Happy Endings - October 2019


Thought you may like to know how our two dogs have got on since we adopted them 21 Nov 2010. They were fostered by a family in Corsham Wilts.\
Tilly has been a member of the Bassett Alsorts flyball club since 2011 and has competed in many competitions in the U/K. This year Tilly and I are retiring from flyball.
Both Tilly and Boomer are a wonderful pair and we could not have wished two most lovable and friendly dogs. Boomer is quite a laid back boy but can be a cheeky devil at times.Tilly competed in the European Flyball Championships in 2012 in Cambridge England. Bassett Tutti Fruiti's team came 1st in the speed trials. and in the Flyball third, gaining a bronze award.
This year for Tilly has been a great year. At the Jets Easter Tournament Tilly was awarded Autarkey Stand out dog of the Tournament. 2019. August 2019 Tilly gained 15000 points and her Gold Award. At the British Flyball Championships in August at Driffield East Yorkshire competing with Basset Torpedoes team, they won the British Flyball Championships in their Division. A great way to retire on a high.
Boomer was never a flyball dog more content to run and play and curl up on your lap after a walk. Please find attached a couple of pictures.
Best Wishes Bob Austin


Our two rescue dogs Cariad ( border collie) and Seren (cocker) came from MTRC some time ago.
Cariad was completely withdrawn and so nervous that it took many weeks for her to settle but of course patience is what it takes, we had a Labrador rescue when Cariad arrived so she followed him arround most of the time picking up some of his bad habits of course.
Seren was scared of everything having been locked up as a breading dog for nearly 5 years and didnt want to engage with humans at all but once again a lot of patience and love has helped her to settle.
Both of them needed much love and time and my wife and I were happy to give them that in bucket loads.

The payback has been enormous and it has been an honour to help these little girls for the last 10 years or so.


We just wanted to let you know just how well Theo has settled in with us . From the very frightened dacshund that we brought home from Wales four months ago he has blossomed into one very lively and funny dog .He housetrained very quickly obviously by following our elderly blind Cocker around she knows every inch of our bungalow ! He’s very fond of her and they can often be found curled up together in one basket .

He’s just come back with us from a fortnights holiday in Cornwall where he loved the sand but not so keen on the sea . He’s friendly dog who loves all other dogs and we were able to let him off his lead on holiday . We have had many comments about him about his long body and handsome face ,we couldn’t have wished for a better dog . Thank you Many Tears

Best wishes Christine and Ray Stephenson Chesterfield Derbyshire


Dear Many Tears, My name was Zebedee the Westie.
I left you in July 2010 to live in my new "forever" home aged 3 and a half. I had a new family and a "bestie" friend called Amber, an 8 year old Yorkie.
She taught me everything I needed to know about life in a home, one where voices were never raised against me in anger, even if I did make a mistake. She showed me that humans could touch me without hurting me and that hands placed on me were done out of love. I have to be honest and say that even after all these years of love and kindness, I can still scream with fear when my owner forgets and moves a little quickly or being towelled dry brings back memories of harsh hands. They never get cross with me but I see tears in their eyes because they feel guilt for the way other humans have treated me in the past.
Sadly, last year, my constant companion left me aged 15 years. She had been rescued by my new family too. I was truly lost without my friend Amber. I grieved so much that my family took me to my vet and after some discussions, they all decided that I needed another stronger companion to help me continue with my life. They took me to meet another dog in a rescue facility and we got on well. She is a confident little lady named Holly. Her family could not keep her any more, so after we had met a few times, she came to live with me.
She gave me a new lease of life as she is in charge and I can follow her lead, just as I did with my old friend Amber. I am now 13, I am never cold or hungry and I have seen so many wonderful things. I cannot bear to be apart from my human family and they accept that and make sure that they never leave me behind. I love the car and all the holidays and I just want to say thank you to you all for giving me a chance at life.
Love from Perkins.xxx


Sorry it has taken me such a long time to write to you all at Many Tears.
I have been very busy in my new life. I was adopted by my new Mum and Dad on 16th feb 2019. My big sis Jess (below on the right) has been busy teaching me how to play with toys, balls, to swim in the sea, and run after the squirrels in the woods.
Me and Jess go to our lovely static caravan most weekends. There I have leant my recall. I am very good now. Although I do get waylaid sometimes when I am busy sniffing all the lovely smells.
I like my pampering when the dog groomer comes to do my hair.
I thought I would send you a couple of photos so you can see how bootiful I am

Thank you for rescuing me and giving me the start to my new life
Sending lots of love to all the doggies you have there waiting for there forever homes
My mum wishes she could have them all.
Lots of love
Dottie xx


Hi . As you can see Eric has settled in well and is now a valued member of our family .He is a brilliant boy.

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