Happy Endings - August 2020

We rescued Suzie three weeks ago and just wanted to show Geri how well she is doing
Today she had her first groom which went really well. She has settled in with the other two although still nervous she is making really good progress. She will follow you around now and for the first time she barked and wagged her tail.
House training has been a breeze and I think we have only had one accident. At night she sleeps on a bed on the floor and pads about most of the night which is funny.
She is loving her food especially the cooked chicken which we do each day.
Thank you Geri she is a peach


Lily (MT Lizzy) came to us on 3rd May 2020. She was a very timid girl with so much sadness in her eyes. In the 4 months we have had her she has come on so well. She gets on well with Flossy our Cockapoo, our cat Scamp, and she even loves our 2 rescue bunnies. She walks well on a lead now and really enjoys her walks. She sits on the bottom stair when the leads come out and waits to have hers put on. She loves her food and enjoys her treats, she knows where the treat drawer is and licks her lips when I go to get them, it’s so funny to watch. We’ve been socialising her well and she is a regular now at our local pub where she gets lots of fuss She really is a dream. It’s our first time adopting and we feel so lucky to have found her.
Thank you
Tracey Kirchin


Hi all at MTAR. Beppo here. Do you know its 8 years and a few days since I came to live with Mum. My vet lady said I'm 'jerry' something but very very fit.I'm 12 but I can still run really fast and play wrestle with big sister Pixel lots. Been a funny year though, we haven't been for trips in the van at all and suddenly we could have only 1 walk a day for a bit, I was sooo cross! One sad thing, I lost my other big sister Pip. Mum said we mustn't mind too much as she was very old (18) but we all missed her loads. She was always very kind to me and did everything I told her. Spaniel sister Pixel wouldn't do what I told her when she first came and we had 1 or 2 big rows. In fact I broke 2 teeth on her harness trying to give her a good bite! But we're best friends now and have lots of fun together. Mum says I'm a very good boy, she loves me lots and lots and to say thank you to everyone at MTAR for rescuing me!


Thank you so much for letting Phoenix join our family. Although he's only been here a few weeks, it already feels like we've had him forever. He is the happiest little pup, and such a quick learner, there is no trace in him of a shaky start in life at all, he just walked into our home and assumed his place here like it was the most natural thing in the world. He is great out and about too, curious about new things and loves training and play time.


Just a quick update on Ben. We have now had him 2 months and he loves home life with a passion. He has been away in the caravan to the seaside and loves caravan life knowing it means lots of long walks. He loves going to the allotment which he does every day if it's dry. His recall his brilliant he is now off lead and loving running free. It's hard to believe he was a Romania street dog a few weeks ago he was so nervous of most things but now very little bothers him. Everyone loves him to bits especially us from the bottom of our hearts thank you so much for letting us adopt him. He is having the best life ever. Please keep up the good work so more people can have the pleasure we are having with Ben.
Vicky Mansell


Hi, Just an email to express our thanks to Geri and your team for their help in allowing us to adopt this wonderful dog, Big Ben, now called Bear. After a 3 hour journey he arrived at his new ‘forever’ home, very distressed, in virtual shut down, very unresponsive, frightened of anyone that approached him and very timid, Thanks to his new partner in crime, Rio, he is now a totally different dog, housetrained in no time, responds to his name, walks well on the lead and wants to greet everyone he meets !!, has just had his first groom and what a difference !!. Take a look at him now !!, Cannot thank you enough for the hard work you do. Keep up the good work, Thanks again, Wayne and Lorraine.


We were lucky enough to be able to adopt Jacob this week, a little 5 month old puppy found on a rubbish heap in Romania with his siblings.
We had been looking for a dog for a while after losing our dog of 15 years last August. Sadly a suitable dog didn’t appear and any that we felt would fit in with our family were quickly snapped up. After a difficult year for a number of reasons we were desperate to find a new dog, life is so much easier having a waggy dog to come home to. Whilst on a camping trip for my husbands birthday I did my daily checking on Many Tears website and saw three adorable babies from Romania and knew it was fate that they had become available on my hubby birthday - the best present ever! We applied immediately and we got the call the next day from their fosterer. We collected Jacob, now known as Toby on wed 19th and he has been with us 3 days.
Toby is the most special boy and has melted all of our hearts, we love him so much and after all he’s been through just want to give him the best life possible. Toby was a little nervy at first but has taken everything in his stride, he is so brave and can now finally relax knowing he is in safe surroundings with a family that will love him forever.
Thank you so much to Sylvia, Many Tears and Tobys fosterer for everything you do, you are all amazing and the world is a better place for having people like you in it.


Its been a year to the day that we bought home a very shy and reserved ex-breeding dog Coco (was Rumble) and what a journey its been!
It has taken us a long time to teach Coco not to be afraid of everything. Having her 2 resident daxi pals Ron and Cumbi help her settle and she is always looking to them for comfort and reassurance.
Coco has just completed a trip to france for a month, she’s climbed mountains, learnt to swim, been for never ending walks, enjoyed picnics by lakes and travelled many places but most of all she’s learnt how to be loved.
Happy 1 year Gotya day Coco. And thank you to Oonagh her foster mum and all that cared for her during her time at Many Tears.


Thank you Many Tears for allowing us to adopt this incredible little cat. She loves people, happy with the dogs and is waiting to meet her resident cat friend. She is happy and totally relaxed! We are taking her meeting with Toby, our Siamese cat, slowly, to give him time to get used to her being around.
Thank you,
Catherine and Arthur Cooper


We adopted Thistle the greyhound -now named Agatha, in July 2020. She’s a lovely girl, a little bit naughty, but very energetic and great fun. Here she is with Ché her best friend.


We adopted Diesel on 22 March, the day before lock down. He has settled in really well. He is very cuddly and likes to be around us all the time. He loves his walks across the fields and in the woods although coming across other dogs is a challenge (we are seeing a trainer tonight for some help with this). He has a mad moment in the morning (after his walk) where he runs through the house with his squeaky toys, reorganising the front room before settling down for a sleep. He has just been on a short break to Somerset and enjoyed the beach and sea and a couple of visits to a pub. We would love to find another Labrador friend for him.
Jo, Derek, Elliot and Charlotte


Hi Geri and all,
Just a quick update on Luck and Apple we adopted on Wednesday 12th.
Both doing well, as photos Luck is at home and Apple is much more cautious but is slowly coming round to our touch.
It was good that we adopted both as Apple follows Luck's more confident lead, they are great friends and cuddle next to each other
Thank you
Bob and Rosanne Jones


Just like to let every know who was following Willy Wonks that he has found his forever home. He has settled here with us in Cumbria and loving his country walks. Seems like we have had him always not just a few weeks. Although he is totally deaf he is learning really fast. He has a habit of taking things and storing them on his bed, tv remote control, shoes, glasses case, magazines and newspapers, keys, if something goes missing just check Will's bed good thing is nothing is damaged or chewed. He gets a bit boisterous sometimes with our Terrier Izzy but she soon puts him in his place she is a great mother figure. Thank you Many Tears for our lovely boy we will take good care of him as he is now a big part of this family.


We were so pleased to have been able to offer IOLO a new home, what a stunning little chap. He came with a brand new post lockup haircut and a very quiet disposition.
The journey home 4 hrs was uneventful for us but we realised later that for IOLO it was a bewildering experience . Over the next few days we realised just how much IOLO had been deprived of . He was scared of everything except Kate and Daisy, our cockapoo who have become his saviour and go to .
In the first week he slowly got used to eating ,without running away , going out on grass or the beach and miraculously learning where to wee etc (thank you Daisy) on all but the first three days he has been clean in the house. on day three he found he could bark!!! not a peep until then. we were so pleased !!!
So after 4 weeks he is Kate's shadow and a great pupil and conspirator of Daisy , he eats normally , house trained , sleeps well, walks on a harness ,meets and greets other dogs nicely.He has had his first visit to the vets, health issues mostly resolved ( ear infection still under treatment so awaiting inoculations). we realise we still have a long way to go but to see how he has changed is almost unbelievable, there is a light behind those eyes, tail's and a real sense of a understanding of trust.He is still surprised and scared of new noise , gateways ,Men , He still barks a warning when i enter the room or garden even when he has been sat on my lap for an hour.Treats are still an issue he will only take a treat if Daisy shows its ok , otherwise he is suspicious of men bearing gifts..He has come so far in the first month much more than we expected and we are looking forward to this next month . He is starting to respond to his name , but it will be a while before he runs free . He does not understand toys as yet but yesterday empted and scattered the entire contents of my sock drawer ,hopefully soon he can find a match for the odd ones!!Many thanks Many tears without doubt one of the most rewarding months ever.
John ,Kate , Daisy and Iolo


This is Bobby (Salamander) who we adopted on 15/06/2020. He is a total delight even the vet commented on how happy and confident he is. Thank you so much Many Tears for making our family complete. Bobby had his first walk today and he loved it. I can't wait to take him to the beach.


We would like to let you know how Peppa (was Baby) is settling in.
Peppa is settling in very well. She loves cuddles, in fact I'm not sure we've met a more cuddly dog.
At first peppa wasn't sure how to play with toys but after watching her new brother Bertie she now runs after the balls and tries to beat him to it.
We took her for her first walk on the beach this week now she is healed after being spade and she was so happy.
She was initially a little nervous when we had visitors but we are continuing to work with her and she is much more relaxed when we have a visitor now and she relaxes in her safe place in her bed. She is most happy when having snuggles on the sofa. She has brought such happiness to us and Bertie and we are so glad we chose her to join our family.
Many thanks for everything you do,
Charlotte, Abi, Bertie and Peppa x


Dear Many Tears,
We picked up Bonnie (was Lady) on the 14th March 2020. I just wanted to let you know that she is completely adored by us all. She is the sweetest, loveliest dog you could imagine and a pleasure to have around.
I was nervous about taking on an adult rescue dog, an ex-breeder who looked like she’d had a pretty tough life. I was worried about whether we’d be faced with issues that we couldn’t deal with, or that we’d simply not bond with her, or her with us. But she slotted straight in to the family, and is the best decision we’ve made for a long time. Our other lab Poppy is so happy to have her around too - they play for hours together. Unfortunately, though, Bonnie does have one issue we can’t fix - shoe thieving!! (Evidence in the photos.) Every morning is now spent in a frantic search for a matching pair - but we love her regardless……..!
Thank you so much for letting us take her home - we feel very lucky to have found her.
Best wishes to all.
Kate Taylor


It is nearly 7 years since we adopted Boffin and she has grown into a beautiful looking collie. She is still quite nervous and takes a while getting used to new people. When she does she is very affectionate and is known to get very verbally excited when she sees them again, in fact she has developed her own language so you know when she is happy or you have done something wrong, especially if a treat is involved, she will follow you around grumbling until she gets it. We recently moved to Norfolk and she just loves her new walks and big garden.
Kind regards
Sandy and Dave Overy


We adopted Maggie at the end of May beginning of June 2019. She is a wonderful little girl, she is epileptic but responding well to treatment. We love her to bits. She is the little tri colour with our Ruby Daisy. We call her Maggie May, because she may do as she is asked but not always. She has taken a while to settle, but is very much part of our family. Thank you for all you do.
Jacqui Hind


We adopted Lemon, now called Willow a few weeks ago. Even though she is almost completely blind, she has settled in brilliantly. She was an ex-breeding dog and with her sight problems, I thought it would take time for her to settle and trust us. But she has so much love to give, and trusts us explicitly that we will keep her safe.
I don’t know what we would do without her now, and our little Lottie loves her too.
Thank you Many Tears for all the hard work that you do for these dogs.
Julie Hazell


Hello to All at Many Tears
It’s one week since Toby came into my ( and Alfies) life and after being a little nervous for the first couple of days- he’s settling down very well! He’s even started to get a toy or two out of the box and throw it around!
Also progressing well on his lead walking- all done at his own pace- but he’s very keen!
And of course - just loves his cuddles!!
Thank you Many Tearsx

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