Happy Endings - October 2022


We fell in love with Mabel (formerly Cinnamon) as soon as we met her in March 2021. She was frightened but inquisitive when she met us and her new brother, Sweep. She immediately made herself at home after a 2 hour journey and came to us for cuddles on the sofa. She has slept snuggled with her new brother since the 1st night and has most definitely found him to be a comfort and companion, whilst still enjoying her own space when she chooses. She was not confident on a lead, and we still have our “sit down” moments when she refuses to walk past objects or noises that spook her, but equally, she has been off the lead, bounding through the fields and the brook having fun. She has brought us so much love and joy, and she is a gentle little girl that loves to be cuddled.
Kind regards
Gaenor Magee

9 months on from adoption and Maddie never fails to amaze me as to how far she has progressed in this time. A whole load of love and patience is certainly paying dividends and exceeding my expectations. From the nervous girl I collected in January, she gained her confidence with me within days, and has really gone from strength to strength in all other areas since. It took her around 3 months to really discover water and now she loves nothing more than to paddle and lie down in a stream, the pool of joy and satisfaction says it all.
We all went on holiday in July 2022 and Maddie was so well behaved, and she’d only been with me 6 months by then. From walks on the beach to forest and woodland walks, eating out in dog friendly eateries, she had a fabulous time and took it all in her stride.
She truly is a beautiful natured dog, very inquisitive, loving and trusting. I’m so blessed to have her. She gets on well with my other resident rescue dog, Flo; they’re excellent company for each other, and at times partners in mischief which brings a smile to my face. To see them both now living the lives they always deserved is so heartwarming.
Thank you Many Tears for the work that you do to allow these angels to be set free from their past lives and to find their forever homes.
Here’s Maddie in the trailer and Flo on the front of the bike, they love their adventures when we are out and about on the bike


Here is an update of how Rosie (was Binky) is getting along. She has been with Cai (my spaniel) and me for just over 10 weeks and she is coping very, very well.
Rosie adores Cai, who is very patient and sweet with her, and she stills gets scared, especially at sudden movements or noises, and will move away quickly. However, she no longer poos if picked up and she comes forward to have her harness put on because she loves going for a walk.
Rosie's confidence is improving all the time, and she has gone from being a terrified little dog, scared of being touched, to a funny and cheeky little lady who likes to be petted.
I'm so glad that Rosie is in our lives. Thank you for all that you do for ex-breeders like Rosie and the many others in your care.
Here are a few photos of Rosie with Cai and her friends.
Yvonne Xx


Hello Many Tears Today is Bonnie's 1st 'Gotcha Day' Birthday.
We brought her home 4th October 2021, the same day our grand-daughter, Daisy was born.
She loves her family very much. I do feel Bonnie is my special girl though! She looks to me more than anyone else for guidance and assurance. She loves my daughter Zoe, and loves to laze on her bed with her.
She has been pretty complicated at times, but lots of patience and love has meant Bonnie on her 1st 'Gotcha Day' has come such a long way. She is a happy little girl who loves cuddles and loves to 'high five'. She can get a little lazy... but that's fine... we call her our little 'Duchess'.
Last December she had a little brother, Eddie, our Schnoodle boy. She loves him very much... and will exert herself a little to amuse him in 'tug-of-war' games!
We are very blessed to have her in our family and we all think the world of her.
Best Wishes
Deborah, Michael and Zoe xxx


Dear Sylvia and all at MTR
This darling boy has brought happiness again to a very sad home. We lost our two rescue dogs a while ago after 11 wonderful years and the pain was unbearable. We did say “never again “ but our home was empty and we were lost.
Sunny has brought Sunshine to our home again.
( We changed his name to Teddy though as we’ve never had the chance to name a pup before as they came with names )
Sunny (Teddy) was one of a litter of 3 that were very special as they weren’t quite perfect.
To us he is perfect and since we’ve had him he’s been so good and settled in so well.

I’d like to thank MT for saving him and allowing us to adopt him. You also have my admiration and gratefulness for all you do for all the poor souls that you rescue. I watch and look at your photos and videos and break my heart. I will try to do what I can to help you and spread the word.


We brought Daisy home to Cornwall in the heatwave, and what a delight she has proved to be. We have seen her grow in confidence and her happy personality has blossomed! She gets on very well with our two other dogs, and has just enjoyed her first caravan holiday.
Looking forward to many years of fun with our new family.

We adopted Ollie (was Jumo) on 1st May 2022 and he was reactive to humans and dogs on walks and any visitors at the house. Ollie has been attending some training sessions and now does not reactive to humans or dogs on walks. Ollie has settled in at home so well that he gives cuddles to visitors in no time at all and some people he doesn't bark at all when they come in. He loves his walks and a doggy secure park. He is really enjoying his new raw food which seems to be doing the world of good. He has learnt some doggy tricks and sometimes does them now without being asked especially if there is a treat on offer. Ollie gets on really well with both cats who were already in the household and even cuddles and plays with one of them. He is so happy and settled after just 4 months. He an amazing doggy and just wanted love, which he is certainly getting now. A cuddly toy or a rope toy and he is a bouncy pup.

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