Happy Endings - October 2020


Hi all at many tears it's been a year on 1st nov that we adopted big Colm now Winston. Would just like to say how happy we are with him he's taken over everything and we love him for it he wasn't long being housetrained he knew nothing about treats and didn't like walking what a difference he is now he loves hearing his lead and thinks every packet I open is his so thanks so much again will definitely rescue another from you


I am MT Amber and I live with MT Cathy and MT Colliefornia in Devon. Many Tears kindly let my owners adopt me in the late spring this year when I was about six months old. MT Cathy and MT Colliefornia were very good about me moving in: they let me share their toys and taught me about the horses and the cats (don’t go there). As a Mystery Mutt from a hoarder in rural Romania you can see I was a funny little thing back then. Then I started growing. I have just grown and grown and now I am ten months old I am a little bit taller than my border collie family and more muscly. I have a LOT of energy, my impressive teeth need chew-toys, and I do a LOT of wrestling with MT Colliefornia who has to sit on me to win now.
My Mystery Mutt status fascinates my dog trainer who thinks I am a landrace dog - I have a nose like a Geiger counter in tracking classes, am very dog-sociable, but also have a strong sense of territory, and am highly intelligent in a size-you-up, think-for-myself way. I also have a huge sense of humour and muck my owners around for fun sometimes. I naturally have such very good body-language with other dogs that I am used as the stooge for less well-socialised dogs and young puppies in the obedience class; my trainer says I make anxious and reactive dogs calmer.
So if you think you ‘always’ have collies, or retrievers, or poodles, or GSDs...have a look at me and maybe think again. I’m an independent little lady and I didn’t give away my love at once, but now I have given it, I have given it 100%. I have been the easiest dog to integrate into my multi-animal home. So take a chance on a Mystery Mutt...


Hello, Molly has now been part of our life for two weeks and we cannot imagine life without her. She has formed an incredibly close relationship with our older dog, Willis, who at 11 years old has been wonderful with her. She has gradually come out of her shell and is now very puppy like and quite mischievous (is she really 4 years old!). Her fused leg is no handicap to her and she quickly learnt how to go up and down the stairs. She is still hand shy but this is also improving everyday. We feel very privileged to have been able to adopt this gorgeous little girl. Thank you very much Many Tears.


Good afternoon.
When we picked up Ted (Teddy) we were asked to send a couple of photos and let you know how he is getting on so here goes.
We are not going to do this very often as we are sure you are very busy but hopefully this helps you know how one of your charges is doing.
Ted travelled back without any trouble, he didn’t whimper or bark although the poor mite was sick when we were nearly home.
He is settling in really well. He has met the cat and a few minutes ago they were both sitting in the hall, keeping a wary eye on each other! The office shredder and the vacuum cleaner have not bothered him one little bit.
He is very nearly house trained already. A couple of accidents but his humans have to take the blame. We have been going out in the garden quite frequently and we left it a bit too long between trips. He has slept through three nights with only a bark in the middle of the first night when the cat used the cat flap. No overnight accidents.
Started lead training and walking. He is going a little bit further each time but it is obvious that he wants to build up as each time when he gets a little bit beyond where he was last time, then his tail goes down and he wants to turn round and go home, so we have to listen to the message given. Each time he goes further! Walking back he trots along happily on the lead with the lead just hanging down in a loop, no pulling at all. It is almost unbelievable. He has met several of the local dogs on the walks and the owners have been wonderful when we explained the situation and they have very carefully let their dogs approach slowly on a lead. Ted has been polite. A little grumble at one dog and a bit of submissiveness shown to another.
He has three beds that he loves already, The crate, a basket which has lots of room for growth and a padded bed.
Three photos. Should be titled “You said “say cheese”” ; “Why have you stopped tickling my tummy to take a photo” and “Plenty of room for me grow to fit the basket”
Kind regards
Janet and Charles


Hi everyone
I (MT Cherish) just thought I’d drop in to tell you about how I’m doing at my forever home . I have to say that I feel like everyone really loves me here. When I first arrived home, my new mummy took me to see a nice man who gave her something to stop my itching and scratching. I also had sore ears. Well they worked a treat. I didn’t have much energy either so I stayed in my bed and watched what Buster did.
My coat has started to grow now and it looks much healthier and isn’t patchy any more. Mummy says I smell beautiful now and I’ve also put on 1Kg in 2 months and I have lots of energy and rush down the garden and into the park with Buster.
Buster is very nice to me and even lets me eat from the same plate when there are extras to be had. I had my first full roast dinner Sunday. It was yummy and I ate it all up. Mummy says I’m a good weight now and I’m perfect.
I quite like it here so I hope your not too disappointed that I’m not coming back because I definitely prefer it here to kennel life. Anyway I must dash as Mummy says it’s walkies now.
Thank you so much for taking good care of me until Mummy found me and took me home.
Lots of licks Daisy


We adopted Toby our beautiful Roanian rescue dog on 19th September 2020, Toby has settled into our home so well, he is such a lovely addition to our family, he is so good with our grandchildren and just loves a fuss, he gets so excited when he knows he is going for a walk, on a couple of occasions he has brought us his lead in his mouth, he is so funny, he loves his toy duck which he chews and likes it when it squeaks.


So Sam, who is now Scamp, came to us today to his furever home. After seeing him on Many Tears we couldn't help but fall in love with that face.
After speaking with the fosterers and passing our home check we finally made it to today and picked him up.
He is settling in so well, playing with our resident dog and making himself very much at home on the bed.
This is the beginning of a wonderful life for both him and us, we are truly smitten.


We have had Molly for almost four weeks since we collected her on 25th September. She greets all dogs well and has met our grandsons, a baby and a two year old. She still gets nervous of sudden noises but has only had a couple of accidents in the house.
She is now enjoying her walks and running after and retrieving her tennis ball!
As you can see by the photos she is enjoying all the comforts of living in a home! Loves nothing better than having a snooze and she snores! Such a loving and lovely girl and we have had some lovely comments about her when we have been out on walks.
So thank you Many Tears for allowing us to adopt her.
Steve and Margaret


Hi there I adopted Fidget yesterday and I’m pleased to say he’s settled in nicely! He’s had a lovely time in the day he’s been here with plenty of walks, treats, and toys!
Ashley and Beth


Hi Many Tears,
It’s been just over 3 months since we collected Lorna (nee Little Petal) and we thought you and the team at Many Tears would like to know how well she’s settled in. She has really surprised us, gaining in confidence day by day. She absolutely loves her food and is always looking for treats. Gradually learnt to play with toys. She idolises our Irish Setter, Toby, and they’ve become inseparable. She loves her walks and has met lots of doggy friends. Everyone we meet says how adorable she is.
We can’t believe how quickly she’s become part of the family, being a rescue dog we anticipated some initial difficulties (especially house training) but we haven’t had any problems with her at all!
Kind regards, Mary and Tony Clements


Lucy the Bichon joined us at the beginning of July and Cerys (was Biscoff) at the end of August. They're very different personalities but really happy and settled together with big brother Ted. This is the queue for bacon butties! Snuffle mat at playtime Then there's the queue for afternoon tea before it's time for a snooze. It's been lovely to see them come out of their shells and becoming more playful and affectionate every day. Thank you Many Tears you're doing an amazing job.
Christine and Les Sandham

Here is a picture of Alfie Springer ,Piggles Beagle and Lilly the latest to join our family all from Many tears. Recent trip to Cornwall and the first holiday for Lilly went well. They are all so different in personality but we love them all very much. Piggles recently had 27 teeth removed and a perforated ear-drum repaired as she has a lot of issues with her right ear but keeping our fingers crossed it has worked this time. She has just 2 teeth left but is managing very well with her meals and took it all in her stride.
Thank you to all at Many Tears who work very hard to find good homes for so many dogs.


We adopted Megs (Ria Roo) back in February 2020, and to say it’s been easy would be lying!
We have been bitten, growled at, run away from, and have never seen a dog so scared ,shaking from head to toe in fear, in our lives! It beggars belief what people had done to her before, and what she has seen herself in her past life as an ex-breeding dog. It has taken 9 months for us to be able to right a “happy ending”, which we are now delighted to do.
Megs and our other dog Bonnie are great friends, and we would totally agree that you need another dog in the household to show them how to do certain things. Bonnie comforted Megs when she was frightened, and also gave her the courage to allow us to love her too.
Meg now loves her walks and even asks us to take her. Her tail wags, and she really is a pleasure to take on her lead. She now has met our family and their dogs, and is sociable and enjoys being petted by others too.
Megs now loves going to the “doggy hairdressers” with her trusted companion Bonnie by her side. In fact she even preens when back from her pamper session. Our holiday caravan is one of her favourite treats too, where she now jumps onto our bed has a cuddle and goes to sleep.
Mealtime has always been loved by Megs, and now she asks us for her breakfast, and dinner, and god help us if we’re late! She also loves her toys, our shoes and treats, which she stockpiles on her bed.
If we are ever to adopt an ex-breeding dog again, the first thing we would do on arriving home, would be to put a harness on and take the dog for a walk, as this was the start of Megs journey.
We now have a happy content, smiling dog, who knows she is loved, looked after, and will never be hurt again. The journey of Meg still continues, but the difference is she now trusts us completely.
Mick and Debs.


Beulah was Matilda (Cocker) Ella was Emma(Lab) Hi Many Tears I adopted Beulah on 8.9.18 she has been such a good dog even in the car for 5 hours journey home to Cambridgeshire. She settled in straight away and gets on with all my other dogs, she is still not keen on walks and would much rather stay on her bed! She is so sweet and gentle and has been so easy to have.
I adopted Ella on 10.7.19 after losing one of my labs very suddenly. She was extremely frightened of everything and has taken a long time to get her use to home life she Is also not keen on walks and I have to take lots of food to encourage her! She is a darling girl so gentle and sweet. They are much loved and I would always adopt its wonderful to see them having all the comforts of a home that every dog should have.
Thank you for letting me adopt them
Best Wishes
Penny Coral


I just wanted to update MT on Alice’s (MT Yasmine) progress. She has been a part of our family since September 2019 and has settled in so well. When we brought her home although she was super friendly and desperate for attention she was also very nervous of any unexpected noise, would sleep with her eyes open and never completely relax and would growl at our other dogs if they approached her whilst she was in a vulnerable position. She would run In terror to the far end of the garden or house as soon as she saw anything in our hands such as a clothes prop or handheld vac and she would eat her own and our other two dogs excrement if she got the opportunity.
She also had a terribly infected ear which MT warned me about before we adopted her, this had caused nerve damage due to being left untreated and has caused her to have a head tilt and drooping eye and she must have been in a lot of pain from it. Over the last 12 months we have gradually built her confidence, she will always be a slightly nervous little dog in new surroundings but she now goes into a deep relaxed sleep, loves our other two dogs (one of them is MT Smokie, now Betty) and no longer feels the need to eat excrement.
She is loving and loyal and has become the little dog that she would have been if she had had the opportunity to live in a loving home from the start of her life rather than live in the conditions that MT rescued her from.
We thought we had cleared her ear infection last year after 3 months of treatment at the vets but unfortunately it was lying dormant and came back with a vengeance. She has been visiting the vet every 7-10 days since March and finally last week the vet said her ear is the best he has ever seen it. Finally our little girl is out of pain.
Thanks once again to everyone at Many Tears who work so hard and in such difficult conditions to give all of the dogs and other animals they rescue the opportunity to leave fear, hunger and pain behind them. You are truly remarkable people.
Donna Davidson


Hi All, Nina again.
I got my holiday in the end, my dad surprised me. I couldn’t go to Cornwall this year as I hear there is a problem with you humans, I don’t understand what that all about but in September I went to North Devon, near Bideford. and everywhere I went was either a sandy beach or lots of dense woods ...it was great. Mind my dad was not too please when I kept going swimming but I dried off quickly only to keep going back in when I could..... Never been in the sea swimming before as the sea in Cornwall is very rough with big waves and they don’t let dogs on the beaches most of the time..
Where I stayed belongs to my ‘cousin’ so I expect to go there a lot ...... cant wait I was out for a walk with my Dad this morning when a nice lady stopped and asked me if I was a show dog! Not sure what it meant but I think it was a complement. I was so chuffed (not sure if that is a real word) . But my dad was pleased too. I go to a new stylist now my old one closed and my Dad was mucked about a bit in what Dad ‘Called Lockdown’ don’t know what that was because I still had my walks. But then he found a lovely new one in Nailsea and I hear my Dad and her discuss what i want done, I could speak for my self if I was allowed. But they seem to get it right if what this woman says was nice thing.
Anyway time for a nap, say Hi to anyone who remembers me
Love from Nina xxx

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