Happy Endings - August 2022


Dear Many Tears, We just thought we'd send you an update on Sophie and Sasha (previously Itsy and Spider) as it's a year ago today since we made the journey to Wales from Oxfordshire to adopt them. We initially only came to adopt Sophie but the reservation on Sasha had fallen through so she ended up coming home with us too. All we can say is that family's loss was most definitely our gain, we love both girls so much and are so proud of their progress and how far they've come in the last year. We think they're both adorable and we love them beyond words. Thank you for allowing us to adopt them.
Best wishes
The Mansbridge Family


Hello everyone at MTR,
Lucy and Cerys have been with us now for 2 years and it's amazing how their confidence has grown. Daily walks take for ever as we have to stop and say hello to all their doggy pals and their walkers, usually getting a few treats in the process! It's been so rewarding to see their personalities develop, they are so different. Lucy is the bossy Bichon and Cerys the quiet Cav but they are never far apart . Thank you once again for giving us the opportunity to love these girls and please share their story in Happy Endings.
Keep up your wonderful work
Christine and Les


Hi just a update on (Given )now Nellie we adopted Nellie nearly two weeks ago she was very nervous and scared when we brought her home , she has settled in lovely with our other dog Reggie, they play together and share toys Nellie runs round the garden like a puppy even though she will be 4 in November. She also picked up very quickly to toilet outside.


We rescued Ward just under 2 weeks ago now and he is settling in amazingly, like he’s always been with us.
His cheeky and loving personality comes out more and more each day we have him.
He enjoys a good snooze on the sofa, his new toys (especially the squeaky ones!), lots and lots of treats and a good walk - although we are still working on recall training so he doesn’t get as much off lead time as we would like to give but he doesn’t seem to mind at all!
He is so well behaved and chilled out here, and learning so much everyday.
We’ve learnt some new tricks and commands and we are working on his separation anxiety - this is slowly progressing but still a way to go.
He’s such a good boy for car journeys and the most well behaved boy when I take him to work - he especially likes all the fuss and treats he gets there!
We could not be happier with the new addition to the family and I think Ward agrees whole heartedly


Hello all at Many Tears!
Here's an update on our dog, Ozzie (MT Jip). We collected him on 25th June and want to let you know what a star he is!
He settled in really well from the very first night. He gets on with our other dogs Nora (MT Jana) and Spike (MT Spencer), is cuddly and affectionate and is great on and off the lead.
He really is a dream come true! Thank you so much to Many Tears for rescuing our dogs, and especially for trusting us to give them their forever home - we consider ourselves extremely fortunate xxxx


Hi All
I just wanted to give you a little update on Larry and how he is settling in.
The little man is so loved and we are so grateful we are the lucky ones that got to adopt him. He is settling in perfectly, making himself at home immediately. He is super playful and loving and hasn’t been reserved at all since we got him home. Even his incredibly long journey home with us, he slept most of the way and was as good as gold. He loves taking his toys outside into the garden to play, as well as his Daddy’s slippers. His zoomies around the house and the garden are a sight to behold, he’s super quick! His little tail is constantly wagging. He hasn’t quite found his voice yet but I’m sure that will come in time, although I have heard a couple of excited little yaps so far. He loves sleeping with us and whilst most of the time he sleeps next to my feet, he has taken a liking to sleeping on the pillow above my head.
He is booked in at the vets for a check and his injections to restart tomorrow. Puppy training school will start once he is fully vaccinated and his first groom is booked in for 20 September. His calendar is filling up
Thank you for all the great work you do with the animals you rescue and finding them loving homes. We couldn’t love Larry more
Kind regards, Clare


Lucy doing so well she so happy living life to the full. We went Pet at Home yesterday she jumped in the soft toys l at to buy 3 of them as they were wet well haha. She has about 20 toys in the house she having a whale of a time we love each other so much. She one spoil girl like the 3 other l had from you .
Many thanks Helen and Lucy..woof


Hi Just to give you an update on Gene, now called Harley! She’s been with us for a week now and settled in well with Diesel. He even let her climb in his bed and snuggle down with him yesterday.
They are learning to play with each other and share his favourite pheasant toy. She is such a clever girl - she has already learned to sit.
Please share this with Joyce as she did the handover of Gene. We found a vets who could do the same 2nd dose of vaccine and can start taking her out from Friday.
Thank you Jo, Derek, Charlotte and Elliot


Hi Everyone
My wife Claire and I picked up Dutch (now known as Paddy) on Sunday 24th July. We just wanted to Say thank you for all the work you do, what we saw last Sunday were so many dedicated people looking after dogs that would otherwise have nothing
The first two nights were a little tricky as Paddy adjusted to his new life, but taking it in turns to stay up with Claire meant that by night three he was perfectly settled and is now into a great sleep pattern. He has integrated into the family so well and we saw great progress from day 1 with Paddy running to us, tail wagging every time he saw us. My daughter and husband live round the corner and have a cockerpoo too and Paddy gets on with Murphy, playing games and chasing each other round the garden.
Paddy had his 2nd round of inoculations last Friday so we’re looking forward to taking him out in a week’s time. Toilet training is going well and he gets better every day with just the odd little mistake but all in all he is just a lovely addition to our family.
He is booked in next Friday for his first hair cut where we’ll see another little change but we’re so happy to say he has settled and we couldn’t be happier with his progress and how happy he seems to be.
Thank you once again for all the great work you do and for saving little Paddy for us.
Best wishes Phil Urwin


Hi there,
Just to let you know that Fudgie has been with us for just over 5 weeks now, she has settled in brilliantly, it seems she has always been part of the family. Despite her advanced years and little legs, she can charge about the garden at quite a speed, she also has no difficulty getting up to her seat in the car and the sofa’s a doddle!
She loves her walks which can be quite protracted as she spends a long time squirrelling under the verges and hedgerows where I am guessing are alluring furry creature smells must be the dachshund in her! Fudgie and our cat Oscar are slowly becoming acquainted, we are keeping them separated at the moment as she was very excitable when she first met him but I think with baby steps, they may not be bosom buddies but will be able to tolerate each other amicably
Best Wishes Hani and Terry Mroz

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