Happy Endings - October 2018


Just an update on the progress of Mia. (MT Eagles) She has been with us for a year now and is very loved and very much part of the family.
The photo of her by the open door was the day we adopted her and bought her home all bewildered and wary. She slept a lot and growled a little at my grown up children, so we let her settle in at her own pace and gave her plenty of space. She slowly lost her worry when she realised all she gets here is love and kindness. She is such a delight, the most sweetest little girl.
She absolutely loves her walks, especially when she spots squirrels in the woods, then she is very vocal! She also likes to be near us all the time, so will always be found on the sofa snuggling up to me or my husband. Although sometimes I catch her looking at us a bit suspiciously, but hopefully that will completely disappear one day. The photos are with her sister Bella the cairn and her friend Zoe the yorkie.
Thank you from us and Mia for the wonderful work you do saving these dogs. I can’t bear to think what would have happened to Mia and many others if it hadn’t been for MT.
Alison Hubbard.


My name is Christine Turvey and we adopted Slippers a 2 year old Bichon Frisée on 15th March 2018, exactly 1 week after my mum passed away. I had no idea when we got her how much love I would have for her and she for me, and my husband and children say she came to me at the worst time but we have helped each other.
When Slippers came to us from foster (Jenny H in Waterlooville) she was very scared, she didn’t like doorways, my husband, the cats and multiple other things and we found that our carpet cleaner was used on a daily basis. She had thick fur and red feet, face and chest and dribbled and chewed her feet constantly.
This as a photo from the day after we got her. She became my little shadow, wherever I went, she went. Our resident dog Bella a spaniel cross was altogether a bit dubious about her but they rubbed along together ok, until it came to walks, this was how they bonded, they walk side by side, they sniff the same smells, Bella now pees out on a walk which she would never do and Slippers pees in the garden which she wasn’t to keen on. They love to be walked together and indoors wherever one of them is the other isn’t far behind.

Photo of Slippers and my daughter taken in the Summer. What a difference 7 months make.Slippers is like a different dog, she loves cuddles, tummy rubs, she loves to lick you to tell you how much she loves you. She walks in and out of doorways without any problem ( most of the time) She loves my husband as you can see.
She is the most loving good natured dog I have ever known. She still has issues don’t get me wrong but I wouldn’t change her for the world. (Even though she pees at least 3 times every time we go to pets at home). Everyone loves her so much me especially, and she knows it. It’s been hard sometimes but the effort is definitely worth it. If you have the time and patience I would recommend a rescue dog. I would have a house full if I could.


Well it's been six months since we came and adopted Lulu (you new her as Coatie) and she has settled well and is a joy we love her to bits.Gem our other dog gets on well with her she has made lots of new friends at park.

Just an update on Celyn now Candy-Sue who I rescued 18 months ago. She is so cheeky and funny and slowly but surely she is beginning to trust us all. She loves going for walks and going in the car, she won’t yet take a treat from our hand but if we put it on our foot she will.
She loves to sit in a morning and hopes to get a little piece of toast off mommy and her favourite meal of all is tuna with her kibble. She is so so spoilt and loved and is now a pampered princess and everyone loves her - especially Beau my other Bichon.
In a morning they give each other kisses and love running in the garden. We took them to a dog competition in the summer and they won the best pair of dogs She is the best thing I ever did for all of our family. We adore her.
Clare Daker


Hi. I just wanted to write with an update on the lovely Vera (formerly Viva) who we adopted about six months ago. We had some difficult times to start with when Vera barked at everyone and everything as it was all so new to her and got upset with our other dog Hattie. With the kind encouragement and advice from her fosterer we got through this and it’s now all a thing of the past.
She has done extremely well and is a happy little dog who loves the simple things in life - going for a walk, running round the garden, food, and lots of fuss from us and her now best friend Hattie. She still likes to stick close to us when we go out if there are other people around, especially if we go somewhere new, but she’s very good when we meet other dogs and their owners.
When she relaxes she will go sniffing around with Hattie and then come bounding across the field at full speed which is so lovely to watch. We set up a mini assault course in the garden which she picked up quickly (with the help of some cheese) and really enjoyed. We’ve also just had a week in Cornwall which was Vera’s first experience of running on a beach and she had a great time.
We adopted Vera through your Matchmaker scheme which has certainly worked well for us. She is a lovely, sweet natured dog and has fitted in perfectly.
Thank you for letting us adopt her.
Paul Moore


My name is Tucker and I'm a very lucky boy as on November 22nd 2014 I adopted my mum and dad!!! I also fell in love with my big sister Meg who is seven years older than me. I was three when I came to my forever home and it's been brilliant we go for lovely walks especially when we go to the caravan and Mum bakes for us !!! (I know mum and dad feel lucky too).
Meg is 14 now and doesn't run around as much but we still have fun together . Now a little person called Eva comes to play and she's nearly three ... we run around grandma's garden (that's what she calls her) chasing a ball and playing hide and seek behind the bushes..... I'm really tired when Eva goes home.
That's all for now thank you for taking care of me until my Mum came for me xx
Tucker Ps Meg is the black and white one x


I wanted to send you a few photos of Gwen (was Ashala) settling into her forever home. She is becoming a lot more confident around people and her tail is wagging now! Gwen and Dewi (was Gavi, who we adopted 3 years ago), are getting along so well which is lovely to see. He is so caring and Gwen is learning so much from him. We are looking forward to seeing Gwen progress even more over the coming months. Thank you for giving us such a beautiful girl.
The Brownings


We want to say thank you to you all, to be given the opportunity to adopt Barry, we have renamed him Benny. Only 4 hours and we think he has made himself at home. Thank you to Jean the home checker and Carmen The fosterer. A couple of piccys for the first day.


Dora has been with me for seven years now, and continues to be a delight. From the shut down little girl that she was, she now enjoys her life immensely (apart from any trips to the vet!) and adores her three doggy housemates and her walks in the lovely countryside around us. She is still wary of strangers but greets her human friends with a kiss. She is a well travelled, accompanying me on four road trips to Greece, and several to France, Spain and Portugal in my motorhome and always behaves impeccably. She has given me so much joy and I love her to bits. I cannot thank Many Tears enough for allowing me to adopt her.” I enclose a couple of photos ( the Yorkie and the Bichon were both adopted from Many Tears!).
With many thanks
Linda Hadden

Peanut came too us as ‘Woof’ and he is a joy to be with. He is in love with our children and grandchildren (all girls) and becomes very chatty when they arrive.
He gets very excited when we put his collar on, he loves water and will swim at every opportunity.
Peanut has heart failure but is managing well on medication, He will lay on my bed with me when I am unwell and keep an eye on me. He loves his little rubber duckies, he once jumped in the bath with my granddaughter just to steal her ducks.
When out with my husband he does manly things, like chasing rabbits, squirrels and pheasants, searching the woods and fields, what for I am not sure but he found himself a deer one day, which surprised the deer and him and running like a maniac.
Cats are NOT allowed in his garden, which he polices vigorously, other dogs are not allowed near his family he gets inbetween and then chats and tells them to go away. The postie and delivery people are greeted with a chuff and a waggy tail. He is such a good and happy dog and we all love him so much.
Maria Hunt

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