Happy Endings - October 2023


Our faithful friends Grace and Ginny are now very much part of the Family. Now that the weather is cooler we can take them with us in the car, which they love, – shopping, visiting friends and, best of all, up to our recreation field where Ginny is able to have a wonderful romp along with Grace. Ginny is very bright and learnt her recall skills in the garden very quickly. All the same, my heart was in my mouth when I first let her loose 10 days ago. I needn’t have worried! Both of them come tearing back, for a treat of course, when I call, or whistle. This daily routine has transformed Ginny’s life. She just loves it and we are thrilled to see her having fun and her tail wagging continuously. She is still reluctant to walk on the lead. This is work in progress. She’ll do it from the car up our drive to the back door, also from the field gate to the car, but not the other way round! When she feels she can’t do it, she collapses on the ground and says. ‘Mum, pick me up.’ She weighs 11 Kg so I can’t carry her far! After our walk around the field I put her in the car while Grace and I walk along the coast path and she’s fast asleep when we get back! Grace is my shadow and likes to be inside if we’re in, where Ginny will stay out if it’s fine. Grace’s recall is also excellent. She will always come away from other dogs when called. Sometimes she runs across a field to investigate but comes flying back, ears flapping furiously, when I whistle. She is a great walking companion and we hope for the day when Ginny can come too. I tried tying them together but Grace wasn’t having any of that! Here are 2 photos of the girls in the field, going for treats, and finding good smells.
Thank you, MTAR, for our lovely girls! Very best wishes from us all, Angela and Nick Marshall.


So it's been around 14 months now since we adopted Chilli. She was an ex breeding dog and very un-used to humans and being inside a house. Since then she has come on in leaps and bounds and is a completely different dog to the one we first met. Her true Puggle nature has shone through and she loves being with her humans, having cuddles, smoothes and lots of love. She was scared of going outside when we first met her and wouldn't set foot out of the front door, so we spent time getting her used to the world and she now enjoys going on walkies with our other two rescue dogs Belle and Floof and sniffs about lots with her Beagle nose. She is the most loving and affectionate dog and a gentle soul.
Lots of love from Bonnie and her family - Kate, Jason, Belle and Floof xxx



Hello everyone just wanted to share the story of our gorgeous Poppy who we were fortunate enough to adopt in March 2023. I am not sure who wrote her MT bio but they certainly got it spot on. They described her as friendly , out going, keen to make new friends and a pleasure to be around. Oh my goodness how true this is. She was my first rescue and we were understandably nervous but after an initial anxious couple of days she soon slotted into our lives.
What an absolute joy it has been watching her develop and grow into a beautiful, sassy little dog. She absorbed every new experience in a calm and measured way. I soon learnt to read her and tell if she was unsure or needed reassurance. Our resident dog Maisie has been an absolute star and the best mentor and big sister. They are so beautiful together.
Poppy loves the car and holidays! She loves nothing more than a new walk, woodland path or beach to explore. She is an absolute joy to be around and has bought so much laughter and love to our home.
Thank you Many Tears for rescuing these gorgeous souls.
Helen, Ian , Maisie and Poppy x


We adopted Bingo now Murphy (lovingly known as Snoot!) in March 23. We had a wonderful one to one trainer come to our house to help with his confidence as he was very closed down around people and just wanted to be with Charlie Bear. Well, it's now October and the difference is 100 percent happy chappie. He runs up and down stairs . Walks on his harness. His recall Is amazing too..an utter character. ..it feels like he's always been here now He loves watching Paul OGrady. I think he recognises a kindred spirit.
Thank you Many tears for allowing us to adopt him


Hello! My name is Kim. Me and my partner Graham adopted Dutch (now Willow Walnut) the beagle in April of this year. She was from a breeder and was a very nervous girl (never with me I must say) and didn’t like men especially. We already had Buddy our beagle of 10 years so had the required resident dog which enabled us to adopt Willow. The progress this little beauty has made in 5 months is staggering!. She had zero training when we adopted her as she’d gone from kennels to foster where she stayed for about 10 days before we adopted her. Her bond with me is amazing. To the point I was unable to leave home without her for about 3 months. It was hard I will admit, her separation anxiety was bad. I hired a wonderful trainer and read a good book and we got to work. She is such a clever dog. She now knows so many commands. Although I never let her off lead (still too scared) I walk her on a long lead and her recall and responsiveness is amazing. She spends her time at home either snugged with me or in one of her furry beds. She also loves Graham too now and will snuggle with him. Or on buddy. We go for long walks in the country side every day which she adores. She now goes into doggy day care once a week which includes a secure woodland walk adventure. She absolutely loves it now although was extremely nervous when she first went. Luckily the staff are wonderful and understanding and she now drags you in to drop her off. I feel like destiny brought this young lady to me. I know that sounds kooky but I have never loved a non-human like I love this dog. She’s absolutely adorable loveable and so so funny.
Thanks for all the wonderful work you do rescuing these animals and finding them their deserving forever homes. Kind regards Kim


Creshon has settled in really well. She loves her sisters and is very good with her house training. She's very good with her harness and has been on a walk a few times. It will take a while but she will get there. She is with her sisters Dotty and Simmi in the photos. Dotty is also a Many Tears rescue dog and we've had her now for 2 years and love her so much. My family is now complete. Thank you, Many Tears you do a fabulous job.


We’ve had our beautiful Honey (was MT Harmony) for one week now and she is flourishing. She sleeps on our bed, takes treats from our hands (is getting rather selective now and will drop ones she isn’t keen on and wait for more!), her favourite is buttered toast corners. She is no longer eating all her food immediately but instead grazes (as our other dog Kobi does) and leaves food in the bowl throughout the day. She has been clean during the night for a few days now and wakes me up with a ‘huff’ if I dare to lie in beyond 6:30am as she needs to toilet in the garden. She is also happy to go out before bedtime to our call of ‘poopsywhoopsies’ even if it’s dark. We have plenty of foxes around here so both dogs are very animated at this part of the daily routine and get quite excited! Her favourite part of the garden is sitting in the flower beds - we have to accept that the bits of foliage she comes in wearing have to stay in situ for the time being as she is still too hand shy too be stroked. Honey loves the stairs and definitely gets her step count in during the day with belting up and down. She loves curling up near us on the sofa and will happily sleep next to my husband when he’s working in the study during the day too. She has a favourite little spot on the balcony to watch the world go by when she is chilling out and we have discovered that she snores - rather loudly too. She isn’t sure what this funny ball thing is that Kobi gets so excited about though but gave it a good sniff. When Kobi goes for walkies you can tell she is very interested and will observe closely what is going on but is not quite brave enough yet to let us get close enough to put a lead and harness on. She waits by the door, barking, until we come back and then when Kobi has zoomies she watches him quizzically. We have been lucky enough to have a few strokes and are taking each day as it comes. We are gradually getting there with this little beauty and she is my absolute shadow, always watching and taking things in in her new surroundings.
Thank you for giving us this opportunity to help this gorgeous soul to flourish.


Dear Many Tears
Just thought you would like to know how Esmerelda (now Esta) is getting on. I adopted her on the 28th August, it was my 4th visit to the rescue having very sadly and extremely upsettingly losing my previous MT lab from cancer. She Esta was extremely frightened to start with even with me and going outside on to the grass so I had to carry her out for the first week. For her the key is being with my other 5 dogs(2 Cockers from MT) she loves them and they have all accepted her in to the pack.she is slowly coming round after 5 weeks, she is still on 3 meals a day as she was very underweight, housetraining is on going but getting better.
I’ve just started harness and lead walking round the garden and a short way up the road, which she is very nervous about so needs a lot more practice. I live in a small village in Cambridgeshire with lovely walks from the house, so hope eventually she will be able to enjoy them.
These dogs are beautiful they just need lots of love, time, patience, kindness to get them to become normal pets. I am so pleased to be able to offer her a loving home where she will be very much loved and have everything she needs. Please adopt these beautiful dogs it is so worth all the effort to see them in a loving home being spoilt with all the home comforts is wonderful. I hope the other labs she came in with find loving homes soon. I’ve attached some pictures of her with the 2 Cockers.
Thank you Many Tears for letting me adopt her.
Very Best Wishes Penny Coral


We were so lucky to take New as a puppy from you. We changed her name to Calli and she has been our treasured family dog for the last four years. She is amazing with the grandchildren and participates in any games they play. One of Callis favourite times is helping in the garden when she takes gloves or the kneeling pad and thinks it’s great fun! She is a constant foodie! Quickly followed by having a constant barking time! We wouldn’t change her for the world and the amount of happiness she has brought us all is immeasurable. Thank you so much Many Tears Rescue, you all do an amazing job.
Lyn Hoad


I rescued this Bichon Frise age six, January 2023 who had an unfortunate dreadful start to her life. She was a very frightened little girl, hated people and would run away if I got too close to her. She never wagged her tail as in her start she had nothing to wag her tail at.
After three months she was wagging her tail non stop when people come close to her and when people visited my home. She takes a treat gently from any one’s hand. Fortunately she has never had a nasty temperament, loves to be groomed including her eyes. It took me a short time to get her house train, but hey ho that was to be expected. The photo says it all.

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