Happy Endings - September 2019


Hi . As you can see Eric has settled in well and is now a valued member of our family .He is a brilliant boy.


Hi I just wanted to update you how iris is settling into her new home. After only 3 weeks of having her she has fitted into our family perfectly. Shes such a lovely affectionate little girl who has slowly gained confidence and we are starting to see he personality come through.
She loves going on walks and playing with her new brother and sister and loves curling up for cuddles. It is so lovely to see a little dog who has had such a terrible start in life running about so happy and enjoying life.
I also want to thank her foster mum with Many Tears who really helped her go from a scared little dog to a lovely little girl.
Thank you Many Tears xxx
Love the McWilliam family and Iris

Attached is a photo of darling Minnie (Pug x) and her best friend and
housemate, Ebble the black lab.
Minnie has been with us four months and we all LOVE her to bits. She is the bravest little soul I know. She absolutely loves life.
Every day is a good day in Minnie's world and long may that continue for many years to come, we shall certainly do everything we can to make it so.
Thank you for all that you do and for bringing this much loved, delightful, heartbreakingly sweet and fun little dog into our lives.
Best wishes
Helen and Derek


For all those who have been following Dakaris progress...
As you can see she is doing so well - better than any of us could imagined after she arrived so weak and sick with us. Her adopters have worked miracles and Dakari is living the life that we dreamed of for her. As you can see from the video she has started to play - although as soon as she noticed she was on camera she stopped! We are so proud.


We lost our beautiful newfie x girl in May after 14 fun filled years, which left both of us and Toddy, who we adopted from MT in 2015 devastated. After a while I kept looking through MT dogs and who kept catching my eye, but your Dallas. When I saw her on Facebook and noticed that some people were making nasty comments about her, I said to my husband "If I had her, I would give her the prettiest little girls name" We were so lucky to be accepted to adopt her, and so she became Sarah.
Her photos on FB weren't the best. She has a very expressive face, and looked scared and shocked in them. Not any more though, she is now a bundle of fun and laughs all day. She is a dog that doesn't just wag her tail-she wags her whole body. She makes us all smile and laugh every day from the minute she gets up until bedtime. For the first couple of weeks, she was very reserved and just watched us from her bed a lot of the time. Then all of a sudden ,she seemed to think it might not be such a bad idea to join us on the sofa!
She is the cuddliest, funniest, sweetest and yes prettiest little girl in the world. When she smiles, her face lights up and she smiles a lot now. Loves her walks and its lovely to show her the world after being a breeding girl not being allowed to have any fun. We all just love her to bits.
I never want a single dog to be left alone if their pal goes OTRB, and so we are in the process of adopting our third MT dog who we will be very excited to welcome home. Thank you so much for all the work you do, the lives you save and for helping dogs smile again. Our dogs are our family and we wouldn't be without them.
Love Tanya and Kim Bridges, Toddy and Sarah xxxx


We were living in Cardigan about 4.5 years ago when we adopted Esme from you.Picked her up from Bracknell.

She is such a lovely dog .Photos attached.
Paul and Eirlys Price


We wanted to let you know how well Berry is doing in her forever home. She is much loved and inseparable from our resident dog Bear. We have watched her grow in confidence and she has enjoyed a lovely summer with us going on lots of walks and a trip to the seaside. We are starting obedience/ basic training with a local Dogs Trust group in October. She enjoys group walks twice a week with our dog walker and she is described as a joy to be around. Thankyou for giving us the opportunity to adopt her.
Jen Higton


Hello Many Tears,
A little update on Lola who we adopted back in March.

She's a complete diamond and we are both totally in love with her and it seems to be mutual! Despite a few nerves in the first few days of arriving (during a big storm that was noisy, windy and rainy and not at all appreciated by Lola) she settled in quickly and loves time in our company. She's currently snoozing in the sun in her favourite armchair, snoring happily.
She loves exploring the Cornish countryside and has even had a few goes at paddling- as long as there's no waves! She's also discovered a love for ducks and squirrels so her favourite walk is a snuffle under the trees in the churchyard followed by a tour around the duck pond to check that they're all behaving themselves.
She's had a few training sessions and always gets lots of praise for picking up things quickly so we are really proud dog-parents. The trainer has has also shown us how we can help her to overcome a slight fear of strange men (which is totally understandable in our opinion) and she's gaining lots of confidence.
She's come with us on breaks to North Somerset and various places in Cornwall as well as my parents' farm which she LOVES.
I think we can definitely confirm that she's very settled and coming out of her shell more and more all the time.
Thank you so much for all you do and for bringing Lola into our lives and thanks to her lovely fosterer for looking after her.
Love Laura, Nelson and Lola


On the 5th April 2019 - my new family came to collect me and take me home. I am now called Mollie (then Rowie), or Moliie moo moo's as my new mummy and daddy call me - they are so soft with me.
I have a new sister called Issey (black mini Schnauzer) and she has taught me how to walk on a lead, house training, and how to accept cuddles from my new mummy and daddy. I am still nervous and go stiff when my mummy and daddy try to pick me up, but hopefully with time this will become easier.
I love going to the beach, walking on the cinder path, and in the woods - I never realised how fun life can be! I enjoy spending time with Issey in the sunroom, during the day, and running out into the garden whenever I wish.
I have just been on holiday with my new family to Suffolk and had a wonderful time, I even went on a rowing boat, which I enjoyed, and I wasn't scared at all once I snuggled into my mummy. I enjoy sitting between my mummy and daddy, on the settee, every evening. I still do not trust humans fully, but hopefully with time I will start to relax more in their company.
I am so pleased when I wake up in a morning with Issey in our beds and I now greet my mummy and daddy with an excitable bark and a waggy tail, when I realise I am still with my new family.
Thank you Many Tears for rescuing me from Ireland and bringing me back to Wales, and finding me a wonderful new home. I will contact you again in about one year's time with a further update.

Thank you so much. Kind regards Paul and Amanda Stafford

I just want to let you know how Kissy, now Saphy is getting along.
She cried all the way home the day we picked her up from Many Tears and didn't like being left alone at all. She followed me all over the house and dispite us already having another dog from Many Tears, Valley now Ruby, she still wanted to sleep with us during the night. Despite this she thoroughly enjoyed going for walks and over the last few months has proved her energy levels are incredible. Luckily we live within walking distance of a mountain, canal and a short drive from the Gnoll park in Neath to ensure they can both run off their energy safely. She is a fantastic dog for long walks. Her recall is brilliant except if she spots a duck in the water or a squirrel, she has to go on a lead around ducks.
Over the last four months Saphy has settled beautifully and I can now leave her in the house with the other dog for 2 to 3 hours if needed, without any problems, and they will stay together in the night until early in the morning when they come into the bed room.
Saphy is very affectionate and has a lovely gentle temperament. We haven't seen any aggression at all.She is brilliant with Ruby, who is a few years younger and copes with her playfulness really well. She will let Ruby take her food if we don't watch Ruby at meal times. Saphy has taken ownership of my daughters slippers as you can see from the photo below. The slippers have the same markings as Saphy. Not sure if this was the attraction.
Saphy is turning out to be a fantastic companion, so relaxed and chilled around the house with the family and great fun to take out. We feel so lucky to have found her and Ruby. The video below was taken on holiday. They came with us and loved the beach and Saphy enjoyed a swim in the sea.
Other than a few expected hiccups while she was settling in with us there have been no major problems and we are looking forward to many more walks and cwtches with the girls.
Thank you
Vivienne Jones


Hi everyone, here is Bizzie who was Squishy and her forever companion Beau who was Bo-Peep. We fetched Bizzie from Jean her foster mum in Wakefield and soon realized that she would like a friend,so we applied for Beau who was with Will in the West Midland's.


?Hi Many Tears
Just wanted to give you an update on how Fizz (now Rosie) is getting on. She’s been with us for only 3 weeks and has settled in brilliantly. She absolutely loves her new brother Buddy and they go everywhere together. She has also been introduced to her own bed, which she wasn’t sure about at first and now we can’t get her off it, she is also a little piggy with food and gets very excited for her tea and treats. Rosie is an incredible girl who just wants to please, she seems to take everything in her stride, her only down fall is her snoring which is very loud of an evening
Thank you Many Tears for another amazing dog.
Louise and Mark


We adopted Yoshi - was Chandler

We picked him up a year ago in foster in Essex. He’s beautiful! He was a little scruff ball at first - till he lost the puppy coat! He is such a cuddly and affectionate dog, playful yet patient and the perfect companion to our daughter. We couldn’t ask for a better family pet.

Hi we adopted AJ back in November 2018 and he was 12 weeks old so counting back today was his birthday and wanted to share a picture


I adopted Daisy (formerly Petunia) about 5 weeks ago and I just wanted to let you all know what a sweet little girl she has turned out to be. She is so happy with me and my other 2 dogs now compared to what she was like when I first brought her home. She was very anxious and jumped at every sudden movement or sound. She immediately bonded with Alfie and Jessie and copies everything they do, right down to scaring the postman when he comes.
She has learnt to run up and down the stairs, eats ok with the others, loves my cat, sleeps on my bed and it feels like I have had her for ever. She is almost house trained, never does anything in the house when I am home but always when I leave them, even for a very short while. I’m sure it is an anxiety thing which will sort itself out. She absolutely loves her walks, she is so good off lead. She runs around and plays with my other dogs and any dogs we come across. She never strays far away and already has a good recall. She loves fields and woods and poking around in the undergrowth but definitely not water which is fine.
She still has a few strange issues which I assume are due to her breeding days. She is very hesitant about going through a doorway. She sometimes has 2 or 3 goes before she actually does it, and my garden gate is a big No No! I have to carry her from the house to the car then she is happy. It is in fact any gate, I need to carry her through from the park or the field,anything. Good job she is only a little dog.
The best bit of all is the wonderful welcome I get when I get in, I never leave her for long, sometimes it’s just to put the bins out but she gets so excited, runs zoomies round the room and it makes it all worth well. I just want to thank you all for what you do to help so many dogs to find new homes. Special thanks to Sandra who was fostering Daisy and prepared her so well to go to a new home.
Margaret Newman


Just a line to thank you for looking after me, and to let you know I’m settling in ok, although still a little unsure, and I do suffer with separation anxiety, although hopefully it will go away, I have a friend here, a Norwich terrier.
I’ve been near the River Trent today, although got caught in the rain. I started walking off my lead in under two weeks, but I keep an eye on the old people, so they don’t run off.
I attach a few photos of me and my mate Kizie the Norwich.
Please give my thanks to all those involved in my care, sorry it’s taken a while to write, but I do keep busy, I’m off to the sailing club tomorrow, a full day out. Please let Keith who spent a while with me, that I’m doing great, apparently I’m off walking for a week in Yorkshire latter this month!
Love to you all Meggy, alias Hip Hop

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