy we were pushed to the limit. But the closeness the boys is wonderful to see. He is such a cuddly boy, if you are sat, he is there. He can sometimes be a little monkey at home, but when he goes visiting he is as good as gold and love's the ladies. We are so proud, he just seems to know when out he has to be really good.
He loves the walks we have on our doorstep, especially going up the hills with all the scents, but he is never far from his pack.
Having one smaller eye, with not much sight, he soon got used to furniture and corners. Unless it is pointed out it is not that noticeable. But we think it makes him extra special and all in the village love him.
After applying for a few dogs unsuccessfully, when we got the call, we couldn't believe our luck. On meeting him he was more interested in our dogs. But when he came in to the office the chap was holding him and Watson was just cuddled in his arms, when we look back that is just his nature. No matter what you do to him, he trusts you. Takes medicine without food been wrapped round it.
On Having his first groom, Hanah couldn't believe how he behaved. She asked were we had got him from and could not believe he was in a rescue centre.
So what a year we have had, we wouldn't change it for the world and he has completed our family and brought us all joy.
Keep up all the wonderful work you do.
Mandy and Tony
Bramble, Barnaby and Watson

I have also included a photo of Tilly at 5 mths old if you want to put on your website as we just wanted to say a huge 'thank you' to you and all of your team at Many Tears for her - she is just such a lovely little dog and we are very grateful especially to all of your volunteers who sit and play with the puppies to help them with socialisation, when we came to adopt Tilly she was being cared for by a couple of volunteers who were sitting and spending time with the puppies - we cant say thank you enough - she is such a brave and friendly little dog who just loves humans as much as other dogs!! Thank you so much for being so thorough with the care you give your dogs for adoption, again we cant thank you enough for her she's just a lovely, happy little dog,
Many Thanks
Sarah and Mike


Jade is now 6 years old and lives with four Bernese mountain dogs and a Finnish lapphund. She loves to run on the beach or at the local country park where she loves to jump the ditches on either side of one of the paths. She goes to obedience training one day a week and passed her Kennel club good citizen scheme silver and gold tests on 21st November last year. Hopefully we will be able to get back to taking part in fun shows this year as we have missed them for the last couple of years. Hopefully we will have a lot of more years together.


We thought you’d like to know that Lottie (formerly Marley) who we adopted in January 2021 is now a settled and very happy girl here in Somerset. She walks off lead when we go out on the moor or to the beach, and loves her life at home with us. She is nervous of other dogs so we do look out for her when we are out, unfortunately we lost our old boy Barney last October, they got on well together as he was such a gentle soul who didn’t threaten her. In time we would like to find a friend for her and will keep looking until we find the right one, but in the meantime she is living a full and happy life, and greets each new day with such enthusiasm it is a joy to have her.
Kind regards
Hilda, Peter and Lottie

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