Happy Endings - September 2022


Just wanted to send a happy ending story of our beautiful girl Fig. We adopted her on 17th September and it feels like we have never been without her. She is just the most amazing brave little girl, her heart as big as her personality. She is brilliant on the lead and we have even tried some recall work in the secured dog park we have available to us to book. She loves cuddles and taking up all of our attention and devotion. She even snores perfectly!
Fig has been an ex breeding dog and for all that she may have been through it’s never shown in how loving and sweet she is. She is the absolute best thing to ever happen to our family and I am so proud of how she has taken all this huge amount of change in her stride and settled in.
Thank you to Andy who I spoke to and the whole team Who took care of her and saved her so I could bring her home.
Katy McManus


Hi there just thought we would update you on Mildred's, 'Milly mops' progress. We picked her up in May of this year (2022) from Sharon in Gloustershire. She was a nervous wreck, unapproachable and generally frightened of everything. I'm very happy to say that 5 months later and after much patience and encouragement she now goes for a walk on her special escape proof harness and will also allow night time cuddles.
She is a very vocal little lady and we all love her dearly especially her best mate Max. 1st pic was the day we got her the rest is history. Thank you for all you do for these poor babies and I'm sure we will be back in the future when the time is right to give another one a loving forever home.
X Si, Lisa, Beth and Maxi Moo. X


Hi guys
Just wanted to give you all a happy little update about Moose who we adopted this Saturday. along with some pictures. We are totally head over heels in love with this little gentleman. He is everything we hoped for and more and he has impressed us non stop with how adaptable he is. Nothing has fazed him so far. Today was the first day he joined me on my job (dog walker) And he was completely fine with all the other dogs and was happy walking alongside his new mates. Even a rainbow came out on his first walk! Just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone at Many Tears as well as Dawn for fostering the little man. We cant tell you how chuffed we are to give Moose his forever home and cant wait to spend everyday with him. Feels like he has always been with us! More than happy if you wanted to use any pictures to put Moose on the Happy Endings page. All the best, Adam, Olivia and Moose


She is one of the seven Harrier pups MT rescued. We fell in love when we first saw her picture and we were lucky enough to be the first people accepted to meet Shanti (now Sookie), after which our hearts were decided. She was a very shy and nervous little pup during those first few days but gradually her confidence grew and now that shy pup has become a energetic, playful and completely loved member of the family. We just can’t wait until we can finally take her for her first walk. Having not known what the Harrier breed was like, we didn’t know what to expect from Sookie but I can now tell you they are playful, they love food (like all dogs I suppose) and above all else they are EXCEPTIONALLY clever. We haven’t even had her a month and already she does all her business outside, she sits (for a treat obviously lol) and she’s learnt just how comfy beds and sofas are. All in all thank you for Sookie


Just to give you an update on Lizzie, was Beckie, miniature dachshund.
We picked up Lizzie just over a week ago today. Lizzie is a very gentle, sweet natured girl.
We decided to crate train Lizzie just in case she came down with IVDD. We put her crate in our bedroom at night with the door closed, Lizzie howled solidly for 2 nights but on the 3rd night she slept silently and only woke us once wanting to go to the loo. She toileted in the garden on all days but one which happened to be a rainy day.
Flo, our other little dachshund, has been a bit wary of Lizzie but I caught them both chasing each other in the garden today so I think that they will become great friends.
Our cat, Sophie, greets Lizzie with a lick on her nose. Lizzie is good walking on a lead. She enjoys the garden, sitting, toasting her tummy in the sun and exploring.
We are looking forward to taking her to the park after her final injections.
Thank you for letting us be part of Lizzie’s life.


Morning, just a quick update on Sybil the cat (MT Daisy) after five weeks will us, going free range in the garden. She loves it, using my MT girl as a cushion and queuing up for bedtime chicken. Sybil is a complete delight and does not object to being licked like a lollipop by our retriever cross.
Regards Caroline


Hello you fantastic people,
It’s just coming up to a year (26/9/21) since we adopted MT Sally (now Daisy, Cavachon) and I thought some of your staff would like to know how she is. She had a Cherry eye which had been operated on a few days before we adopted her, unfortunately that operation wasn’t a success as she was very rundown and full of infection. Our own vet operated on it a second time but sadly that wasn’t a success either and after consulting an eye specialist it was third time lucky! She’s settled in well with our other MT rescues and is now enjoying life; she loves cuddling up on the sofa, sleeping on our bed, coming to work with me in my grooming salon and mixing with all my customers dogs but the highlight of her day is walking or rather running off lead over the 200 acres my family farm.
I thought I’d also mention our little Izzy (Bichon, MT Fern adopted on 5/3/21) as I haven’t given you any feedback about her and I know the lady who had been looking after her at MT had grown very fond of her; she rules the roust although she’s the smallest of the pack. She took along time to start to trust us although she spent the every night on our bed right from the beginning as she didn’t want to be away from our other girls. We had a set of steps made so that she could get on and off the bed without having to be picked up which she’s still not too keen on. She’s now settled in well too, loves her walking although she always follows me about two paces behind, she still hasn’t got the confidence to run ahead with the others but I’m sure that will come with time. She’s a really sweet dog with an absolutely huge character, we love her dearly.
I’ve included some photos but there’s always a third dog in them as they’re inseparable and that’s our Ella (MT Bern who we adopted 24/11/19) but I’ve already given you feedback about her, as you can see she’s great too; I shouldn’t have a favourite but she probably is as she’s such a quiet, gentle girl with such loving eyes.
Keep up the great work, I would love to adopt more but at the moment I think we’re full with four (Elsa not a MT rescue), my husband said he’d divorce me if we have any more although he loves all of them too, I’m working on him!!!
Kindest regards
Kay (KayNine Grooming)


We adopted Miss Felicity Fox (aka , Thelma ) we call her Fliss for short, on the 26th June. The picture of her in the crate was just after arriving home with her. Fliss is still very nervous but what a beautiful brave girl she is. She decided straight away that I was the lesser of two evils and has bonded with me really well. Daddy will have to wait his turn for affection but she is showing signs that he may be ok to cuddle up to if mam's not available.
She has such a gentle nature and was accepted more or less straight away by my other 3 MT 's and now they are all inseparable. She's still very afraid of the outside world and even finds the garden a bit daunting, she's very noise reactive so the slightest sound can put her off going to the toilet but bless her she tries to brave it out and she's improving all the time.
She's so gentle and loving with me and it didn't take her long to squish in beside me on the bed at night. Her favourite thing to do is to stretch out on the sofa or bed and have a snooze. She came along at the perfect time for us as we had just lost our darling little Meg ( MT Kola ) and although no one could replace Meg, Fliss gave me plenty to concentrate on and is now slowly returning the love she gets from u , she's developing into the most kind and gentle little soul, or i should say her true nature is starting to shine through.
So glad you came into our lives Miss Felicity Fox


We collected Ruby August 20th 2022, and she is the most beautiful little girl imaginable. She now loves walks and loves her Cavalier brother Bobby.
She has visited the groomers and enjoyed lots of days out. We absolutely love her with all our hearts.
Thank you all for the amazing work you do to help dogs like Ruby
Kind Regards Debbie and Mick


We adopted Ralph (now Yogi)a 1 year old Basset hound on 7/8/2022. His write up said he was very nervous but we have had Basset Hounds (All Rescues) over the last 22 years and had dealt with nervous dogs before and we felt we would be a good match for him. Our application was successful and we were very excited to meet him but when we arrived at the centre we were told he is too traumatised and he needs to go to foster so we couldn't have him. After a discussion we were able to sit in a play area with our 2 bassets Bertie and Monty and let him meet us.
The dogs loved each other straight away and Yogi sniffed us and you could see he wanted to interact but was scared. We were allowed after this to take him home. He travelled well and when we arrived home we let him do his own thing, we didn't try to touch him it was at Yogi's speed. He ate well and slept through the night. It was hot weather so we left our back door open so he could wander in and out the garden and he was very clean and toileted outside.
We let him settle for a week where we could stroke him and put his collar and lead on then we booked an enclosed dog paddocks where we walked him on a long lead and practiced lead walking and recall. He loves his new friends and watches what they do and follows them everywhere.After 3 weeks we started walking him in fields with other people and dogs where he really gained confidence and we are very pleased with his progress so much that he can now be let off the lead with excellent recall. He has bought joy to our lives and is so loved. He has a huge toy box and goes on long walks every day and seeing him flourish is so rewarding. We lost a Many Tears basset we rescued in 2014 in January and sadly lost Bertie our 13 year old 3 weeks after Yogi arrived.
Thank you for letting us rescue this amazing boy he just loves his new life and we love him.


Hello Many Tears Rescue
This is Calli, she is 3 today. We cannot believe how quickly that time has passed! She is the same age as my youngest grandson so they are growing up together and have great fun when he visits. Calli has a lovely nature, even though she barks a lot! We wouldn’t be without her, thank you MTR x

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