Happy Endings - August 2021


We’ve had Maisie (formally Jeez Louise) for three weeks now and what a little gem she is. She has settled into home life incredibly well (as you can see) and loves everyone she meets be they human or canine. The only slight issue we have is she’s a typical tenacious terrier and recall is not top of her list whilst out and about. We’d like to Thank You Many Tears for giving us the opportunity to adopt our Maisie, keep up the good work
Regards The Reids


Hello, My name is Jenny and you knew me as Rhia and I was adopted on 15th July. I thought I would tell you how happy I am in my Forever Home. I am sending you two photos of me and my new very best friend, Bertie. He has taught me so much and I follow him everywhere. He showed me how to go into the garden for my wees and poos because my human dad got very upset at the beginning when I did these things in the kitchen and living room!
I also really love my human mum - she gives me kisses and cuddles which seemed strange at the first but now I really like it! She got me a lovely comfy bed which is right next to her bed and I sleep there every night. Bertie sleeps on the bed with human mum and will not let me on the bed as he tells me it is his space, I am working on this though and when he isn't looking .......!
I have a lovely big garden to run in and every morning and afternoon we walk down the road to the "fields" which are wonderful and Bertie and I run and chase each other around. There are big scary things called goats which I don't go near and other things called chickens which Bertie says are good fun to chase but I haven't tried that yet. Sometimes a lovely little Sprocker called Tigga who lives over the road also comes down the fields and we have great fun romping, she is also a very good friend of mine.
I have met the "Vet" which was a little worrying but she said I am fine and healthy and I was soon back in the car with human mum and Bertie. Every day we go for a long walk to all sorts of different and exciting places, woods and streams and just the other day I went swimming for the first time in a big river - this was very good fun and now I go in the river all the time bringing sticks back.
I have lovely things to eat and my coat is growing. I am so pleased you gave me to these humans and I am sorry to say, I don't miss you at all but I am sure you understand. Anyway I have to go, human mum says it is time for a walk - YAY!!
Lots of love Jenny (Rhia)


This is me having a big stretch in the living room and the other photo is of me and Charley( beagle, jack cross) also from Romania like me . The other dog is Harry the poodle who comes from Ireland . I am settling in very well here as there are quite a few dogs with disabilities and are slow walkers like me . We all love each other and spend a lot of time in the garden in the sunshine . Our Mum puts dog beds out there but sometimes we like to just lay down on the paving where it is cool. One of the poodles thinks Mums sun lounger is his own which is quite funny when he is caught fast asleep on there. We all have different personalities . As I am 11 years plus I take everything in my stride and love sunbathing and watching my Mum and Dad work in the garden . Well it’s really Mum working and Dad watching ! They are very kind to me and as I am clean I have the run of the place . As it’s my first ever home it’s all a learning curve. I am fascinated by the tv and another dog here with three legs called Dolly Schnauzer tries to run behind the tv when she sees dogs on there which is very funny . I sleep all night and go for walks but I don’t like to go too far as I tire easily . Thank you Sylvia for saving me and bringing me all the way from Romania . I really love being in a home . Licks Millie was Emilyx


Hi there, we adopted Karina, now Sasha, on June 26th and I’m so glad we did. I thought I’d let you know that Sasha is proving to be the most wonderful dog. If there was a dog Olympics she would certainly win the sprint. She has settled in so well, loves her walks and enjoys playing with her toys.


Eileen was called Shanny when she was with you at the end of June. I think the before and after photos speak for themselves. It has been so rewarding watching her gain confidence and discover her inner puppy. Unfortunately she has not regained the sight in her left eye but she manages very well without it. Thank you so much for rescuing Eileen and for letting me adopt her.

Hello there,
Here I am, settling in nicely at home with my new pet humans; only been at my new home twelve days but I'm already loving life! We go for lovely walks where I've made lots of doggy friends (Oscar is my favourite) and I've come across all sorts of four legged friends - cats, horses and even pigs!!!
You can see my lovely pink collar with my name engraved on it and I have three beds - one in the sun room - it's lovely and warm in there, one in the living room where we watch television in the evening and one next to my new Mum and Dad's bed. I adore kisses, cuddles and cwtches with my pet humans and I give them lots of kisses, cuddles and cwtches back!!
Thinking of all my friends at MTAR and sending you my love, Amelia xx

These are all my beautiful Many Tears rescue babies. The Scottie’s age from 6yrs to 14yrs and the Shih Tzu cross is 3yrs and the only boy. He loves his little Harem and gets all my foster dogs when I have them to play whether they want to or not because he is so persistent. They were all patiently waiting for their tea. They have built in clocks.


Good evening
I thought I’d update you on our gorgeous girl we adopted from you almost 5 years ago. Amber (formally Nola) is wonderful. Although starting to look like an old girl now. She still has issues around noise and has a dislike for small male dogs, but she loves tennis balls, cuddles, long walks but best of all her big sister Willow (ESS), who taught her everything she knows.
Thank you many tears for giving us the opportunity to give this gorgeous girl a 2nd chance.


To my friends at MTAR,
I just want to provide a little update on my time with my new humans. I am very happy indeed in my new home, although my new family don’t seem as bouncy as me.
Neither do they like to chew on the table, chairs, sofa, rugs, carpets or the cushions but I can live with that; it is strange though. They do however give me about a million tummy rubs (my favourite), scratches behind my ears, kisses and cuddles.
I like to tell them how much I love them at night time just as I’m tucking into bed but I’m getting bored of this now and prefer to sleep.
I have been for walks on the beach and I love digging in the sand. I have a path by my home that I love to walk down every day and I have this joke I play on my family where after about a mile, I lay down on the floor and refuse to move; it’s hilarious. I don’t like the rain mind you and I have no time for my joke then, I just run home as fast as I can.
I have loads of new toys and one is a soft crocodile toy with a squeaker in it. This is my absolute favourite and I will not share it with my humans and love running around my garden as fast as I can so they cannot get it. I am learning how to sit and give my paw. I do this for treats which are delicious but they also ask me to do with without treats.
I’m not falling for that. I really enjoy bringing sticks and stones into the house from the garden but the one they call “Dad” doesn’t seem to enjoy this. He takes them off me and puts them back outside. It’s ok though, he isn’t as clever as me, I just chew them in the garden instead now. My “brother” and “sister” are fantastic. They play with me all of the time and I enjoy playing football with them.
I am learning how to play with chew toys and love a game of tug of war with my rope chew. “Mum” works in the kitchen which is great. I can just walk in and jump up onto her lap whenever I want a cuddle.
Even though it’s only been just over a week, I am very happy but miss you all.
Attached are some photos for you to see how happy I am.
Thank you for finding me a forever home and for all that you do, not just for me but for all of the animals.
Love Harlow (was Hallow)

I want to thank you so very much for finding me my beautiful girl. I feel so honoured to share my life and my home with such a delightful dog, and I owe it all to the staff, and in particular to Sylvia, for their expertise. I fully understand now that they place the dogs needs above the wants of people - which is exactly how it should be. I would not have ever thought of looking at a dog like Ria (Rhiannon) but she is absolutely perfect, and I am pleased to report we are both extremely happy. I cannot ever thank you enough!!!
Thank you all for doing such difficult work so well.
Kind regards Maria Thomas


Since we adopted Kaiju (was Caramel) in February, she has settled in so well and grown in to an absolutely fantastic little dog. She’s very happy and very cheeky, her absolute favourite things are chew bones (which she eats way too quickly) and leaping into each and every puddle, lake or stream available, if there is a tiny bit of water she’s there playing in it.
She’s recently been on holiday with us to the Peak District, enjoying lots of walks through the hills to country pubs, where she’ll quickly settle down to watch the world go by. We are so happy that she’s part of our family. Thanks for all that you and the team in Romania do.


Hello Many Tears!!!!
We are writing to let you know how our beautiful girl Henna is doing. First arrived scared of everything, tv was a big scary monster, glass door uhmm no comments, she didn't make sense of that until we put a cross in the glass, bless.
Her brother at first was not impressed with all the bullying from her, but hey....she just wanted to play so bad. Jumping in the garden with toys thronging in the air. So much happiness. Chicky now is all comfortable in the sofa and bed, but sofa is her favorite.
Initially peeing in the whole house but now knows she doggie toilet is, smart girl. Daddy is training so well, already walking next to us, with a good recall already. Vet said she was underweight and with poor core, so mummy taking her to fitness pool with big brother. Still struggling a bit in the water, but we get there... So here we are.
Thank you for the opportunity to adopt this sweet thing.
Warm Regards Ana Pre


Hello lovely people at Many Tears,
I thought I’d write and let you know how I’m enjoying my new life with Mum, Dad and sister Penny (was Pina Colada from MT in 2015).
I’ve been with them now for just over 5 weeks and I’m loving being spoiled and taken out for walks. I especially love going to my holiday home in Durdle Door Dorset where there’s beaches and lots of safe fields to run in. I still have to have a very long training lead attached to me because twice I slipped my lead and ran like the wind. I came back tho because I know how to follow my trail back and there was Mum, Dad and Penny waiting for me with sausages. I’m still in training for a while so don’t think that’s gonna happen again anytime soon. Just got to learn to come back when their calling. Getting the hang of it slowly tho, especially when there’s sausages involved
I love my soft bed at home and I’m allowed on my very own sofa. I’m learning the household routines and have stopped singing at the top of my voice at 5am when the suns up, and now wait until 8am which Mum is very pleased about. Mum buys me lovely food from Butternut Box which is absolutely yummy, I’ve put on some weight with it and I’m not so boney and skinny now. My back legs seem to be working a bit better too, they were very stiff but now seem a lot stronger. I haven’t done one single wee or poo in the house. I’m very good.
Thank you for rescuing me and finding me my forever family.
Lots of happy howls
Hugo Hound


Hi everyone at Many Tears,
I am very happy to be writing to you with news of Gil (now called Dill). It's now just over six weeks since we first met our boy and brought him home from his wonderful Foster parents, Julie and Steve.
From the first moment he came charging over to greet us, it's fair to say both David and I were smitten. Dill seems to have the gift of making almost everyone who meets him smile, and we were no exception!
Dill has settled into home life so well, and he rubs along brilliantly with his new brother, Basil. He adores getting out and about on his wheels at every opportunity. In fact, it takes forward planning and downright trickery for either of us to leave the house without him! Once out and about, he greets everyone beautifully. This is a very good thing as he attracts a great deal of admiring attention. Dill has developed a real liking for children, which is very sweet. We say that we feel like P.A.s to a superstar when we go for a walk with him, and that we should have called him Donny!
Dill's full of energy and curiosity when he is out and about. We are lucky enough to have fields and a small country park on our doorstep and he hurtles along, over all terrain with such speed that we think he is going to need a swanky off-road set of wheels to do his pioneering spirit justice. He is an absolute joy to go out with, though walks are usually a lot longer than intended, as people are so lovely and stop us to meet him and find out about his story.
On the medical front, Dill has started weekly physiotherapy with specialist Leanne Dobrawolski, who is already treating Basil, and helped our beloved Archie through his last illness. She is optimistic about being able to help improve Dill's comfort, strength and quality of life, with the aim of getting him into hydrotherapy sessions soon.
Dill has become such a beloved part of our family in such a short time. Words seem inadequate to express our gratitude and respect for all that you do for so many suffering dogs, so that they have a chance to know the happiness they all deserve.
Bless you all,
Love Carol, David, Basil and Dill


Hi, I just want to drop you a line to say life is great! I’ve been at my new home a year on 19th August and wow! What a year I’ve had! I’ve learnt to: Wee in the garden, walk on a lead, bark!, swim, play, chew and carry a bone! ( first time I did this I dropped it on the tiled floor and gave myself a heart attack!) but most of all I’ve learnt to trust and to be loved!
Kisses and hugs!


I adopted Kola just over three weeks ago and we are getting along very well! He is confident, quick to learn and very loving. He is extremely sociable with other dogs (although definitely prefers girls to boys!) and friendly to children and strangers including men. He has quickly learned to walk on the lead, come when called, and stop, sit and go to bed when told. He is quite happy travelling in the car, and has enjoyed spending time at the seaside, in addition to the mountains of his home. Thanks to the staff at Many Tears for matching us up and for all the efforts you put into finding the right homes for your dogs. I feel blessed to have been matched with Kola!


Just to let you know Molly ( MT Treasure ) on the right, Has settled in really well . She came to us in June and is pictured here on holiday with Meg ( MT Lucy ) in the centre , adopted October 2020 and Penny ( MT Shosh ) the Yorkshire terrier adopted 7yrs ago. We go away quite often in our motorhome and they love their beach holidays. Thank you for letting us adopt them, they are our world. Keep up your good work and thank you.


I adopted mally (now called marley) on the 13th July he's come on leps and bounds Turing into a cheeky little chappy my other dog Robbie is getting on well with him both like the cuddles and love the walks just a few photo some r not very good but both of them don't stay still for long best thing I ever done was rescuing both my beautiful dogs


Hi there
Jerry is doing really well. He's such an affectionate little pup, tail always wagging. He adores our kids and they adore him. He absolutely dotes on Blue, our other MTAR dog who has been the best uncle/ brother to him, showing him the ropes and giving him a much-needed confidence boost! The two of them cuddle up together when they're not bouncing about or chasing each other!
Jerry is doing really well with his training classes, he is attentive and is learning his manners. He walks well on a lead and can now do 'sit' and 'wait' and his recall is improving. He is quite a nervous and anxious little fella, given his start, but he's gaining confidence and trust with each week that goes by.
Thanks so much for all your hard work with Jerry and all the other dogs who you help. Hope you enjoy the photos of Jerry!
Lou, Adam and family


Just a quick update on Barkley (was Spinner) We were so lucky to be able to adopt this gorgeous boy, and he's filled our home with happiness and a little craziness ever since he arrived on 7th July! He's settled so well and has been such a good boy. He's intrigued with the cats but they put him his place from day one, so he just watches and follows in case they want to play! He's met all the village dogs and loves every one of them. He has lots of wonderful walks with his new friend Bonnie and especially loves the beach and the sea! He's learning commands and we do little training sessions every day. It would be lovely to know how his brothers and sisters are getting on and they can find us on Instagram under duffi_diane or search on #Barkleythegolddood
Thank you Many Tears for choosing us to rehome Barkley (Spinner) he is an absolute darling.


Hi everyone
Just thought I’d update you on my progress since leaving many tears. I was extremely nervous when I left MT but my new doggy brothers and sisters soon calmed me down. I now have my own bed, I’ve learnt to toilet outside. I’m now called molly. I have made two human friends aswell, who I’m starting to trust and i have cuddles and love being stroked. If it wasn’t for MT I would not of found out, about how to be happy and wagg my tail. Thank you lots Molly


Hello old friends I thought I'd send a quick email just to let you know I'm doing just fine here in my new forever home.
John and Annie are work in progress - but safe to say that I have them wrapped around my little paw already. I've got a lovely garden to run around with my new bestie Dylan. Annie and John get very excited when I do my wee and poo outside , so I've taken to doing it outside - it's not a big deal really and I'm happy to oblige if it makes them happy.
I've got a rather fetching new collar and lead too and we go for nice walks. We went to the seaside the other day and I met a few of the locals - they seem like a nice bunch.
Thank you very much for looking after me and helping me find my new home. It's working out really well for me. Kindest regards
Fran Ci


Hi all
Here she is, one week ago today I picked up this little beauty. She has changed my life, still only 9 weeks old but has learnt so much. She will sit, ask to go out ( most of the time ) is amazing with children and adults... So loving and a bundle of joy. She loves exploring, playing and can't wait to go out in my new harness, but have to wait a bit longer as I haven't had my second jab yet.
Thank you so much.. she is a joy and loved so much .
P S. My new name is Harley...
Kind Regards Carolyn and Harley


To Gareth and everyone at Many Tears
Thanks for helping me find my forever home. I love my humans and they are so happy with me, they keep talking about striking gold or something. I settled in very quickly and I love all people and all dogs so I am getting lots of attention and new fans. I have a nice new collar and toys that I’m learning to play with, been on lots of walks and everyone I meet says I’m gorgeous. Gareth, I can even bring the ball back now! On Day 1 I didn’t want to leave the house again once I’d settled in, but on Day 2 I realised I was staying here so now I love having my lead on and going for walks. Because I am a lady I am doing my business in private behind the summerhouse which my humans think is funny because I also snore like a bear!
I sleep downstairs and my humans don’t hear a peep from me all night - they say I’m such a good girl because I don’t howl or bark or anything, but I’m getting good at moving the cushion barricades so that I still get to sleep on the sofas when they go upstairs!
I do miss you but I am living my best life.
Love from Mabel (formerly known as Suki)

We are all super happy and our hearts are full to the brim.
Thank you for everything you do at Many Tears.
Love from Jenny, Brian, Henry, Ollie and Mabel


Well nine weeks on and that frightened little Libby we brought into our home with our resident cocker Alfie, has not only blossomed into a wonderful happy girl, she has had her first few days walking in the fields completely off lead. We thought it may never happen. She is still very cautious but loves her new life and is ready to greet new people and even accept a little stroke of her head. The excitement she shows when she sees you, and the happy way she tots about, make all the early difficulties worthwhile.


Hello Many Tears
Just thought we’d drop u a line to let you know how our beautiful baby is settling in. We picked up our Molly (molda) on the 5th June this year and fell in love with her straight away, Even thou we found her to be scared and timid she soon settled in and has become a firm member of our family. She has come on sooooo much, even though she has her days of shying away from people, she has an amazing little personality and shows us so much love.
Molly loves going on little adventures, she love the beach and the sea, she loves going on her walks and meeting and interacting with other dogs. We have just come back from Molly’s first camping trip which she loved having her own little camping chair and spot around the camping table. We know we still have a long way to go with her but we can honestly say that our lives would be the same without her now.


Just wanted to let you know how well Jackie - now called Maggie, has settled in. She has settled well and gains in confidence each day, no accidents, settles and sleeps in the kitchen at night, and scampers with joy when she greets us each morning! Walks fairly well.on a harness and lead, but would love to be free to chase cats and birds. ! Initially wary of other dogs but now barks a greeting and wants to play. We start puppy classes in a week or so, and she is affectionate and gentle and loves a fuss...in short a delight. She does like to chew things so we have learned to keep things at a height! Here are a couple of photos of our dear little dog. Regards


Just to give you an update on Hemp ( we call her Jem).
We collected her from foster 6 weeks ago to come and live with us and our other 3 dogs, Jack, Jules and Belle. The last two were also MT rescues. Jem bonded with our other Pom Jules immediately and they are good friends, although she gets on well with all the dogs. She's slowly coming out of her shell and gaining confidence, enjoying her walks. It iss interesting to watch her learn about her new world. She will stand and stare at everything from a lady unloading her shopping from a car, to small insects on plants.
She's now brave enough to paddle in the stream with the other dogs on our walk and this week started to walk ahead of us instead of behind. She's holding her ears and her tail up and is beginning to walk with a bit of a swagger.
All small things but big steps for an ex breeder dog. She's becoming a cheeky affectionate girl who loves a cuddle and is a joy to have.
Keep up the good work MT, you do an amazing job!

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