Happy Endings - September 2020


Good afternoon Many Tears
It is four weeks since Tabitha moved in with us and she is thriving.
She has put on another 0.6 kilos in the last fortnight and now weighs 12.8. Her spine is still prominent but she now has both the energy and the confidence to run and leap around the garden. She no longer hides in the bushes and prefers the open spaces copying Lady’s runs and jumps around the grass and the bank.
Lady is still a bit boisterous for Tabitha; as Lucy Daniels the dog trainer pointed out she has no way of saying “No” to Lady yet. It is Lucy of Daniels dogs who taught us the 123 game in the video. As you see, Tabitha concentrates, looks straight at Jane and enjoys the cheese. She learned by herself to come downstairs though she is still very wary of strangers or having any tension on her dog lead.
It really helps that Tabitha is a bright and inquisitive girl. We are looking forward to showing her so many things in the big world but for now, as Lucy says, there is plenty to interest her in the house and garden.
Thank you for letting us have Tabitha
Best wishes
Alex and Jane


We adopted MT Maria, Now Kiki.
We met your lovely joyce on the 13th september and I immediately fell in love with this little darling.
My little Romanian female has accepted her into the family, and she is settling in well.
Kiki is almost house trained, just the occasional accident, bless her.
She is walking good on the lead now, and has been to the beach and the parks which she is thoroughly enjoying.
She was a little withdrawn for the first few days and wary of strangers, but has come on leaps and bounds and loves a cuddle, especially in our bed...
She is now part of our family and we adore her.
Kind regards
Keep safe
Janice perry/jeakins


This is Calli who was called New and we accepted from Jane your foster carer who I am sure would like to see photo. Calli is one today and is much loved by all the family. She has grown into a big dog and is always up to all sorts of antics, she keeps us busy.
We absolutely adore her, thank you Many Tears


Just thought I would drop you an email to let you know how the wonderful Victoria (Tori) is getting on following our collecting her on 5th September.
She has settled in unbelievably well, has found her place on the settee, gets on so well with our other two spaniels and snores like a train !
She has enjoyed walking around our local fields, chasing around the garden, she loves her chews and even had a raw carrot this morning.
We are so pleased to have her . She has seamlessly slotted into our family life. She is very affectionate and follows us around. Her skinny little tail is so so waggy these days which is wonderful to see. Every day is just the ‘best day ever’ She has, over this past week, grown in confidence and bravely trots about the garden exploring. It has definitely been a bonus for her having resident dogs showing her the way. We love her to bits and are so thankful to Many Tears for choosing us for her forever family.


Hi I just wanted to give you an update on Liam we have renamed him Toby.
He was really shy and nervous when we first had him but he always had a sweet nature from the begining. He is the light of our lives and he makes us smile every day he is more confident and loves people and kids he is gentle with all. He has found his bark and he is so smart,he was house trained within a week. We used the treat method and after a week he would come in and sit and look at the drawer where we keep them to let us know that he needed rewarding. I cannot imagine our home without him.
Thank you
The stone family


I have had Poppy now for 5½ years. She was so shy and scared when we first got her. We have another dog who she loves, but won't tolerate any bad behaviour. She still doesn't like men much only a couple. But she absolutely loves me and is so happy when we are home together. Its been a pleasure to watch her become more conferment and learn to love walks and cuddles. I would defiantly re home a rescue dog again from many tears.
Thank you. Hannah

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