Happy Endings - August 2019


Whilst thinking back on this week it made me think how insanely lucky I am with my little Many Tears Rescues. All from different situations where they were due to die. I have now been lucky enough to be part of 12 international teams for GB, UK and England. Everyone of my three dogs who have made a team have now medaled. Together they have had
4 golds
5 silvers and
3 bronze
Really being the youngest at not yet 4. Not only did she do two perfect clears for our team, but she also got second fastest time over the whole team agility runs. I’m very proud of her and my two beautiful boys Theory and my amazing Herbie who is no longer with me. I am thankful for every opportunity they have given me, and every ounce of unconditional love.
Thank you Many Tears Animal Rescue


Hello Many Tears! We adopted Ted (was Ralph), in January 2018. He has been a smashing little dog and has happily joined us (with his doggie pal Swift) on our regular holidays to Anglesey.
Last month, we were devastated when he tore the cruciate ligament in his right hind leg. 5 days after surgery to repair his leg he ruptured the ligament in his left one! He had to struggle for 3 more weeks before having his second surgery so that his right leg was strong enough to cope.
This brave little boy is now on the long road to recovery and has lost none of his confidence or sparkle!! We wouldn't change him for the world and, although his surgeries have been traumatic, we are so grateful that these injuries did not occur in his former existence... who knows what his fate might have been then?
I attach pics of Ted after his first surgery and also more recently when he is in a much happier and relaxed state!
Keep up the good work at MTR!
Denise Holian (and Ted).


Pixie has been with me for only 16 days and it’s like she’s always been here. My big boys adore her, as much as she loves them. She has settled in so well, sleeps in her crate all night without a peep. We’ve had the occasional accident in the house which is expected, but she’s learning so fast to go outside. She enjoys her walks and has made lots of doggie friends. She would love to travel in the back of the car with the big boys, but is still transported in the crate, on the back seat for now. She is booked in to start her puppy classes in September, she is already such a clever little thing, (weighing in at 3.9kg) she can “sit” and “wait “ and her recall is nearly 100% She is such a happy little thing and is much loved. I’m so grateful to Many Tears for allowing her to come home with me.
Janice Kipling


It’s coming up to a month now since we adopted Kalyn, we’ve renamed her Dinky after my first dog. She’s turning into a real little Diva, bags of personality, she loves to play ball, either with the others outside or by herself in the middle of the living room. She’s really affectionate but can be a bit bitey. I think the older dogs will sort that out they’re used to establishing boundaries for uppity pups!
We have taken in another 7 month old crossbreed (beaten and abandoned) and she and Dinky are the best of friends, the play fights go on for hours, a little white and brown furball rolling around the floor and jumping all over the furniture and any unfortunate humans who get in their way.
Thank you for letting us have her, she’s wonderful and thank you for all the care you showed her, especially Keith who really looked like he was going to miss her.
Best wishes
Sheena Thomas


In early July 2018 my son drove me from Christchurch in Dorset to Wales to collect the lovely Maddie who was being fostered with Sean. She was so good on the journey home, just sat looking out of the window, I guess she wondered where she was going this time!
She was very shy and not sure where she could go when we got home. As the days passed she slowly came out of her shell. On her passport from Ireland I found out she had been called Maddie so I started calling her Maddie and she soon responded to it. We go for walks with a friend and her dog and they get along fine. Even though I’ve had her over a year now I still keep her on an extended lead. Being a cross Beagle/Bassett her hunting instinct is very great and three times she has done a runner when off the lead but has always managed to find her way back to me.
She gets on with all other dogs, in fact isn’t really interested in any of them. Thoroughly spoilt, has her own settee to curl up on and spends every night curled up on my bed next to me. So, thank you Many Tears for letting me have Maddie, I love her to bits.
Carol Geaves


We adopted little Sax, now Fudge on Good Friday. When we seen his photo on Many Tears we knew we had to have him. He looked so broken and sad and we knew we could give him a fantastic home.
It was a long time before we could adopt him as he was in such a bad way. When you see him now you wouldn't believe he's the same dog. With the amazing help from Many Tears and his Foster carer he has turned into the happiest, friendliest, most beautiful little dog. Our little Shih Tzu Bear loved him straight away and they are literally inseperable.
It took us 4 months to get Fudge on a lead as he was petrified but after a lot of persistence and patience he now loves his walks and gets sooo excited as soon as he sees the lead.
Thank you Many Tears for giving us a beautiful fur baby and Bear a little brother. You do phenomenal work!
Kind Regards Suzanne Millar

In August 2012 we adopted Lemon from Many Tears in Wales.
I never changed her name as this was the only thing she came with! It amuses people - a chocolate Labrador called Lemon
Seven years later …. she sometimes looks like she still has the weight of the world on her shoulders, but get her lead out, open the back door so she can charge out into the garden at 100 miles per hour or just speak to her in a silly voice and she comes alive and life isn’t scary anymore and she smiles.
Me and my other dogs wouldn’t be without our choccy girl. Best thing we ever did.
Susie, Cully and Lemon ???? (and not forgetting Tom who went to Rainbow Bridge earlier this year)


I just want to thank Many Tears for letting me have Ada. She came in May 2018. Some things she learnt quickly. Some things took more time. But the journey has been so rewarding. I couldn’t be without her. Florence, her friend on the left, and I have taught her how great life can be. Much walking, much lounging on sofas! The beginning isn’t easy but so worthwhile and I would encourage anyone to adopt one of these lost souls and give them a new start. The first photo was day one, The last two… this morning. Ada has given us much more than she has taken. Keep up the good work.
Mandy Fletcher

We adopted (Flute) now Bertie in June 2019 from Many Tears. He is getting on well with his two new friends here in Devon he has come a long way in the last month settled down to family life and loves walks but still cannot let him off the lead unless you’re in a secure area. He is a very loving dog and shows lots of affection to us and our other two dogs and only really barks when its feed time and eats well. He is still very nervous but it all takes time to trust humans but it will come.
Alison Spicer


We adopted Gwen last September from Many Tears. She had never run on a beach or walked in the woods and was very scared of humans. With a lot of love and patience, she is now a wonderful and happy little girl. Gwen has learned a lot from Dewi, our other dog. She continues to flourish and is becoming more and more confident every day.


Hi to all at Many Tears, we would like to give you an update on Nala (was Jodie) the little cocker spaniel we adopted 4 weeks ago!
From the very scared little dog we bought would never trust us she has blossomed to a lovely bouncy playful cuddly pup!! she's discovering more with her mouth every day! Nala loves cuddles and follows me everywhere! We have even had her off the lead on a walk!she really is amazing!
We are so so proud of her and how far she has come! We are still toliet training but it's going very well and she has gained 1.4 kilos in weight. She is still shy when meeting new people but they soon turn into her friends when they offer a tummy rub!!
So a big thank you to everyone at the rescue!!
I have attached some pictures for you

Take care
Becky, Ben Rosie and Nala ??


Well we adopted our beautiful little Nim 4 years ago, today is a big day for her as she is going for her second big operation, both her cruciate ligaments in her back legs had torn due to the angle of her joints and she has had to have metal plates put in both legs, today being the second leg operation. We can’t wait for her to be able to run around and enjoy herself normally again, it’s taken such a long time for her to learn to be a playful dog and now she has to be restricted for 3 months again. Life with Nim hasn’t been an easy one as she has many issues due to her past but she is our little star and we wouldn’t be without her.

I picked these two up from you in February this year. You will be pleased to hear that they settled in straightaway. They are so happy and play a lot together. They went on holiday in June with another dog and had a wonderful time. We have another away next week to Brighton. They both love the water especially Millie as she loves to swim. I have been suggesting to people that if ever they want another dog to come to you. On the westies buddies Facebook page owners have been suggesting your centre too. Thought you liked to know that this adoption has been successful.
Many thanks
Kind Regards


Here is Rodney adopted from you in April 2019. He won a red first prize in our village show for the best veteran dog (he is 9 ) not kennel club but for fun. He enjoys life playing with our other dog and eating!! He is lovely.
Jill Goodwin


I adopted Jay (MT Jay Jay) I had walked him for 6 months prior to adopting him in March this year when I was able too
He is doing great.He is affectionate and very loving. He does have one or two issues but he has come on leaps and bounds. Being 8yrs old it is difficult to change some things but he is wonderful and I love him to bits.


We adopted Misty in February 2019 and thought you might like to see how she is getting on.
She came as companion to Alfie our Westie and as you can see from the photos they were the best of friends right from the start Garfield one of our cats seemed to love Misty too as you can see.
Sadly at Easter we lost our Alfie when he suddenly became very ill. This was a big blow to me and to Misty who relied upon him for leadership and comfort. She had learnt so much from following his lead and was quite lost at first without him. Fortunately I am in a position to be with her all the time and with love and patience she is doing wonderfully well as you can see from the photo in the bluebell wood and the one of her sleeping on the sofa.
She has been remarkably resilient.
She is quite the sweetest little dog and very much loved. I am very grateful to Many Tears and her foster Mum Cathy who brought us together.
We are hoping to find her a little Westie friend soon and possibly to foster so that she can pass on all Alfie taught her.
With kind regards to all at Many Tears
Linda Button and Misty


Just to update you on Chiffin now Dotty. Dotty came to join our family in December 2018 as a very timid and scared little French Bulldog. Her "big sisters", also both rescue dogs named Ruby and Cherry soon taught her how to live in her new home, showing her where the toilet is, the comfiest sofas, manners at dinner time and most recently the best places to sunbathe in the garden!
Eight months on we have a very bright, and happy little member of our gang. Her favourite thing is her morning walk in the woods opposite our house (well more like running and leaping over as many ditches and fallen trees as she can possibly find) closely followed by snuggling up on the sofa after tea.
Dotty has bought us many laughs with her funny personality and playful character, she is a clever little dog who soon picks things up and learns very quickly.
The best part of rescuing an animal is the rewarding feeling of knowing that you have changed a little life for the better.
P. S. My daughter also fell in love with a Bulldog that she saw on your website whilst looking at Dotty (previously named Shirley now Boo) and went on to adopt her too.
Keep up the good work Many Tears
Best Wishes
Mandy and Craig Davison


This is our adorable little girl Megan (formally Zeta) the smallest Westie I have ever seen!! Who came home with us on the 5th of April, she has so much character, even though she only has 3 legs she can move as fast as her new big brother Sid who is also a rescue. Both have had a shocking start in life, but they are now such happy dogs. Megan loves her bed and adores playing with all the toys, poor Sid looses all of them!!
She is still nervous about strange noises and meeting new people but what a little superstar. She manages to keep up with Sid but when she's had enough she sits down and puts her paw up, she has also learnt to balance on her bottom and put her paws on our legs when she wants to be picked up for a cuddle. We really have our own little Prince and Princess. This is such a worthwhile and satisfying thing to do, we would urge everyone thinking about getting a dog to see what wonderful animals are out there waiting for a chance at their forever home. Megan is our fourth Westie rescue and the love they will give in return is second to none.

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