Happy Endings - February 2021


We adopted Gunner on February 2nd 2021. The first few days were chaotic and a bit stressful. Three weeks on we couldn't be more pleased! He's loving, funny, loves sleeping but more importantly he has totally grabbed our hearts. He doesn't have a bad bone in his body and greets everyone with a body lean and a slobbery kiss! He's an old man at 10 but we will feel blessed having him for as long as possible. Here are a few photos of the boy himself.


I wanted to update you on these two gorgeous girlies. Nancy ( was Sandy, orange roan) was adopted in November 2018, and Nell (was Mali, blue roan) was adopted November 2020. Nancy is called our ‘serotonin’ dog as she brings us all so much joy, happiness and love. She is the most beautiful, cuddly, strong willed and hilarious girl - so clever and happy. It took her a while to stop chasing our cats, but now rightly they are in charge once again. She is lead reactive to other dogs she doesn’t know, but we work on this constantly and with the aid of treats is getting better. She is harmless but loves the sound of her own voice! My teenage boys adore her and I know that her life and theirs is much richer for her being with us. Nancy has been crucial in helping Nell adapt to normal life, and thanks to Nancy, Nell now knows how to toilet outside, hog the sofa, the bed and get involved with the dishwasher pre-wash! Seriously, having another dog was completely needed. Nancy’s hobbies include chasing tennis balls, eating snow and ice, barking at dogs that are miles away and charging around the house with a squeaky toy. She is hilarious.
Nell (blue roan) was adopted a few months ago and although I’ve had scared ex-breeders before, she was so worried about life I constantly questioned whether I could help her as much as she needed. However…..after a few weeks of just letting her follow me around and almost ignoring her, I now have another shadow! We are always constantly amazed what a difference time, patience, peace, TLC and normal things like good food, fresh water, air and warmth can make to these dogs. She started walking on a lead after a month or so and ‘got it’ after one day. She is INCREDIBLE on lead, her recall is amazing and she loves to run around madly in the back garden. She loves home comforts, snuggles on my lap in the evening and is 99% toilet trained. Her hair is becoming soft, silky and looking beautiful and I love her to bits. I am so proud of her. She is still nervous of my teenage boys (who isn’t?!) but she will happily follow them around and jump on their beds - just isn’t quite confident enough for a proper stroke yet. I know in time that will change. She is friendly to our cats and is not bothered about other dogs at all and is now loving life. Nell’s hobbies include lazing in front of the fire, doing zoomies around the garden, sitting on my crosswords and telling everyone when its tea-time.
I am so proud of my dogs, because I know what they have been through and I am amazed at their compassion and willingness to let us humans have a second chance.
Thank You so much Many Tears for everything you do for all the dogs in your care; you are amazing and I’m proud to be the last step in the rehabilitation of these beautiful dogs. I hope I make them as happy as they deserve x
Penny Overton

KEITH WAS MICHAEL BUBLE (one of Melody's pups born at the centre on 17th Feb 2020)

Today 17th Feb 2021 is my Birthday and I can honestly say I am one very happy doggo. I have undergone a major transformation in my looks since I was taken home at 8 weeks old and believe myself to be the most handsome specimen around. I am definately the most nortiest canine because I am super smart and my people just can't keep up.
I have endless amounts of energy and enthusiasm for EVERYTHING (except brambles, I hates them!). They make me do this thing called training, all the time and I just nail it, every single time. My favouritest thing in the world is water, whether it be rivers, puddles, the human's bath, lakes, hosepipes or best of all.... MUD! Swampy should have been my name. My goal in life is to run and chase my ball, every single moment of my life, but my humans tell me I must learn to focus! No fun.
They did this thing on me called DNA and I am 50% Greyhound, 25% German Shepherd, 12.5% Old English Sheepdog (yes, really!), and the other 12.5% lurchery things from way back. My mum Melody was 50% split Greyhound, German Shepherd, and I am just as beautiful as she is.


Joop - Now Valentino - is now settling into his new home. He was a little travel sick on the way home, and really does not like the crate! After spending 4 days travelling from Romania just the week before, this is quite understandable. He's come on leaps and bounds in the past day. Knows his name already and is so responsive to praise. He's more interested in the cat's food than the cats themselves and has bonded with his big brother already - they are curled up on the sofa together as I type.



We were lucky enough to adopt Opra (now Mia) just before the 1st lockdown in February 2020, so thought we would send you an anniversary update.
Even though Mia had a terrible start in life, she’s taken everything in her stride from day one, and is now a happy, feisty, cuddly little snugglebug.
Our resident dog Ollie is great with her: he showed her the ropes, and has never been jealous or possessive with food and toys.
Mia still doesn’t know how to play, but she loves guarding the house from the comfort of ‘her’ sofa, adopting empty toilet rolls, going for long walks, splashing around in the sea and sleeping at the end of our bed. She has even learned how to sit on command and her recall is excellent.
The last year has been tough for everyone, and we are so grateful that Mia arrived when she did. She is a funny little ray of sunshine and we love her very much – almost as much as she loves Ollie!.


Hi, Just an update about Sasha.She has been with us for a few months now and has settled in really well she is a very affectionate dog and has taken to following me everywhere. She loves to go on her walks and run around the meadow at the rear of our bungalow. She has made a few doggy friends on her walks and is good when meeting people. She is always ready to give you a kiss and her paw she has taken to sleeping on her bed on the floor alongside our bed. She jumps in the back of the car if we go anywhere, she just wants to be with us. We love her very much and she gives us a lot of pleasure we hope she will be with us for many years to come.
Kind regards
Ron and Ann


We adopted Nash (moomin) in May 2015/2016. Hes become a huge member of our family. He loves chewing his bones, playing with his toys and loves going for runs on the beach, but most of all he loved playing with my mums 3 yorkies when he would see them. So last year an opportunity came up where a lady could no longer cope with her 4yr old yorkie, as he was a bit of a nipper and ruled the roost, and we took him in as a play mate for Nash. This past year and a half Shambles (our new rescue) is like another dog, with lots of love and firm boundaries, hes like a different dog, but most importantly him and Nash are inseparable. Just wanted to let you all know at Many Tears that Nash is doing amazing, he is in his forever home and also has a little brother who has also found his forever home

Dear Many Tears,
We wanted to give an update and our adorable Teddy the bichon. He came to us in September 2020 and certainly settled in well to his new home. He is such a little character. As I've only ever had experience with larger dogs, (Alsatian, Labrador and Newfoundland). This little man surprised me with his big personality. He really is a joy to be around.
He enjoys his food and his walks. He loves both my Daughter's who never leave him alone! He is also very fond of the grandparents.
Teddy has a fused back leg from birth. This didnt faze us at all and we were prepared to give him anything he needed for his wellbeing and health. However his leg has not been a problem for him and doesn't stop him at all. I suppose it's all he has known and just adapted since birth. He has the most gorgeous coat and enjoys a groom and even falls asleep when the hair dryer is on him, he likes being pampered. He recently underwent his neuter operation. His first week of recovery he was not the same boy understandably. But we lifted his spirits with his favourite roast chicken and salmon. And gradually he bounced back a little more each day. By the second week you could say he had never had it done. The happy ending we have with Teddy is that he knows he is loved and cherished. He has made our home. He really is like my third child and the children's best friend. So thank you ever so much Many Tears for believing in us and giving us the opportunity to provide Teddy with his forever home.
Love from Kelly Rees and family xxx


I thought you'd like an update to let you know how Olive the Puggle or Lolly as it's become shortened to is getting on. When we adopted her November 2020 she was very nervous and scared and I don't think she'd had much experience of kind humans or being out and about in the world.
One of our other rescue dogs Belle (who is also an ex breeding dog and a tiny JRT/Chihuahua cross) decided that she would like to adopt Lolly as her giant puppy, she cuddles her, keeps an eye on her and even washes her face and ears. This has helped make Lolly feel very calm and safe and she has settled in really well.
Now she has come out of her shell it turns out she has a lot of Pug characteristics and likes to play, mess about and be silly. She loves toys and is always looking for things that she can turn into a other one. Her favourite toy of all is one of my old slippers. When she's feeling really happy she likes to do 'toy parade'. This entails picking up each toy in turn in her mouth and trotting around each room in the house with it on parade. Sometimes when she is feeling especially silly she even likes to pick up her fluffy bed and drag that around on parade too.
I think she is quite clever and I often see her sitting and staring at things thinking about them. She can see and hear the TV and likes watching it with us, I've found some special videos made for dogs on YouTube full of birds and fluffy things so she enjoys watching those.
We are all really happy that Lolly has become one of our family and it's lovely that she has settled in so well.
Bye for now
Kate, Jason, Frankie, Belle and Lolly xxxxx


Hello all at Many Tears. Just want to let you know how Leila is getting on. Since we adopted Leila in December she has settled in really well. The first two weeks with Leila was quite challenging as she did have a tendency to charge at my other dog poppy. I decided to run in front of Leila every time she went to charge and to my surprise Leila stopped, she now runs around poppy instead of running into her. This is Leila with poppy enjoying the snow. Leila settled with me very well, the second night she decided to climb on top of me and snuggled in we bonded straight away. She didn't take to my husband straight away or other people there were a couple of growls from her and a couple of snaps but she never bit anyone. I think it was just Leilas way of telling people to back off. The change in Leila over the past month has been amazing. She's started to really trust us and has bonded with my husband, absolutely loves my grandchildren. Leila really loves her home comforts and has taken over the two seater sofa and my bed, shes spoilt just like poppy but they are well worth it.
Thank you so much for letting us adopt Leila we love her so much and she will be well looked after.
Keep up the good work, you are all amazing
Sian and Paul
Leilas new parents xx


We adopted Libby (mt liberty) as a friend for Jin in February 2017. She is a happy cheeky little girl who loves her walks and cuddling with her big brother. Libby also is a lap dog especially if I’m wearing a big fluffy dressing gown . We are so lucky to have both Jin and Libby in our lives, as they bring so much joy and laughter. Thank you for all the hard work you do rescuing all those wonderful dogs and finding them there forever homes x

Harry is homed now in Liverpool. We adopted him dec 2019..He has confidence now and is happy, he goes for walks on lead is still very nervous of going out. He had never been out for a walk or on a lead was circling around at first didn't understand how to walk in a straight line because he was kept in a cage all his life. He was 9yrs old when we got him he had no teeth. Now he has the best of food and shares his life with another rescue yorkie from gran caneria. He loves his food but will probly never fully recover from whatever life he had before. But he is happy and free to roam about the house.


We collected Purdy, a Cavalier x Cocker spaniel from fosterer Jan in March 2020 (paw wave to fellow foster pup Pringle - Happy Endings Jan 2021).
Initially she was quite stressed and would nervously pace the house and garden looking for an exit and throwing herself at any closed door. She settled down after a couple of days but for 2 or 3 months she would wake at 5am and be quite frantic for the first couple of hours of the day. Eventually this stage passed and she got used to home life and a more reasonable morning wake up time!
It took a couple of weeks before she started to enjoy her walks. She was very reluctant to have her harness put on, now she pushes herself to the front of the queue when we are getting ready for a walk and loves the park. Her recall in the house and garden is very good but still a work in progress over the park especially with squirrels as a distraction!
She doesn't really play with toys but she likes to collect them (and socks) for her bed and the snuffle mat she got for Christmas was a big hit. When she first arrived she would shy away from us if we tried to stroke her but now she loves to cuddle up close on the sofa and nudges us for more fuss. Although she can still be a little skittish occasionally, she is such an affectionate, happy dog and is loved dearly.
Best wishes
Nicola Nazareth and family

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