Happy Endings - September 2021


Hi, Just thought that I would let everyone know how I am, I have settled into Devon very well, my Mum and Dad and my older brother are all looking after me well, I am a bit of a Daddys boy and wouldn’t let him out of my sight, but now I am becoming more confident he is allowed to be in a different room or occasionally out. I am loving my walks on the beach and now that the weather is cooler I have been allowed to be off my lead, as long as my big brother is near me. I am attending puppy classes and am learning how to do things like come back, sit, down, settle and stay (when I do I get loads of treats). I sleep in the main bedroom with my family and enjoy waking my Dad up really early with loads of licks and the odd paw to his face. I now have a new harness and am learning that walking on a lead is ok, I have grown loads and enjoy playing with my friends who I meet most days, I am also teaching my Mum how to pick clothes up from the laundry basket, I make sure to show her what I have picked up when I walk nonchalantly past her, and as soon as she decides to chase me I show her just how fast I can run, nowadays when she calls me back and offers me a treat I will let her have that item back.....and then find something else to make her chase me. Squeeky toys are excellent fun as is a good game of tug, or fetch with a ball. I hope that all of my brothers and sisters are doing well and would love to catch up with them. The first photo is Brodys first evening at home, the second is in the garden with Monty his big brother, and the third was when he had reached 17 weeks of age.


Hello to all of you at Many Tears,
It’s been a year since we adopted Missy (was Jules) and we can’t believe how much love and joy she has brought into our lives. She truly is one special girl and we are so grateful that you allowed her to be part of our family. It took her a little while to settle in but she soon showed us her kind and cheeky side. Missy loves to explore in the woods (and chase the odd squirrel) and have long beach walks. She has only just been brave enough to paddle in the sea but once she is there we can’t get her out!
Thank you for all the work you do, you are special people. Here are some pictures of Missy living her best life
Love from the Summers family x


Hi Many Tears
Just thought I’d give you a short update on Petal [Now India]
Like the majority of your dog’s I’d imagine she found the first couple of days baffling, just sitting, looking and LEARNING, the truest thing I have ever read is that Cavaliers need other Cavaliers to “show” them the way, it took a matter of day’s for a shy, scared little lady to turn into a boisterous nosey little madam who seems to learn something new each day, seeing her interaction with our 9-year-old Maisey and 4-year-old April [ was your Hiccup] reminds us daily why we rescue. To see the change in such a short space of time is truly amazing [ picked up 17th August] and she’s not fussy she’ll snuggle up to either Maisey or April !!!
Thank you all at Many Tears and let’s hope you can continue to do what you do for many many Years
Wendy Potts and Family


I adopted Mindy now Emi at the end of July. She is bright, interested in everything and has such enthusiasm for every new experience that I introduce her to. We are attending trick training classes and she is doing very well. Emi also had her first visit to the sea, and a local National Trust property, which she really enjoyed. She is such a loving girl and has bought so much joy to my life, and my aim is to give her the best life possible . Thank you, Many Tears, for saving her and allowing me the privilege of being able to enjoy our lives together.


Hello Many Tears,
Update on Minky who is now Molly who was a very scared dog.
Molly has settled in very well. She is very affectionate and has a lovely nature.
She now can walk on a lead and loves to go out for walks in the woods,fields and the beach.She had never lived in a home,never felt grass or sand under her feet.
We spend a lot of time together and she loves her belly rubs ,cuddles and her food.I love her so much and she and my other dogs get on great together.


Hi, Wanted to share pictures of Honey, who I adopted from yourselves in 4th July.
Being a Romanian rescue there was no idea what breed she was but I can interesting confirmed from a DNA test she is the below - which more than makes sense for confident, sassy, loving, clever nature!!
13% Chihuahua, 11% Segugio Italiano, 11% Estrela Mountain Dog, 10% German Shepherd and 8% Figian Street Dog.


Just thought you would like to see some pictures of Matty in his new home he's a happy and very smart little boy our trainer/behaviourist loves seeing him and thinks he's a very intelligent boy
Thankyou so much for bringing him into our lives
Andy Ri and Matty


Hello everyone at Many Tears, I can't believe it's just over a year since we saw you. Hope you're all well.
Lucy and Cerys have been on several holidays with us now and each one has been a new experience for them. They've met the small people in the family and almost had a paddle but whatever they do they're never far apart!
We're so lucky to have them and watch them slowly gain more confidence.
I hope you will share their story with Happy Endings
Thanks once again for all that you do
Regards Les and Chris


To mummy Sheila and all my aunts and uncles. Blue here!!! Well its been two weeks since I left Many Tears, and I've got loads to tell you. Obviously I was very nervous as everything was strange. It took me a few days, but slowly I have realised its rather nice having a stroke and a belly rub. My friend Bella has taught me how to use the dog flap which is great, I can get out into the garden whenever I want. I even went out last night and was barking. Letting the foxes know I was living here now. Mum made me come in, she said 3am was too early for singing.
I have had lots of walks and runs. Mum let's me off the lead but I'm still attached to Bella so I don't get lost. She says I'm not ready to run on my own yet.
Every day we visit my younger family. I really like them. They give me nice strokes and when I'm good they give me treats. Gravy bones are my favourite. I sleep with Bella every night, we even share the same bed. I am still a bit nervous but slowly I'm learning strange noises aren't so bad.
Mum said she taking us to the woods tomorrow so I want to be nice and fresh for that. Mum said I must let you know my tummy is fine now. She thinks I've put on some weight and we are going for a weigh in soon. I'm off to bed now, take care of all those new doggies you have got. They are lucky to have you. Check my pictures out I'm still handsome.
Love from Blue and my new family. XXXXXXXXXXXXX


Emma joined our family 02.08.21 from Many Tears Rescue Centre near Llanelli.
Emma is a Shih Tzu and was an ex-breeding dog. She is now nearly 6 years old.
She was a skittish, nervous dog with no appreciation of what exists in the outside world.
She was introduced to our other dog, Ozzie, and they both treated each other with some initial indifference. They now get on well together sharing toys, running around the garden and provide stereo barking.
Emma has made vast progress in three weeks, first day home she let Ann brush her coat. 2nd day she let Ann shave her coat and tidy her head and tail. 3rd day introduced to a harness and a very short walk on a lead. From then on she has allowed us to stroke and fuss her and Ann can pick her up.
She is an excellent traveller in the car and accompanies us to our future home in Knott End. The seawall, esplanade and local woodland walks seem to have inspired her curiosity and she now wanders around poking her nose into a greenhouse, shed and surrounding garden.
Emma now walks slowly on the lead, takes rewards from the hand, eats for England and is becoming a loved and friendly little girl. The only item of training outstanding is her toilet training, but she is advancing with that, with fewer mishaps and more understanding of the command ‘Toilet’.


Hi I just wanted to let you know how my gorgeous Many Tears pups are doing. I got Joseph (was Jo-Jo) in February 2020, and Kite (was Marla) in May of this year to be brother and sister to my beautiful girl Lottie. Joseph was in need of some TLC and very quickly charmed his way into everyone’s hearts. He loves a snuggle and making everyone pander to his every need, he’s a whopping 4kgs of stubborn and funny cuteness.
I brought my 11yr old lab, Lottie, and Joseph to MT at the beginning of May to meet a Romanian pup I’d been matched with that week. Sadly, despite lots of patience and a great support from the MT team, introductions didn’t go well with the dogs and collectively we made the decision not to proceed with the pup. It was a really difficult decision, but the right one for me and the dogs, and ultimately one which led us to Kite.
Kite was a one year old new arrival from Romania too. The introductions were totally different and we brought her home that day. Big thank you to Sylvia for supporting us with that. Kite is full of life and joy, and despite being a street dog, used to fending for herself, has become a relaxed dog happy to share her space with the humans in her life and the other dogs. She’s still learning but I’m glad I’ve taken things slow and at a pace that’s suited her as we’re now reaping the rewards of a happy, responsive and relaxed dog.
Kite’s been spayed and recently had surgery for an eye problem, but she’s recovering well. With the help of a behaviour therapist/trainer and my buddy Lyn, we’re progressing really well, and she’s loving the agility she’s started doing with Lyn.
Best of all though is how happy Kite and Joseph are, they would play together all day long if I would let them. Lottie is doing a beautiful job of teaching them both how it is to be a happy dog, and more importantly, to train all the humans in their lives how to spoil them rotten… they’ve got that totally sorted!!
Thank you to Sylvia, and everyone at MT for all you do, I am so grateful. Here are some pics of them living their best lives!
Take care Helen xxx


I just wanted to send you an update on Pelli who came to us a little under four months ago. It’s been slow progress but he’s becoming less traumatised and more relaxed each day...although strange to say he has good days and bad days, but more consistently good these days.
The success of this adoption has been entirely due to our remaining dachshund Wally who has taught Pelli how to be house clean, introduced him to play and shown him affection is what living here is about. We are still in the process of lead training, and coming forward for treats....but we can do ‘sit’ after a little thinking time and encouragement, and enjoy cuddles on the settee in the evening.
His original terror and frozen stance has relaxed (although it can return at any time if something unusual takes place) and Pelli is gradually learning that these humans mean him no harm and are actually a good source of company and comfort as well as food.
He has met my daughters Boston Terrorist, Barkley, (also via the breed rescue) and been to the vets. As he’s not able to walk happily on a lead yet - he’s not been out of the comfort zone of the house and garden much, but we are starting to push those boundaries as his confidence grows and he will now follow Wally on a lead walk down the lane and back.
The one disturbing factor in his new life is that he has experienced 2 fits (that we've witnessed) in the time we’ve had him - the most recent last night. It’s not clear what causes them but stress would seem to be a factor. We have taken things very slowly and consistently using reward based training but anything in his world that changes causes visible fear, adrenalin and increased heart rate. But what a handsome boy he’s becoming.....his weight has become more muscled and he’s able to walk and now run about without rolling from side to side or collapsing ...he has much more stamina and ability.
I think he would tell you he’s starting to enjoy his new life now although it’s been incredibly stressful and confusing at the outset, he’s starting to get the hang of enjoying life, making eye contact and understanding affection. Attached are some pictures of him enjoying his new life as a home body rather than a rescued ex breeding dog.
All best wishes from us all,
Penny Joubert, Richard Toomer, Pelli and Wally

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