Happy Endings - October 201


Dora has been with me for seven years now, and continues to be a delight. From the shut down little girl that she was, she now enjoys her life immensely (apart from any trips to the vet!) and adores her three doggy housemates and her walks in the lovely countryside around us. She is still wary of strangers but greets her human friends with a kiss. She is a well travelled, accompanying me on four road trips to Greece, and several to France, Spain and Portugal in my motorhome and always behaves impeccably. She has given me so much joy and I love her to bits. I cannot thank Many Tears enough for allowing me to adopt her.” I enclose a couple of photos ( the Yorkie and the Bichon were both adopted from Many Tears!).
With many thanks
Linda Hadden

Peanut came too us as ‘Woof’ and he is a joy to be with. He is in love with our children and grandchildren (all girls) and becomes very chatty when they arrive.
He gets very excited when we put his collar on, he loves water and will swim at every opportunity.
Peanut has heart failure but is managing well on medication, He will lay on my bed with me when I am unwell and keep an eye on me. He loves his little rubber duckies, he once jumped in the bath with my granddaughter just to steal her ducks.
When out with my husband he does manly things, like chasing rabbits, squirrels and pheasants, searching the woods and fields, what for I am not sure but he found himself a deer one day, which surprised the deer and him and running like a maniac.
Cats are NOT allowed in his garden, which he polices vigorously, other dogs are not allowed near his family he gets inbetween and then chats and tells them to go away. The postie and delivery people are greeted with a chuff and a waggy tail. He is such a good and happy dog and we all love him so much.
Maria Hunt

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