Happy Endings - August 2018


Hi Many Tears,
Wanted to send you an update on our wonderful rescue Spaniel Amber who we adopted in August 2017. We changed our holiday plans last year, drove from Marske which is on the North East coast in our camper van with our two children and two dogs after seeing Amber's photo (formerly known as 'Charlie') on your website.
We all invested in her sad story an ex breeding dog who was fearful of people, hadnt lived in a home, walked on a lead and was going to need lots of love and time and were determined she was going to be part of our family, we already had two dogs Mia our Yorkshire terrier and Star our German Shepherd who would turn out to be the perfect role model and protector! We had lost our precious terrier 'Holly' a year previously and still keenly felt her absence.
We feel so proud of Amber and how far she has come in a year! We have revelled in the smallest of milestones ; she has taken lots of time, perseverance and patience and we have very much had to go at her pace. She was so scared of everthing and spent weeks hiding behind bushes in the garden; her fight, flight instinct ever present. Inside the house she darted underneath the table at every opportunity. Avoidant of being touched, approached unexpectedly and so emotionally shut down. We had to find innovative ways of building her trust and confidence. I layed face down in the garden on many occasions with a treat in my upturned hand and after weeks of trying she eventually plucked up the courage to grab a morsel but wouldnt linger.
She appeared initially more fearful of men; my poor husband Chris spent hours sat on the floor with anything he could think of to tempt her. Nothing with Amber has being easy, conventional training methods just didnt work as she was so scared of everything. 'Star' our German Shepherd taught her to wee outside and in lots if ways has become her surrogate mother; we understand now why you insist of these special dogs being homed with existing dogs. They have really helped in building her confidence, we all smile when we see them cuddled up together.
Amber's recall still isn't perfect but we are now able to let her off the lead; this has been more than challenging at times she is mesmerised by birds (typical spaniel) and as we live by the sea they are ever present!! No amount of calling, whistles, treats can bring her back when she's 'locked on' to a bird! r birds'.
She loves the water loves to lay full length like a seal in the sea and taught herself to swim after entering a rock pool which was much deeper than she expected. Shes discovered her inner spaniel ! The woods nearby bring out her instinctive need to track, sniff and explore. We've lost count of the ticks removed from her now lucious coat. She scratched so much when we got her, wriving at her coat which was dull and lack lustre. Shes put on weight, feels glorious to cuddle and now her once dry crumbly nose now twitches and glistens with health!!
We are all besotted, the kids love her so much its lovely to see her so animated when she sees them but as with many spaniels she manages to look woeful even when happy; check out that tail it never stops wagging now.
The first time she got up on the chair next to us we felt like we had won the lottery! She likes nothing better than a cuddle next to my husband in bed on a morning; he's chuffed to bits! We returned to Wales last week her first holiday in our motor home, in true Welsh style it rained! I could go on but dont think you've room on your website. Having watched a u tube post this morning depicting your work with a rescue dog and the effort which goes in to rescuing these vulnerable dogs we are humbled and privelaged to have our special girl thank you Many Tears she has transformed our lives.
YourS Gratefully
Denise and Chris Villiers The Villiers kids and girls Star, Mia and Amber


We picked Basil up on Monday 6th August and after only a week he is firmly a member of our family. Many Tears did an amazing job on him, not only in rescuing him from Portugal but in helping him to regain his trust in people. Every day his confidence is growing with people we meet. He is house clean and generally quiet but unfortunately our collie Peggy is teaching him to bark when the doorbell rings!
He loves other dogs and he and Peggy have had some great times in the garden. He desperately wants to run through the woods with her but he will be on the lead for a while yet until we can be sure of his recall. Fortunately he walks well on the lead and we do go out 3 times a day so he is often tired in the evening.
So glad we were the ones who got him. We love him to bits and everyone who meets him thinks he is a real cutie. They also agree he is a dead ringer for Basil Brush, being more ginger than Yellow. His long skinny legs also have a touch of Basil Fawlty!
Can’t believe how much progress he has made in a week and how happy our two dogs are together.


Just a quick email to let you know Shaun is doing well, it is as though he has always been with us, he is wonderful!, albeit a bit cheeky on walks when he see's his human friends (or anyone! ) with food or dog treats ...he regularly mugs people!!!!!
He is doing well health wise, on his last vet check a few weeks ago they could not believe he has no spleen , a grade 3 heart murmur and arthritis (have him on turmeric paste and can see the difference )
Thank you for allowing us to adopt him
Kindest regard Collette and Gino


Hello everyone at many tears, we thought you would like to know, It's jin's 2nd gotcha day on 31st of July . We cannot believe it's been two years since we adopted Jin, and collected him from Tina in Bedfont. He's a playful happy boy who loves playing with his MT little sister Libby . They really are the best of friends. He loves running around the garden chasing Andrew, then Libby chases Jin. We have regular holidays in Cornwall and Devon , they love exploring new things. They are a constant joy and are loved very very much . Big kisses and lots of love JIN and LIBBY xxxxxxxxx


We adopted Esmerelda in November 2017 (we kept the name as we thought it was beautiful), to accompany our 1 year old Westie - Nancy. Esmerelda had originally come from a breeder before being rescued by Many Tears and was extremely nervous, scared and jumped at any noise. Likewise, with people, she would tremble at anyone getting close to her.
Esmerelda especially doesn’t like men and is still very wary about the man in the house but this is a work in progress and is slowly getting better! Unfortunately, Esmerelda had some sight problems, which resulted in her right eye being removed, has had a successful operation on her left eye and is on daily drops to restore full vision. She is definitely on the path to improvement as her vet says she can see great out of her left eye! In the last few months, she has really come out of her shell and gets even more excited about walks than her sister. She’s found her voice and isn’t afraid to bark when she wants something.
She is absolutely beautiful and the sweetest little girl who wouldn’t hurt a fly, she loves cuddles with her mum as that’s her best friend! Her favourite place is the beach where her and her sister Nancy love to chase after tennis balls, even if this means getting into the water! There is also a lovely park at the back of the house which the girls go to daily.
Thank you Many Tears for bringing such a beautiful little girl into our life, Esmerelda can’t thank you enough!
Angharad James

Hello Many Tears.
Just to let you know that I have been with my mum and dad now for a whole year and I told them they’ve got to do my Happy Ending or else Many Tears might wonder what has happened to me. I was adopted back in 2015 but my adopters found it difficult to give me the life they thought I ought to have so I found myself going to Meryl and Philip in Oswestry in July of last year.
My new mum and dad got in touch with them really quickly and just as they made arrangements to come and meet me their cocker spaniel, Millie, became really ill and despite going to the special hospital in Newmarket, she very sadly died. She looked quite a lot like me and after a day or two they decided to carry on with trying to adopt me because my new sister, a shih-tzu called Mimi who is also a Many Tears dog, was left on her own so they came to meet me in Oswestry.
It was love at first sight for all of us. So, they adopted me with Meryl and Philip’s agreement and brought me all the way to Norfolk. It was a long journey but I didn’t mind and when we got home I just went in the garden, did what we dogs have to do and then came looking for my supper. I just felt at home straight away.
I am, I suppose, quite an old dog because, according to my records, I was 10 in February. My mum and dad think I don’t look or act anything like an old dog. I’ve got a lovely shiny coat, I run about a lot in the woods where we go to walk and in the garden and I greet everybody with my tail always wagging. I sometimes have to be on the lead because I don’t like bangs. I hated Guy Fawkes night, I don’t like it when they are shooting in the fields near the woods and recently the farmers have all being using bird scarers which make big bangs sometimes and if I hear them I get scared and run off, so I go on my extender which is fine anyway as, when not running about madly I love to amble and sniff at things. The bird scarers haven’t been working lately so I’m spending much more time off the lead. We had a great party for my birthday.
My friends were here and I got to drink doggy beer which was really good and my sisters drank it as well. The picture at the top is me on my 10th birthday with my mum. Last October I went to France for the first time and I really enjoyed that. I’m going there again soon. We stay in a nice hotel in Normandy on the way down and the owners love dogs so that’s just great. It will probably be quite hot but I’ve got used to that this summer because it’s been really hot here. My house in France is lovely and cool and of course we have air conditioning in the car, so I’ll be fine.
As well as Mimi I now have another sister. Merry came to us in December from Val and Phil in Maiden Bradley. It was a really long journey to go and meet her but she’s been great since she came. She’s a brown working cocker spaniel and she really does run very fast in the woods. She doesn’t seem bothered about bangs at all. We get on very well although sometimes I have to put her in her place if she steals my chewy. Of course we all know that Mimi is the boss because, apparently, that’s what shih-tzus do! I sometimes try to steal her supper if she’s not looking but my dad always seems to know what I’m up to so that doesn’t work!
I’m really happy here. We have lots of people come to the house and if mum and dad are away we get looked after either by my “Auntie” Pat who comes to stay with us for the day or my mum’s brother, Uncle Colin, who looks after us if Mum and Dad are away for a day or two. Auntie Pat is the softest touch of all time, so we get lots of treats when she’s here!
Thank you Many Tears for rescuing me (twice!). I’m really pleased to be in Norfolk and I know I’ll be staying here for ever!


It’s my 1st anniversary GOTCHA day!!! The year has been busy. I was fostered by my daddies; Kevin and John in Royal Wootton Bassett who were lovely and made the transition into my new life wonderful. I was then adopted into my forever home with Mommy, Nanny and Summer whom I love very much!!! They saw me on the web page after they lost their Westie Toby- they swear Toby picked me for them.
We have been on holiday a couple of times. But I love home best as we get to play on the beach and in the park every day which is great fun. In June we met up with other MT rescues at the camping site - we were all so very well behaved. I have put on weight ~(Mommy says a bit too much now) as I have a very healthy appetite.
Sadly I have had to have x1 tooth removed recently which went well but which set me back with my separation anxiety a bit but the vet and nurses at White Lodge in Minehead were lovely and I am slowly getting my confidence back again!
We regularly read the happy ever afters and your diary page. Sometimes Mommy and Nanny cry and other times they laugh- either way I always seem to get a hug. Anyway I gotta go as Mommy and Nanny have that look in their eye which says we are about to get cuddled.
Lots of love and hugs to all you angels. Thank you for all you do to save us fur babies, you make us very, very happy!!!!
Ollie xxx

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