Happy Endings - October 2021


Hi all,
I have been meaning to do this for a while. This is Gracie who was previously Bela/Beta enjoying her new life in London. She is a very busy girl who is very confident around the house and loves her new sister Willow. She is pretty much clean in the house now and follows us at a distance to be nosy. She is still unaware of our intentions but is doing amazing. She loves her food and spins around non stop until you place her food down. We have had to invest in a slow eating bowl to stop her eating so fast. Even though we haven’t managed to get her out on many walks when we have she is like a pro walking on a lead and loves being a cocker spaniel and sniffing everything. Thank you for letting us adopt her.


We adopted Iggy (Chi poo) in 2014 from foster in Somerset, and Bridie (Zara) a cockapoo, from foster in Teignmouth in 2015. They both took quite some time to settle find their paws ???? and be happy and confident but once they were in their stride there was no looking back. Iggy is the boss and can twist humans around his paw; Bridie is the champion ball retriever and her favourite game is stealing slippers! They have enriched our lives and brought so much joy - thank you.
Kathy Ball


Hi, I just thought I would send you an email, as it is coming up to a year since we adopted Darla. I believe she was previously named Arya before, but didn’t respond to that name. She has really settled into our home and has found a lifelong sister with our other Dog Delilah, they are best of friends and like to do everything together. Darla is such a loving member of the family, and is the first to greet me at the door with a wagging tail and nothing but excitement and love. I have attached a few photographs. Thank you for your hard work. Kings regards, Jonathan


We saw Rosie (MT.BEAUTIE) on the MT website. As we live near we came on one of your daily viewings. We came to the pen where Rosie was. She came straight up to us and immediately stole our hearts. At the end of the tour we went back to see Rosie again. When she saw us she came running up to us, jumped up to say hello and brushed her head against my hand. That was it. She was on her way to her forever home and her new brothers and sister. She is a lovely little girl, playful, she makes us laugh with her cheeky ways and gives us all lots of love. She has settled in very well with our other dogs. They're all best of friends. A few months of good food, lots of love and attention has changed this lovely little girl into a very confident, loving well behaved ,cheeky beautiful lady. When we go out very often people comment on how pretty she is. And she is...
Love Susan and Patrick Harris.


I have been meaning to do this for ages – an update on the two dogs we adopted from you. We got Barney in June 2011 from foster in Tewkesbury. He was born at Many Tears, one of seven pups I believe. Sunshine (was Sal) joined our family in November 2018. Initially Barney wasn’t overkeen on having a sister, but as you can see that didn’t last long at all. Now they are best buddies! Barney is generally very laid-back and easy going. Sunshine doesn’t stop for a second, she is always on high alert. She is also the most affectionate pup ever. We absolutely adore our two dogs and are very grateful that Many Tears rescued them and rehomed them with us ?
Thank you.xx


Natty is setting down so well in her new home. She has been with us for only one week and is already a very much loved part of the family! Ruby is so pleased to have a new sister. Natty sleeps on our bed with Ruby. She has been on lots of new adventures and we all look forward to many more. Thank you for allowing us to adopt this gorgeous girl.


Hi all Just wanted to check in on Harleys progress..
She's 4 months old and is doing just fine. Has been in puppy training and learnt so much. She is one clever little lady. She has made my life complete, we go out twice a day for a good long walk which she loves as much as I do. Her personality is unique and considering her poor start in life, she is full of energy, love and affection.. growing by the day. I am hoping that when she is a bit older we will adopt another older dog.
Kind Regards Carolyn


Dear Many Tears,
We have had Sidney now for 3 weeks although it feels much longer in the best way possible, he has fitted in to the family so well right from day one. He is still getting used to other dogs when he’s out on his walks but he is getting there slowly and has made so much progress even having his first trip to the beach!
Having come from Romania and his past it is amazing how well he is doing. He has the funniest character and can be naughty at times but we wouldn’t change him for the world! He really loves his toys especially his carrot as you can see and loves being chased around the garden with it.
Hope you like the photos, Sidney loves posing for them!! Thank you so much for everything you did for him, he is just the best and we’re so grateful that you rescued him and allowed us the chance to be his family.
Rhianna Somers


Thought it was time I wrote to thank you for all the fantastic work you and your teams are doing rescuing these poor animals from Romania.
Mabel came to us in April this year when she was 5 months old, and I have to be honest she is the sweetest but naughtiest little girl I have come across.
Since we have had Mabel she makes us both smile and laugh all day, she is a little sweetheart and we love her dearly. She has about 5 walks every day rain or shine and has boundless energy, there is only one issue and that is the dislike of men, especially with beards, not sure why.
Anyways have attached some photos and thanks again.
Many thanks
Ian and Julie Hart


Dear Many Tears Animal Rescue
Please find photos of Calli (was New)(Jane will remember her as she was a Christmas puppy and featured in the video with Father Christmas) now on her 2nd birthday. She is a real treasure to us all and loves the grandchildren. She loves her walks and in particular trips to the seaside. Although she is now two you certainly wouldn’t believe it as she still has a mischievous side to her. She really enjoys being part of any game we are playing and enjoys “helping” in the garden.
Please add the photos and words above to your Happy endings.
Thank you so much Many Tears Rescue.


Hello Many Tears!!!!
We are writing to let you know how our beautiful girl Henna is doing. First arrived scared of everything, tv was a big scary monster, glass door uhmm no comments, she didn't make sense of that until we put a cross in the glass, bless.
Her brother at first was not impressed with all the bullying from her, but hey....she just wanted to play so bad. Jumping in the garden with toys thronging in the air. So much happiness. Chicky now is all comfortable in the sofa and bed, but sofa is her favorite. Initially peeing in the whole house but now knows she doggie toilet is, smart girl.
Daddy is training so well, already walking next to us , with a good recall already. Vet said she was underweight and with poor core, so mummy taking her to fitness pool with big brother.
Still struggling a bit in the water, but we get there... So here we are..
Thank you for the opportunity to adopt this sweet thing ?????????
Warm Regards Ana Pret


This is Zeppo the miniature chocolate poodle who came to live with lucky lucky me in the summer. He was rather bald when I collected him, but such a sweetheart and frankly I wouldn't have minded if he had had no hair at all. His wee tail was sort of purple in colour and did look rather like one of those posh Waitrose carrots but now he is furry all over and such a happy, confident boy who just loves being doggy with his much bigger houndy brothers, sisters and cousins.

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